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Making the World Safe

Like an “Intel Drop” But More Painful


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I could rattle on endless conspiracies, historical misconceptions and how television and phony news is mind control for hours.  I am lying.  I could do it for weeks.  What is necessary to is come to the understanding that the most basic beliefs most of us hold, not all, but most, are false or misleading.  We are just going to touch on a few, political, geopolitical and military today.

First of all, I am willing to debate anyone, Kissinger, Brzezinski (who I often agree with, now at least) or any of the pundits.  The pundits I can eat alive, some have watched me do it.  Andrew Napolitano was a smart guy, he is gone.  Beyond that, there is no sign of an IQ beyond lukewarm except, on occasion, Jon Stewart and is quite good on domestic politics and utterly ignorant beyond that.

We have set the bar of journalism, of debate, even our mindless personal attacks have become inane.  We are boring ourselves to death.

Let’s start with something simple.  When Egypt fell, a year ago, we learned that Mubarak was working for Israel for decades.  The entire nation of Israel should have risen up, enraged but in reality, nothing happened at all.  Betrayal is expected.

Worse in America.

Yet, for decades, Israel got billions from the US to protect themselves from Mubarak and others that, with things as they are now, we can clearly see have worked with Israel for years.  Syria is one of them.

Israel took a combination of the holocaust, the 1967 and 1973 wars, changed the characters more than a bit on all of it, wrote it into a story and played it out as a “long con” like in the movie, “The Sting.”  I wouldn’t trade the entire “holy land” for 50 square miles of Alaska, even parts under water.

As a start, just a warning, 75% or more of the Jews who died in the holocaust were killed by Stalin, not Hitler.  Israel made a deal with Russia to keep this secret.  This is why TV continually bombards us all with talk about gas chambers and Nazi hunting because most of the deaths, estimated as high as 4.2 million Jews died in the Urals under Stalin’s work camp regime, part of the up to 65 million murdered by him during his reign.

He put as many of the numbers as possible on the Germans.  It was profitable to Israel to play along.  What is the truth?  You will never know if your grandmother was murdered by Germans or Stalin, you will never know much of the truth of any of it because every bit of history relating to the holocaust comes from sources that are entirely communist.

Take the family on concentration camp visits.  I have.  Get a guide.  Ask when things were built.  When you learn that key “iconic” aspects of the holocaust were built after the war as “demonstration projects to depict how Nazi death camps were run by Soviet forces” I don’t ask you to deny the holocaust.

What I expect is for you to ask for an accounting.  “Why was I lied to all my life?”  I have both missing Jewish and German family from different areas of Europe.  Some of the Jews we can find.  All of the Germans were wiped out, murdered after the surrender in 1945 in a story we will never know.  I would like to meet them too.

Jonathan Pollard has done decades in prison, convicted of spying for Russia with Israel’s help as part of that deal.  Learn about Pollard.  Only VT will tell you the highly classified truth about Pollard’s spying,.

The only reason there isn’t “peace in the Middle East” is because the whole thing is a racket, arms deals, spying, oil price scams, not one bit of it is real.

The new governments, like Erdogan of Turkey, will simply quit playing along.  This is why we are trying to start a war in Africa and convince Americans China is the new enemy.  Arab Spring and the Israeli people are fed up at being pawns, at least the smart ones.

If you are Jewish and don’t understand any of this, or find this difficult, I am sorry.

None of it was necessary, the two wars, the terrorism, it was all a geopolitical game staged for some to make huge amounts of money while you did your time in the IDF and Israel became a country you now want to leave.  The only reason Israel isn’t nearly empty is because other places are worse.

Still, you have to ignore injustice and ingest propaganda a child would laugh at.  The proof is all there, all findable.  When you find one thing to be a total lie, like the 1967 war, it is proof all things are lies.  That is how things work.

Please excuse what some might see as “Jew bashing.”  It is an example only, not my intent.  We hyperfocus on Israel here because the “Israel lobby,” is actually a dangerous organized crime group that undermines our government under the “front” of claiming to be concerned about Israel.

Those American politicians who kowtow to this group are notoriously intolerant.  Meaning?  In a safe somewhere, there are plans to incinerate Israel somewhere, under the control of Israel’s best friends.

Everyone in Israel suspects this, some know it.

The real danger is going to be Africa.

Here is what is discussed.   African resources are seen as of great value, we really mean profit for the few, but the people of Africa are seen as “redundant.”

