The Looting: The Libyan Circus Continues


“Safe” Gaddafi, the Man of Gold


by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Two weeks ago, he was ducking NATO bombs.  Now he is seeking the intercession of NATO “justice.”  VT takes a look at the real “backstory” of the looting of Libya and Saif Gaddafi, the man with the keys to the treasury.

I should be happy that people want to understand Libya and show no trust in the American government.  In fact, the real press, were there such a thing, could ask no more of a readership.  If only they knew, how many of us have “our hands in the kitty” or are duped continually.

Libya is a classic.  I make fun of bloggers who get their “sources” from emails from organizations that they had, only a week before, accused of being NWO or “hasbara” or disinformationists or, more appropriately liars and thieves.

I don’t use the term “fascist” that much anymore.  Real fascists were a lot better than the folks running things now.

Today’s “Libyan Circus” is the demand for “fair trials” for the Gaddafi backers.  I am nearly laughing myself sick.  Libya is tribal, nobody wants to, or can go after the real groups that backed Gaddafi. And to an extent, never will.

What are we really hearing?  Guess.

The Libyan National Oil Company - Always Used Western Contractors

It’s about money, looting Libya except Libya’s money isn’t “in the ground” or in Libyan banks or rebuilding projects.  All that is total bull.  Libya, like most other nations, has a national oil company.

Libya has always contracted its oil business out to “the west” from day one.  So had Russia.

Yesterday I had to tell a broadcaster from Iran that Haliburton, the “evil company” that was run by Dick Cheney still runs Iran’s oil business, through “SPVs” (Special Purpose Vehicles), “offshore corporations” that allow American companies to work where they are prohibited or to pay needed bribes without risk of violating the “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”

I worked in oil for years.  Key American companies do everything, drill heads, offshore platforms, valves, geology, engineering.  America is the best and everyone looking for oil looks to America.

I don’t care how a government talks, when they need oil out of the ground, the call goes to Houston, always has.

Today, we are touching on hypocrisy again, a favorite subject.  First a minor and very short history lesson.

Prescott and George W. Bush

In 2002, Gaddafi “partnered up” with the Bush family.  This is when that flood being talked about now really happened, American companies showing up asking for contracts.

I was part of it as were my friends.  American companies, 300 of them, took over oil exploration and other projects in Libya.

Gaddafi “paid up.”  Saddam didn’t.  How hard is that to figure out?

One classic was the “Great Artificial River” that was touted as the Gaddafi “showpiece” proving his ability to work without any western influence.

The real project was developed by Brown and Root, the quintessential “evil” American company, a division of Dick Cheney’s Haliburton.  They had been in Libya working “full blast” since 1984.

Yes, that’s right, the “Neocon monstrosity” of American imperialism had been there all along.  Everything else in Libya had been much the same way, with Gaddafi just another of “the boys,” perfectly at home with Cheney or Tony Blair or the Rothschilds or, worst of all, the most dangerous family on the planet, you know the one, “Bush.”

Thus we ask, not if Saif is going to get a “fair trial” but how the Bush family is going to manage to get their hands on the $70,000,000,000 that Saif Gaddafi controls, money stashed away around the world.

Lee Wanta - Ronald Reagan National Security Coordinator

All money belongs to the Bush family, just ask Lee Wanta about that.  You don’t know about Wanta?

Imagine $27 trillion dollars missing with no questions asked.  That much?  Oh yes, that much and more.  Think “Bush.”

Then we begin to understand the game, why Saif Gaddafi seems so at ease, so unthreatened.

Perhaps he should be sent to the ICC, that International Criminal Court that the Gaddafi defenders, especially those with varied interests, financial interests, masquerading as “social activists,” want to see him face the very “selective justice” of.

There, Saif  can benefit from a show trial and, as we know very well, at some convenient period, be traded out for a “double” and eventually drift off into a life of ease in a “safe haven” with whatever the Bush family has decided he is allowed to keep of the wealth that the Gaddafi’s had looted from Libya.

As for Gaddafi’s thugs?  Most are dead, we have a couple of very public trials and others, this is where real journalism comes in.

South Africa sought a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”  They recognized that many the majority would like to see dead were also a valuable part of the countries commercial life.  The issue in South Africa was one of black and white and the leadership, Desmond Tutu and Mandela, were well established humanitarians.

Libya has Islamic traditions but, in fact, it doesn’t have Islamic traditions at all.  Gaddafi’s rule was secular, dictatorial and Islamic justice, which should include protections, also includes more than substantive penalties as well and has been, through continual Gaddafi rhetoric, been tied to terrorism.

The real Gaddafi of “post 9/11” was “anti-Islamic” and totally in bed with NATO.

Bush-Blair Gave Gaddafi a Get Out of Jail Card

How could you have Gaddafi and Tony Blair shaking hands in public without the intercession of a supreme being of some kind, perhaps a bolt of lightning or perhaps the earth opening up to swallow them?

Now we are being told by the Gaddafi defenders that the “loyalists,” read “war criminals like Bush and Blair,” must be turned over to the only real justice in the world, the NATO tribunals in the Hague.

Say it a thousand times, the ICC is NATO.  The ICC is how NATO punishes those who fail to follow their conspiracies.  Who does the ICC defend?

This is that other issue, if Saif is to go to NATO, to the ICC for justice, what does this tell us?

That rhetoric continues.  We wonder why?

One issue, above all, is missed.  The people of Libya are the only ones who suffered, the only ones who are capable of understanding and are the only ones with clear legal standing to prosecute criminal complaints against the Libyan people.

The phony ICC, with its history of selective prosecution, its history of doing the bidding of the NWO, should be seen by those looking for “fairness” as everything but fair.

International Criminal Court - The Hague

The ICC is NATO.  You just can’t say it enough.

If the ICC, as the “so called” activists wish, is given jurisdiction, then NATO is given jurisdiction.

I see duplicity in this.  Is the whole thing nothing but a financial “shakedown” with our “activist” friends very much a part of it?

We know many were very well paid to defend Gaddafi, wild stories about Al Qaeda led rebels or NATO invasions and secret “central banks.”

Now Gaddafi is dead, the wolves surrounding Saif, seem to be joined by hyenas as well.  Seventy billion dollars is alot of “rotting meat.”

And so it goes…..


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