Brevik Whitewash Begins in Norway, Murdoch’s Hand Seen

Suppressed Helicopter Photo Of Breivik Killings (Note police uniform)
Suppressed Helicopter Photo Of Breivik Killings (Note police uniform)

Last Step of Official Cover-up in Motion


 by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The Norway attacks attributed to Breivik are obviously an act of international terror.  The children, victims of a holocaust, were selected because of political ties to foes of Israel, as admitted by the killer.

However, the real story began, not just with suspected police complicity and the mysterious world travels of Breivic, but with a coverup, starting with the Murdoch operation, the Wall Street Journal, the Star and even on this Norway station:

[youtube 2rBrFmZYyyY]

Andy Breivik, Norwegian, sometimes British, sometimes, a Pole, most likely an Israeli, is on trial for a variety of crimes.  The criminals themselves, and there are dozens at least, have left this “MK Ultra reject” to take the blame.

They have gotten away with it.  An international plot has been contained, another move toward international justice has been stifled, children have been murdered, police power abused and as with Julian Assange, we have another “prisoner” living the lifestyle of a king.

The photo above no longer exists, bodies obscured, taken from a helicopter that “wasn’t there” by a photographer that never existed, a helicopter police said wasn’t even in Norway.

The primary crime was the punishment of a political party that backed the rights of Palestinians and demanded accountability from the Israeli government. 

These silly people don’t believe the American newspapers but send their own people to see the walls, barbed wire, the bulldozing of homes, the theft of land and half a nation held in prison camps at gunpoint.

They objected to apartheid and their children were murdered by a not so “lone gunman.”  More than a few survivors saw a “second Breivik” on the island, who seems to have quietly blended in with the police, much as the real one did, police who knew him by name and have treated him since that day as though he were a hero.  Is he their hero?

How much does a police department cost nowadays?

Andy playing dress up

Breivik was on a “police watch list” but was allowed to own a sophisticated assault rifle, travel to “we don’t know where” for specialized training, we are told Poland, home of the CIA’s secret prison complexes.

We also saw that Breivik had access to police uniforms, the phone numbers of police officials he knew quite well and was wonderfully able to predict that Norway, that day, would have no helicopters or boats.

There is no reason for Norway to have helicopters and boats.  If you include islands, their entire shoreline is 52,000 miles, long enough to go around the earth twice at the equator.

Yet that day, police could only get a row boat after hours of negotiation, no maritime rescue, police or military helicopters were operating in the whole nation, Breivik was one of the luckiest men on earth.

He has also lived like a king since his arrest, a virtual “Julian Assange,” one of his personal favorites, also a favorite in Israel.

The act itself, there is no denying it, was done to support Israeli goals in silencing Norway and their leadership role in demanding accountability and an end to the acts of apartheid, land theft, fire and cluster bombing of civilians that had been taken in front of the United Nations well over 100 times to face a US veto in the security council.

The United Nations isn’t the least bit “democratic,” far from it.

Oh Andy, let's play more dress up

Then again, there are more inconsistencies the press is likely to help you forget.  Andy  Breivik is also “Andy Berwick” in Britain where his Masonic contacts run strong.

Masons run the police agencies there, ones now found to have been, at that time, under the control of Israeli Rupert Murdoch, who was wiretapping, hacking, bribing and blackmailing police officials, not Murdoch personally, just nearly everyone around him.

We aren’t sure Rupert Murdoch exists except when friends see him leave his synagogue with his son.

Does the same “gang” have control in Norway also?

What else are we forgetting?  Ah, yes, the bomb.  Berwick supposedly set off a fertilizer bomb, one put in the back of his Opel Corsa, a “micro-car.”  It was possible because he took out the back seat.

The explosion was equal to 5 to 10 tons of TNT, 10 to 20 tons of “explosive fertilizer slurry.”

The official load capacity of an Opel Corsa is 285 litres.  One barrel is 157 litres.  Thus, an Opel Corsa would ride on the ground with over 2 barrels in it.

The explosive used, claimed by police to be put in the back seat and 9 cubic foot trunk is 57 barrels, 55 more than the capacity of the vehicle.

Then again, we have police who can’t get boats.  Locals made boat runs to the island to save the children from Berwick or Brevick or whatever he called himself but police had no boats.

Photographs of Berwick hunting his 77 victims were made from the flurry of overhead helicopters that, according to police, never existed.

They were on a 2 hour drive from Oslo, police were no closer, waited two hours to negotiate a boat rental, then walked through the island of dead, calling Berwick, a fellow Masonic Temple member, by name.

Andy - Would you like to go on a ride in a police car?

He put down his weapon and peacefully went with him.

He wasn’t shot down, not kicked, not slapped, he may have been put in handcuffs but it is even quite possible those were furnished with a fur lining.

Then we have another shooting in Oslo, a related group, two arrested but later disappeared, almost like the two men arrested on 9/11 for exploding a truck on the George Washington Bridge, people we are told were flown back to Israel the next day while the FBI tried to chase down the plane.

Of course, on that one, we have the police tapes of the arrest and the news reports, even one with Dan Rather announcing their arrest.  They have never been seen since.

First thing we must accept is that this is an act of international terrorism.  We must also accept that it was done in the name of Israel.

Hey Andy - Want to play soldier or policeman today?

We have to recognize endless lies by police bordering on full complicity and cooperation.

Berwick even wore a police uniform.  We are told he had a “relationship” with police that allowed him to have a uniform, private phone numbers of police detectives and, perhaps even the ability to forestall their response.

Their response was, at least, “forestalled” or perhaps a bit more.


We have no proof that Newscorp had bribed or blackmailed the police in Norway but we have strong suspicions that it happened.

We also know that Newscorp and Murdoch tried to cover it up:

Amongst these outlets were The Wall Street Journal, which essentially blamed jihadists for the attacks, and the British newspaper The Sun which published the front-page headline “Al Qaeda’s Massacre, Norway’s 9/11.” Both papers are owned by News Corporation.

Of course the Norway attacks were carried out by an anti-multiculturalist extremist. Under the supervision of the Murdochs we find yet another case of borderline fear-mongering, haphazard journalism at its worst.

Paul Sheridan

Does this prove him complicit?  Based on what we read, my guess would be a resounding “yes!”

Were it not for the helicopter photographs of Berwick and the survivors, oh, I forget, “Brevik,” we might very well have found Islamic terrorists on the Island.

We had the news report, all we needed was 19 hijackers, no bodies, one “pristine passport” and they would have gotten away with it.

One of my first private comments was from author Paul V. Sheridan.  He simply send me this Google collage.

It explains much of why the decent people of Norway felt it necessary to take a stand and why they had to be stopped.  It also proves, to me anyway, exactly who it is who is responsible.

Who is they?  I think we know.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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