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Zaki is a geopolitics and security analyst based in Lahore, Pakistan who has a keen interest in the study of Open-Source Intelligence and Psychological Warfare. He covers the global scenario with a special emphasis on the MENA and Asia regions at large. He has a Bachelors degree with majors in French, Journalism and Education from the University of Punjab. His brief independent profile can be viewed here: http://cuttings.me/users/zakikhalid Besides contributing to VT as a columnist, he is the Director General at Terminal X (www.terminalx.org), Pakistan's most authoritative portal on defence, intelligence and geopolitics. TX is considered an authority on references from the Pakistani military and intelligence developments, having been taken on air by TVN Chile, Iran's Press TV and Radio Channel Islam International (South Africa), to name a few. Personal blog: http://zakikhalidtx.tumblr.com/

CIA’s brand of Taliban now come with tattoos

Muslim men, especially those who claim to be doing jihad, are not supposed to have such paintings on them since they cause problems for offering regular prayers.

‘Project Malala’: The CIA’s Socio-Psychological Intelligence Operation

Unbeknownst to young Malala, she was picked up, groomed and her sincere intentions exploited by the world's most notorious intelligence agency.

Kayani-Putin: When Two Former Spy Masters Meet

With global geopolitics rapidly evolving and progressing into a dynamic wave of new-founded strategic partnerships, Pakistan and Russia have resorted to making most of the current scenario by increasing bilateral communication and eventual understanding.

ISI: US Special Forces Back Terror Attack on Pakistan’s Kamra Base

As the sacred Islamic month of Ramadan was at its peak in Pakistan, the serene city of Kamra was attacked by a horde of terrorists in the dark hours of the night.

CIA, Punjabi Taliban and Urban Guerrilla Warfare in Pakistan

As if Pakistan was not going through enough havoc, the country is now facing a severe security threat.

Pakistani intelligence official says that Israel is bent on destroying the US

A senior Pakistani intelligence official has claimed that Israel is using the United States of America as a proxy to provoke retaliatory attacks from Muslim countries, especially Pakistan.

Husain Haqqani: Godfather of Lickspittles formally convicted

Husain Haqqani has now been formally announced as a traitor. He did not spare a single undertaking that posed a threat to Pakistan's stability and security. He served, is serving and might continue to serve his masters well, since his chances of returning to Pakistan and facing the apex court are very vague.

A Warm Winter In Pakistan Amidst The Memogate Hearing

For the first time in history, Pakistan’s military has resorted to resolving a major issue of national security through the court instead of imposing a dictatorship in haste.

West Preparing For A Decisive Operation To Oust Bashar's Regime

Intelligence inputs from the Middle East suggest that a final and decisive 'mini war' to take out Bashar al-Assad's regime is going to be initiated soon.

The ‘Memogate’ Scandal and Pakistan-US Relations

Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari ordered his associate Husain Haqqani in Washington to request then Admiral Mike Mullen to make way for removing Pakistan's Army Chief General Kayani and ISI Chief Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha.