The Debasement of American Intel–Step By Step


By Preston James, Ph.D.


This opinion piece is the story of how American Intel was debased step by step, and how many great American intel heroes have been ignored, suppressed, abused, harassed and driven out of intel (or worse). This article is dedicated to these fine men and women.

The gradual hijacking and conversion of much of American Intel into a self-serving drug syndicate occurred over time and morphed the US Republic into a “national security state” which has habitually promoted war profiteering to enrichen select major international defense contractors and banks in order to create a Global Govt., destroy the US Republic and fold its remains into a NWO hybrid world fascist system.

And this has all been accomplished invoking the false cloak of “national security” to provide cover for every crime imaginable, thereby placing the Shadow Govt and those  agents, operatives and assets that perform capital crime acts and other felonies, far beyond the reach of the US Constitution and Rule of Law.

This article is dedicated to all the great American Intel agents, operatives and assets, past and present, who took a stand and did their best to defend the US Constitution and Rule of Law and suffered the consequences because they refused to be  corrupted.  Let it be clearly stated that there are many such heroes.  However, most of these great American Heroes will never receive the public recognition and commendations they deserve. For many years there has been a secret, hidden war on the inside of intel between the good intel and a few dozen evil top Shadow Govt controllers.  So far these controllers have been able to stay on top because of the great power they wield, their absolute sadism and sociopathy and their misuse of cover provided by the invocation of “national security”.  However, of late there have been major cracks in their matrix of control and for the first time it is breaking down, thanks to the unquenchable spirit of many American intel who have deep integrity, are completely committed to the US Constitution and Rule of Law, and the huge alternative media now provided by the Internet which gives them a strong public voice for the first time.


Newsreel about German Saboteurs & Spies in the U.S. during World War II

During WW2, the FBI was tasked with counter-espionage inside the continental USA, while the OSS was tasked with foreign espionage and counter-espionage.  Both factions of American intel had a noble cause and the Nazi threat in particular was real.  There were several publicized espionage incidents by Nazi spies during WW2, and a substantial number were prevented by exceptionally competent FBI and OSS intel work which never became generally known by the public.

The OSS inducted some of the best and brightest and attained some superb accomplishments in Europe engaging in spying and espionage. Many fought valiantly and a significant number gave their lives boldly.  Most did not receive the recognition they deserved. Some attained success in their missions which warranted high praise publicly but could not be disclosed at the time without causing damage to the war effort.  After the wars conclusion, public interest waned and most of these great heroes were ignored and forgotten for their heroic and successful accomplishments.


It is generally believed that the first major turning point in Modern, 20th Century American Intel occurred during the early years of the war when the Nazi wolf packs attacks in the north sea shipping lanes were attaining near 50% success in sinking allied ships.  During this period there was some incidents of attempted Nazi sabotage and US Naval Intelligence was quite concerned that not only were Nazi’s obtaining shipping schedule information from the east coast docks, but the docks themselves were probably not safe.  It was believed by Naval intel that the Cosa Nostra (Italian Mafia) controlled the Unions for the docks and it became clear through highly sensitive negotiations that the one person that could guarantee 100% intel support of all dock workers and shipping records was Lucky Luciano who had been sentenced to 50 years in prison for prostitution and rackets.

A deal was made, Luciano would be pardoned, released and deported in exchange for guaranteeing 100% support of Naval intel at the docks and adherence to their security policies and measures, and for arranging secret consultations for assistance from Sicilian Mafia families in the US invasion of Sicily, should that occur instead of a direct assault on Italy.


Toward the later years of WW2, senior US Intel started becoming quite concerned that “assisting Uncle Joe and walking with the devil for awhile” was helping build up a future major enemy of the USA and that advisors were leading FDR astray at Yalta, and also Truman at Potsdam and after, and the USG was heavily infiltrated by communist sympathizers and perhaps even Russian intel. They rightly understood that Stalin was completely committed to a new system of World Communism run out of Moscow.  They had been involved with secret negotiations for early surrender and high weapons technology transfer with certain high ranking Nazis and had believed the information given about Stalin’s well developed plans for the Communist takeover of the whole world, piece by piece.  They were made aware of the Nazi’s claims that they had a well developed network of spies which they had completely infiltrated Russian intel with and they believed them. Some historians believe this was actually a covert operation by Nazi Intel against American Intel and was the greatest achievement ever attained by any modern intel agency because of its success in infiltrating and taking over the highest echelons of American Intel.

