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Stalin, Clarence Thomas, Idi Amin, All The Same

Stalin, Clarence Thomas, Idi Amin, All The Same

Lowering the Bar, Informal Goes One More


 …by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I would almost like to ask for a really good psychiatrist, one only slightly crazier than me, to convince me to sit out this election entirely. 

It has been so many and they make me sick inside.  It isn’t just the differences in political parties, loose though they seem.

It is something almost primeval.  Here is a short suggestion.  Let the GOP sit out the next 8 years as though they were being penalized by the NCAA for some sports violation.

Here is what I would get them with, and there will be no recruiting violations involved:

  • Long before Bush and PNAC came on the scene, criminal elements had taken entire control of the GOP.  Those elements masquerade as “Jewish heritage groups,” as the ADL or AIPAC but any FBI agent can tell you how many employees of these groups have been cited as foreign agents hostile to the United States.  Look it up.
  • Bush was never elected, the “swiftboaters” were phonies entirely, butt kissing stooges of the mob.  Those that followed them should pack up and leave the country.  Even John Kerry, flawed though he may be, would have left us a century ahead of where we are now.  Same for Gore.
  • The SCOTUS, not a sexual organ but 5 crooked Supreme Court justices who directly violated the constitution by getting involved in the 2000 election, which Bush lost by many many millions, need an 8 year “benching.”  Call it the “Duffster Penalty Box.”
  • The rest we knew, destruction of the middle class, pump and dumps, Wall Street Crimes, all under the guise of “trickle down” and “lowering taxes.”  Every phony 3rd string economist they could buy has been discredited.  Time they were jailed.  Things were stolen, they took part, they go to jail.
  • From then on, all we needed was for AIPAC insiders to gain control of the WTC, a nearly empty shell, a few half empty offices and thousands of tons of asbestos, ready for the scrapheap. It was no time before they blew them up, the THREE towers,  in the great “David Copperfield” extravaganza we know of as 9/11.  Those who don’t know we have caught them all, know who and how, have disproved what was passed on and have evidence on the real culprits, need to move aside.   There is such a term as “too stupid to live.”  I won’t kill you but be certain of this, if you believe hijackers were involved in 9/11, ones no camera can ever see, Darwin will catch you soon.  Remember to look both ways when crossing the road.
Obama Shows Up at AIPAC Espionage Central

Ah, the party thing.  Geez, I can’t stand this.  This is what is now inexorable and how I hate saying this.

President Obama, the man who has been brilliant at times, has signed horrible laws although the most recent simply blew past in congress past his signature, is universally despised by AIPAC, the mob and those who hate America.

All those “police state” emails you are getting aren’t a joke.  Most things you get are false, these aren’t.

Obama is universally hated by people we have clearly identified as the greatest evildoers in the history of earth.  You thought it was Hitler and Genghis Khan?  Just wait.

Does this make Obama secretly good?  Are people to be totally trusted just because Netanyahu may be plotting their assassination?

Maybe.  Hard to accept?  I am working with evidence only.  Trust and faith wore out of me decades ago.

If Vegas boss Sheldon Adelson, if the Koch brothers and Dick DeVoss and so many others who I have recognized as forces of anti-Americanism are spending their endless millions to destroy Obama, to spread rumors, to attack him and his family in every imaginable way, does this not define Obama as good?

Then we mitigate, why didn’t he fix this or that.  But, didn’t America put the criminal GOP into the house of representatives last election, the slaves of organized crime?

We saw this:

  • Obama has done absolutely everything possible to make Israel understand how little they matter to the rest of us while putting on the usual show.  Watch his performances carefully, for every cent he gives, he takes back a dollar.  AIPAC and the ADL aren’t Jewish, they are victimizers of a generation of mentally crippled and enslaved Jews who lost the values and intellect of the generations who built the wealth and power that they are turning to evil.
  • I believe that Obama understands that Israel purposefully tortures and murders people, the Palestinians in particular, in order to get attention.  The more attention they get for war crimes, the more money they collect.   If you have trouble with this concept, go to someone smarter than you and have them explain it.  I really mean this.
  • The war in Afghanistan ended weeks ago, or as close as we can get.  You didn’t notice?  We noticed
  • Obama quieted North Korea for awhile, very good timing.  There needs to be more work which has to include a broad regional solution.
  • Obama finally killed the Zombie bin Laden, phony excuse for the endless phony war on terror that has killed off so many around the world for profit, drugs, oil and greed.  It was about time.
  • Biggest deal so far, the Iran war is done.  Iran says it loves Obama, they are talking quite differently and, after all, we went to top nuclear expert, Clinton Bastin and proved beyond any doubt that the IAEA is an Israeli controlled organization without competency in nuclear weapons technology that has attempted to falsify information.  The IAEA inspectors couldn’t find a leak in a toilet, much less bomb making equipment.
Lee Wanta - Reagan Era National Security Coordinator

The biggest thing we have seen I have to credit to Lee Wanta.  He turned over 2000 plus pages of court and financial documents that show “trillion dollar transactions.”

