Nuclear Terrorism: Secret Science and America’s Cowboy Nukes


Space Age Nuke Use Proven, Not Just in Battle But Terror As Well


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Over the last few days, Bob Nichols, Jim Fetzer, Lauren Moret and Christopher Busby, published articles conclusively proving the use of nuclear weapons in Iraq. 

Their research did not come from cruising internet websites but from traditional grunt work journalism, working sources within the scientific and weapons community, some with the highest imaginable security classifications level.

We aren’t talking about Depleted Uranium, dangerous, a genetic nightmare and certainly carcinogenic, but actual nuclear weapons.

We have the hard proof, we have discovered samples of highly enriched, 95%, weapons grade Uranium 235 in Iraq, in the people of Iraq, and since then we have found nothing but a wall of silence.

These are our two articles:

Building Things You Just Can't Imagine

We have clear and well established contacts inside Livermore and Sandia Labs, where designs of nuclear weapons entered new unheard of generations, new unheard of capabilities, over 20 years ago.

Anything you think you know about nuclear weapons is false, their size, their “output,” or the restrictions on their use.

We also have access to the unpublished “dark research” from the Reagan era Strategic Defense Initiative, (SDI), that was meant to produce a “space shield” for the United States.

Some of the experiments, some that went dreadfully wrong, involved the use of nuclear weapons as “spark plugs” to produce X-Ray and microwave energy capable to disabling “flocks” of MIRVs (Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles) the new tiny hydrogen bombs that fill the nose cones of missiles, or other less obvious delivery systems.

While researching such things over the past 5 years as a journalist with a defense engineering background, nothing unusual in that, I came across a number of scientific developments that even I understood. 

If I can understand it, imagine what a really talented 15 year old could do?  Any parent with a home computer knows exactly what I am talking about.

During my interviews, I talked with nuclear weapons specialists from the NAVY and Army, those capable of arming and operating these weapons, including individuals who have carried nuclear weapons, including one person who has carried nukes on HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) parachute jumps on dozens of occasions.

I spent hours interviewing Dimitri Khalezov, former Soviet/Russian nuclear intelligence expert of the 12th Directorate.  The stories he told were astounding, right out of science fiction but always proven right.

The major powers track nuclear material, countries building nukes, countries trying to buy them and, stranger still, those odd times when nuclear weapons are used.

This is what we proved conclusively in our scientific studies in Iraq, information that makes everything Khalezov has said much more credible, to the point of being undeniable.

Scientific teams, using the most advanced equipment found clear evidence that America used nuclear weapons in Iraq.  The articles above outline the procedures that gave these results, evidence that is far less questionable than the connections between cigarettes and cancer.  These are hard facts.

Looking Down the New Barrel

You can ask why we would do such things.  I can’t answer, I can only guess.  Typically, America’s weapons inventory includes two bizarre weapons, the “fuel air bomb” and the “daisy cutter.”

Each are huge weapons that produce a visual signature actually far more visible than 4th generation nuclear weapons.

What do I mean by this? What is a 4th generation nuke?

I can start this path by explaining some of what we have learned.  I don’t think we have touched the full extent of our weapons capability, financed by hundreds of billions of dollars of “black funding” over 3 or more decades.

What we have learned about particle physics in 30 years makes an atom bomb such as the one we dropped on Hiroshima as primitive as a Roman chariot.


The 'Nuclear Bazooka"

What Americans are led to believe is that nuclear weapons are as big as a car, that they use uranium or plutonium “pits” the size of grapefruit or larger and all cause large explosions and leave behind telltale mushroom clouds.

Here is a fact.  America decommissioned a nuclear weapon called the “Davy Crockett,” a shoulder fired nuclear projectile the size of a soccer ball back in 1978.

Nearly a quarter century ago, these weapons were considered “too primitive” to be kept in use.

The cover story?  They were no longer needed.  The truth?  1978 was the height of the cold war. We had long put nuclear weapons inside 155mm artillery shells.

The 155mm is around 6 inches and much of that diameter is obviously steel casing.  The larger 8″ and 175mm nuclear shells have been around for half a century.

3AD "Suitcase Bomb" - The Mk-54 Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM)

Considering the need protection and the actual size of the projectiles, we have been making nuclear weapons that would fit in a child’s lunchbox for generations.

Then, of course, Hollywood got rumors of the “suitcase” or even “briefcase” nuke.  Any piece of 6 inch heating duct with a couple of LED’s is now a “Hollywood nuke.”

Dozens of versions of these sit on property room shelves at TV and movie studios.  We have all seen them.

We have seen them because we are supposed to see them.  They make us afraid and they mislead us also.

Iraq proved that.  But it wasn’t just Iraq.



