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Uri Avnery – Chickenshit

- "Uri has written another skillfully-nuanced piece designed to poke the eagle, but Americans want to serve Israel divorce papers."

Divided States of America

Let us not fool our self, we are a nation divided, with more things dividing us than uniting us, and the recent failure of both House and Senator to agree on a budget and the shut down of the government is but one of the facts that we are a truly divided nation.

The Ignorance Doesn’t Stop at The Door Step

In part one of this article I received lot of emails , with most agreeing with the positions I took. All agreed that we have become a polarize society, running rapidly toward secularism.

The Friday Chat With Duff

I would almost like to ask for a really good psychiatrist, one only slightly crazier than me, to convince me to sit out this election entirely. It has been so many and they make me sick inside. It isn't just the differences in political parties, loose though they seem

Wake Up, America! The GOP Intends to Abolish the Middle...

it’s time for America to wake up - and particularly poor and middle class Republicans. Because entrusting this nation and our economy to the GOP would be like entrusting our children to convicted child molesters:

Support and Vote for a Real Change

All people are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. To secure these rights, governments are instituted among people deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

How Politicians Get People to Vote Against Their Own Interest

A classic example of the technique at work can be found in how the Republican Party manipulated the American people during the sixties.

The Globalists vs. U.S. Nationalists, A 21st Century Battle Royal

Americans must decide if they want to fight the Globalists or give up their national aspirations and pride. In the 21st century, this will be the choice that must be made.

Will The Real President Obama Please, Please Stand Up?

Many of my fellow Obama supporters contend that the president can only do so much, which is absolutely true. But what he can do is use the bully pulpit of the presidency to educate the people, which he’s failing miserably at. The entire GOP agenda is based on flat-out lies, the blatant corruption of facts, and a deviation from reality that’s so severe that even a child could see it if someone would just take the time to explain it. So why isn’t Obama doing that?

One Party Rule Bad for Veterans; Split Party Rule Good for...

Sad state of affairs in US politics

A Lesson in Republican Hypocrisy and Distortions

Is the modern Republican Party really “the party of Lincoln,” and responsible for freeing the slaves? I don’t think so. But the GOP regularly, routinely, and with a straight face makes that claim. One Republican recently confronted me and stated the following: "It was Republicans who beat Democrats in the Civil War, thus freeing the slaves. It was Democrats who started the KKK as its military wing to intimidate the (largely black) Republican party who were running the south after the war. Can a leopard change its spots?? Are the Democrats now the party FOR the black people after being against them for so long? So many of you are duped by the Devil's trickery. a few table scraps from massa's table and you run right back to his side. The Democrat is the racist."

The Actual Factuals About the Democratic Loss in the 2010 Election

On the other hand, if the president had walked through the door and kept his mouth shut - as he should have, since the attorney general is suppose to be independent - freeing Attorney General Holder to investigate and then charge Bush and Cheney for lying to congress to take the nation into war; illegally attacking the sovereign state of Iraq; the conflict of interest, misuse of funds and corruption; the torture, killing, and displacement of a million people, among other war crimes, the Republicans would have been so busy trying to cover their butts that they wouldn't have had the time to cause so much trouble.

Democracy denied: David Broder, John McCain, and the delusional politics of...

Aristotle, in his Book II of the Nicomachean Ethics sees virtue as an admirable character trait that is the mean between the vices of deficiency...

GOP plans wave of White House probes and paralysis, should it...

By Glenn Thrush at the Politico If President Barack Obama needed any more incentive to go all out for Democrats this fall, here it is: Republicans...

The “Me-First” Attitude of American Politicians is Trashing the U.S. Constitution

What has been proven, however, is that even though the Iranians were considered an enemy of the United States and had held sixty-six Americans hostage for 444 days, Reagan entered into a secret agreement with the Iranians to have Israel ship them military arms, then resupply Israel in return for payment under the table (treason). Reagan needed the money to fund the Contras in a war in Nicaragua in which congress outlawed funding under the Boland Amendment. Reagan also drummed up funding for the Contras by flooding the nation's inner cities with illegal drugs - an act of treachery that thirty years later, the nation is still feeling the negative effects.

The GOP Plot to Screw the Economy and the Middle Class

- What the GOP and Tea Party allies are doing is not just reckless, it's sociopathic - By Bob Cesca at Huffington Post We're only three months...

Democrats: I’ll Resume My Donations When You Resume Fighting Republican Trickery?

Then in 1929 Herbert Hoover came to power. During his administration the stock market crashed, starting the great depression. In spite of the fact that by 1933 the unemployment rate was at 33.3% with 16 million people out of work, the Republican, Hoover, just sat, thinking that the economy would eventually rejuvenate itself. During Hoover's administration 15,000 WWI veterans marched on Washington demanding that they be paid what they were owed by the government. Hoover responded by calling in federal troops to throw these ex-servicemen off government property.

Pres Weekly Address: Give Gov Back to the American People

Weekly Address: Giving Government Back to the American People by Jesse Lee As the President beats back lobbyists seeking to weaken Wall Street Reform, he talks...

Democrats Unveil Tough Remedy to Radical ‘Corporations Are People Too’ Decision

As mainstream pundits continue the Democrats-are-in-trouble conventional wisdom, I see a perfect political storm developing against Republicans led by the Dem's hitting back on...

Mr. President: By Refusing to Look Back, You’re Jeopardizing What Lies...

The GOP leadership is a much more serious threat to the American way than Al Qaeda can ever be. While Al Qaeda is undoubtedly a physical threat to the American people, the GOP is attacking America's soul. They're attempting to alter what America is as a nation - and you're failure to address that issue is so counter- intuitive to your political base, who, after all, voted for change, that many are beginning to wonder if you're not part of the problem.

The Day America Outlawed Democracy

That's what has led to the current disaffection by both liberals and conservatives toward government. The American people can sense their rights slipping away, but they have yet to come to terms with what is actually going on. They have yet to realize that congressional gridlock is a convenient way of denying them their rights. They have also yet to recognize that the majority in the senate is allowing the minority to abuse of the filibuster procedure because both parties are in collusion. The Republican filibuster provides cover for the Democratic majority for failing to enact, or greatly watering down, legislation being demanded by the people, but neither party wants to enact.

The Massachusetts Disaster

The reason that we're losing so badly is that the corporate interests in this country are keeping us distracted by deluding us into thinking we're still fighting the last war - race. But the fact is, corporations don't give a damn about race. As I've mentioned before, in this new economy of the new world order, where corporate competitors all over the world have people working for pennies a day, corporations can't afford the luxury of being concerned about race. All they care about is making money - and that means doing whatever they have to do to degrade the living standards of an expensive U.S. middle class.

What Exactly is Voter Anger?

ABC News defines voter anger as: Anti-incumbent, anti-establishment sentiment. Voters are down on Washington. They are deeply divided over the health care plan in Congress and a majority thinks the country is on the wrong track. However ABC fails to explain what it means by voters think the country is on the wrong track. For example, ABC along with most of mainstream media and even the Democratic Party don’t want to talk about the costs of the war in Afghanistan, and continued occupation of Iraq or Democrat support for defense budgets competitive with the Bush administration. Could it be that our country going in the wrong directionmeans– the Republican direction - in the same direction as got Democrats elected in the first place