Some were traced to the New York Federal Reserve Bank and Timothy Geithner and others.  Prior to this, some actually believed the numbers thrown around.

Now we now Europe is dead broke, probably $30 trillion in the hole, we have the bank transfers, know where the money went and can prove categorically that the world financial system is totally mythological with very few supportable currencies and no broadly functioning trade banking system.

This is the industry I come from and the level I worked at, or so I thought.

What we have learned is that money isn’t just “fiat currency” which is financed by debt or collateral or bonds like the Greek joke this week or the bonds that the US congress pretends to authorize.

We found that nation after nation simply prints money at will, lies to its partners, lies to its citizens, that the nations themselves are slaves, not just to the bank but to a higher authority.

There is no international financial system, this is what we learned when we tracked down $31.1 trillion in SWIFT transfers from the bank of New York, Federal Reserve, all done “off the books.”  Read our back articles on this.

Where does this take us.

We have an inexorable problem.  America has passed a series of bizarre new laws that are or should be unneeded.  They were obviously written to provide the basis for opening prison camps and arresting any and all without constitutional protections.

Congress, both parties, signed on.  I so much wished I could blame just the Republicans or that two or three dozen leaders stood up for Americans. Nobody did.

Most Americans are not aware that the original thirteen colonies refereed to themselves as a Confederacy when they broke away from England.

What does this tell us?  The Federal Government predicts the secession of states.  Some are ready to leave now.

Others, like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin, have formed a commune of sort, a Stalinist regime of suppression of civil rights, massive corruption and carefully planned suppression of the people.

It may well turn into a shooting war.  What will congress and the supreme court do when the military places them under arrest with broad support?

Am I dreaming?  Not hardly. I want my kids safe, we all do.  It why we exist.  We also know we failed.

We also know these elections are not going to fix the problem nor will simply kicking organized crime, AIPAC and Wall Street into prison camps fix the problem.

Patriots and heroes, like the real ones from so long ago, those are the solution.  None are left in Washington.

Obama, Ron Paul, others if they exist have a very short time to explain themselves, agree to join the real America and, if they are Americans, unlike 95% of Washington DC, they need to speak up much more than they have already.

Most of us believe things are spinning out of control.  Folks in authority notice one thing.  We have done nothing to build a world of clean water, education and hope for our 7 billion passengers.  No effort whatsoever is made by all but a few dedicated souls that give their all despite overwhelming odds.

Anthrax Cultures

This leaves one assumption.  Vulnerable populations in areas of poor communication are going to be subjected to waves of catastrophic new illnesses.

Rumors, not over the internet, but from the highest levels claim diseases to lower world population to “manageable numbers” have been developed and that a plan of executing a lowering of population by race and ethnicity has been agreed upon.

Who did it? I can’t even imagine that pay grade.

Then I think we are fighting over an election, knowing that a million here, ten million there will catch the flu and start to die.  Those who design the diseases believe they can control the spread, target racial genes, limit the spread and hide the evidence.

You aren’t reading this from a conspiracy site. Look at our economic system, look at Africa, nation by nation, and see what is happening and how resources are removed and populations are totally ignored.

Even America is moving into tent cities.  Do they have a plan for us?  Is it the Catholics or the Jews first?  Can they tag the Eastern and Southern European genes that lead to “laziness” and “low IQ’s” like with Enrico Fermi?

While benching our GOP and SCOTUS, while benching everyone who voted for the Patriot Acts or who didn’t speak up against torture, we are going to need real leaders.  More than anything we need real leaders, men and women of courage.

Think of poor Jeb Bush, hiding in the wings while three utterly hopeless candidates are destroying each other and Ron Paul is locked away.

Another assassination, is Obama going to be shot and Bush step in and get the poor Iranian holding the gun, probably sitting in a freezer right now? The papers already may have the story, ready to release it at any time.  Obama knows this very well. We need to know it too.

Then I look at my own county, Lucas, Ohio, all Democrat and 100% organized crime for almost a century.

