Sunday Night, April Fools Day, 2012


Fools Isn’t the Half of It As We Review the Week’s Intel


 by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


This will be a rambling take on “plots” along with some of what is going on that won’t be entirely public.  The big story is Zimmerman, which has officially gotten out of control.  The GOP has gone into the “basement” on this and the Dem’s are exploiting it for election cash.

Playing journalist and using the term “knowledgeable sources” has Zimmerman getting out of a series of scrapes, some worth up to 5 years prison time because of what we are told is blackmail.

What is missing as with any story of international scope is the background of the Zimmerman family, their politics, their connection, their income, associates, all never asked, all public records, achieved in seconds by any member of the press, as though they never existed.

What has happened because of this is the exposure of the United States as a much more divided country than some had guessed.  Others knew.

Neo- 'Black? Panther' - Hashim Nzinga Arrested in Atlanta on gun charge after recent fraud conviction

One extremely embarrassing but fun aspect involves the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center).

They began defending Zimmerman, who they believed to be Jewish, from the imaginary “New Black Panthers,” a “controlled opposition” group of 5 half baked idiots taken out of cold storage when there is a need to invent “black militants” where none really exist.

Then the SPLC had to change sides, damn Zimmerman or risk losing funding, millions, based on their “good work” to protect “poor dumb black folks.”

We have consistently demanded the arrest of Zimmerman based on law.  We don’t raise money or buy and sell beliefs for profit.  We will learn eventually and be better Americans.

[Editors Note: The Neo-Black Panthers, as I prefer to call them have always denounced by ‘traditional’ Black Panther as org name carjackers. Here is what the Huey P. Newton Foundation has to say about them] ….

As guardian of the true history of the Black Panther Party, the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, which includes former leading members of the Party, denounces this group’s exploitation of the Party’s name and history. Failing to find its own legitimacy in the black community, this band would graft the Party’s name upon itself, which we condemn…

[T]hey denigrate the Party’s name by promoting concepts absolutely counter to the revolutionary principles on which the Party was founded… The Black Panthers were never a group of angry young militants full of fury toward the “white establishment.” The Party operated on love for black people, not hatred of white people.

Our other investigations show two odd things.  Zimmerman was accepted to the Seminole County Police Academy and was not rejected.  Our records show him to be a police officer.  There is no information to the contrary.  Then how did he stop being a cop?

Why Did Media Use Matin's Old Kid Photo?

Were he to have had police training, as his academy training suggests and the law enforcement classes we are told he had taken indicate, why would he sound like such an utter dolt on the telephone, no police jargon.

Why do I mention this?  You should hear “block captains” talk, they all sound like characters out of Hill Street Blues, with their “unsubs” and “probable causes” and other law enforcement chatter.

Here is a question worth looking into?  Do we have the right Zimmerman brother at all?  I keep going back to the original police tape where we hear Zimmerman talk about following someone.

Wrong?  No background noise, breaks in sound quality from edits, 4 or 5 of them, careless scripting, lack of adequate police warnings, not like real police.

I think the main 911 tape is a highly edited phony or an entirely false creation.  What if the “Right” is correct for once, their record for being right is rather dismal, and Martin was mistaken for another target and there this was a “hit,” not a minor “neighborhood watch” incident.

Scenarios, robbery or drug ripoff with a politically powerful dad having the tape put together afterward.  If this is a 911 call, we have no time stamps and this doesn’t sound like a 911 operator.

If it was a police officer, then we would have an original 911 call from Zimmerman or does he just call up the chief of detectives at home? Problem with that, there was no real recognition of Zimmerman, no “familiarity” on the tape.

The whole thing is phony, every bit of it.

We also discovered Florida law that would prohibit him from carrying a gun, either with a permit or as a police officer, based on his earlier arrest that was quashed.  Even being found “not guilty” or being put into a “diversion program” (as in this case) precludes ever carrying a weapon according to Florida law.

As for facts, half the country is making up their own as they go along with even Jeb Bush demanding Zimmerman be arrested.

This means, to me, that Bush plans to take a “position” at the Republican National Convention as the primary process as “murdered” the entire slate of GOP candidates.

This is why Obama is speaking so presumptively about a second term, he is sure “the fix” is in, especially with Geithner’s access to contributions.


Taking a look at the whole things, the forensics, the autopsy, the real tapes with time stamps and NO editing, would all be made public were the SPLC, NAACP, MoveOn and other organizations to have assisted with a wrongful death suit using their endless lawyers.  Even the ACLU and Attorney General’s office or FBI should have intervened by now.

This smells of blackmail, not Florida but Virginia blackmail, where the Zimmerman family is from, the kind of Blackmail that brings the powerful to their knees and makes the visible disappear from view.

As a publication, VT has a strict policy on race.  We are “America First” which puts us at odds with the Israel lobby but support Jews when attacked, keep an open forum for discussion by groups accused of “white racism” out of our belief in freedom of speech, and support/accuse all races and religions equally.

Morris Dees - of the Poverty Law Center

Race has been a profitable game, as has religion, in dividing and exploiting mankind and every well financed organization, be they a church or a “defense group” have all, when investigated, and we have done so thoroughly, don’t pass inspection.