Many, and these discussions go back 100 years, see the eventuality of having to depopulate Africa.  The old South African government sought weapons that killed only blacks.  All their records were found, the weapons were tested, other nations were involved, many nations, and some of the facts, a very  few about “Dr. Basson,” were published by the Truth Commission.

The Bush family with others, for many decades, has helped finance the science of eugenics.  Under the best of circumstances, it involved helping found and finance Planned Parenthood and look at humane population control methods.

Go to China to find out what population can do.  Having a large family, in China, is considered “terrorism.”

As an aside, for those who don’t understand the dynamic of Afghanistan, terrorism and such, let’s take a moment out for a story about Afghanistan.

An American intelligence officer, an NCO, receives vital “humint” from an asset.  He is told that in a certain village 40 miles away, in a home, carefully drawn onto a crude map with a big red “X” an “Al Qaeda/Taliban/Insurgent leader and his associates will spend the night. 

A mission is approved, a squad of Rangers will “motor” out to the “pos” and do some “door kicking.”  As the mission briefing ends, he tells them, “let’s go kick some raghead butt.” 

Without gps navigation there is only the map and the directions given.  On the way there, now over 2 hours of wrong turns and misread signs, the village is in sight.  It’s no lights, night vision only, while the target compound, a two story house with outbuildings and a wall, is spotted.

Thankfully, there is no visible security, just a few farm animals.  The perimeter is breached and the house approached, there are no lights.  A cursory examination of windows shows no activity on the lower floor.  The decision is made for silent entry, the lock is picked, weapons on a mixture of “semi” and “full auto,” and 4 Rangers approach the stair while others secure the rear, the vehicles and keep watch for movement.

There are 3 doors on the second floor, each one gets a “flash bang” and, though we don’t admit it, a fragmentary grenade goes in also.  One man enters each room, selecting targets one at a time while the 4th watches the stairs.”

Late the next day, another intelligence report comes in.  It tells of a Taliban leader coming to the same town to attend a funeral.

It seems a squad of Rangers who had gotten lost had attack the wrong home.  5 children were dead in one room, victims of a grenade and automatic weapons fire.  Two adults, the mother and father, dead in another.  The third room was grandma.  The grenade killed her quickly though a “double tap” made sure”

Reports indicated that a Taliban leader and 15 or more fighters were killed during the action, shades of the famous “body count” games of Vietnam.

This time they are sure.  The entire village has, after the killing of the family, welcomed the Taliban to speak at the funeral.  A Raptor UAV piloted from Clark Air Force Base in Las Vegas will be overhead.  The target will be the Taliban leader, his driver and the armed villagers, now full fledged Taliban members.

Yesterday they were all government supporters.  How things change.

As the Hellfire missile is loosed, the wrapped bodies of 5 small children, 3 adults below, that and a hundred civilians and what was learned to be a local tribal leader related to the family, are subjected to the fearsome attack.

The report tells of the death of one of Osama bin Laden’s top aides.  Mention is made of 15 local residents killed during the attack.

Video is supplied showing rows of corpses, children torn apart, another of a hundred attacks on funerals.  Most Raptor attacks are weddings or funerals, where “armed fighters” are known to congregate.

The “humint,” or as we call it, “human intelligence” supplied comes from a reliable source.  In reality it may be a real Taliban insurgent or more likely a member of the RAW, India’s intelligence services.  Thus far in Afghanistan, our record for reliable human intelligence, “snitching” has been abysmal.  We “get played” continually.

With the big “kill count,” the US loses all control of a region of Afghanistan.  No American can safely go there again.  All agricultural projects are over and local villagers that survived are now heading to the hills to bring back a dozen RPGs.

The next vehicle that goes through this town or anywhere near will end up with its human cargo looking like “spam in a can.”

This is how America is winning Afghanistan, this is where “Al Qaeda” and the “Taliban” come from.   Were this 40 plus years ago in Vietnam, the village would have had a militia with a squad of Marines living there with them.  This is how Marines won that war, stupid though it was, by learning.  It never mattered.  The Marines left eventually and the war was lost.  After all, this is just a story.

Who is to say how Afghanistan will work out.  We have 10,000 American dead, 25,000 American suicides, 500,000 disabled veterans, Afghanistan and Iraq, and are scheduled to leave “soon as possible.”  It will be as though we were never there,  just like Vietnam and every other war.

Ah, but there will still be lots of dead, as Dickens would say, a way of dealing with “excess population.”  But the real problem with population is Africa.

Some solutions being looked at for Africa are brutal and unimaginable.