American Intel desperately wanted to incorporate this spy network inside Russian Intel and also wanted to gain access to all Nazi secret technology including anti-gravity secrets, rocketry and TV guided remote cruise missiles but knew they had to make a deal with Nazi Intel to do so.  They knew that they had to bring the Top leaders of Nazi Intel and their technicians into the USA if they wanted access to these Nazi secrets and spies inside Russian Intel. It has been generally accepted that this turned out to be a mistake in many ways since there is reason to believe that Nazi Intel imported into the USA under Operation Paperclip actually infiltrated and debased US intel in many ways, providing access to psychotronic and other means of mindkontrol including trauma conditioning and “soul murder” to create DID/MPD disorders under MKultra and similar programs, ghoulish breeding and genetic experiments, and access to Nazi based and created South American drug trafficking cartels.

Some experts have claimed that these top Nazi Intel ops imported under Paperclip successfully conned US Intel for many years into believing that the threat of the Russian military ICBM buildup and nuclear capability was far greater and more proficient than it actually was.  It has also been hypothesized that this covert hijacking of US intel by imported Nazi Intel under Paperclip also provided great cover so that the surviving Nazi party which was alleged to have bought controlling stock interest in over 700 major international corporations with Gold, Silver, Jewels and Artwork confiscated from Jews and whole nations invaded during WW2 .  This cover thus allowed this newly emerging Fourth Reich to operate and grow unimpeded by US Intel.


Hitlers top secret UFO projects – Operation Paperclip

As part of their deal with the devil under Operation Paperclip, US intel received some of the rudimentary secrets of Nazi antigravity and it has been rumored that they recovered at least one complete anti-gravity craft, powered by spinning, electrified red mercury, a craft which made pilots sick after flights.  US Intel created very tight compartmenting around this secret, which was tightened even more after the Roswell crash and two other similar crashes in the areas near the US Atomic Bomb Test sites.  This very tight compartmenting is rumored to have been enforced by several murders of civilians and soldiers who talked (were surveilled via phone taps).

US GOVERMENT: There are 38 Levels above TOP SECRET! UFO

This rigid, narrow and severely enforced compartment has served as perhaps the Major turning point and debasement of US Intel, resulting in the formation of an alternative and secret subculture, the World of Intel, which truly became separated over time from most basic American values, the Constitution and Rule of Law.  However, it is important to note that this severe and narrow compartmenting also created a huge bifurcation from the legitimate areas of US Intel, where many good and decent individuals operated and stayed well within the rule of law and human decency. Most of the time they never crossed paths with those dirtied up in these most narrow severely sanctioned compartments, but when they did most quickly learned to either forget and ignore or end up DOA.

And it was also known that typically the threats delivered to them included harm and even murder of their loved ones and family members, perhaps another bad practice picked up from the imported Nazi Intel under Paperclip, a practice Nazi Intel was noted for.  And unfortunately such murders were revealed publicly and labelled as ridiculous impossible suicides (AKA “arkensided”) to spread terror in order to keep these narrow compartments clean from any leaks.  Such has been alleged for Vince Foster, Ian Spiro, and Colonel Sabow, but there are many more.


After WW2 ended, Luciano is believed to have built up a large heroin purchasing, refining and distribution network.  It has been alleged that right after WW2 the Russians attempted to infiltrate Italy and once again US Intel (OSS and Naval) formed an “unholy alliance” with Luciano’s organization in exchange for the Cosa Nostra’s help fighting Communist infiltration. After the Roswell flap in 1947 sent shockwaves of fear through those who ran American Intel, the National Security Act of 1947 was passed which created the Central Intelligence Agency.  Immediately the CIA which was chartered for foreign deployment only went to work fighting World Communism and allowing the “French Connection” to develop and operate inside the USA, and it was rumored at the time that US intel received help fighting the Communists in Italy from the mafia, it looked the other way in exchange and allowed the Cosa Nostra’s narcotics trade inside the USA to grow and prosper.