Of late, a recent investigation of “white supremacists” has revealed the most hateful and ignorant are in the pay of the ADL, (Anti-Defamation League).

OK, down to Intel related things.  The biggest surprise recently was the “smack down” that Obama gave Netanyahu over Iran.

It is my assumption that the Iran war talk has had one purpose only, to provide cover for driving up gas prices and fleecing the American and European people.

In fact, we can prove it.

We knew Israel had taken a position supporting this, with some in Iran playing along.  We have multiple confirmations.

What we later learned was that the Koch Brothers, those who funded the Tea Party, have taken control of the oil futures market and tripled oil prices during a period of extreme oversupply.

Part of this has been greed but the rest is a plot by Israel to put down Obama and replace him with a Republican by crashing the US economy.  Recent GOP ads have confirmed this as has a thorough analysis of the fuel markets.

Every cent you pay over $1.37 per gallon goes to the Republican Party, Israeli Likudists and a couple of major Wall Street speculators who have bought in.  Our [U.S. Government] willingness to stay silent over this has a couple of reasons. 

One is total Israeli control of the congress through bribery and blackmail, much done with the help of a spy organization operating under the cover of the Murdoch news groups, Fox, and others.

They actually have their own spy organization with hit squads, organize prostitution “stings” (honey traps) along with the usual “free trip to Israel” to be filmed having sex with a young boy.

None of this is conjecture.  We are being forced to support Obama based on his bad relations with Israel and promise of “no war with Iran.”

Ann Dunham with a Young Obama

He, in turn, sounds like a total moron by continually mouthing threats against Iran to keep millions of America’s stupidest happy.

A good friend, serving in an official intelligence capacity, just returned to the country.  He had been on assignment for some time.

He is shocked at what this place has become though he had been following the news.  We don’t always politically agree but we agree on one thing, we, as a people, have allowed our country to be raped while we have done nothing about it.

We followed the Michigan trial, another phony FBI sting against a group called the Hutarees.  Read Mike Chester’s account on VT.  It is clear to us that the FBI is building a “legend” for a non-existent domestic terror organization paralleling the imaginary “Al Qaeda,” probably said to be connected to it.

Then Iran will be connected somehow, that is predictable and a lot of people will die. What will be different is that laws are in place that weren’t there in 2001, not even in 2008.

My “highest level” gossip mongers tell me 300 people run the world.  Many have heard this number before.  What can be construed from this is that all faith in the US government, not just elections but the ability to govern at all is now considered a waste of time.

Thus, we have a series of “stealth” bills that allow something like martial law.  This is the question.  Taking into account that the SCOTUS and House of Representatives are seen as the offending institutions, how can laws be applied to disempower or intimidate those organizations?

Then, as I have asked before, is this good or bad?  Are we killing the rat or the wolf?  What seems, as it were, is that we are likely to see history repeat itself in some way, we have weathered financial meltdowns, the collapse of the world economy while we play on and look away, we give our children to death or become murderers and stay silent.


Let’s take a recent video:

[youtube AJ9vmGr9FhQ]

To be kind, we can call this an April Fool’s joke.  Very senior members of a former White House staff with high level security clearances say they “believe,” and we have to use that word, this is probably a TB2.

Were this that, it would be a Boeing built craft, constructed in 1953, probably kept on or near Brize Norton RAF Base in Oxfordshire and seen so many times nobody cares anymore.

TB1 - TB2 ... Government illustrations they put out - Real ones are much bigger. You can put a B-1 in them.

What can we construe from this?  For one thing, technologies that use anti-gravity as part of their drive, be they primitive or someone more modern are being purposefully paraded around.

They are proof we have long had an anti-gravity drive which I believe we are supposed to assume was a “gift” from friendly extra-terrestrials who, out of poor political judgement, got mixed up with Hitler and the Nazis years ago.

Easy to believe?  Keep watching for more, see what is out there now, look into the articles on “the bell” and you will have this story well in hand, packaged carefully for you to believe, nice tame aliens whose technology is a decade or two ahead of ours but we choose not to use it so as to keep people from giving up their cable TV subscriptions or going to church.

Behind this, there are other discussions, highest levels, that those in our past had made a deal with the devil and that, as president Reagan had warned us ONCE, we are in for something unimaginably unpleasant, so unpleasant that one of the reasons we have collapsed the world economy, or so some want me to believe, is that we are scared to death.

[youtube QK-XATA-5gs]

I am told this was the “public face” on a very real warning that entirely changed the development of mankind, bleeding the majority of our resources into black programs none of us will ever have clearance on.

Take this into account.  Television.  Think of our obsession with the “missing” and with serial killers yet the real numbers have little to do with the degree the notion is being pushed down our collective throats. How many are missing?  Millions?  Are they all buried in the basements and backyards of rodeo clowns?

If you look into “abduction” and other such wild conspiracy theory and rumors a couple of things will come to note.