No saviors coming from here.                                                                                                 Editing:  Jim W. Dean


  1. Steve – approximately one hundred of the world’s top microbiologists have been ‘killed’ since 9/11. They have been jumping off high bridges, out of top floor windows – and committing suicide all over the place. Microbiology went from one of the world’s safest professions – to one of the most dangerous – in just a couple of years! Dr. Kelly in Britain was one – the same guy that suggested that the Iraq war was unnecessary and tried to stop Britain’s involvement in it. It was thought that he tried to ‘spread the risk’ of the ‘race bomb’ ever being used – just after he and other scientists developed it. They did this by spreading the information needed to comprise it – among lots of different people – each with their own part of the jigsaw puzzle. Straight after that he inadvertently killed himself in a wood by cutting an artery – (that strangely had no blood). Since then all the others have been most accident prone too. No prizes for guessing who was behind the initial idea for the research.

  2. “Rumors, not over the internet, but from the highest levels claim diseases to lower world population to “manageable numbers” have been developed and that a plan of executing a lowering of population by race and ethnicity has been agreed upon.”

    How about some more on this – if true it would be the biggest thing on the horizon. But it’s hard to believe that anyone could be that insane and stupid – surely the targeted races would hit back and take out anyone that was even remotely linked to it, by any and all means, no matter how long it took – it would be never ending race war from then on in, at least covertly. Or at least that is what would seem predictable, and via Ben Fulford for example has been promised. And who even among any race could trust people that ruthless to even continue breathing? Sounds like a suicide plan on the part of the planners.

  3. Allen – I enjoyed your comment. I would only say that (if I understand your meaning) you should not attribute too much intelligence to the zionist mass murderers. They are actually not that bright – only very persistent over the generations and prepared to do absolutely ANYTHING in their own self-interest. Along with their relentlessness comes a terror of being caught out. A bit like a war criminal desperately trying to avoid recognition. It is this fear that keeps them ‘loyal’ to each other – like a pack of hyenas on the African plains. Maybe we should offer some of them immunity for spilling the beans?

  4. I understand completely Mike. It is the dilemma of the modern age. All a serving soldier can do is to properly carry out his orders and do his duty to the best of his ability. When the time comes for any change in that line our true patriots like Gordon Duff – and probably some honourable people within the chain of command – will let us know otherwise.

    It is easier for former servicemen, now civilians, like me to say what we think and take a stance against tyranny. Especially with our perspective of an older head on older shoulders. You to me Mike – sound like an honourable and loyal member of the great American Military. You have nothing to reproach yourself for my friend. Carry out your orders and one day soon America will need men like you more than it has ever needed them before.

  5. TJ – don’t confuse combating zionism with racism. It is the racist and supremacist zionists that make race an issue at all. I believe that each and every race is wonderful in its own respect – and also carefully designed to live and thrive in a certain climate on the planet. The zionists want to destroy the identity and racial heritage of every person on the planet (except their own jewish one of course). They want a mish-mash of servants who are TOLD BY THEM what to think about themselves. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to live in their own culture? It has also been researched and proven now that jews actually ran the North Atlantic slave trade.

  6. TJBronco – please do not confuse combating zionism with racism. Unfortunately it is the supremacist zionist position that MAKES race an issue. I for one wish that it was not – but once you have read the racist zionist rule books, their international goals and supporting information – you realise that we have no choice but to highlight what is going on.

    Their aim is to destroy the cultural identity and racial heritage of every person on the planet (except those of the jews of course). The want the rest of us (every race) is to be forced into a mish-mash of people with no history or link to the past – other than the one they give us. They have already made great strides into this and have used false socialistic teaching to indoctrinate the young in this respect. The uncomfortable feeling that anyone gets – when discussing any issue connected with race or the jews – is itself PROOF POSITIVE that our natural sensibilities in this regard have been horribly twisted from birth.

    The zionists do not push their false doctrine out of some love for Africans, Asians, etc. In fact their racist attitude to black people is disgusting. The ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of zion’ points out that all whites MUST be mixed with blacks in order to “reduce their capabilities” and that “The resulting product of black and white will be easier for us to control”. I believe that every people – be they Japanese, Eskimo, Chinese or European – should have the right to live together in their own cultures if they so wish. They should not have mass global people movements forced on them whether they want it or not. Especially not just so as to destroy their togetherness, cohesion and identity.

    zionist forced immigration into Europe has been deliberately orchestrated so that people from some of the most lawless lands in the world – where what we consider serious crime is commonplace – are parachuted into little English villages, for example, where there has been no real crime for decades. Guess what happens straight away? This is a way to use crime to break down an orderly society. The crime is then never properly blamed on the newcomers – and so new draconian laws can be drawn up to harness the population.