It has been alleged that those in control of American intel, the top super-elites of the military defense congressional complex (Shadow Govt) pondered the vast amounts of money and power that seemed available in association with the international illegal narcotics business. They figured, “well, whatever the mob can do we can do it better.  Why not joint venture with them but take charge of it and make them subordinate to us.  If we then get control of these drug trafficking networks, we can get the majority of the money (huge amounts of undocumented cash for black ops with no Congressional snooping or oversight) and we can gain instant access to the underbelly of society, and all the secret trapdoors to compromised individuals, allowing us to use these drug networks for our own purposes for the good of national security”.

American Intel rationalized these high level crimes with the following credo:  “intoxicating substances and prostitution are the world’s oldest businesses.  You can never stop them, like it or not, so it’s best to get control of these networks and use the money and contacts for purposes of national security.”  So it has been alleged that US intel joint ventured with various additional crime entities including the Yakuza and others to assist in their battle against World Communism, and developed the opium production in the Golden Triangle.  Some former intel say that the Vietnam War was really instigated and fought in order to develop and protect this opium pipeline.  Others say it was necessary to use the Golden Triangle to finance the  war against World Communism and that it got out of hand when top US Intel opportunity men got involved and started a spin off rogue organization hidden within the upper echelons of US Intel which was approved by top Shadow Govt controllers who got a piece of the action (i.e. grease or backsheesh) personally.

Those at the time in US Intel who fought World Communism after WW2 knew many facts about the planned takedown of the “Free World” by Stalin and his successors.  They knew of the unspeakable crimes against humanity of the Red Terror under Lenin and then again under Stalin too.  They knew of the little publicized war between the White Russians” and the Reds (1917-1922), a war that at least 13,000 American soldiers and many other countries (i.e. “the Allied forces”) were sent to fight in, but were withdrawn in 1920, assuring a Bolshevik victory.  Had all the Bolshevik Red Terror atrocities been properly reported and emphasized to the American public during Lenin and then again during Stalin, it is likely that US Foreign policy would have been greatly altered and major banking and government changes would have been forced by an angry populace.

It has been hypothesized that the reason the horrendous savagely brutal practices by the Russians in both Red Terrors was largely kept from the American people, was that too much attention would have become focused leading to the discovery that the Wall Street Banks were alleged to have been run by the “City of London” financial district (a separate country like the Vatican) and were actually supporting the creation of Bolshevism under Lenin, and Communism under Stalin too. This corporate support of Russia and intent to merge the two countries by top US corporate and banking super-elites was detailed in the Dodd Report to the Reece Commission (1954) which clearly showed that the top non-profit foundations actually were secretly promoting an eventual merger between the USA and Communist Russia, which may be well underway today, unknown to the public at large of either country.

DODD Report to the Reece Committe on Foundations 1954

Had this been known at the time by US Intel and the public, you can imagine the outrage and the charges of Treason and Sedition that would have been made.  But as what typically occurs during any war, hot or cold, intel operatives and become caught up in the drama of the battle and the bloodlust to gain revenge  against their enemy that develops when their close compatriots are killed by that enemy.

Some experienced intel ops that know about the massive drug trafficking operations to raise money for black ops and programs that could never be agreed to by the public or financed by Congress, and typically just accept things when they find out.  Here’s why.  They quickly learn that to protest usually quickly results in loss of security clearances, retirement, and even potentially one’s life.  The luckier ones have trumped up charges made to discredit them legally, but they are allowed to live.  These folks are managed by brute force and every major media outlet is controlled one way or another by the folks who control US Intel.  William Colby once testified to Congress that the CIA had gained control over every major news commentator.

(i.e. the Secret Shadow Govt ).

Those who have been involved in serious counter-espionage and lost close compatriots and who have known the how serious threats to the USA have been, typically have accepted the credo “the ends justifies the means” and believed that as distasteful as this drug dealing is, it is necessary to win, since the enemy is also doing it.  There have been numerous honorable intel heroes which have refused to go along and have been discredited with phony trumped up charges, some have been murdered for resisting, and hundreds who have been incarcerated in hell holes like Vacaville and basically silenced forever.

