Anti-Obama Marine More “Sickness,” less “Freedom”

The Tea Party is Wall Street as Protesters Proclaim
The Tea Party is Wall Street as Protesters Proclaim

Tea Party Troops at Heart of Discipline Breakdown, Killings, Rapes, Koran Defilement


by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I served as a Marine infantryman in Vietnam.  None of us openly supported our unjust war and, as statistics will show, our casualty ratio was ten times that of what Marines suffer in Afghanistan. 

Our pay was also a tenth as much, our food less than a tenth, and our waistlines less also.

Few of us lived very long, agent orange, malnutrition and poor medical care.  We fought outnumbered, no air support, few helicopters, defective weapons, ate decades old food, when we could get it, wore rags, had no body armour and lost more Marines in Vietnam than in World War II.  You remember what we returned home to.

One of our biggest problems, back when there was a Tea Party, was fighting against them and for our military and veterans.  You see, it was Tea-Bagger policy that all veterans were “fakers,” pretending they had only one leg, or making up that Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from that imaginary RPG.

Dr. Satel - American Enterprise Institute

Their support organizations such as the American Enterprise Institute and Dr. Sally Satel have fought for cuts in veterans benefits, medical care and have fought against funding treatment for combat wounded for years.

Recruiting Marines to support such beliefs under the guise of the imaginary “birther” issue is simply a con.  Our “Tea-Bagger” Marine is one of two kinds of “fish or fowl,” a conman or a total idiot.  He may be both.

The whole thing is a con, a misrepresentation to make election year politics out of the twists and turns of the spin doctors now advising our young soon to be ex-Marine.  By misrepresenting his refusal of orders and discipline, equal to a felony in the military and misrepresenting it as a “free speech issue” as the electioneering spin doctors of the Koch Brothers hope, our young Marine will be sacrified on the altar of Wall Street, 300,000 dead Palestinians and the hope of a bombing raid on Tehran, what this is really about.

In one documented case, a Marine veteran discharged after serving in Iraq applied for disability compensation.  He was rated at 10%.  He was missing 25% of his brain from a head wound and had one other problem.  His right arm had been blown off also. 

The doctor at the Department of Veterans Affairs failed to note that.  Why?  They were under that much political pressure to find all vets as having “pre-existing conditions” or worse.

We compare that with the Court of Miracles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where street beggars would suddenly reveal what had seemed to be missing limbs and eyes.

We didn’t want this war, what few of us are left, and the best of us fought against it and Bush and Wall Street and war-mongering for profit.

This is what we consider the duty of any real Marine, how we tell those who “walk the walk” from those who “talk the talk.”  We support dissent, and would have fought for the right if ever fighting for real American freedom were to come up.

Of late, we don’t fight wars for freedom, not unless you call heroin or oil “freedom.”  What we hate is propaganda and there has been no worse propaganda than that we used to hear from the Tea Party.  I saw through them in a second.

A Cost Never Figured into the Budget

I admit, the medical care issue is still at hand but none of us went on PTSD disability after service, not for decades, minimally 25 years.

I respect dissent, I advocate it but I don’t consider the Tea Party, a political organization funded and organized by foreign cash, legitimate dissent.

In fact, the Tea Party supports, not just the war, but torture, Koran burning, the murder of innocent citizens, and is, in itself, a threat to the good discipline of our troops as much as it was a threat to the security of the United States.  Note that I say “was.”

The real “Tea Party” began as an organization demanding a new investigation of 9/11 because they didn’t believe the government.

They were backed by science, by physics, by witnesses and by fact.  They were “dissent,” not a pack of nut cases paid for by Wall Street.



[youtube SSkk0Qa6CG0]

Ask Rumsfeld, if he is still alive, if one such bunker were found, much less dozens?  Have him explain this to the mothers of the dead, thousands of our own, hundreds of thousands of the “collateral” dead, who died over these caves and a “WMD program” that never existed in Iraq either. 

It isn’t just the dead, we now have a “new” 500,000 disabled veterans.  We don’t care about them, only paying for them.  When it came to buying trillions of dollars for bombs, nobody said a word.  Ask the “Tea Bag Marine” if he has seen one of Rumsfeld’s “magic bunkers?”

Why Would Banksters Fund the Tea Party? Since When Did Become Grass Roots Advocates?

That’s why we are so happy it is gone, the phony “tea-baggers,” discarded to the trash heap of history like other politically extreme racist and fanatical groups.

This one was financed by Wall Street, controlled by the Israel lobby and dedicated to a totalitarian America with no freedoms at all.

There was nothing more unAmerican than the Wall Street shills, the sign carrying morons traveling across America with Glenn Beck.

When I see the ACLU, defender of Rush Limbaugh and the old Communist Party, defending the “Teabag Marine,” I am seeing what I expect, the ACLU should, perhaps, go back to supporting Nazi rallies on our streets.

I always loved that, the staged confrontations between Nazi groups and pro-Israel protesters, both sides financed by the same people.

You didn’t know it was an act, just a stage play, paid phony Nazis? How do you think the Anti Defamation League raised money? Everyone does it, it was just them playing the suckers for cash, a great American tradition.

A few facts:

There is no proof any member of Al Qaeda was ever in Afghanistan, none have been found, none have been killed nor is there any legitimate proof such an organization has ever existed in the first place.

Let’s get to the basis of some of the issues.

The Marine Corps has demoted and is discharging what was once a 9 year E-5, over making statements questioning the presidents birth certificate?  Is this true? No.

What he did was refuse to stop trying to organize Marines to stop taking orders from their chain of command.  We call that “insurrection.”  The “birther” issue, nutty as can be anyway, had little to do with it.  What he did would have gotten any Marine in history a dishonorable discharge anytime, anywhere.

You see, the President is the Commander in Chief and refusing “lawful orders” is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, part of what you sign up for, yes, a quite flawed system, that allows the military to fire you if you refuse orders.

Oh wait, you  mean like in any civilian job?  If you fail to do what your superiors tell you, you are fired too, just the same.

What we have here is a “mama’s boy Marine” who is running to the papers, running to members of a congress with an 8% approval rating, to avoid serving.

First of all, I think he should be able to belong to the Tea Party but, as with all members of the military and all government employees, he is restricted by law, the endless millions of them, from being publicly involved in politics.  Any government employee knows that.

Then there is the other problem.  Indoctrination in “Tea Party” politics, central to those are beliefs is torture, disrespect for Islam and open racism, have always been a threat to the military.  How do you think we got into two losing and illegal wars in the first place?

Did the Tea Party Become a Hat Trick?

I don’t want “Tea Party” anything in our military, not commanding, not serving, not involved in government at all.  I see them as a totalitarian threat to American values, I see them as the real enemy, not phony “Al Qaeda.”

I would gladly fight the Tea Party if it came down to it, but we don’t have to.  The American people, in a rare expression of wisdom, threw it away, recognized the idiocy and racism for what it is, saw through their Wall Street money.

Add in their custom painted buses, their friends in the controlled press, and let them and Ms. Bachmann and a few other crazies quietly disappear in a sea of tears.

Not our tears certainly.

It was right wing fanatics under Bush and Cheney, now hiding out from prosecution as war criminals, that put us where we are and why our Marine isn’t in a civilian job which he wouldn’t be able to get because they don’t exist.

A Marine sergeant, someone who does very little actual work, those of us who have been there know that very well, makes more money than the manager of a Walmart store or bank or an automobile worker.

Then there is that other problem.  Members of our military who have followed these “right wing” political beliefs have, of late, been responsible for a series of war crimes which have seriously harmed the United States and endangered the lives of Americans everywhere.

No American traveling outside the US is now safe because right wing extremists in the military, rogues, have murdered children, urinated on bodies, careful to upload their stupidity to YouTube and been responsible for hundreds of other crimes we work day and night to cover up.

Funny thing, 97.5% of the world heroin supply is coming from Afghanistan and our Tea Party Marine, soon to be “former,” hasn’t seen any of that?  We also have endless uploaded photos showing Marines guarding poppy fields, something Americans are extremely concerned about.

THE National Export of Afghanistan

That heroin, much of it, is flooding America’s streets, the profits buying the Tea Party congressmen, whose campaigns are paid for by money laundered through corporations according to one of the sickest Supreme Court decisions yet, a 5/4 “Clarence Thomas” decision, we have come to call them.

With so much to talk about, a phony war against non-existent enemies, that isn’t noticed.  Afghanistan is much like Vietnam.  Our enemies were poor working people who knew nothing of Communism but rather wanted freedom from foreign invasion and the illegal government we put over them.

This is what Afghanistan is and what a protest should be about, illegal war, no such thing as Al Qaeda, being on the wrong side in a conflict, again, mind you, and peddling heroin, which anyone can do more honestly on a street corner than doing so in uniform.

There is much for an honest person to protest about and, were our “Tea Bag Marine” to get into trouble for something honest and not for deciding he is going to stop obeying lawful orders because of something he read in an email he got from some nutcase working for the GOP and Israel, he might get our support here.

Instead, we advocate civilian life for him.  After all, “Joe the plumber” is running for congress with the same beliefs. He can do the same and there are places he can get elected, whether or not he can read or write. This is the freedom of America.  He will get no shortage of financial backing during an election year no matter how many laws he has violated.

I really don’t expect Marines to keep their mouths shut politically.  They are free to stop taking those paychecks, leave the service, march the streets on money they earn from honest work and say anything they want. 

I protested the Vietnam War because it was what I believed.  Our “Tea Bag Marine” wants war to continue and is protesting what I consider poor attempts to stop it.

I am dissatisfied with Obama’s attempts to deal with Afghanistan honestly but I am certainly for throwing out of the Marine Corps someone who can’t be controlled.

Are all women and children murdered by Tea Party members?  I don’t know, nobody has asked but it is reasonable to assume that an organization that is, by nature Islamophobic and extremist, would and has influenced illegal behavior.  My guess is “extremely probably.”

Thus, bring him home and put this young man in congress with others of his ilk. Do it quickly.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.