They will begin with the west moving in, military bases will spread, “disease control” centers will be built and a new “war on terror” fueled by false flag terrorism already begun by French and Israeli groups paid by an unknown entity are recreating an imaginary “Al Qaeda” in Africa.

It has begun at 1/4th speed in Nigeria already.  The supposed enemy is called Boko Harum, really now run by intelligence agencies.

Some with common sense, the very few, are aware that, if things go to total civil war in Nigeria, it will be immense, tragic and last decades.

Thus, the US and others are attempting to instill a “low intensity conflict” that will be controllable.

I am personally involved at the behest of official groups, and am trying to help.  Few Americans know of Nigeria, a nation of 200 million that could be so much more than it is.  They have a newly elected president who is seen as “not delivering on promises,” as with Obama, and a powerful military.  They are closely allied with the United States.

I could talk about this for days, in fact have, while visiting Abuja.  The answers are simple, electricity, clean water, medical care and schools.

Otherwise, a war will sweep across Africa 20 times the conflicts we have seen in recent years.  Those in Washington who think they can play in Africa while knowing nothing of it have no idea.  Nigeria could field an army of 20 million if they wanted to, and they are only one nation.

A word or two about China now.  I had mentioned this the other day.  Let’s expand even past China.  There is an enemy.  It is not Russia or China, certainly not Iran or North Korea.  It is a world economic system that is predicated on the assumption that human beings are an infection on the planet and are only considered “symbiotic” when they contribute by allowing themselves to be stolen from or killed off in wars.

Others live only so long as the ability to selectively exterminate them in a deniable fashion is not scientifically feasible.

Yes, you are living in a Star Trek episode from 1967.

Problem is, billions are being spent, as we speak, to develop those capabilities.  Some “accidents” and “outbreaks” are not unplanned.

The issue is one of values.  “Occupy” sits on the edge of the truth but never turns toward it long enough to understand.  Mankind of exploited and then discarded by the 1%, which former Congressman Alan Grayson, a favorite of mine, loves pointing out is substantially less than “”1%” because human life and human civilization is inconsistent with the “modeling” used by those who control sufficient financial liquidity to dictate policy to the world’s governments.

Historian Charles A. Beard explains how the American constitution was written.  Two groups fought, those who wanted money to have power and the other who wanted people to have power.

The bad guys won.

Take a moment, think about 9/11.  I know there were no hijackers but that the triple towers were destroyed as part of a massive insurance scam and pretext for overthrowing the American constitution.  I am certain of these things and can prove them with ease.  But to whom?

What is there were terrorists who hated America?  Think of how we have acted, the kidnappings and torture, the brutality?  Were 9/11 to have been a real terrorist attack, which it was not, who would deserve it more than a nation that would have its children, sitting with joysticks, murder attendees at the funeral of a child 8000 miles away, a child we also murdered?

So, even the propaganda invented at Fox News meant to provide rationale for the false flag attacks on America known as “9/11” proved right after all.  They say we were struck because America is the great Satan, a nation of torturers and killers, of demons.  This is what Fox News said.

Then they helped prove themselves right.

Thus, we got an unelected 6 year senate, an electoral college, a supreme court and a political system where London bankers could buy and sell our government at will.  Over 200 plus years, we have become more democratic and then less and finally not at all.

Read his book, “An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution.”  Every lawyer has, I assure you.

The bad guys are called “Federalists.”

Now for the China part.  It is more than “China.”  America maintains a huge military based on potential enemies.  In truth, we have none.  Libya proved how weak NATO and France were.  The armies of Russia and China are nearly useless.

Even America can’t hold a few square miles of Afghanistan because a bronze age people with access to simple, low cost arms capable of making mincemeat of the vehicles we use to drive from one end of the country to the other, have taken offense to our unwanted and extremely unwarranted presence.

Lordy, lordy.

Talk about morons, why do you think the term “military intelligence” makes people laugh so hard?

Let’s take out a moment and discuss religion.  I know Washington reasonably well.  There are Christians there,  maybe more Jews actually and a Muslim or two.  Those who practice religion do so only because they think they are being watched, with a few exceptions.

Former Congressman Mark Siljander who is also former UN Ambassador, runs the National Prayer Breakfasts.  Mark is very Christian with a bit of Jewish background also.  His book, “A Deadly Misunderstanding,” explains our current religious misconceptions with absolute brilliance.

Mark, a close friend, will be in federal prison soon.  He told President “W” Bush that Iraq had no WMDs and that people around him were lying.  In retaliation, Attorney General John Ashcroft had him arrested on dozens of counts of terroism.

