Reality Check on Christian Roots and Mid-East Reality

Ain't Nobody Gonna Like This

Church Bombing in Alexandria Said to be Mossad Attack by Egyptians

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

What you think you know about Christianity is a lie.  The gospels we use now are “rehashed” Roman Empire propaganda, not the pure word of Christ.

As much of Christ’s real words as possible were destroyed.

The real Gospels, Nag Hammadi, Thomas, Magdalene, some from the Dead Sea Scrolls, never to be released or translated, kept like nuclear secrets, Christianity today is a game.

The real Christian world in the Middle East.  The first real Christians were from Palestine, all Jews who converted.  Very few Jews left Palestine, there is no record of it, no “exodus” to the remote areas of the Roman Empire to live among the Visigoths in 200AD.

This is cartoon religion and less than cartoon history.

Christianity in the Western Empire, Rome, Britain, Gaul, disappeared.  It first returned with St. Patrick in Ireland and Irish monks returned Christianity to what we call Britain, France, and even Italy.

There was no pope in Rome. There was no Rome.  Go there.  It had been taken down stone by stone, abandoned, no water, no food supply, nothing left.

The Visigoths visit Rome to do their thing

Ninety-five percent of the world’s Christians lived in the Middle East, Judea or Palestine, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Persia.  For hundreds of years, there was no Muslim religion.

Another unpleasant secret.  Mohamed the Prophet reformed the Jewish religion, believed Christ to be a primary Prophet of Islam, and established his religion on totally Jewish roots but accepting Christ and his teachings as paramount.

Read this at:

When I tour the Middle East, I visit Mosques but I also visit churches, the oldest in the world.

The real pope was the Bishop of Jerusalem but the power of the church increasingly moved to Constantinople, into the hierarchy of the Roman Empire who rewrote religion into politics, threw out holy writings and created a political religion that was designed to meld easily into the cacophony of Roman and Greek mythology, the many gods.

Didn’t Solomon worship many gods?  When someone says “hold no other gods above me,” they are polytheistic, not monotheistic.  To the Romans, Jupiter was the head god, to Solomon, Yahweh was, to the Greeks it was Jove.

To the Danes it was Odin.

The Twelve Trips

Sorry kids, but these were all polytheistic religions, especially Judaism.  The issue was which God was in charge, not how many gods.

The other issue was “graven images” or worshiping animal shapes and pictures.  Jews and Muslims are iconoclasts, they don’t do photos with god or the prophets.

The issue, of course, is that, when reviewing the holy books, there is mention of a messiah.  Was it Christ?  Christians say yes.  Jews say Christ lives in “piss and shit” while Muslims believe he was a great prophet.

What reality is, we never are told.  There were two Roman empires, one real one, the Eastern one, Greek, Christian after Constantine, somewhat Christian at least.

Constantine would have appointed himself god or at least pope if he had been able to get away with it.  He was one of the great liars of all time.

The west was gone, destroyed by the barbarians, nothing remained.  There were early Jewish settlements in France but Jews who worshiped Christ and built churches.  These became the Cathars and were killed in the holocaust of the Albigensian Crusade.  Read about them in something other than the Da Vinci Codes.

Magdalene died in France, according to those there, mother of Christ’s children, wife of Christ and founder of the Church.  Millions of Catholics believe this and believe she is the real “Mary.”

Go to Spain or Southern France and learn of Christianity where thousands of years are treated as yesterday.

To Americans who call themselves Christians, they could more appropriately be called “Paulists.”  The “Apostle Paul” was never an apostle, nor was “Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.”

Constantine had the real gospels destroyed.  Wonder what he didn’t like about them?

Paul was a “convenience,” he fit the Roman religion well and was chosen to be the founder of the polyglot religion that became the Christianity that Muslims rebelled against.

Oh, they didn’t tell you that?

Then there are Jews.  None were left in the “holy land.”  They didn’t take the bus to Warsaw but converted to Christianity, the official religion of the empire and later, many became Muslims, accepting Mohamed as a Prophet.  We call those Jews, pure Semites, “Palestinians.” 

Some are Jews, very few, some are Christians but were forced to flee the “holy land” by, well, we aren’t allowed to say, and others are Muslims by converting from Christianity to a version of reformed Judaism called Islam which allows Christ to be a great Prophet.

This allows the “messiah” issue to be sidestepped.

There were a few Jews who had settled in Roman cities but those cities were gone, the numbers of Jews we don’t know and the truth about where they settled in Europe very different from what we are told.

Those that remained, I am guessing, stayed near the Mediterranean, moved to Persia and Iraq or Morocco.

This is guessing, there is NO history.

None moved to Germany and Poland and became the current “post-holocaust” settlers of Israel.  There is no historical support for that.

Some say that all European Jews were coverts, Khazars who were pushed west by waves of barbarians.  All of this, especially attempts at fictional racist history, is pure fabrication.

There is no real study of any of this, politics took it over 2000 years ago and it only got worse and worse.

Everything is lies now.

I have driven hundreds of thousands of miles, visited Mosques and churches, synagogues, lit endless candles, filmed where I can, talked to who I could, read what exists, and am still hopelessly ignorant and learning each day.

What is clear is this:  Those who talk of religion with few exceptions are nuts.  Some are great men.  Very few know the difference and this has made religion a bane on mankind, or this is how I see it.