When is a funny story not a funny story?  Years ago, Dimitri sent me a CNN report of a terrorist attack inside Russia.  Back during the “workers paradise” years, the government built huge apartment blocks to provide needed housing.

I have stayed in such things, a “guest of the people,” concrete thick enough to stop artillery, toilets so powerful you don’t want to be close when you grab the 3 foot long flush lever.  Oh, and long ago, there was always someone in the parking lot who wrote down your license number, the time of your arrival and departure.

If only they had cell phone cameras back then.

Russain Aparment Bombings

Anyway, a news story came out reporting that Chechen rebels had exploded a mail truck, destroying one of these enormous apartment blocks.

The government spokesman listed the explosive used as the equivalent of 300 tons of TNT.  A Russian mail truck carries about 800 pounds of mail and packages.  Any more and it would roll over turning corners.

For those of you even more “math challenged” than I am, 300 tons is 600,000 pounds.

No such “accidental” press release has been made since but we have seen this level of damage before, many times, certainly all over Iraq and Afghanistan.

There, those who were near the blast area test positive for direct exposure to fully enriched weapons grade uranium, not the “isotope”Iranian version but the real thing.  You can’t fake that.  

As the articles referred to above also outline, the incumbent genetic damage that comes with direct exposure to large amounts of ionizing radiation from a nuclear explosion are there also.

But then, we have an arsenal of secret weapons here, not just the secret “dial-a-nukes” used to destroy apartment buildings or simulate terrorist attacks, things anyone can learn about on the internet.

Nuclear material, certainly the highly radioactive material almost all American troops are regularly exposed to misnomered as “Depleted Uranium” but, moreover, the very real thing, fully weapons grade pure enriched uranium can be used in “non-nuke” nukes.

All Sizes For All Kinds of Situations

Depleted Uranium is used in munitions of almost every type as a “penetrator.”

It isn’t the weight of the uranium but rather than uranium turns into a plasma on impact and releases a mass of energy capable of, not just blowing a hole in a building or tank, but releasing a jet of superheated gas that destroys the world’s hardest steel and kills anyone nearby.

The use of these weapons, now available in 7.62X51 caliber, yes, the old .308 round used for deer hunting, that and every other imaginable size, are used continually.

Why not use a conventional rifle, one of those old M 14’s left over from the 1950s that are continually reissued, quite a wonderful weapon, to shoot through concrete?

It it worked for the .50 cal sniper rifle, it will work for smaller weapons as well.

These radioactive weapons have a history.  They were originally a last ditch attempt to save NATO from the massive Soviet superiority in numbers of tanks and other armoured vehicles.

Weapons platforms based around a giant 30mm gun were developed, the Apache helicopter and the A 10 Thunderbolt.  Firing dangerous depleted uranium rounds, lines of Soviet tanks could be erased as though they were made of matchsticks.

We also planted nuclear “demolitions” under much of Germany, to be exploded if and when the Eastern Bloc armies broke through.  Have they been dug up and removed?  For those unfamiliar with this policy, the operative word is “Fulda Gap.”


DU Kinetic Pentrator

Let’s begin with the least harmful of the new arsenal of weapons that don’t exist.  Remember what we said about “depleted uranium?”

If you could create a superheated plasma from DU, you could certainly create something far hotter, unimaginably hotter, using weapons grade uranium.

Thus, we created an array of new explosives that use powdered uranium that creates a radioactive plasma, emits massive radiation, can vaporize steel, turn thousands of tons of concrete to fine dust yet produce an explosion that, initially at least, appears to be a conventional explosion.

This inventory gives choices.  When a target of size needs to be destroyed, a small fusion based “dial-a-nuke” can be used, one with an output as little as 10 tons of TNT.

You can call it a “daisy cutter” or “car bomb.”  The telltale signs of such an explosion would be a huge crater in a paved area and, within the blast radius, powderized concrete and “missing” steel.

There is no amount of TNT or other conventional explosive, not even a shipload, that can vaporize steel.  Chunks of concrete can fly a kilometer, steel beams can be bent or blasted but they never turn to powder or seem mysteriously “eaten away.”

Vacuum Bomb

Photographs of the attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City leave such a signature as did several other such events, the US barracks in Saudi Arabia and the attack in 1984 on the Marine barracks in Beirut.

Dimitri Khalezov, serving in the Soviet army as a nuclear intelligence officer says that these explosions were forms of now level nuclear devices.  He also said a similar device was used in Bali attack in October of 2002.

No other person with full briefing access from a world power has ever come forward before.

Claims Khalezov made years ago have been proven true by hard science in Iraq.