Ashcroft was one of his closest friends.  Years ago, President Truman said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

Ashcroft is now listed by dozens of nations as a war criminal and faces life in prison were he to leave the United States.  Having ignored Siljander, Bush faces the same.  Some say Obama does also.

Look at Mitt Romney, a bishop in the whatever church they have in Utah where a guy got  gold tablets that disappeared and that dead people get planets full of virgins to have sex with.  Yes, it is all in the Book of Mormon and more but I let it all go.  Romney doesn’t believe a word of it and has spent much of his life involved in things that would make a rat ashamed.

Bad as that, Romney is a much better person than Gingrich or Santorum or Bachmann and Palin.

Almost everyone else in Washington is a sex pervert, thief or simpleton.  Having said this, does anyone disagree?

For those who don’t know, Republicans are a political party that exists totally under the control of a series of secret societies but publicly represent control of the rich and destruction of the middle classes who they exploit with a vision of class hatred and anti-elitism.

I would put them all in prison and I don’t care for democrats.

Jon Stewart explains this pretty well.  Problem is, there are other facts he ignores.  Until people like Stewart are willing to speak up and tell the truth, men with real leadership capability, we have no hope.

If Stewart told the truth about Israel and 9/11, his career would be gone in 1 minute.  He knows but it still isn’t an excuse.

As much as I love his humor and intellect, he is dangerous and dishonest.  Even Judge Napolitano went silent on us more than once.

Americans in the media, the few with talent, live in continual fear.  More are almost totally ignorant and with mouth liberal crap.

Republicans are such easy targets, shills for Wall Street, morons, thieves, war mongers and, were we able to say this publicly, entirely financed by drug gangs and the CIA.

Did I forget the Koch Brothers and Mr. Adelman or were they included somehow.  Figure it out.

Let’s go back to talking about the Pentagon, the single largest collection of idiots outside congress.

Taking these facts for granted:

  1. We have no potential enemies
  2. We have no competing political philosophy, we are all crooks, so is everyone else.
  3. We have always controlled 90% of the world’s Muslim population through petty dictators.  They were never a threat until we made them seem like one.
  4. China is a military joke with nuclear weapons they can never use.
  5. Iran, if they did have nukes, could never use them.  I know they bought 5 of them in 2002.  (Can prove it)  We could give them more, they would be useless.
  6. Israeli history is 99% fiction and Israel has never been in any danger they didn’t purposefully create themselves.  In 1967, they perpetrated a sneak attack on Egypt and then tried to sink the American naval ship, USS Liberty.  Until you understand these basic facts and the lies about the Palestinian people, you are a “yuchna.”  Don’t tell me you have forgotten Yiddish.
  7. Frighteningly, most conspiracy theories are milder versions of a reality you probably don’t want to know.
  8. Everyone around the world is just like us, I assure you, I have personally checked.  ( I like some people more than others….I am prejudiced and, thus, human.)

Time for some military drivel.  First of all, let’s take a moment or two to discuss the magical new F 35, a 4th generation fighter with the radar profile of a flying garbage truck.  There are a dozen better planes flying now though the F 35 is capable of accomplishing a variety of “missions” that don’t now nor will they ever exist.

The F 35 is a con.

We make drones.  Some can fly 11,000 miles or more at 80,000 feet.   Some can even refuel other drones.

Did you know we make drones that can shoot down an F 35 like it was a clay pigeon?  Problem is, they don’t need aircraft carriers, can avoid detection, can outmaneuver air defenses and shoot down any plane in the world.

They have no pilots and are cheap.

They can maneuver with enough G force to crush a pilot in seconds.  Their performance?  Think of UFOs.

Why don’t we use them?  First of all, we don’t need them anymore than we need the planes we have.  They require no aircraft carriers, can be flown by teenagers with joysticks, and have no real purpose because they would destroy the world’s phony “fighter plane” industry in seconds.

Planes and aircraft carriers are a total con, a way of bilking taxpayers into spending useless billions and buying floating and flying target drones.

There are air defense systems out there that can shoot down anything we have, they have rockets 10 times faster than they used to be, hundreds of miles of range, “fire and forget” radar and can’t be destroyed or defended against.

We defeat them by pretending they don’t exist.

Welcome to that world.

Oh, Syria has one.  If you are wondering why we aren’t bombing Syria it is because their 30 year old air defense system can shoot down an F 18 7 out of 10 times.

Check on that, please.  Libya didn’t have that.  Are you getting the picture?

