West Preparing For A Decisive Operation To Oust Bashar's Regime


Intelligence inputs from the Middle East suggest that a final and decisive ‘mini war’ to take out Bashar al-Assad’s regime is going to be initiated soon


by Zaki Khalid


Brief Commentary


I have recently blogged about why I feel the US and NATO are yet again vying to expand their territorial influence in the Middle East for reshaping the geography.

Without writing too much into the backdrop to all this since all that has been well elaborated by esteemed VT columnists such as Stephen Lendman, I would like to share some important bits of intelligence briefs shared by a source.

There are discussions of a grand attack by rebels and NATO mercenaries that will be waged by anti-Bashar militants; this will be the third and conclusive phase of the operation to replace Bashar’s regime by one more suitable to Western/Israeli interests.

My informant forwarded direct on-ground intelligence sent by an undercover spy hailing from an Arab country within the ranks of the ‘Free Syrian Army‘ that preparations are underway for this mini-war, as commanded by Riyad al-Asad (the rebellion’s leader currently in asylum at Turkey). This threat was noticed when more officers in the Syrian military who wanted to defect were told to pause their defection and keep it pending until further notification. The intelligence estimates provided say that the total figure of these defectors-on-hold is approximately 20,000 (twenty-thousand). Of these, roughly 2500 (twenty-five hundred) undercover defectors have been noticed moving around Syria’s borders with Turkey and Lebanon.

I have also been told that Israel’s notorious intelligence agency Mossad has recruited Muslim Brotherhood activists with the support of the US. In a related development, Turkey is also mysteriously assisting these forces (directly or indirectly) in the name of aid. Personally, I am baffled as to why Turkey is becoming a part of the dirty game again which is raising a lot of eyebrows within the Muslim world at large.

My source adds that the plan was finalized after a meeting between rebels of the Free Syrian Army unknown to the informant and UK-based security firm Trango Ltd., the same company which is working with SNE Pvt. Ltd. in Libya. Trango Ltd. specializes in assisting companies in high-risk locations.  They are contracted with security for European firms and small-medium level enterprises who are taking part in reconstructing Libya’s war-torn infrastructure. Readers are requested to read Armed Business in Libya by Manlio Dinucci for Voltaire to get well-acquainted with what SNE actually does.

While analyzing the received information, I came across a news on Press TV today that senior British officials, including Foreign Secretary William Hague, are set to formally meet with Syrian rebels in London next week. The report does not mention who facilitated this top-level meeting. This is where intelligence briefs I received were confirmed. As the British and French heads-of-state had paid a visit to Tripoli after bombing the country in excuse to kill Gaddafi, the same regional players are hell-bent on Syria.

The volcano will erupt soon. More blood will be shed. Thousands of children will be orphaned, wives widowed. Yet all this will be cheered as the price for apparent change. I hope things turn out well for the Syrian people and nothing else should be of more concern to any of us. The Zionist regime of Israel is smiling behind the scenes as the gameplan is to their advantage as always.

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Zaki is a geopolitics and security analyst based in Lahore, Pakistan who has a keen interest in the study of Open-Source Intelligence and Psychological Warfare. He covers the global scenario with a special emphasis on the MENA and Asia regions at large. He has a Bachelors degree with majors in French, Journalism and Education from the University of Punjab.His brief independent profile can be viewed here: http://cuttings.me/users/zakikhalidBesides contributing to VT as a columnist, he is the Director General at Terminal X (www.terminalx.org), Pakistan's most authoritative portal on defence, intelligence and geopolitics. TX is considered an authority on references from the Pakistani military and intelligence developments, having been taken on air by TVN Chile, Iran's Press TV and Radio Channel Islam International (South Africa), to name a few.Personal blog: http://zakikhalidtx.tumblr.com/


  1. Russia is preparing to move warships into Syrian waters, according to reports in Israeli newspaper H’aaretz.

    The move was allegedly announced by a Syrian news agency. It has not been confirmed at the time of writing.

    The warships are reportedly being readied as Moscow sends a message that Russia is opposed to international intervention putting an end to disturbances in Syria. Russia used a UN Security Council veto in October to block a resolution that would have condemned Syria’s President Bashir Assad for the violence.

  2. Hasn’t Russia already stated their intent and started moving forces to insure another NATO humaitarian effort such as the one in Libya does not get a repeat performance in Syria?

  3. Well, the Israeli government and the banksters pushed the terrorist organization NATO to bomb Libya and Syria might be next.

    How will Israel get the US and NATO to bomb Iran? Perhaps the Mossad will do a nuclear false flag in the US or a major attack on US soldiers and of course blame Iran. Perhaps Israel will hack into a nuclear facility in the US and cause a major disaster and of course blame it on some Iranian computer hacking genius.

    Regarding Libya, yes the international banksters are cheering.

    Libya looks to IMF amid cash crisis

    Excerpts from the article:

    Libya’s acute cash crisis is set to get worse and its banking system requires a complete overhaul that will be guided by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, the central bank’s recently appointed governor said.

    Elkaber, previously deputy CEO at the Arab Banking Corporation in London, replaced Gassem Azzoz as head of the central bank a month ago, officials of the governing National Transitional Council said.
    Reform of Libya’s banking system should be guided by a roadmap assembled by international bodies including the IMF, the new governor said, but for now the central bank’s priority was coping with the banknote shortage.

    He said he hoped the influence of international organizations would help shape a new Libyan model of banking, and the groundwork had already been laid by IMF and World Bank over the previous 2-3 years.
    “The IMF and WB have a roadmap and I would like to go ahead with the facelift. We need a strong central bank,” he said.

    Brian: It’s hilarious that the IMF and the world Bank had already laid the groundwork during the past two to three years to overhaul the government owned Central Bank of Libya. The Arab Spring, probably activated by Israel and its stooges, set the stage for the attack on Libya.

    Gaddafi was despised by the International banksters because Libya had a government owned central bank. Well, not anymore. He was also despised because he had a government run economy, well that will soon disappear. Yes, Gaddafi did some lousy things, but this silliness about NATO attacking Libya for humanitarian reasons is absurd. Israel controls NATO and Israel and its pals wanted Gaddafi out of Libya. Israel played both sides of the war for fools.

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