Did JFK Nail an Intern a Day, Ask the GOP


Why Not Have a Wussy Room in Presidential Libraries so All Accomplishments Can be Duly Recognized?

        … by  Jim W. Dean, VT editor


 [Editors Note: This story, is one that comes up every 4 years since 1963.  The sources are always found, invented, paid, ghost written, imaginary, attacks on John and Robert Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt.  Somehow the Republican party figures is they can defame the dead, a genuine war hero, America’s greatest president, the man who stood against the Vietnam War, the Federal Reserve and the Israeli nuke, they can get some sleaseball child molestor into the White House…..again.

You know, we talk about our hopes for Ron Paul but we had him and so much more than him, someone of grace and charm, of courage and honesty, someone of endless leadership ability who put their own lives and the welfare of the people of the entire world, peace, justice and equality, above power and personal riches.

When Kennedy was murdered, for a bit some accepted the childish cover story, not believing that the FBI and CIA would allow a president to be killed, that a cabal including Lyndon Johnson, Israel and the “banksters” who are feeding off all of us would murder the president most beloved by all, except for Franklin Roosevelt.

Of course, he had been under continual attack too.

Now, through a minor operative under Reagan’s administration, I have access to his personal conversations.  It took 63 days to put 2 bullets in him and, although he may not have had the values of FDR, the man who saved a nation from starvation or Kennedy, the inspiration of so many of the lives of those who lived during that time, I may have to reassess Reagan.

He hated George H.W. Bush and wouldn’t allow him access to national secrets or private audiences.  Bush had to wait outside the Oval Office like a lapdog.  Of course, John Hinckley’s father was a long time Bush associate, neatly tied to the Denver gang of money laundering banks and an endless collection of continuing drug scandals and public killings.

Fifty years ago, JFK explains why the America of today is no longer recognizable to many of us.  Killing that memory is vital to Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, each who would be essence of Josef Stalin, were he given the chance by the secret societies that hijack elections, that live in the shadows and stifle dissent just as warned by President Kennedy in the video below:


[youtube DxnpujfanUM]


Did John Kennedy Have an Intern Harem?

Oh Jack, dear Jack I am not picking on you, for one misstep and having an affair. In Washington, D.C., who really would care?

We all know it’s a town for humping your way up the ladder, and to miss one’s big shot, what could be sadder? But in Miss Mimi’s story I did see, a level of depravity upsetting to me.

We all could understand the chance moment, where new eyes meet and you both know you want it. But you Mr. President were a predator here, and for this callous act you deserve this smear.

You used Special Assistant Dave Powers as your White House pimp, to scout out young interns that you might do. Poor Mimi, Miss Mimi only four days new, you would soon add her…to your weenie tally, too.

Dave Powers set her up for the presidential pool, where you could check her out as a match for your tool.  The after work party was the next part of the trick, with two other young girls which was kind of sick.  Each was there as a female prop, but the story I’m afraid does not there stop.

Powers made daiquiris to liquor her up, and off to Mrs. Kennedy’s bedroom you went to show her what’s up. So she was seduced by your whole staff…but Mrs. Kennedy’s bedroom? – that was a gaff.

Sweet Miss Mimi - "Yes Mr. President"

So Miss Mimi the virgin all fresh and new, became your teen hooker because of you. You set an example for the rest to follow, in this Presidential privilege, including LBJ…a man most shallow.

Like father like son, what can we say. The women were objects and treated that way. Elites are elites and have this disease, that with young things they can do as they please.

But the record will show that we now know, you used taxpayer money to treat her so.  You soiled the office and your legacy, too…elected to serve, but confused as to who.

You took her on trips on Air Force One, and when word got back to Jackie it must have hurt her a ton. Father Joe and Teddy, and then of course you…were soon followed by some of the nephews, too, an indication maybe of something in the gene pool.

Was it an Irish thing, this bit with your ding? You put the country in danger with your fooling around, and to international leaders you looked like a clown.

There was Judith Exner and Marilyn Monroe, and of course Mary Meyer, (later murdered). And then Marilyn was passed on to Robert by Jack, so he also could have him a snack.

The Secret Service you rudely abused, to sneak them in and out, in spite of the rules (no background checks or searches). You left a bad example for our impressionable youth, that if you reach high office you can be uncouth.

The rules are for them, but not for you, and pulling that off, makes you really cool. (Copyright 2012) **

Why Do They Do What They Do? – or – “I Just Gots to Have It.”


My Uncle Attila the Hun

Well, now I have that off my chest let’s move on. As my readers know by my never covering stories like this, that I could not care less what people do with their thing-a-majigies. Basically, it bores me to tears. But I do have a few exceptions.

The Attila the Hun in me, I think this is called Paleo-Conservative, when I take over the country I will have breakfast while watching hangings of child molesters and rapists. I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

To all my anti-capital punishment friends, I am now out of the closet.

