Meth-For-Sex Arrest of Colorado VIP Highlights Power of Alternative Media

Criminal elite panicks as alternative media expose their crimes and set the stage for mass executions

Criminal elite panics as alternative media expose their crimes and set the stage for mass executions

by Kevin Barrett


Just a few minutes ago, Denver’s channel 3 broke the story: Former Arapaho Sheriff Patrick Sullivan – an extremely well-connected member of the Colorado political elite – has been arrested in a meth-for-sex scandal allegedly involving underage partners of both genders.

But there might have been no arrest – and therefore no mainstream story to break – if it hadn’t been for Jonathan Elinoff and yours truly. Elinoff, a scourge of the New World Order and alternative media powerhouse, came on my radio show exactly two weeks ago came on my radio show exactly two weeks ago to publicize the extremely credible allegations, naming Sullivan for the first time as the alleged perpetrator.

At that point, Elinoff was seemingly being ejected from his post at a mainstream Colorado radio station, despite his stellar investigative work, including his on-air arrangement of an accused criminal’s surrender – an episode that busted the ratings meter. Some suspected that station management might be feeling political pressure from high-powered friends of Patrick Sullivan. Word on the street was that the lives of Jonathan, and the witnesses against Sullivan, were in danger.

By naming-and-shaming Sullivan and his friends on my radio show, Elinoff may have forced the issue, leaving local law enforcement little choice but to do its job. (If only the 9/11 truth community’s naming-and-shaming of the 9/11 perps could get such quick results from national law enforcement!)

The Patrick Sullivan episode, which I will discuss with Jonathan today from 4 to 5 pm Central on Truth Jihad Radio (listen here) illustrates the growing power of alternative media. Two weeks ago, no mainstream outlet would have allowed Jonathan to name Sullivan as a credibly-accused drug-pushing pedophile – just as they won’t publicize the equally credible allegations of Cheney’s involvement in 9/11. At Truth Jihad Radio, and here at Veterans Today, we aren’t afraid to air credible accusations against powerful people.

Recently Mike Adams of Natural News, another alternative media powerhouse, pointed out that the alternative media is scooping the mainstream on a much bigger story:

  • JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citibank and other major banks are all insolvent. Their financial collapse is inevitable.
  • Your monthly statements from these financial institutions are total fraud, as that money doesn’t even exist in these banks. It’s like Bernie Madoff, but several orders of magnitude worse…
  •  The Goldman Sachs criminal banksters are brazenly trying to economically conquer the world by destroying those national leaders who oppose their toxic debt schemes while placing their loyalist economic terrorists in key positions of political power. Refer to Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins for more details on how this actually works.
  • The economic devastation now being experienced by countries like the USA is a deliberately planned scheme of economic destruction designed to allow the global banking elite to confiscate enormous resources from targeted nations. Some nations have been forced into giving up their oil fields, water supplies and even their financial sovereignty to be used as collateral for global bankster bailouts.
  • There are already increasing calls for bankers to be executed for engaging in these crimes that are effectively stealing trillions of dollars (or equivalent in local currencies) from the people of our world. While calls for such drastic action may seem extreme at the moment, no doubt more people will join in such calls as they begin to lose their pensions and savings accounts when the financial collapse tidal wave reaches their personal bank accounts.

“Calls for bankers to be executed” ?!

Hell, yes.

Two weeks ago, calling for the arrest of Patrick Sullivan was too “extreme” for the mainstream. Today, he’s in jail.

Virtually the entire US political and financial elite consists of psychopathic criminals – traitors and mass murderers, human scum guilty of the most heinous crimes against humanity. And the criminal banksters sit atop that terminally rancid power pyramid. As the people wake up to what has been done to them, calls for mass executions are going to make the French Revolution look like a DAR tea party.

No wonder they’re trying to pre-emptively label people like Jonathan and me “terrorists.” No wonder the Zionist traitor Lieberman, who should have been hanged long ago, is calling for shutting down “terrorist websites” like my own

What makes a website “terrorist”? Let’s face it: One man’s terrorism is another man’s justified use of force. Lieberman thinks the Israeli Defense Forces have every right to steal hundreds of billions from US taxpayers and use that money to slaughter Palestinian children, one by one, with sniper rifles, as they walk on sidewalks and play in schoolyards. I think that those of us who are struggling to stop the Palestinian genocide have every right to use equally lethal force against its perpetrators. Which one of us is the terrorist? If Lieberman takes away my Constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech – the weapon I am now using to battle the likes of him – what recourse will I have but to turn to other weapons?

Lieberman, and 60 other US Senators, just voted to let the military disappear US citizens without charges for as long as it likes, anywhere in the world, including the US. They are obviously panicking, because they know that they are traitors who deserve to be executed, and they know the people are waking up and will soon be calling for, and working for, their executions.

“If the American people knew what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” George H.W. Bush

The irony is that by voting for such a grotesque act of treason against the Constitution, these 61 Senators have sealed their own fates. Their votes are clearly acts of treason. Any real Americans left out there – and there are more than a few – will have no choice but to work for the trial, conviction, and execution of these 61 treasonous Senators. Storm the Senate, and bring on the people’s tribunals!

