Judaism and Islam: The Rival Temples


With Christianity Caught in the Middle


  by  Suzanne Broussard                                        … editing,  Jim W. Dean


St. Johns Ashfield Stained Glass - the Good Shepherd

It’s a fact that both Jesus and Muhammad were born into powerful Jewish families.

Both Jesus and Muhammad gathered a huge following of people who objected to the status quo and who were happy to have good leadership from someone already in power structure.

Jesus’ stepfather Joseph was a high priest of the Temple. Mary was raised in the Temple but her parents would not allow her to enter until after the age of three, significantly enough.

The Talmud was being taught during Jesus’ time and this was specifically why he railed against the Pharisees and Scribes, for teaching as God’s word, the precepts of men. More interesting early Christian history can be found at www.newadvent.org/fathers .

It is significant that women were offered justice and respect by both Christ and Muhammad, in stark contrast to the ancient injustice and humiliation that prevailed under Jewish dominion.

The Jews, in retaliation, secretly introduced deviations into these religions that recreated injustice toward women and then falsely claim today that this injustice originated with Jesus and Muhammad.

The Twelve Tribes of Ancient Israel

At www.emperors-clothes.com/news/idlo.htm can be found detailed information about how an international group of bankers and corporations including Coca-Cola and Microsoft, members of something called the IDLO, came up with Sharia Law.

The article states, “If these millions of honest but misinformed people learned that the US-led Empire was working together with various Muslim fundamentalists, including from Iran, to use Afghanistan as a base for spreading Sharia throughout the ‘developing countries’, they would be outraged.”

Confusion and lies are key elements in a military strategy to control territory and resources by disrupting society.

They incite enmity between man and wife, father and family, children and parents, neighbor and neighbor, and they promote the degradation of women which leads to community poverty, making a takeover much easier.

Christian and Muslim codes of conduct were both originally created as an alternative to the Jewish Ka’Baal. Neither sought to destroy the Ka’Baal, but rather to establish an alternative.

Jewish rulers sought to murder the leaders and annihilate both the Christian and Muslim followers in order to maintain their privileged status.

Completely overpowered, and with a large following of non-military who were basically defenseless, both Jesus and Muhammad were challenged to come up with a strategy for survival.

Here was Muhammad’s situation and his solution:

The Jewish tribe of the Qur-Aysh not only controlled Mecca, but to a certain extent defined religious worship for the other tribes in such a way that enriched the Qur’Aysh.

The King and Queen Were Equals

The ‘Koran’ is actually named after the Jewish Qur’Aysh (the spelling varies) Tribe to which Muhammad was born in 570 AD.

Muhammad traveled to Christian Syria as a merchant and was married to a wealthy woman of his tribe who had converted to Christianity, so clearly Muhammad was influenced by Christianity.

Muhammad was appalled at the great poverty of most Meccans, as it contrasted with the opulence of his own life, and he traced the source of this poverty to the religious and political control of his own Jewish tribe.

At that time, the tribes looked to ‘the god’ of the Ka’Bah to help them in their endeavors, which mainly consisted of raids on other tribes to take their goods.

The gods were stars, idols and sacred stones, especially a black stone of great antiquity either sacred to or actually a deity known as allah, ‘the god’.

This was the stone god and pagan religion referred to in the Bible. They prayed for male children to replenish their raiding troops.

Honesty and fairness applied to male members of one’s tribe only, not to other tribes, strangers or to women or children.

Female babies, of no value as raiders, were generally buried alive apparently as part of a religious rite at the Ka’Bah. This appalling practice was one of Muhammad’s main motivations for creating Islam as an alternative.

The Jewish Qur’Aysh Tribe status as guardians of the Ka’Bah (temple) gave them immunity from attack from tribal raids. This would be similar to claiming ‘Chosen People’ status and locating the present imposter state of ‘Israel’ at the site of the Holy Mount.

Tribes - Marc Chagall

The Holy Land and guardianship of the Temple of Jerusalem actually belongs to the Tribe of Benjamin, according to Old Testament scripture.