But in fairness to John Kennedy, LBJ deserves some time.  He was so uncouth he brought his whores right into the oval office in the middle of the day. Bill Gulley, the infamous head of the Office of Military Affairs (as a former Marine Gunny Sergeant) gives us a wonderful peek behind the curtain in his book Breaking Cover.

LBJ had a legendary sexual appetite, and abusing the staff was nothing to him. He gave them extra money for their extra duties by logging in lots of overtime. Gulley found a divorced staff lady of his doing this. Knowing that she had not worked this much he went to Juanita Roberts, LBJ’s number one secretary. She said:

“Sign her card. If you don’t, this girl will go to the President and we’ll all be in trouble.”…p 56

President Johnson was also a predator.

Presidential Predator

“Coming back from Texas one time, Johnson brought three beautiful women with him, all young beauty queens. He had promised them jobs (always the ploy) and got the State Dept. to enroll them- at State Department expense-in private secretarial school.

Once working for the White house LBJ would take the youngest and the prettiest of them on trips as ‘supplemental secretary’.

On one occasion during a request for some extra ‘dictation in the bedroom’ a tearful young girl ran out of the room. Gulley was called to send an unmarked plane to pick her up and fly her back…p 57

LBJ’s office hours hooker:

Not Your Motel Hook Up

“He had a little room of the Oval office, his ‘boudoir,’ where there was a small sofa, and when this gal came to visit, it was always the same routine. The secretaries in the next room would stop what they were doing and listen.

The gal would go in. They’d hear the door being locked. Everything would get quiet.

Then the john would flush and the gal would leave. One of the White House doctors told me that Johnson’s sexual appetite was the result of B12 shots.” …p 57

Bill Gulley - 'The Fixer'

Fortunately, Nixon, Ford and Carter were not like this. Despite all of the differences between LBJ and Jack Kennedy they shared the predator gene.

I will try to put some time into hunting down all the White House interns during the Kennedy period so the ‘Interns I have Known’ new room I am going to propose to the Kennedy Library will know how much square footage we will need.

But where LBJ passed by JFK was his rapacious looting and being a murderer.  Particularly when he was getting ready to leave office he was grabbing everything in site, and even as ex-president he stole everything he could figure a way to do.

Gulley describes how Johnson abused presidential secrecy to loot other departments on the grounds of presidential privilege. This include taking flights with faked flight plans to a secret 110,000 acre ranch he had in Mexico where he would be almost totally isolated with iffy communications in an emergency.

He continued to rob the American taxpayers to develop this after he left office.

“I was surprised to find he had made arrangements with the Tactical Air Command at Langley Field, Virginia, to get a C-130 aircraft to haul pipes and heavy equipment out to his land in Mexico, at DOD expense. He had tentacles everywhere.”…p 76

The murdering part goes back to Johnson’s Texas mob and the sophisticated bribery and shakedown operations that had been finely honed. The big league part of this was collecting door fees for legislation brought up before Congress.

Robert, Marilyn and John - Catch the Nipple Dress

Bobby Kennedy was hot on the trail of trying to take Johnson out with this bribery scandal, and when LBJ and his Texas mob got wind of it they started dropping bodies in Texas to break all the direct links.

There is a wonderful long interview with Johnson’s long time mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown in Texas with whom he had a child.

She attended extensive social and private political events with him for twenty one years and was privy to his close confidants like Hunt the oil man, and the eclectic club they formed where their crew flew in for ‘anything goes’ weekends.

The FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover was a frequent attendee… and the ladies were always excluded when boys were brought in as party favors.

Here is a video excerpt below from Madeleine to get you started. I am sharing this with you as a wonderful example how what could be described as ‘bit players’ can be major contributors to history via their close associations with more well known people.

And as I discovered with my Heritage TV, that once they get old, and the older the better, many of them lose any fear they once had about discussing key events.

When you have the time to watch the full interview I really suggest that you do…as there are older folks walking around today that need to be interviewed like this lady was. We thank Mr. Robert Gaylon Ross for his early video work here.

[youtube 79lOKs0Kr_Y] – Madeleine Brown 5 mins

[youtube POmdd6HQsus] – Brown- Full interview

Bill Gulley is a virtually unknown political or writing figure. His Breaking Cover is a gem to have if you can find a used one online. These kinds of books tend to disappear as the years go by. You can drop $300 on a new one or go used for $5.

But as you know we have made it our job here at VT to save you some of the hunting and searching time to locate material like this to save the wasted duplicative effort.

One thing I surely learned from all of this is that I am glad I was not born a woman, became a political wife, and endured all that humiliation of being hooked up to an elitist hound dog. I have always been amazed at how many of them resign themselves at being along for the ride.

That is why I have the respect I do for the two former Mrs. Gingrichs.





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