However, it gets even worse, and it has now been leaked out by high level intel ops that US Intel has become deeply involved in some of the dirtiest, most disgusting human compromise operations imaginable, activities which are capital crimes and so disgusting that they are actually incredulous when told to the public, which essentially protect most of the perpetrators involved who are the high ranking controllers of US Intel.


Some experts credit the imported Nazi Intel under Paperclip for this technology used to gain control over a target’s mind, typically known as the fine art of human compromise by use of the secret “black arts” of the “Reich of the Black Sun”, which was alleged to be based on radical occult practices including human sacrifice and claimed demonology in some cases.  Others lay blame on the misuse of Pavlov’s learning technology and mindkontrol/brainwashing techniques developed by the Russian and Chinese Communists who specialized in drugs and psychotronics like the Lida Machine tested by Ross Addey, MD for the USG.  Access to this technology was gained by US Intel, but it also been alleged that the Russians gained it from the Nazi scientists they captured, as did the Americans.  As many know, there was once an Operation Pandora, alleged to have begun when the Soviets were targeting the US Embassy in Moscow with high powered pulsed beam microwaves, which resulted in blood dyscrasias and serious illness of US diplomats.

What is rumored to have happened next is bizarre but if true illustrates how deals with the devil are now often made with intel enemies.  It was rumored at the time that US Intel approached Soviet intel and told them this was unacceptable and must stop.  Supposedly Soviet Intel replied that they would not stop but would agree to share technology with US Intel, if US Intel would share medical and psychological/psychiatric reports of the Diplomats affected.  Then a new Embassy would be built by the USA which would be impervious to Russian Psychotronics.  The deal was rumored to have been made and those diplomats that were disliked were allegedly sent there to function as medical subjects for these experiments, all without their informed consent, a complete violation of US Rule of Law.

Many years later, US Intel became aware of a large Russian Psychotronic and weather engineering weapon allegedly being tested on American by beams coming over the North pole and bouncing off the ionosphere.  This Woodpecker System” was a very large phased array antenna that could beam pulsed microwaves which sounded like a tap, tap, tap constantly, thus called the woodpecker.  Interestingly this very large phased array was located right next to Chernobyl nuclear power electric generating station and when Chernobyl melted down, the Woodpecker array was turned off and abandoned because the electric power from Chernobyl was removed.  Perhaps that is why it was built so close in the first place i.e. to provide a very large supply of electric power close by which it required, just like the  H.A.A.R.P. system with its main station in Alaska.  At the time there were rumors that Chernobyl was demoed by specially trained Afghan assets, but there is no proof of this to date which has leaked out.   It did occur near the end of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, however.


It is interesting to note that some electronic experts have speculated that certain Wi-Fi uses the same pulsed beam, microwave technology as was deployed with the Woodpecker System and could be used as a means to entrain certain cognitive moods. states, or perceptions in “targets” by criminal elements of US Intel or foreign intel entities who have had free hand inside the USA under secret mutual diplomatic immunity agreements and who have at times been used as cutouts to gather communications intel and do certain jobs on an exchange basis. Some experts also claim that digital cell phone systems can be deployed in certain ways against a “target” if a “finding” is made to do so and is signed.

If one thinks the abuses of the criminal sectors of US Intel cannot get any worse than illegal drugs dealing, information has leaked from reliable sources about US Intel’s involvement in criminal honey trap human compromise ops involving specially trained and conditioned agents with sociopathic personalities.  Some operations like “Midnight Climax” (1950’s through 1960’s in NYC and San Francisco) involved using MKultra money to finance the administration of LSD to clients of prostitutes without the client’s knowledge and with CIA agents watching through one way mirrors.

Operation Midnight Climax: How the CIA Dosed S.F. Citizens with LSD

At least one victim fled naked from the brothel screaming, never to be seen or heard from again. Some even more disgusting honey traps involved sex slave trafficking and young children who had been kidnapped and tortured to created DID/MPD i.e. referred to as use of the “black arts” to produce “soul murder”.  The most famous of these which leaked out into the mainstream media briefly was the Franklin Coverup.  But the Spence/Frank White House Pageboy scandal also leaked out.