  • Big names are behind verifying UFOS
  • We probably have a massive program involving weapons and space travel that is totally “black”
  • The real “ET” does much worse than simply eat people, much much worse
  • Leaks, the McKinnon case, disclosure, leaks, videos are part of a “softening up” process

My assessment, which I expect you to take as humor only is that ET is here, is a nightmare and I do not trust that our government is on our side or theirs.  Our inability to find out whether we are actually living in an X Files episode or not should scare the living hell out of you.

Were we to look at proofs, we would take 60 years of world history, an approximate time I will list as the realization of alien “overlordship” and check technical and economic progression, how humankind has moved forward, how the world has developed, how America is more or less free.

Consider how mankind is more or less educated, more or less subject to tyranny, more or less at continual war, more or less able to get to the truth, more or less able to make sense of our lives and the value of each and every human soul.

Or is it going the other way as though we had given up?


The Not So Good Old Days - When Losing was Really Tough

Despite the pre-conditioning we get from TV and video games, history hasn’t entirely been rape and pillage.

Mankind is a story of beauty, of love, of great advancement of striving, a story that is never told now, either because schmaltz doesn’t sell or because of something more sinister.

Some blame it on Jewish control of the media and the need to use the holocaust as a way of controlling mankind, keeping continual focus on gas chambers, Jewish suffering, and the evil of Christians and Muslims. Gaza kind of blows that one out of the water a bit.

We have always expected Europeans to hate one another, endless war, rivalries centuries old, slaughter based on forgotten grievances.

America was going to be different, or at least after we got rid of everyone “different” and brought in enough Mexicans so everyone could have a pool boy, a nanny, a gardener and maybe someone to wash the car.

The “Indians” were always destined to be “toast.”

Christianity, as Debbie Menon points out, was supposed to be a Sunday thing, sensible, no mass murder, no apocalypse, no rapture, no hate mongering and phobic behavior.  Islam had another job, to keep rich Sheiks in charge, steal oil and torture poor people.

It was all set up, how did we go wrong?

This “spring” and “occupy” thing, why didn’t they turn into tyrannical emptiness like the Tea Party did, bribed morons parading around on TV demanding more rights for the rich, like a scene out of Soylent Green.


Even minor truth tellers like Ken Olbermann and Judge Napolitano have been silenced.  For a day or two, even Glenn Beck almost showed signs of sanity.  They not only “bought him back” but buried him as well.

Then there is the internet.  For every site that reports “alternative news” there are two different offsets. One is phony sites that parrot the most common of complaints, “Jews and Negroes are bad” and rich people are immoral.  Beyond that, hundreds of phony “robo-blogger” sites are appearing, meant to “water down” the internet.

This is the controlled opposition, like 99% of those who want 9/11 investigated.  Let’s take a second there.

9/11? This is a criminal case. One strange thing happened:

[youtube cNGPFVOYmhg]

This is a funny little video, it involves a police dispatcher, New Jersey Highway Patrol and an officer, for the most part.  The subject matter is about 9/11, outlining an incident that proves 9/11 reports by the government were all lies.

It mentions no aircraft, no hijackers, no missiles or nuclear weapons.  It simply has real police, catch two people at a truckload of explosives who tried to blow up the George Washington Bridge, an act which can reasonably be assumed to be part of the 9/11 conspiracy.

The news reports, CBS and CNN, top folks, listing the arrests, is on this tape. If this were the only 9/11 evidence, it would immediately call for a new investigation.

We have had this tape since 4 years before the 9/11 investigation was released, information that disproves every word in it.  I have a thousand other details but why use them.  This is enough.

Arrests were made, attackers arrested, in police custody, evidence collected, national news stories confirmed it and then suddenly, it disappeared from time except that I just served it up to you like a steak dinner covered with maggot sauce.

OJ Just Can't Restrain His Smile - Did Anyone Ask if He Washed the Gloves? Try it Sometime and See if They Shrink.

Remember OJ, “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit?” This proves the whole investigation was a coverup.

From what you hear, you can extrapolate the dispatcher, the police, the two suspects, the hundreds of witnesses, the explosion, the truck parts, thousands of photos, hundreds of interviews, film, helicopters overhead getting all of it and yet nobody on this earth even knows the name of the police officers we hear.


We spent most of a decade talking “nanowhatever” when it was all there, no planes involved, all the criminal proof any lawyer would ever tell you is needed to get a grand jury investigation.

Any lawyer but with tens of thousands of lawyers and judges and prosecutors and grand juries, nobody ever said a word and all had this, it was seen by 100 million people.

Why do you think “people” work so hard to keep the wrong things in focus? If 100 million people saw this, dead proof of government conspiracy when no suspects ever showed up at a police station, why am I the only person who mentions it?

When Will the Names of the Guilty be Added?

The only 9/11 question I have is:  “Where are the two suspects arrested?”

Failure to answer that question, were someone to publicly ask it, would bring down the entire government of the United States.

This is over ten years and nobody said a word, instead they wanted to talk science and angels dancing on the head of a pin.

If it is and was always that simple, and we all had the answer since day one, is this proof of something? Is overlooking something so obvious possible with so many smart people?

These are the days when I start thinking the little green men have been in charge all along.   … Gordon

Editing:  Jim W. Dean





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