    I don’t know about you – but I think that every race has its own wonderful aspects and natural advantages. Every race deserves its own respect and its own space to live in. Modern research has found that jews actually controlled and ran the North Atlantic slave trade – not Europeans. Do not be fooled by the indoctrination that oozes out of every Hollywood film and docudrama. It is all deception and indoctrination by stealth.

  7. I would say most like Gordon, TJ. He’s great. We just become very concerned when he starts talkin’ crazy.

  8. You are correct. Even if goats could be killed with a stare, what good would it do? You cannot run through the wall. The way to breech the wall is for all of us who are being used for bricks in it to remove ourselves and encourage some of our comrades to remove themselves as well.

  9. Possibly it will be only through the looming pandemic crisis, should a remnant of humanity survive, will mankind realize that those endowed with greater powers of thought must apply their talents and efforts toward the support and enhancement of human life rather than to making money, increasing their own comforts, and finding value in the eyes of those to whom they owe both power and prestige. There exist those today, Duffs included, possessing such powers. The time has come to put aside differences for
    survival of the progeny of all in a saner and safer world on an earth that remains conducive to life.

    Momentous crises of today are but pieces of the game He plays. He, being the inexorable forces in humanity that struggle toward mankind’s unknown and unnpredictbale future. Light and darkness, truth and deceit, good and evil, these are metaphors for love, empathy, altruism, and civilization waged by
    an evolving increasingly rational animal against primitive instinctual components, relics of our bestial ancestry that have been categorized as seven deadly sins.

    Many humans, particularly among a younger generation, are realizing these truths. Let us work together to halt modern destructive forces such as engineered diseases and nuclear war long enough for an enlightened leadership to mature before mankind’s fragile culture is totally eclipsed by a looming new dark age.

  10. Excalibur
    What you say here makes a lot of sense.
    The set up and take down-entirely artificial-of various “militia groups”, is exactly the kind of operation designed to fragment and confuse Euro-Americans. Efforts to destroy Euro-American culture, religion, and values continue. The “militia” scare is to divorce Euro-Americans from their values, making it far easier to thieve everything from them, and like you say-wage destruction.
    What better way to humiliate the constitutional values held sacred, descended directly from the Magna Carta, than to assasinate the first black president, and to lay the blame directly on those who hold these values dear?
    It is so abhorent, so devoid of honor and integrity. A plan hatched by the same murderous cockroaches pulling the strings for a long, long time.
    Excalibur, my personal frustration with the situation is that to fully support the current admin is to condone the annihilation of America. Apparently, the same is true for the flip side.
    I am tired of being stabbed in the back.
    I cannot give my loyalty, my service to anyone who weilds the knife in this way.
    I hope you understand.

  11. Brian,

    They are less concerned about NDAA and more concerned about the birth certificate of the man who has been in office for 8 years already. One would assume that the candidate for President of a “civilized” f”irst world” “developed” nation and super power leading the world would be thoroughly vetted prior to taking office, but it is not so it seems if one is to watch the issues debated. If he’s re-elected, they will continue to debate the birth certificate issue for the next four years… Sheesh!

  12. So Gordon, you seem to be saying that even though Obama is a rat we should support him anyway because he’s the best we got. Isn’t that how we got in this mess? The President is ALWAYS the best we got, at the time. Your argument is like Bush and Cheney accusing anyone who didn’t like them of being “unpatriotic.” Unfortunately, it works, some people actually believe it.

    Don’t you think we’ll never get any better if we don’t first DEMAND something better? Give up before we fight? Not me, thanks.

  13. Your scenario could happen. You probably know Biden stated he is a Zionist. The drama down here on earth is probably going to get even more wild this year. Israel may initiate a war with Iran via a false flag done on the United States.

    One of these years the intelligent force which created the universe may cause a natural disaster to change the path of human behavior. Internet porn is a part of the lives of millions of people, there is too much hedonistic behavior going on. According to the Edgar Cayce readings the intelligent force flooded Atlantis due to outragegous hedonistic behavior.The intelligent force may think it’s time for another huge natural disaster.

  14. Ok, thanks for putting it up, and thanks for putting up the my edited 2nd submission, instead. I didn’t REALLY think that Mr. Duff is a crackhead, as I may have said in the first. 🙂
    I don’t know why, but many of my comments to Duff want to start with “Dammit Mr. Duff…..” though I do hope that you are right about obama, and that many of us are wrong, but to us it doesn’t look good. We expected these shenanigans from cheney and gang, but not from obama. Maybe you can hold on to hope longer than we can.