Iran doesn’t have an advanced air defense system.  They could have bought one on the black market but choose not to.  Why?

Does Iran need to do things that make them a target, things like build secret underground bases so big, so obvious they can be seen from Mars?

Something smell fishy?  I explained it earlier.

“High.  I am Iran.  We have no air defense system.  We have oil as does every country now, so much of it you shouldn’t be able to give it away.  We actually have nothing else, other than 100 million people to feed.  We enjoy antagonizing Israel and others by bringing in scholars who rip apart their “fantasy” history.  We have no reason to do this, other than to give them an equally fantasy reason to see us as a threat.  Secretly, we have had a relationship with them we don’t speak of openly.

Years ago, we bought nuclear weapons on a missile from the Ukraine.  We were worried about Americans in Iraq invading us.  We still have them.  That we bought them makes us look like idiots, everyone knows we have them, they are useless, hard to get rid of so we and everyone else pretend they don’t exist.

Now we are in a deal with all our pretend enemies, threatening to cut off oil from the Straits of Hormuz at a time when nobody needs oil.  What we are doing, of course, is keeping the price from crashing, which it would have done when the Euro, Franc, Pound and dollar devalued and markets crashed.   By pretending to be the “bad guy” for awhile,  people are going to owe us alot, the oil companies, Israel, currency speculators and bankers, we are proving we are still useful as when the Shah was still around.”

This takes us full circle, that there are no enemies, no secret powers planning to take over the world, no subversive groups other than those who continually propagandize us already.

Religious conflict, the people who tell us all to love others then murder them in their sleep is the most amusing of all.  I have trouble with people who talk to those they can’t see unless they have one of those bluetooth devices.  We used to call them schizophrenics.

Is anyone noticing that, with decades of incredible technological advances, the same percentage of people in the world are without the ability to read, without electricity, without clean water and without enough food as 50 years ago?

You think that’s an accident?

With the supposed elimination or near elimination of evil totalitarian systems, and the explosion of world information, why is there more censorship, so many more in prison, so much poverty, drugs everywhere, violence everywhere, fear everywhere, deindustrialization, a world of gadgets but an overall decline in the world’s standard of living, level of education and, most noticable of all, “world understanding.”

You think this isn’t planned?

After decade after decade of research, why is cancer a pandemic?  With new treatments, with survival rates changing so much, why isn’t someone noticing that, as science moves forward, our ability to deliver treatment is moving backward exponentially.

Some claim 50 million Americans have no healthcare.  I can assure you, the number is over 120 million.

I have no competent healthcare and am fully insured and a 100% disabled veteran, making me “top of the list” at the world’s largest and most technologically advanced medical system.  I get one message when I am ill and seeking treatment, even and especially for maladies directly related to military service.

I am made to feel I am “bothering people” by being sick, I am given sent for tests which I have repeatedly found were never completed nor evaluated.

It would be different if I didn’t have a wife that teaches nursing.

What is the average American expectation?  Americans expect to die a painful death of cancer, surrounded by filth and the smell or urine while alone and forgotten.

Don’t like the sound of it?  Healthcare professionals who do their best are fighting a losing battle.  Nursing pay is dropping, thousands are unemployed while we still import doctors and nurses from around the world.

We do this like we let 33 million illegal aliens in the country.  The key issue is creating a surplus of labor that makes the American worker worthless, no matter their skill.

It can and will be done elsewhere or by “others” cheaper.  Better?  Who wants “better?”

There is no money in “better.”

We are back to 1967 watching Star Trek, the TV series.  A machine society sees humans as an infection.

We now live in that world, where, not a machine society, but an economic system controlled by the “much less than 1%” finds “people” an unpleasant and “smelly” redundancy.  People are to rob, are to be set on one another as dogs to kill for amusement.

They are meant to consume, untested drugs, contaminated GMO (genetically modified) foods, they are to buy overpriced fuels, or spend their meager income on “entertainment,”  the continual controlled flow of thought control packaged as orchestrated political fiction and “news” meant to pre-condition the race for destruction.

Humans are engineered for addictions, bright fast moving images on television, smarmy sarcasm hiding hate inducing propaganda, a world of “oxy” and “meth” or worse, the thousands of tons of heroin and cocaine our govenments supply us with then arrest us and imprison us for using.

Do you wonder why birth control, an issue settled 40 years ago, is now considered, we are told anyway, a valid rationale for political debate?

Do they think we are all insane, drooling idiots?

They assume we are harmless.

Are we?


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