And of course it is generally known that Russian Intel frequently engages in such operations even to this day all over the world including inside the USA as was recently revealed when one of their female operatives, Anna Chapman, who was busted as she became “very familiar” to one of the advisors of the current Potus.

FBI says sexpot spy nearly seduced Obama advisor

Note that these female spies are “sexperts” and highly trained in the “art of seduction”, and the use of date rape drugs like scopolamine, rohypnal which can have DSMO added and be applied by skin contact only and other advanced hypnotics like placidyl and ambien.  Most attain about 95% of their objectives because their targets are profiled to be lovesick i.e. dependent, unfulfilled sexually, emotionally needy and men who “appreciate” great female beauty and near perfect physical form.

But human compromise targets can be male or female as the the intel operatives conducting such operations, depending on how the target is profiled.  Note the insider rumors that one of our top female pols is currently compromised by a “beautiful companion”, which if true makes anyone blackmail bait. And it is rumored that many politicians are closeted in some way, are afraid of public disclosure, with some alleged to be homosexual, drug abusers, alcoholics, pedophiles, serial adulterers and all this of course makes them easily compromised and controlled.

This type of human compromise operation allegedly occurred and  failed with Bill Clinton when he was President (via Monica Lewinsky), but he is rumored to have paid the price for not going along with “demands” and was subject to an impeachment trial.  But what was he supposed to do that he wouldn’t, that is the big question.  There were rumors that he was able to get the budget cleaned up by ordering the direct deposit of taxes to the US Treasury instead of the Federal Reserve which allegedly saved billions, but so far there is no proof yet revealed on this.

And also alleged is that the quickly emerging cell phone tower system can be used for psychotronics also as can the actual cell phone itself in certain cases.  Such allegations remain unproved at this time but certainly seem possible.

Certainly many have heard of the allegations leveled against the repetitive pulsed beam microwaves given off by many so-called “smart meters”, the new digital, RF transmitter based electric meters being installed in many parts of the country.

The criminal misuse of targeted pulsed beam microwaves against intel targets can be instituted as a “boilerplate” i.e. a standard operating procedure of harassment against whistleblowers or outspoken individuals who have discovered serious intel crimes by mistake or coincidence.  The goals of such domestic harassment are to wear a person down on all fronts and basically destroy their ability to earn a living and have any significant relationships.

As serious as these US Intel human compromise crimes against humanity are, it is important to note that the actual US intel perps are confined to very small and specialized compartments directed by senior Shadow Govt criminals and staffed by individuals who are severely compromised morally and often selected for having a psychopathic personality disorder or have been “soul-murdered” i.e. mindkontrolled with DID/MPD by trauma conditioning and use of black arts by controllers.  Most US Intel are good and decent folks who just want to earn a good living, a good retirement and want to serve their country.  When they find out about these criminal acts by criminal psychopaths or sadists they recoil and refuse to do such things.  Many hundreds who have discovered such capital crimes inside US Intel have resigned and gone away in quiet desperation because they believed that to do otherwise would result in their murder or the murder of their family like the infamous Ian Spiro case.

And there are also hundreds of good US Intel who have been framed and incarcerated, and a substantial number that have been terminated with extreme prejudice (with-prejudice means a final unappealable decision–these are extra-judicial “sanctions” i.e. murders) and thousands have been persecuted and harassed for refusing to go along, and even to this day are periodically surveilled with 90 day status reports filed.


Over time, additional and completely illegal further unlawful acts were conducted against American Citizens.  During the Vietnam antiwar period US Intel was hijacked domestically to sabotage the Constitutional exercise of political disagreement with the war.  Operation chaos was used to disrupt and even murder innocent Americans by undermining and hijacking their political groupings.  Cointelpro was also misused for domestic crimes against US Citizens and sometimes resulted in murder of various individuals and groups such as the Black Panthers.  Many agents were used to create opposition groups in order to control political protest movements and many were used as agent provocateurs.