  15. Mike – we have reached a unique point in history – thanks to the instant communication facility known as the internet. This means that we can: A). Research what has TRULY been going on in recent and past history. B). Head off and compromise the current plots of the enemy as their evil objectives are quickly discovered and highlighted to the international ‘underground resistance’ audience. C). Now even preempt or predict what they are going to do next. To do that you need to crawl into their sick minds and examine their ultimate goals.

    We know that they will be looking for another false flag ‘Pearl Harbour Moment’ again soon – in order to be able to actually USE all those restrictive laws that have been dismantling and shredding the constitution – while cancelling out centuries of our natural freedoms. (This is no coincidence and has been happening all over Europe as well as the US). It is safe to predict that one idea they will have will be to assassinate your President (again) and blame it all on the next group that they want to target for repression and discrimination. This next target group will be ‘white right wing nationalists’ or ‘white racists’ – which will roughly in practice translate as any person of white, European descent.

    I would implore you all NOT to fall for that one. zionists know that they must eradicate all Europeans or eliminate them by miscegenation – before they can finally ascend to their dominant position in their new world. When the next ‘conjuring trick’ for the masses is played out on our TV screens – we must all begin to think, double think – and triple think at the reasons behind it before we react.

    By ignoring the event and watching for the lead we are given we will identify the schills – and more importantly be able to boot down the door – behind which sits the Wizard of Oz – with his megaphone, smoke and mirrors machine.

  16. I thought VT’s complaint director was Helen Waite. Last time I had a complaint, I was told to go to Helen Waite.

  17. Bingo. It’s as clear as the chemtrails in the sky. They want to kill us and our progeny and it’s already under way. Should be one hell of an interesting year.

  18. ” I would almost like to ask for a really good psychiatrist, one only slightly crazier than me, to convince me to sit out this election entirely… ” Gordon Duff

    OK, Gordon, I’m your man ~ except I’m a psychotherapist ( much more appropriate ) who doesn’t dispense drugs but certainly good advice and perhaps, to some, seemingly crazier than you.This election is already in the books; the status quo has been preserved; the Constitution has been destroyed; the New World Order is being formed as we speak and Obama is the global elite’s transition agent. If you feel sick to your stomach now, wait until you see the new Obama canpaign promotion video ~ we’ve been had big time and it will become more and more apparent as the Obama coronation draws near in November.
    We have no choice, the corporate establishment rules and we, the people, are increasingly ignored and considered irrelevant.
    Relax and take a seat, Gordon, and watch it all eventually self destruct. There are forces at work here that are far beyond the capabilities of our feeble minds to comprehend and eventually the truth will persevere ~ but it won’t be painless.

  19. The question to be pursued seems to be how to be at peace with oneself knowing what you know about the lies, deception, betrayal, torture, murder, brainwashing, and other current and historical facts that the US and other powers are doing. Comfortably Numb is one option but as the middle class loses its security blanket a monster can be awoken and yes, shooting could happen. The Southern Poverty Law Center has some stats on how many racist type militias and hate crimes there are and the rates in the last few years, especially since Obama was elected have skyrocketed. Being at peace with oneself, especially for some of us combat vets is particularly difficult since we know intimately how things came come down. Yet the middle path is still always there.

  20. Yo, Derek…the staff here are all interns, including the ones in their 60’s and 70’s. So remember you are not dealing with a Rupert Murdoch entity here. I will instruct accounting to refund your membership fee, and a pro-rata portion of our foundation grant.

    I would have the complaint department get back to you, but alas, we have no complaint department…even for the interns!!! 🙂

  21. Mr. Duff,
    You are unwavering in your loyalty. I admire that.
    I personally so wish our Prez is at least somewhat of a good guy. I personally so wish he would do things that make us want to watch his back. That will keep us at the ready so that when the nuttjobyahoos of the world show up, they will be looking at steely weyes and the business end of loaded guns. I want to say, Mr. Obama is our president SIR, now you keep a respectful distance!
    I want to do this, but first I need to take that knife out of my back.

  22. “I would almost like to ask for a really good psychiatrist,…”

    How about Dr. Rima Laibow? She doesn’t prescribe drugs and she is the wife of the old goat starer, Maj. Gen Albert Stubblebine, USA Ret.

    She supplied me with some cognitive enhancement supplements that were a little too strong. Cut the dose in half if you try them, and don’t give any to the dog.