The use of nuclear weapons, the controlled fusion variety, are now proven as part of a covert policy of the American military, used where their aftermath is denied by public relations machinery, where the events themselves are mischaracterized as huge conventional explosives and where any coverage by “mainstream media” is curiously absent.

We are also seeing the telltale signature of a worldwide police state.

We believe we may have captured a video of a test from Livermore Labs of a “non-fission” hybrid explosive that uses enriched uranium.

[youtube QtxVCvOcrRU]

Curious?  Want to believe it is a test of a rocket motor?  No such projects go on there, this isn’t NASA.  The burn, 122 seconds, using conventional fuel, would have depleted an oil tanker a thousand feet long.  The heat?  Imagine the launch area, eaten away, all metal turned to dust, a huge hole burned in the ground filled with molten steel, superheated for weeks, even months.

Sound familiar?

Do you suspect you have seen a heat source capable of melting thousands of tons of structural steel, powderizing concrete and sending out literal seas of dust?  It brings something to mind for me.


There is always alot of talk, back channel, when anomalies are discovered.  9/11 produced several anomalies, a Pentagon attack where the named aircraft was incapable of such performance, where small plane scraps, in pristine condition, were first seen hours after the supposed “crash” and very real “hard evidence” tells us something else.  Not all of the 80 plus videos really disappeared from the Pentagon attack:

[youtube c7KDbHOUso8]

With all possible movies of anything potentially computer generated phonies, particularly anything from our government, the least reliable source on earth, it and it’s phony “mainstream media” arm, even worse in the UK, movies like this are curious.  A quote from the 1980 Peter O’Toole film, “The Stuntman:”

You constantly amaze me…….. you don’t go to movies…… what are you a communist?! what were those handcuffs some sort of decoy or disguise? Did you NOT know that King Kong the first was only 3 foot 6 inches tall? He only came up to Fay Wrays belly button……. If God could do the tricks that we could do…… he would be a happy man!

Here is an opinion, an educated one as I spent some time with a company that built military surveillance satellites which meant I met with top scientists regularly, the video above seems to have come from a satellite.

KH-11 ... Imaging Satellite

The appearance of moving platform, as though the camera were on a UAV or helicopter, is more likely an effect of software compensation for orbital trajectory than anything else.

My other wild guess is that the camera responsible was very far away, not just “miles.”

The “gut feeling” I have is based on two things.  It is consistent with the first video the only “officially released” video.   We could doubt the new video but there is a total lack of objective evidence to deny its authenticity.

The second video very much reflects the first but also,  the pixel count on the projectile itself, matches the typical optical output of a specific orbital platform used by NORAD.

The “math guys” who examined this find one inconsistency.  The plane or projectile or missile or whatever is going too fast for a standard “cruise” type missile.

This could indicate that we have an improper frame rate on our video, a likelihood, or that the missile is one designed for a supersonic, up to mach 2.5, “run” to the target to defeat defense systems, something the US is rumored to have developed for its nuclear tipped anti-ship missiles.

As for conventional aircraft, the highest speed possible, at altitudes well above the height of the Pentagon is under 250 knots, not 560 knots. Oh, that one was tested also.  I accidentally have that video also, 240 knots:

[youtube wvesw0pvfqY]

For every bit of “movie magic” used to support any position, the official government conspiracy, which exposure of the phony Iraq intelligence should have proven unreliable many  years ago, or those the government attempts to, now get this, suppress or pretend to suppress as “conspiracy nuts,” there is an underlying suppression of very real science, breakthroughs in physics and technology, that make our puny efforts to tell real from imaginary a waste of effort.

National Ignition Facility - Livermore Labs

Here is one secret.  Back in 1990, we learned how to reach “critical mass” in nuclear weapons without using large amounts of Uranium 235 or Plutonium.

We found that our weapons were actually using only a small amount of the nuclear material to achieve fission or, as with thermonuclear weapons, the factored increase from use of multiple plutonium pits, up to 5 thus far, which make weapons of either vast power or “detuned” for very minor controlled output possible.

Fission reactions that once required many kilograms of highly enriched uranium are now possible with much less, so much less that we have no idea how small a nuclear weapon can be but with the possible application of nano-technology, we can exceed the wildest dreams of science fiction.

Some of this basic research comes from the “Star Wars” research and more from the suppressed experiments that spent hundreds of billions underwriting the massive super colliders we are told are teaching us how the universe was made.

I so love how billions in “black funding” manages to work itself into projects that by accident might well burn the planet to a cinder or suck half of France and Switzerland down a man made “black hole.”


Livermore Labs - Laser Bay

Back in the 1980s, the US and Soviet Union both developed and tested “microwave/X-ray” weapons powered by hydrogen bombs.