Well documented thanks to public hearings starring John Cathey (of Iran/Contra and “the Enterprise” fame), this whole matter was a sordid episode in American Intel and was responsible for dirtying it up perhaps more than any other such criminal abuse. Most is available in the public record, easily searchable on the Internet and involves Barry Seal, US Intel, the Cosa Nostra, Freeway Ricky Ross, Mena Arkansas, and some politicians down in Arkansas who were rewarded big time for looking the other way (watch the CIA handler pull his tie which was a signal for the camera man to cut the production immediately, which he did not do):

Bill Clinton’s Lies About CIA Drug Trafficking In Mena, Arkansas


Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection


As many top intel experts and top military experts now realize, there is very good reason to believe that the infamous 911 attacks were sophisticated false flag standdown attacks instituted by the USAF with help from their main intel gathering, electronic surveillance cutouts, the Mossad.

“9/11 was a false flag operation, I would tell this in a federal court”

Dr. Alan Sabrosky 9 11 was a Mossad operation. Period.

Peeling the 9/11 Onion: Layers of Plots within Plots

Of course if the USAF ever gets caught, it can obviously then transfer blame to their cutout (always a convenient and “total solution”).  This is the way such operations are always done as with the JFK Assassination, the first World trade Center bombing (Dr. Ishan Barbouti-three times dead so far), the Gander crash, Pan Am 103 (the Assassination of DIA Tiny McKee Team alleged to have been “let go” by Aldrich Ames when the German BKA called the CIA and told of a bomb being put on the flight), Pan Am 800 (could have been an Aegis missile/naval accident perhaps but many doubt that), the Murrah bombing, etc.

Of course as more and more US Intel and military experts come forward and provide direct evidence that the 911 attacks were a USG/USAF false flag/standdown attack, this information is spreading like wildfire to informed citizens via the alternative media provided by the Internet, the greatest weapon ever deployed against the criminal cabal (AKA “the Beast” or Int’l Crime Syndicate ICS) that allegedly hijacked the Shadow Govt and the US Banking system fifty years earlier and has financed it historic growth by such means ever since.

Thank you to all the heroes at Darpa who pulled the biggest secret operation imaginable against the criminal cadre running the Shadow Govt. by creating and “selling” them to accept the Internet as the greatest intel gathering tool ever devised.  This undoubtedly is the best way to “slay the Beast”, i.e. by information dissemination to the masses via the alternative media and word of mouth between friends and associates. It’s all about waking up the sheeple, i.e. the slumbering giant who is actually very well armed and is now acquiring weapons in mass more and more each month.


Project Cloverleaf Pt 1

This is the alleged “beyond black” operation rumored to involve aerosol spraying of various toxic chemicals including barium salts, nano-particles of aluminum and perhaps other nano-particles which are alleged to migrate to certain brain and neurological targets, amenable to pulsed beam activation and magnetic activation or “alignment”.  Allegedly, special contractors use a large number of specially prepared aircraft to spray these chemicals.

The actual purposes of this spraying is unknown at this time, but some fear it may create early Alzheimer’s, dementia, senior moments for younger adults, cognitive slippage, and may involve catalytic slow acting viruses that can be activated psychotronically, and is rumored to potentially produce neurological restructuring by subtle genetic changes which can be electronically switched on or off at a later time. But so far no concrete evidence has emerged of its effects other than the materials recovered from ground sample are known to be toxic to humans, animals and some plants, and perhaps will necessitate use of special patented seeds that are immune to aluminum (patents which just happen to be owned by a major international seed/food corporation.  The following video is for hard core students very interested in aerosol spraying that want to be informed with more  information than most of us can stand:

What in the World Are They Spraying? Full Length

Any individual who is sensitive to what is going on in the skies above must admit it appears that something is to being sprayed into the skies above most major US cities.  Some fear this is a massive eugenics depopulation program.  Other fear this involves scalar psychotronics and manufactured weather catastrophes:

Projekt Cloverleaf – Chemtrails and their Purpose


The advent of electronic voting machines has provided an easy nexus for the misapplication of criminal US Intel compartments to be used to enact serious election fraud hidden in plain sight.  This can be done by secret arrangements with several cutouts that manufacture the electronic voting machines and control their software.  Many such operations are known to be intel linked, one way or the other.