    I’m quite happy with Dr. Charles Parker, whom I see in person a few times per year. You can confer with him over the net if you like. His tests are covered by Medicare but of course the VA will not pay for them or the supplements.

    Good Luck and Good Hunting!

  23. Gordon – I see your point that ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ and of course that idea certainly has legs. All the same I believe that Obama is there as a ‘Great benign leader’ who will make all kinds of wonderful promises to the people. (Maybe he doesn’t know that) The promises, however, are only pie in the sky – and will never actually come to fruition most of the time (but they sound good though – in political speeches).

    His very election success itself is just a parallel to the script of a Morgan Freeman movie. When our enemies lie totally and comprehensively about real human history throughout the world – it is apparently better for them to package everything up as a plausible movie script with a few surprises. Maybe I am being too cynical.

    Watching Obama make speeches at international political meetings and conferences is a bit naff. At the end of each speech (and more of those sweeping vague promises) he looks like he is about to don a mask and a cape – and fly off to Gotham city to fight the Penguin. I fear that he may be what Bezmenov described as a “Useful Idiot”. After all our enemy likes to control both sides of the debate – and then end up by simply edging us slowly closer to their world domination objective.

  24. @ Brian

    I think Obama will not lose! Don’t forget their man Joe Biden is waiting in the wings, in the batter’s box.

    Obama will be dealt with, if they don’t get their Iran war in the first year… Joe will serve out the remainder of the term, which will not count against the “Two term” limits on the Presidency, and he will subsequently be elected in his own right at the end of that term and be reelected for a second term, giving them eleven years plus in the Office, by which time they will have accomplished nearly all of their objectives in the US and the Middle East including North Africa.

    Yeah… this is all conjecture. But, do you see any dots here which are not connected?

  25. Exc

    All you and I have to work with are those who hate him.

    Yes, I agree, we have caught Obama in dozens of areas where he has failed to act.
    We also have him acting, then backing off politcally.

    Look at medical care. I am a 100% disabled vet. I can’t even get into the “My Healthy Vet” website after 3 registrations. I can’t get lab results, treatment, nothing and I run the largest and most activist veterans group in the United States.

    I have gone without a psych appointment or medsfor two years. They cancelled, not me, complained of scheduling.

    Proof of me being crazy? I work for free, tell the truth and haven’t gone postal.

  26. Gordon is spot on as ever. I would only disagree with the implication that Obama is somehow a good guy. He has been engineered into power to serve the usual enemy. The israeli crime syndicate view of Obama at the moment will be one of anger and resentment. They will think “We got you into power over the goyim – we expect you to obey your orders on demand!”

    Obama will still be labouring under the misapprehension that he ascended to power naturally. That everybody loved him and that lady luck oiled the wheels of his supprise rise to power. WRONG!

    There are two types of top Marxist communist. One type is zionist and in charge of the scam itself from the very top. They have always known that the whole construct is just a phoney ruse in order to steal a country by taking unelected, unending and total POWER away from the people and their natural leaders. Then there are the dupes – some in senior positions – who actually believe that it is a system of fair shares for all. They will quickly be assassinated once the ‘crisis’ or ‘take-over’ has been achieved. I’m afraid that the military and our veterans are our only possible escape from this suffocation.

  27. The western world has been cynically and systematically infiltrated, subverted, demoralised, corrupted – and is now being brought to crisis so that they can invoke and enforce the full weight of the repression hidden in every piece of new legislation. Eventually anyone who complains will find themselves a ‘terrorist’ that needs to be removed from their planned ‘society’.

    If VT will allow this youtube clip – we can see that Bezmenov was right. It has just taken them longer to get where they wanted to be than originally planned.(This is because we have put up with and endured much more than they ever imagined). We need to take our land and governing systems BACK from the enemy – and courteous ‘appeals’ or ‘petitions’ will not be enough to remove these satanic parasites.

  28. Gordon, you have connections with people I don’t have but it’s obvious to me the Mossad has extremely embarrassing video tape of Obama and if Netanyahu wanted to destroy Obama the video tape would be all over Internet and portions of it on Jewish Zionist television. He would resign in shame.

  29. Gordon mentions Jeb Bush waiting in the wings…does that mean that he is the one who will end up president specifically because the other candidates will be eliminated. This would be the plan, perhaps? Maybe Gordon can clear up that issue.

  30. “I would almost like to ask for a really good psychiatrist,…”

    How about Dr. Rima Laibow? She doesn’t prescribe drugs and she is the wife of the old goat starer, Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, USA Ret.