It won’t happen today. It probably won’t happen this week, or this month. But it will happen.

Two weeks ago, Patrick Sullivan was untouchable. Not any more.

One domino down. The rest of the criminal elite will follow.

That’s the power of the alternative media.

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  1. Salazar has been proven to be the agent of the devil in this. He manipulated my friend Mark Taylor in a successfuly effort to get the basement tapes under lock and also to gag order John DeCamp author of the Franklin Cover the author’s notes in the front of the book about Columbine

  2. If you want to know how far this goes, let Leiberman give you a clue. It was announced that the signing would take place in Denver just after there was a not so secret meeting (Blacked out) called Columbine lessons learned 10 years after. The link you see is the only info. that has been released about that meeting which under most circumstances would have received national attention. Obviously, we see the Pres. and vice Pres. talking to the chief architects of the Columbine cover up. Fast forward to Biden’s speech. Why did Biden tell Salazar that he came in on the big plane but will be leaving with me on the little one? This was Salazar’s big day. And worst of all Why in Obama’s speech did he say totally out of context that “This is the beginning of the end”

  3. We are the families of the Columbine tragedy. We learned that the killers Eric and Dylan were raped during an arrest. We have proof that we went to Pat Sullivan about this. His name is on a document in the El Paso county Columbine investigation labeled Walsh buttrape.txt. Columbine victim Mark Taylor has been abducted illegally drugged against his will and silenced while voicing this information.
    Google Columbine family request free mark taylor january incident walsh buttrape
    Also you tube and live leak Columbine family request

  4. Wow! Them’s fightin’ words …. Good job. The time has come.

    If they continue to ignore the peaceful “Occupy” protests, what do they really expect will happen next? If the foreclosures don’t stop soon, the caliber of the opposition is about to increase dramatically.

  5. And lest we forget – 12 year old Johnny Gosch, kidnapped while on his paper route back in 1982 in Des Moines. He turned up years later as a male prostitute posing as a White House news reporter named Jeff Gannon. He logged 280 overnight stays in the GWBush White House, proving once again that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.
    Also – Barney Frank just announced that we will not be running for re-election in 2012.
    Things are definitely looking up ……

  6. Kevin Barrett lays out a clear case of alternative media momentum overtaking a well instituted coverup. This was a convergence of the exposure of a number of crimes by highly connected pedophiles in top Govt positions. These include the Franklin Credit Coverup starring Barney Frank and Spence running an underage callboy prostitution business out of pervert Frank’s DC apartment. Frank skated and should have gotten 30 years minimun in jail, maybe worse, since Spence was murdered and some children were alleged murdered (Gary Caradori and his son were blown out of the sky carrying a massive load of evidence). Many folks found out about this scandal but a superb video investigation was blocked from the History channel under “national security” right before it was to be aired. If the franklin coverup had been investigated and prosecuted properly the whole federal govt would have collapsed and a very big financial guru from Omaha would be in jail forever. And a big AF base would have been ripped apart by this scandal as well as boys town and the White House Page boy program and a highly place AF colonel in intel would be in jail for the rest of his life. But the mainstream media blocked it and had nmassive help from US intel (who was behind it in the first place–a typical human compromise op they love to use to keep control of politicians and corporate officials). Then we had the recent Penn State pedophile matter, where there have been allegations of underage young men being offered to wealthy donors to the University for use as sex toys. This broke into the media and set the stage for more disclosures including one more pedophile related College matter just coming out now. But this case at hand involved a sheriff and some very big folks could be dragged into this, thus the major mass media once again had a vested interest in covering it up forever. But in this case the alternative media including Kevin Barrett created a tipping point that could not be suppressed. Nothing gets the public more upset that pedophiles in govt attacking young children sexually, once they find out from alternative news media which is not starting to surpass mainstream media penetration thanks to the internet and excellent sources like Veterans Today. If the Franklin matter hadn’t been covered up so well, poppy himself would have been brought to justice and there would have most likely been no 911. Highest commendatuions to Kevin Barrett and Jonathin Elinoff, two real American heros. Many innocent kids will be protected in the future by the courageous work of these very fine two men.

  7. @ A J MacDonald Jr

    “It’s a shame you’re calling for executions, rather than a fair trial and, if found guilty, life in prison for those responsible…”

    The so-called “justice” system is broken.

    There is no way that anyone, with the authority do to so, would approach a federal judge to request the issuance of an arrest warrant. There is no way that any federal judge would issue an arrest warrant. There is no way that FBI agents or US Marshals would perform such an arrest. There is no way that a federal judge would set a date, even for arraignment. People would be fired, people would be “accidented,” people would be framed and incarcerated for crimes that they didn’t commit, people would find themselves ensconced in a certain Caribbean resort for life…

    In short, It flat-out ain’t gonna happen.

    Justice can be delivered only by autonomous, well-armed citizens.

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