Kill Democracy Before It Kills Us

Thomas who?
Thomas who?

Time to Admit It, Democratic Government is a Lie


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff on Kevin Barrett

Let’s alienate as many people as possible right away. Nazi Germany was more “democratic” than America is today. More than that, fascism, which I was taught to hate as either a form of socialism or corporate control was actually an almost ideal economic system, free trade, workers rights, corporate profits soared, standard of living continually raised, never any debt and no need for police state laws.   What Hitler did when he took office was scare the living hell out of his enemies, mostly communists and the international bankers that insisted that Germany keep its old “debt based currency.” Fascism had nothing to do with race laws, oppression of Jews or any of that. These policies were totally separate and are now subject to open warfare among historians, some of whom say “it never happened.” What I am saying is, stick to the economic policy stuff where we can find real and useful information and the other things, “revisionism” and “holocaust peddling” are things that won’t take us anywhere, not anywhere we want to go.

Any political leader that the people choose will find himself moving into a bureaucracy run by established interests. Were historians more honest, and they aren’t honest at all, all government is an expression of mid level organized crime. The other admission is that, after a point in modern history, some time during the 19th century, all “countries” as we knew them ceased to exist and the world came under the control of organizations that had internal struggles over resources and debt.

WWI - The Dead Packed Tight With Countless Crosses

Two of these minor internal struggles were World War I and World War II. Other wars, economic collapses, revolutions and such were primarily no more than corporate scuffles in the middle of merger and acquisition negotiations. Pakistan is pressured by blowing up a Mosque. You remind the president of Nigeria of who he should do business with by blowing up the headquarters of the National Police or finding an obscure dissident group and arming them to the teeth. When Israel gets caught doing something, Hollywood gets a new movie telling us how bad Germans are. Based on there being hundreds, perhaps thousands of movies about “bad Germans,” what might that say about Israel? If only I were kidding. I wish there were a real leader of the people to take office in what we pretend is a “democracy” or something close.

But unless he was willing to root out the ruling class infrastructure, and I mean trials and executions (ah…no more fines) and filling the prisons, army officers, publishers, bankers, cabinet ministers, business leaders, he might as well assassinate himself because someone is going to do it for him.

Some folks to think about?Castro? Nelson Mandela? John Kennedy? It took 63 days to shoot a couple of bullets at Ronald Reagan. It took Bush the Lesser only a few months to do what he did. What am I talking about?

"Well you make damn sure Lee Wanta never finds out about this!"

Our 9/11 was planned on paper in 1999 by PNAC, enacted with Israeli help. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were orchestrated through falsified intelligence while the world economy was pushed from “minor distress” to $2,500,000,000,000 in “private debt without currency basis” and $38,000,000,000,000 in public debt backed by “currency.” If you don’t understand the numbers, one involves “thousands of trillions” and the other “tens of trillions” and is grossly understated. Either figure is enough money to buy the entire solar system, yes, Bush and his friends, Bush and the banksters of the world are that deluded. Best part? They expect you to pay interest on that to them. Why do I say “Bush?” Every time we open a door, public or secret, the Bush family shows up. With them we get a pack of self proclaimed “Zionists” and a bunch of others who call themselves either “neocons” or “Republicans.” What we do know is that the gang in Washington and their fighting is nothing but a turf war. Newt represents the banksters and the Afghan drug cartel. They finance his PACs, he is their figurehead. Mitt Romney is the voice of the Mexican drug cartels and the Colombian cocaine cowboys. I don’t know why they just can’t settle their differences, if they don’t watch out, both sides will lose and America’s children may have a harder time getting really cheap narcotics. Nobody wants that, especially not our courts, our prison system and especially those who run our police forces.

Drugs are the new oil. With the failure of the phony War on Terror to be eternally self perpetuating no matter how many false flag acts of terror intelligence agencies around the world stage, with every bank looted, with every home in America worthless, with every retirement fund depleted, finding new things to steal must be a challenge.

Thank goodness for our business schools, that’s all I have to say.

"Is this a Democrat or Republican?" - "What the hell difference does it make you big dummy. We buy the stuff by the pound and once you get the skin off it all tastes the same."

Simply put, the way things are, there can be no honest elections, no governmental reform, no economic advancement, no realization of the dreams of humanity until the vultures and cockroaches are recognized, categorized and plans are made to provide for their future, if you wish to call it that. If you want to know what a cockroach is, read your email, listen to the advertisements on the radio or check the job offers in your local classifieds. This is that tiny version of the disease that infects the world, people who want to steal your home, take your last cent for a phony cancer cure, those who want to sell you poisons to help you lose weight or have sex. Others promise investments less sensible than burning your cash on the front seat of your car. Want a “payday loan?” What these little things, these tiny crimes show you is that you have no government, that even petty criminals can buy themselves the right to skin you alive.