    She supplied me with some cognitive enhancement supplements in 2009 that were a little too strong. Cut the dose in half if you try them, and don’t give any to the dog.

    I’m quite happy with Dr. Charles Parker, whom I see in person a few times per year. You can confer with him over the net if you like. His tests are covered by Medicare but of course the VA will not pay for them or for the supplements.

    Good Luck and Good Hunting!

  31. Gordon, you say, “Most of us believe things are spinning out of control.”

    So true. Most people have no idea how so “out of control” the world situation is.

    More than forty years ago, I concluded that the country (and world) was occupied by thieves; and that their main instrument of oppression and plunder was the Federal Reserve. Soon thereafter, I established an alternative to the Fed: a gold-based banking service. I made many mistakes and learned many lessons – these comprise the business of a poineer; mistakes I won’t make again, and lessons that guide my present actions.

    My focus is the redress of grievances; it has been for the past forty years.

    One of the things I’ve learned is that there’s hardly a man alive who understands the rights/powers of redress; a knowledge that English colonists lived on a daily basis from their first landing to the Revolution.

    If we are to have redress, those who desire it must learn AND EMPLOY those lessons of those men of yesteryears who authored the most glorious eras of human history: the revolution at Athens (509 BCE); the English revolution of 1620-50; and, of course, our own.

    I offer this knowledge in my book, THE LOST RIGHT, edition 3.5 (which carries a forty-five day guarantee on the purchase price):

  32. Heya, Mr. Duff, I notice comments don’t show up immediately on your section. What’s up with that? Do you have a watch list, also?

  33. Come on, Duff, just because one group of bastards hates someone doesn’t make that someone good. That person could still be a bastard, too. I’m sure history if full of bastards hating one another.
    How many people have died because of him? How many countries are ruined thanks to his help? How many rights of ours has he and his “enemies” signed away? Drones in our skies? How many of our families will be foreclosed on while he smiles and tells us everything is ok? How many innocents in syria is he planning on killing? The list goes on and on. If the dude isn’t evil, but just ineffective and scared, then he should get the hell out the kitchen.
    That “Duffster penalty box” sounds like a really good idea. If you REALLY believe what you say concerning obama, and your advice for us to watch more television (from last weeks article) make sure there is room for you.
    PS: Just to set the record straight: I am not a shill, so zip it.

  34. It seems, that more and more people suddenly dy, who are related to Obama in one way or another, but mostly as offenders. The last one was Steve Bridges, who impersonated many politicians and US presidents. Steve was 48 old, when he died on 5th of March 2012.

    These are some excerpts of his wonderful art, slipping into other people and playing artisticly with words:

    As Clinton:

    As Bush junior:

    As Obama:

    Sometimes he spoke more truely than the real ones. May he rest in peace. Gordon’s intel hub about flu toxication leaves me completely disturbed and terrified. One day, I’m thinking I live in a real world, the other day it disassembles into surreal pieces, smelling like pure evil. No more to say.

  35. Well said. The zionists are showbiz masters and drama queens. Their contempt for Obama is not much different than their contempt for Jimmy Carter, but it’s all part of the act. They can’t put on a show without having two seemingly “opposing” parties “fighting” each other, all the while knowing they control the curtain and the script. Hollywood 101.

    Meanwhile, they own the Democrats, too. Jewish control of the GOP via the neocons is a pretty recent phenomenon compared to their infiltration of the so-called “left,” which they have owned since Woodrow Wilson, at least. As long as they control the media, they control the actors and they control what the actors get to “talk” about, which is pretty well nothing that will negatively affect the Jews.

    What’s a “leftie” these days? Someone who favors abortion rights and gay marriage. Yeah, right. That’s what we get to talk about, not murder and mayhem for Israel, the Fed, the enslavement of the working class, grand larceny of the financial crooks, etc, etc. All crimes the “Jews” are up to their eyeballs in.

    And if you think that it’s just a few mobsters working for AIPAC and the ADL who are in on it, I suggest you try working in the media for about 10 minutes. Find me ANY Jew in Hollywood who will look you in the eye and admit that Israel did 9/11.

    They ALL know the play and they’re ALL writing it, save a few courageous souls like Atzmon and look at all the crap HE takes for even the mildest criticism of The Tribe.

  36. By the way, the recent National Defense Authorization Act allows Obama to throw people in prison indefinitely without a proof of committing a crime, without trial and without a lawyer if the president suspects they are helping terrorists in any manner. Obama insisted this all applies to American citizens. My guess is Netanyahu forced him to do this.