Much of imposter Israel’s strategy involves locating and eliminating the tribe of Benjamin and the other true tribes of Israel and Ismail, many of whom are in the U.S. military, or marked as enemies of the U.S. to be killed by our military.

Realize that the Pashtun, the Akani network, are the tribe of Joseph, one of the Twelve Tribes of the true Israel.

Most of the true tribes of Israel have forgotten who they are, as foretold by ancient prophets, though it is also written that they will rediscover their heritage in the End Times.

The following is an excerpt of a letter from Emperor Constantine who was dealing with infiltrating imposters in the early Christian community.. His words speak to us today:


…For, of course, we do not all desire the same thing in every respect; nor is there one unvarying nature, or standard of judgment in us…but those minute investigations which you enter into among yourselves with so much nicety, even if you should not concur in one judgment in regard to them, should remain within the sphere of your own reflection, kept in the secret recesses of the mind.

… Resume mutual friendship and grace; restore to the whole people their accustomed familiar embraces; and do ye yourselves, on the strength of having purified your own souls, again recognize one another…”

Bronze statue of Constantine I in York, England, near the spot where he was proclaimed Augustus in 306

After Constantine’s death, his name was forged on a document called the ‘Donation of Constantine’ by an unknown insider agent. This document fraudulently established the wealth and authority of the Vatican through blatant theft of Constantine’s lands and authority.

It was the discovery and proof of this fraud by Vallas during the Renaissance that first set off the Protestant movement.

Schisms introduce incrementally more deviant ‘texts’ that amount to a return to the Ka’Bah and it’s injustice in both Christianity and Islam. Petty disagreements and disinformation incite mass murder of the followers and assassination of leaders.

Muhammad was eventually forced to leave Mecca, going first to Ta’If and later, at the invitation of its inhabitants, to Medina. This was the emigration, or hijrah of 622, the year 0 of the Muslim era.

Battle of Uhud - 625

In 625 an army for the Jewish merchants of Mecca inflicted a severe defeat on the Muslims at the Battle of Uhud.

Muhammad endured two more major offensives at Medina. His enemies’ objective was to annihilate the Muslim’s completely.

Five years of perilous warfare and threat of assassination passed before Muhammad could be certain that his following would not be massacred by the Jewish Tribal Alliance of the Qaynuqah, Nadir and Qurayzah tribes.

The Jewish Nadir Tribe made a treaty with Muhammad and then plotted to assassinate him. They joined the nearby Jewish settlement of Khaybar, and the Qur’Ayzah, with more support among the Northern tribes.

Faced with the threat of total extinction , at the third offensive, called the Battle of the Trench, Muhammad’s defense was to dig a large ditch around Medina.

This surprised the Quraysh cavalry and stopped their approach. This is exactly what led to Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. In the valley of Mt. St. Jean there was a deep hidden trench in the field that threw Napoleon’s cavalry and thus the entire army into confusion.

The horses fell into the ditch one upon another and the army to the rear, left exposed, couldn’t see what happened. That Napoleon was working for Jewish bankers based out of England is probable.

The trench enabled the defeat of the Jewish army of ten thousand by three thousand Muslims at Medina, and encouraged other tribes to join Muhammad.

The Quran teaches that war is such a catastrophe that Muslims must use every method in their power to restore peace and normality in the shortest possible time.

Battle of the Trench - 627

At the Battle of the Trench, Muhammad had humiliated the three powerful Jewish tribes, but he felt that it was time to abandon the jihad and begin a peace offensive.

In March 628 he announced that he was going to make the traditional pilgrimage to the hostile Jewish controlled Mecca, and he asked for volunteers to accompany him.

It was long established that Pilgrims were forbidden to carry arms, and the Quraysh were forbidden, as guardians of the temple, to attack pilgrims.

About a thousand Muslims agreed to join the Prophet in this risky enterprise. They set out for Mecca, unarmed and dressed in the traditional white robes of the pilgrimage.