Computer Voting is Open To Easy Fraud Experts Say

More than you will probably ever want to know about electronic vote fraud (so long and detailed only one who wants to become an expert would like this): Electronic vote fraud


Many Vets returning from US Mideast wars, Vets who honorably served their country, many at extreme personal cost personally, are now questioning why they were deployed there in the first place.  This is called a “General Smedley Butler moment”.   General Butler was the greatest Marine ever, a two time Medal of Honor recipient who became disillusioned with war and began seeing it being used as a tool of the Wall Street banksters and large corporations.

Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA – A Warning From History

Interesting to note that the actual intel reports supplied by the CIA stated clearly that Saddam Hussein DID NOT have any “weapons of mass destruction”, and yet this report was buried and lied about by top USG officials.  And there has never been any evidence that Afghanistan attacked the USA on 911 (nor Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden AKA alleged CIA operative Tim Osman, either).

If justice is ever done this would result in charges of wars crimes, crimes against humanity which include torture and illegal incarceration with no rule of law and no due process.  These laws like the Patriot Acts, Military Commissions Act, John Warner Defense Act and NDAA 2012 are completely unConstitutional and against any rule of law.

Any Senator or Congressperson who voted for these unConstitutional laws should be immediately impeached and probably charged with Sedition. Perhaps many were “compromised” and/or lied to and deceived and never read these illegal Bills.  Supreme Court precedents have stated that no one needs to obey a blatantly unConstitutional law that is illegal at face value. However, rampant USG corruption appears to preclude that option even if it’s the law.


The answer appears to be yes. It’s hard to know specifically what types of counter measures the top Intel Cowboys may already be engaged in or are planning to institute now that many have connected the dots and had a General Smedley Butler moment because they are so good at what they do (taking down govts) that their work is often only knowable after their intended results become manifest.  Obviously thanks to the Internet, many US Intel are now engaged in the process of connecting the dots (AKA de-compartmenting).

Are these folks good enough to take down the corrupt USG and Shadow Govt leaders and top bureaucrats that are criminal, the international criminal banks and corporations that hijacked the US Banking system, the USG, the Shadow Govt, US Intel leadership and US Military leadership?  I’d bet on it once they are completely activated.  The ability of the select very narrow criminal compartments in US Intel to be able to function has always been dependent on strict compartmenting from honest intel sectors, and from the American sheeple.  This compartmenting is now rapidly breaking down thanks to the Internet. When too much public disclosure occurs during tough economic times, a critical mass is reached and the sheeple start to wake up in mass very quickly.  This occurs when critical tipping points are reached and these occur public becomes aware of the passing of major illegal, unConstitutional Congressional Legislation such as the Patriots Acts and the NDAA 2012.

Pandora’s Box has been opened and it is unlikely that the criminals who hijacked our Shadow Govt will ever be able to close it now. It now appears they are going for broke trying to reclose it and folks can expect major pushback as the sheeple wake up and the Intel Cowboys repatriotize themselves.

Expect the distinct possibility for the Shadow Govt to finance the hiring and training of hundreds of combat hardened mercenaries with no working conscience and extreme combat experience, folks who will come from many different countries.  Expect the Shadow Govt top controllers to attempt to deploy them against the American people to combat increasing unrest from economic breakdown and from public resistance to unConstitutional USG acts to destroy the US Republic and globalize its remains.  If this starts to occur this summer, as is rumored to be planned for at some large privates bases in the south, expect major pushback as the sheeple wake up and fight back against these illegal private corporate/bankster owned armies if they attempt to lock down America and become an occupying force in the major urban centers.  Remember this, it aint over till the fat lady sings.

The main problem is that those who run the Shadow Govt and US Intel have used “national security” as a false cloak to cover all sorts of capital and RICO crimes, including Sedition and Treason against the Citizens of the USA Republic and serious crimes against humanity in many other countries too.  This false cloak of “national security” being invoked as standard operating procedure has prevented any real oversight and enforcement of the US Constitution and rule of law. Thus the Shadow govt has used secrecy to place itself above the rule of law and ANY oversight at all.   But alas, when corruption runs its course it always destroys itself from within by its own corruption.  And that process is likely well under way and now approaching critical mass which will soon produce a complete collapse of the Shadow Govt and its minions.

Preston James is the pseudonym of a Ph.D. in social psychology, who has become an expert on psy-ops, “false flag” and covert operations by the US government


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