    When Israel does a false flag to blame Iran or Pakistan, It’s likely Netanyahu will force Obama to toss people in prison who suggest Israel did the terrorist act. The phony accuse for tossing these people in prison is they’re aiding angry Muslim terrorists by blaming Israel.

  37. Debbie,

    I think Netanyahu is quite pleased with his blackmailed puppet Obama. So far based on his actions he has been a stooge for Israel. He denounced the Goldstone report, increased the money sent to Israel, fought hard against a Palestinian state, lies about an Iranian nuclear weapons program, makes ridiculous speeches about Israel being in a dangerous neighborhood, he stated the security of Israel is sacrosanct and my guess is he has been told Israel did 911 but does nothing about it. He made a speech in the Middle East stating the Palestinians are treated like slaves, yet does nothing about it. He may complain to staff members about Israel but he is a blackmailed Israeli puppet.

    When Israel does a false flag against the United States and blames Iran, Obama could have proof Israel did it yet he will follow orders from Israel and attack Iran. In his conversation with Sarkoszy which went public he said he has to work with Netanyahu every day, that’s because Netanyahu is his boss.

    The Chicago Jewish community created his political career and now he is a puppet of Netanyahu. They selected Obama because he is very vulnerable to blackmail. Israel controls our congress, they decide who gets the high power positions, I could mention the embarrassing personal lives of some of these past and present congress people but I’m not going to. They’re very vulnerable to Israeli blackmail, this also applies to people in high ranking positions in our government.

    If Netanyahu wants to remove Obama from the presidency he would have selected better candidates to run for the Republican nomination. The Israeli lobby controls the Democrats and the Republicans.

  38. Gordon,

    I really love you man! But, don’t marginalize yourself. You are one of the leaders that we look to for insight and for guidance. Yet, I fear that you are becoming blinded by the darkness. I don’t need false hope. I don’t need any pie in the sky by ‘n by. Let’s get it right so that when plans for action start to come together, we know each and every element of the opposition. Let us see all of the darkness, while plotting a way toward the light.

    Perhaps, for now, the darkness is even worse than you think. I certainly fail to see any redeeming qualities in Obama. I think he may have you fooled. As an intel guy, I’m surprised you take the bait on the whole “open microphone” Netanyahu slam by Obama and Sarkozy. We get lots of “made for TV drama” about the clash of Obama and Bibi, but come on, it is well known that the Obama script is produced and paid for by Wall Street campaign funds. He is not lying when he claims to support Israel better than the Bush Admin. Where is your head on this one?

    I had the pleasure and fortune of listening to and meeting Gilad Atzmon on the Boulder CU campus last week. It was disheartening to see so few that came to listen and learn from this amazing individual. We must find ways to continue messages of understanding that promotes assimilation while respecting separation of cultural differences. We simply must combat this pandemic of “exceptionalism and choseness” that wreaks of racist eugenic opportunistic domination. I urge you, Gordon, to take another step toward this leadership.

    There are enough of us who understand the basics who are now searching for plans and opportunity to make a difference. I don’t know how you see your role today, but there simply must be ways to support those whom do get it, as much as reasonable for now.

    What do you make of the Benjamin Fulford phenomena? Is this guy getting his intel from the cabal to lead us by the cerebrum down the primrose path? We need you to use your connections for insight on these issues. I’m down with the Vonnegut-like cynicism. I’m one of his biggest fans. But, neither he nor Twain had the position to lead us toward a sincere revolution of social well-being. Just maybe, you and the likes of Sabrosky, do have that opportunity.

  39. Like lemmings falling off the cliff at terminal velocity, we look in panic at each other on the way down for a way out, but the fall is now appears to be fatal. We have long past the stupefying ambivalence, greed, apathy and aggrandizement as self evident rationalizations for our national demise. The retrospective presented here, can only be resolved by a duty that every man and woman in this nation must now honor in order to save ourselves and what remains of our nation.

    We are still a free people, free to throw off that which binds us and become as one nation, under God, to reclaim our birth rights. In this fall, we insult all of the dead, in every grave, where American lives were laid down to secure those rights, that now fall with us.

    There are over 300 million Americans who can change everything we see, if they choose to act.

    We are a nation of people, and only they can be a nation. No government, no corporation, no party, can be a nation, only we, the people have that honor.

    Reclaim that honor and we will reclaim our nation.

  40. Gord, Netanyahu will do all he can to ensure Obama doesn’t get a second term, which he might by default.

    What are Netanyahu’s options ? Assasination ? Do you think he’ll strike Iran before the elections ?

    Will the LOBBY get it for him ?

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