Religion will survive.  It is said that the Templars intended to join the 3 religions of the Book, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, into one through a great conclave.  Popes have talked about it as have others.

Instead, religion has provided “cover” for terrorism, church bombings, wars between Sunni and Shiite Muslims and Jews against the world.

I wonder how many actually believe any of it.  In France, only 11% are actually Catholic.  I know many who go to church in America but say it is for “the good of their business.”

Few know their religion and fewer still believe.

The attraction is there, denial of death, eternal life, seeing long lost dead friends, pets, getting back your old cars, all of this is written into fiction about religion, ghost stories, phony fables, “bible stories” with no basis whatsoever and the books themselves, some of them are pure freakishness.

What is the story today?  The “Holyland” is emptied of Christians, who made up 35% of the population not that long ago.  They left for 2 reasons, one being that they feel pressure from the Muslim majority among their own Semites and secondly, that they are recognized as “non-Jews” in Israel and subjected to being walled off, apartheid abuses and even violence.

One point I can be clear about, it is an Israeli policy to foster violence against Christians across the Middle East and blame it on Muslims.

Then again, Christians in Lebanon and elsewhere have been discriminated against by Muslims.  It is very real and continually lied about.  Problem is, it is easy to exploit.

One can see great evil in religions.  One of the great ironies of religion is how well Israel gets along, secretly, with the Wahhabist sect which is the most insane form of Islam.  They teach that Jews and Christians are monkeys, same as Judaism, under the King Torah, teaches Jews that “goyim” are cattle to be bred and slaughtered.

People who believe this scare the hell out of me.

People who teach these things, all of them, whatever religion, are war criminals and need to be kept away from the public.

There are laws and courts that cover this but only Jews are effective at getting their way.  Problem is, they also build the car bombs that blow up churches and mosques that keep the wars going and then sell “security and counter-terrorism” equipment to stop their own deeds.

They have been caught so many times, the funniest spraying swastikas on synagogues, a recruiting method of their organizations.

During WW2, Zionists joined with Hitler because they wanted him to expel Jews to Palestine where they could then kill the British occupiers.

This is in every history book, an iota of truth that stands alone.

Who is to blame?  Common men of goodwill exist in the majority in all religions, and in a greater majority outside all religions entirely.  We call that “enlightenment.”

A few profit from war and hate and love to manipulate, breed fear, stage phony acts of terrorism and this has been going on forever.   Every peaceful demonstration has “agent provocateurs” ready to throw bombs, always working for the police or that mysterious “New World Order” we hear so much about.

What is the extreme message, what would Christ or Mohamed say, what would a “righteous Jew” say (sic)?

Those who preach hate should die by the sword.

Real international law enforced by real international courts, not the “joke” ICC or the phony United Nations and the gangsters that run well over 100 nations as “elected leaders” will ever take mankind to a world of peace, understanding and plenty.

This is why oligarchy, now called “the 1%” is never called what it really is, organized crime.

It is how “they” got to choose candidates, run the police, own the courts, control the news, twist entertainment into “hate speech” and breed war and fear.

We let them.

The message, of course, is that we can stop, but only if we become educated, if and when we stop lying when we physically remove those who work to twist our thought, breed hate and live off our blood.

I suspect that if Jesus were ever to return he would nuke the whole place.  Religion, as Fr. Malachi Martin once told me, proves only one thing, Satan exists.

He said he wished it were otherwise.

Malachi Martin, former Vatican Secretary of State and best-selling author said the fastest-growing religion in the world is Satanism.  According to Martin, the most vulnerable populations were Catholic Jesuits, Jews, Evangelical Christians and certain sects of Islam.  Iran recognizes Satanists, those who worship or consort with “jinns” as a security threat.

Western security organizations come upon continual references to Satanism and Satanic rituals among America’s oldest and most powerful families, within the military academies and throughout the news and entertainment industry.

Most secret societies are Satanists, the groups talked about in blogs as running the world or cultivating new and more “evil” leaders.  Their rituals are all Satanic, disguised behind phony tradition and “hazing.”  Blood sacrifice, child murder, are common crimes among the powerful, crimes that surfaced during the Franklin affair.  Pedophiles are not the issue, Satanism is… and child kidnapping and murder in Washington, is known of and accepted by all in government.

Does this explain a thing or two?

Almost all Satanists attend regular worship as Christians, Muslims and Jews, the use of “cover” a key part of their belief system.

Fr. Malachi Martin claims that many, some very powerful, some seemingly ordinary, but in numbers beyond imagination, are inhabited by demons and that religion is in denial of this.

If you meet someone “infested or possessed,” they will tell you, or could if they would, that they are the rational ones, the enlightened, that their “god” is the only real god and that “that other guy” went on vacation long ago.  This is why so many Jesuits are Satanists, like the coven here in Toledo, look into Father Gerald Miller.  Try to get past the edited versions.

I mention this only in passing.   When I think of Dr. Aafia, kidnapped, raped, tortured, children killed, all done by American military officers, or of the Rodriguez torture policies or the look of Bush and Cheney I have moments when  I fear Martin may be right and that my own rationalism and humanism may be hiding a supernatural world of endless evil that fills our lives every day and can never be described with conventional rational beliefs.

I read the Wikipedia of former General Paul Vallely related to a defense firm today.  Is this a total lie, a “hit piece” by Wikipedia or is he “one of them.”  If I am wrong about religion then are most religious wrong about something else?


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