Were I to describe what they look like, I guess I would say “take the steel frame of one of the World Trade Center towers, place an H-bomb in the basement and attach it to a mechanism that focused a beam into space that made the “phaser array” of the fictional USS Enterprise (NCC1701C) look like a child’s toy.

Congress funded this and the HAARP system, others too, based on idiotic cover stories about missile defense or communications security.

The actual reason for the development of these systems was “planetary defense.”  The systems built under the guise of “Star Wars” were primarily designed for use against giant flying saucers, like out of the movie Independence Day.  We built systems that could, were they needed, destroy such a threat handily.  They are still deployed.

Imagine if an American president actually spoke of such things?  He would obviously be locked up, woudn’t he?

[youtube Ag44dRO8LEA]

This segment is one of the 5 times President Reagan mentioned the threat of alien invasion.  Weapons designed and tested by both the US and Soviet Union, ones we have heard of, are of immeasurable power.

The “kinetic interceptors” and lasers discussed but never developed as missile defense were nothing but humor.  Any missile defense can be defeated easily.


Livermore Labs Have 'Extra' Security with Gattling Gun Guards

Years ago, Dimitri Khalezov told me that the World Trade Center was destroyed by nuclear weapons.

The “debunking” of his claim was based primarily on the fact, or what some believed to be a fact, that the United States would never, under any circumstances, use nuclear weapons.

It was also based on very purposeful disinformation about the nature of our nuclear arsenal and advances in physics since 1908, essentially the year the atomic bomb became a possibility.

One of histories nasty little secrets is that Germany had a nuclear weapons program at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute outside Berlin during World War I, one managed by a former Swiss patent clerk.  Ah, but who wants to rewrite the bizarre fiction we call “history”….

The issue today, regarding Khalezov’s claims and, more importantly, regarding the kind of people we are and how divorced our military and government are from the will and conscience of the people, that issue is brought to the surface by the  proofs from Iraq.

Key statements within this news report make it very clear how misguided Americans have been.

[youtube vDEDRtVotEQ]

What is proven by this?

  • America has used nuclear weapons on numerous occasions against targets easily destroyed by our most primitive existing conventional munitions.
  • The ability to use such weapons with the shield of deniability based on how absurd, how inhumane and how utterly insane their use has been, has, in itself, been the rationale that has made their use possible.
  • Once one accepts that rationale, one now proven, it opens the door to question every story America tells its people as being patently absurd, to the point of telling utterly outlandish lies.
What Have They Been Hiding About 9-11 ?

What policy does  this prove?

What it tells us is that using insanely dangerous weapons, particularly using technologies that have never been publicly acknowledged, and hundreds of weapons fall into that category, few as dangerous as those whose use we can now prove, is, in itself a form of “perfect lie.”

Were one to discuss 9/11, for instance, you could destroy the twin towers with nuclear weapons with absolutely no questions being asked, even if “first responders” began dying of radiation sickness.

All you had to do is claim that “radiation trapped in aging wallboard” simulated the effects of a nuclear explosion.

Then, of course, with no studies commissioned, no data kept, atomic explosion related maladies such as multiple myeloma no longer matter.

With science as it is, “dark science,” nuclear weapons as they are commonly known to most people are an anachronism.  Rather than a large bomb to attack an imaginary underground terrorist complex, we would use a nuclear weapon instead. 

How can we get away with it.

This is a video of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld discussing the same terror facilities I mention.

[youtube SSkk0Qa6CG0]

Thermonuclear warhead

A network of such facilities, as attributed to by our former Defense Secretary could only be destroyed using massive thermonuclear weapons.  Nothing else could touch them.

The problem, of course, is that after 10 years of searching for these facilities, nothing larger than a small garage was ever found, and it was in a former Soviet facility that had been abandoned for many years.

Yet, no one asked for Rumsfeld to account for his wildly insane claims, claims we now can reasonably assume were acted upon by the use of nuclear weapons on empty, we hope empty, mountain regions of Afghanistan.

In Iraq, these nuclear weapons were used on at least one city where there were no “hardened targets” whatsoever, no armoured forces, no “deep bunkers.”

Then when intelligence sources come to us saying these same weapons have been used in our own cities, on our own people, blamed on terrorists, perhaps an earthquake or some other disaster, what and who can we believe anymore?

Was this all a simple genetic experiment, as our video above seems to prove so conclusively?

Why kind of people do such things?  What kind of people allow themselves to elect public officials who try to withhold such information?

What kind of people, when they eventually learn the truth, and our readership certainly indicates enough Americans see this that you don’t get much more public than this, what kind of people do nothing, what kind of people demand no accounting?

What kind of people don’t care?                                                                                    Editing:  Jim W. Dean

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