Imagine what the really good crooks can do. 9/11? The collapse of 2007? Form the European Union then bleed Europe dry? Run prices of everything through the roof while there is no money and too much of everything that nobody can afford?

On 9/11 they changed the lawof physics. Every day now, the laws of economics are as though they never existed. I am waiting for “them” to repeal gravity itself. Didn’t Obama sign something about that last week? Do I have to get Velcro for all my shoes now?

A-la Edmund Burke Style - Time to Bang Some Heads Together.

Where to start:

We don't take an oath of allegiance to a totally corupt regime so such cannot be broken
  1. There is no freedom without truth. Restore the free press by eliminating all secrecy and giving public access to all government activities as should be the rule always. Get rid of academia, the bureaucracy of “butt kissing” fools and no-accounts that use “degrees” as an excuse for having an unearned voice. Any real academic who told the truth would have been fired from a university the day they were discovered. Find them and put them in charge and, as for the rest, they need to be harvesting beets somewhere. China was right about “re-education.”
  2. America’s Founding Fathers, not the guys who wrote the constitution, but Franklin, Adams and Jefferson were bright guys. Government starts at the bottom, every village and town and every citizen. Government is about education and debate and informed decisions. Today we are building it all on a tower of lies, fed by organized crime. Lying to the people is the biggest crime of all, it steals their reason and freedom. With the liars, the press, those who own the press, those who propagandize and lobby all in prison, we can begin to build representative government.
  3. The bureaucracies must go, especially the cults. From the bottom up, we have the courts and police. Courts have to be “common sense” and continually watched. Every case has to be publicly judged and all money removed from the legal system. No more law firms, all legal advocates have to be civil service. This will save so much money it might balance the economy itself. Justice has become a racket or, more truthfully, a “hammer” to beat down the honest, the decent and the poor.
  4. Police bureaucracies, in fact all civil bureaucracies have to go. Strong accountability, every day, every action, ever cent spent has to be accounted for. Why? Simple. Our bureaucracies have all been infiltrated by criminal elements, every county commission, every mayor’s office, every city council, every police commissioner, every fire chief. We will find the decent, the real leaders, put them in charge and jail the rest.
  5. Ah, the military, time we talked about that. The service academies need to be restored, Air Force first but all. They have become institutions that teach feudalism, class warfare and elitism. We take some of our best potential leaders and “uneducate them” until they become useless time wasters. Then we put them in the Pentagon where they suck the life blood from the American people. General Marshall, at the beginning of World War II had to gut the military of its “dead wood.” It is time again. The best and brightest, our NCO corps, has been burned out, used up and too many of those with guts and integrity have been discharged, fired or systematically destroyed. Bush fired our real leaders when he stole the presidency. We know how to put it back and who to go to. That can begin in an hour.
  6. We erase our banking system and the Federal Reserve as any educated moron agrees. Money is meant to be used for trade, not as a way of stealing, which is why the printing presses run 24 hours a day now. Almost all major world currencies have failed. Why? Nobody knew when to stop stealing. Currency as we know it doesn’t work. Currency requires collateral, not imagination.
  7. Is there a borderless world? Of course there is. Corporations run all governments and exist outside any law, any tax system and only use governments when they need someone killed or have a scam planned. Where do your tax dollars go? 100% of them are paid to corporations. All money that goes to government is spent, every cent of it is given to a corporation, most of whom are “offshore” and own the decision makers that negotiate with them. Government is organized crime, just “mid level.”

Mike Chester just sent me a copy of the Mitt Romney “hit piece” video. What does this tell you? To me it says even the blind aren’t blind.

[youtube BLWnB9FGmWE]

This is a great film.Of course, it was financed with drug money but good theatre is good theatre and we take “good” when we can get it nowadays. How should I describe this? This is a “left hook” in the battle of the drug cartels, being fought on their home ground, that being the American political system and, more appropriately, the Republican party.

Do We Want to Get Picked Off One at a Time Like This Poor Guy - Or Have a Party?

You think that Afghanistan went from 0% of the world’s heroin supply to 96% while occupied by America by accident? You think 30 million people walked across a 50 mile stretch of border guarded with $6 billion in electronics and armies of federal agents by accident? You think the banks woke up one day and found they were all bankrupt by accident, like nobody there went to business school or they weren’t audited by federal agencies and had their accounting certified by major firms each year? Do you want to talk rigged elections? Do you want to talk about how drug gangs now own over half the local governments and law enforcement agencies in America? I say, “make an omelet, go ahead, break a few eggs.” Hey, for something totally hopeless, lets hold an election where all information is controlled by media owned by organized crime, where both political parties are controlled by organized crime and the CIA chooses the winner through flipping votes using software paid for by American taxpayers.

Hold your breath, freedom and reform is on its way.

Editing Gymnast: Jim W. Dean


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.