The Quraysh attacked the unarmed pilgrims before they reached the protected area of the city. The Prophet was able to evade them with the help of Bedouin allies, and they reached the edge of the sanctuary, camped at Hudaybiyyah and awaited developments.

Eventually the Qur’aysh were pressured to sign a treaty with the followers of Muhammad in order to maintain control of the lucrative temple. In 630, the Quraysh violated the treaty by attacking one of the Prophet’s tribal allies.

Muhammad honored the alliance and marched upon Mecca with a combined army of ten thousand men and took Mecca without shedding blood.

He destroyed the idols around the Ka’Bah, dedicated it to Allah, ‘The One God’ of Abraham, Hagar and Ismail of the Old Testament, the exact same God as the Christians, the same God that gave us Jesus.

Mecca - With a Full House

To Muhammad, ‘Islam was the resurrected uncontaminated religion of Abraham, which the Jews had deserted.’ It is only righteous that Christians respect the Prophet who accomplished so much for his people in establishing justice, tolerance and peace.

After his victory, he allowed peaceful Jews, Christians and pagans to live in the Muslim communities. The fairness doctrines offered by Jesus and Muhammad, all petty differences aside, have enabled many people to enjoy prosperity and peace.

With both Islam and Christianity gone, what are we left with?

Remember that here in the U.S. mercenary security forces presently are working at the command of agents of a ‘rival temple’ who follow the Talmud.

The doctrine of the Talmud instructs Jews to deviously take the property of non-Jews as a way to please ‘the god’. They are instructed to not give aid and assistance to non-Jews, that if a non-Jew is dying then he should not be saved.

The Talmud - Complete Set of Ancient Hebrew Law

Would a Jewish soldier help a non-Jewish soldier in action? Does it make sense to award them essential military contracts? This is not to be racist at all, but simply to acknowledge their religious doctrine and be sensible about the safety of those who depend on them but who happen to not be Jewish.

It might also be noted, in these days of co-ed military, that the Talmud instructs young Jewish boys that they may treat a non-Jewish female as a ‘piece of meat’.

Jewish assassination squads are an ancient tradition and have been called various names throughout over the years. During the time of Jesus, they were known as the Sicarii (‘dagger men’), and they are described by Josephus at the time:

‘Their passion for looting was insatiable: they ransacked rich men’s houses, murdered men and violated women for sport, and drank their spoils washed down with blood; through sheer boredom they shamelessly gave themselves up to effeminate practices, adorning their hair and putting on women’s clothes, steeping themselves in scent and painting under their eyes to make themselves attractive.

Sicarii - The Dagger Men

They copied not merely the dress but also the passions of women, and in their utter filthiness invented unlawful pleasures; they wallowed in slime, turning the whole city into a brothel and polluting it with the foulest practices.

Yet though they had the faces of women they had the hands of murderers; they approached with mincing steps, then in a flash became fighting-men, and drawing their swords from under their dyed cloaks ran every passer-by through.”

Taken from the Jewish War, page 255, Josephus.

It took some effort to find the following excellent website which provides insight into the teachings of Islam. http://www.beconvinced.com/archive/en/main.php from which this excerpt is taken:

“The Prophet wanted to put a stop to all cruelties to women. He preached kindness towards them. He told the Muslims:

“Fear Allah in respect of women.” And: “The best of you are they who behave best to their wives.” And:

“A Muslim must not hate his wife, and if he be displeased with one bad quality in her, let him be pleased with one that is good.”…”The more civil and kind a Muslim is to his wife, the more perfect in faith he is.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was most emphatic in enjoining upon Muslims to be kind to their women when he delivered his famous khutba on the Mount of Mercy at Arafat in the presence of one hundred and twenty-four thousand of his Companions who had gathered there for the Hajj al-Wada (Farewell Pilgrimage)…”

Let us not be deceived by liars and haters folks. It’s important to know the enemy, but just as important to know the friends and not be confused between the two.

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