The Secret to Waging Effective War Against Unarmed Children

"Three Pears" by Susan Broussard, New Orleans
"Three Pears" by Suzanne Broussard, New Orleans

The Secret to Waging Effective War Against Unarmed Children


By Suzanne Broussard

There is a group of people that I can only refer to as the Newish Dominant Culture that has provided us with a most brutal police force here in the United States of America.

Training has been provided by the Mossad/Israeli Defense League/Anti-Defamation League based on practiced and perfected techniques used on Palestinians living in Jerusalem for about three generations now.

Now we all know that a Jew cannot be criticized by a Christian, the penalties being various and severe. Speaking the truth is now illegal here in the United States, such is the value of so many laws that exist today that I must approve of atrocities and you should too if you know what’s good for you. I have to advise you to approve of police brutality here in the United States since the police have been trained by the Israelis and are paid by a bank owned by people of the Jewish religion, just in case you didn’t know and might have inadvertently expressed disapproval and find yourself in violation of the Anti-Hate Crimes Act and the Patriot Act.

A brutal police force has been essential in the removal of Palestinians from their ancestral homes and farms so that the Jews may take them. This is not stealing since the laws of the State of Israel make it legal for Jews to take the property of the Palestinians. The law also makes it illegal for the Palestinians to defend themselves. This is a right reserved only for the Jewish people due to their Unique Culture. You don’t really even have to be a Jew to take other peoples’ property under this law. You just have to call yourself one, and while some proof must be provided, it isn’t really proof, they just call it proof. The United States Government insists that the Palestinians abide by these laws or else there might be anarchy and chaos in the world.

The killing, humiliation and imprisonment of Palestinian children as entertainment is a manifestation of the Unique Culture of the State of Israel. Their launching of massive military assaults on children in schools, hospitals and homes sets a precedent that is being imitated here in the United States and abroad as a new policing strategy that is intended to lead to NATO intervention or martial law. Or maybe the intention is simply to destroy humanity and take other people’s property. I don’t have privy to upper level strategy meetings so I can only guess on this one.

It is especially notable that in a military assault launched against children, the rule is that the children are prohibited from carrying or using any type of weapon. While bombs are allowable on the military side, the children are not allowed to use bombs whether as defense, retaliation or as pre-emptive warfare. They are especially not allowed to throw rocks. Children who are caught throwing rocks are imprisoned and subjected to any type of degradation that can be imagined. I don’t want to think about that one, but I cannot express disapproval of it, whatever it is, because my disapproval would be in violation of U.S. law.

It is a Unique Cultural Quirk that rocks are particularly odious weapons to the Israelis and their U.S. supporters who take great offense at their use. The Israeli leadership is partial to Atomic Weaponry and have these in great abundance, having already proven so effective at such previous sites as the Beirut Marine Barracks, the World Trade Center, Fukushima, to name a few. Rocks however, will not be tolerated under any circumstances. These rules should be respected, otherwise chaos and anarchy will ensue.

That training and weaponry for war against babies and children has been paid for and accepted by the U.S. tax payer for years makes it only fair and just that this training and weaponry now be used against children in the United States.

The demonstrators that I see on the streets are not physically mature adults, most of them barely weigh 100 pounds. They will not physically mature for another three years or so. This makes them perfect targets for military assault.

The demonstrators have no weapons or protective gear, while the soldiers, who are three or four times bigger in physical size thanks to anabolic steroid use, have the most technologically advanced weaponry and protective clothing at their disposal, not to mention the surveillance technology advantage. These large well equipped men in full protective gear with assault weapons then physically attack the much weaker children with no weapons. The results are then filmed and we watch. This is the Newish War.

The television announcers are trained to ridicule unarmed children as they are getting brutalized before our eyes by the most fearless and heavily armed mercenary military police security forces ever assembled in our nation. If there are no babies present, they will beat up and violate young girls. Any form of self defense by the children is strictly prohibited. These are the rules of the game and everyone has to follow the rules or else we would sink into uncivilized behavior.

If any children defend themselves in any way, the penalties are severe and could extend to confiscation of family property, years of imprisonment as a felon and the resulting permanent state of unemployment and lifetime homelessness. The charges could vary but a felony charge is conceivable, as is a charge of Domestic Terrorism.

The mercenary military are highly paid professionals and will not tolerate any form of self-defense whatsoever on the part of their unarmed child adversaries. Development of the expertise to make war on unarmed children is something that the United States Military Industrial Complex has focused its energy on since the bombing of Dresden, maybe before. The Newish Mercenary Security Forces are simply furthering these goals. It is up to the children to just deal with it. What are they protesting about anyway?

We are a proud nation, with a proud Military Industrial Complex and we can watch it now in action in any city these days. This proud Mercenary Security Force trained by a Foreign Country are there on the streets, showing off their training by rounding up, beating up, and arresting the innocent, confiscating and destroying private property and other things like grabbing girls breasts or sneaking up behind a girl and wacking her on the head with a baton full force…it brings tears to my eyes to see such Awesome Skillful Military Might. Thank you brave big men, I no longer have any fear of unarmed children like I did before.

Hopefully soon we can live in peace and security again, free from the threat of defenseless children. We certainly owe a debt of gratitude to the Israelis who have provided training in the subjugation, humiliation and imprisonment of unarmed women and children, not to mention their creative use of Depleted Uranium which provides us with such a wide variety of birth defects.

We also must be grateful to the Jewish Talmud which has enlightened us with this innovative military strategy. Previously known as ‘Genocide’, it must now be respected as a Unique Cultural Expression of the Jewish Religion, Praise Be to Yahweh. We must also show our indebtedness to the Banks who have so generously provided funding for this necessary fight against all that was formerly known so quaintly as ‘Civilization’.

We must support our Corporations who don’t Support our Troops and we must all agree to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with us, otherwise we might have chaos and anarchy. Anyone who disagrees with me is simply Un-American and ought to go and live elsewhere.

If I weren’t Christian, you’d have to die or be imprisoned for disagreeing with me.

Remember the words of our fearless leader, GW Bush, “Either you are with us, or you are against us…” I don’t know who ‘us’ is, or who ‘you’ are, that he’s referring to, but that’s what he said on TV so it must be true…

Just like Warren Buffet spoke the truth when he described what the rich are doing to the rest of the country: “We’re killing them.” That’s what he said, really.



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