Is Independence Terrorism, Our Government Wants Us To Think So


AN ALIEN INVASION, NOTHING LESSGovernment Has Proven One Thing, and We Can’t Say It


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Today, any American who speaks up has reason to expect he will be set up, imprisoned, killed in an air crash, called an anti-semite or terrorist or see a family member die of a freak accident. 

There are thousands of these cases and huge “medium-secret” bureaucracies that exist to silence dissent and defend the hold criminals have over the state.  I have had friends bankrupted, asset siezed, jailed for nothing whatsoever, their grandchildren murdered in mysterious street crimes.

Most of those I speak of all worked in the White House at one time.  Take that as a warning, public service has its risks.  No pattern has been reported, news simply passes on the press releases, accidents, bodies found, planes crashed, endless coincidences that go unnoticed.  Unnoticed?  Those who would notice had been gotten rid of long ago.   We never asked as “the news” forgot to mention that we should be concerned.

Even complacency requires awareness.

Try naming a reporter who isn’t a teleprompter Zombie or, worse than that, a “Wolf Blitzer.”  Attempts at real news comes from Jon Stewart who gets it right so long as he doesn’t go too far, we call folks like him our “gatekeepers,” an outlet for those seeking truth but willing to be managed like children.

However, Jon Stewart, for every clever progressive ourpouring is responsible for an equal amount ofthe usual, being very much the voice of the controlled opposition, passing on lies, allowing himself to be silenced or outright lying himself and, worst of all, I am one of his fans.

Our universities have been cleansed, anyone unwilling to either spy on student organizations, fellow faculty members and teach fiction and mythology as history and political science has long since become unemployable despite their degrees and qualifications.  The numbers here are uncountable.  Figure if the person making  your burger may well have a PhD from Harvard.

America died when we got Fox News.  Is this a coincidence, the national addiction to paranoia, conspiracy theory and hate?  Do we blame Gingrich, who sold us out for a few bucks, dollars he lost in Vegas according to his recent tax statements or that Murdoch, a petty thug and blackmailer or is it a great sinister plan?  For those who don’t know, Gingrich pushed through laws that allowed foreign control of American media, got a book deal in return, there are few in this world with more skeletons in their closet than Gingrich.

The “Fox hold” tha that has kept Britain ensared for decades can’t even be released.   There are 4000 top secret tapes of wiretapping and spying.  I thought they were sex tapes with prostitutes or Fox employees and tried to get them.  I was wrong.  Much of what was involved had to do with child kidnapping, trafficking and European institutions, high ranking politicians supplied with children for sex, children kept for years, bought, kidnapped and many eventually murdered.

The negotiating team that tried to get these were top ranking former US law enforcement and their counterparts.  I end the story there but Cameron is still in office and Murdoch still free, you guess the rest.

We tripped over a twin, in Phoenix, same issue, this time politicians, police, the murder of J.T. Ready was part of it, the largest child prostitution ring in the US is involved, run out of Phoenix, where law enforcement organizations defend the criminals while SOME local law has tried to jail them.  Involved are motorcycle gangs, Mexican cartels, lots of elected officials and a “Jewish defense organization” at the heart of it.

As this one is going, it will turn into a shooting war, already has, with the J.T. Ready “suicide” and “family murder” a proven hit, deeply involved.  One of the groups “leaned on” happens to have, by accident, been Blackwater (in a form).  This is one of the few times I will have been on their side.  They are not harmless as others will find out.

Murdoch’s arrival signalled the end to civility, to accuracy, to investigativeness, to accountability, to the free flow of information, it was as though a foreign entity, Newcorp, tied to the GOP, signalled that America was going to be a dictatorship and that there would be no news but corporate lies and government press releases.

After that time, it wasn’t just news that was manipulated but events.  With news inventing wild conspiracies itself, real conspiracies, rigged elections, massive drug running, government control of terrorism in order to support “privatization” and fleecing of our tax dollars, deregulation of financial crime, a “mobbed up” Wall Street, all was part of a move begun, as it was in Britain, with Murdoch.

In Britain, everyone around him has been arrested, Cameron is clearly complicit in acts that should remove him from office and worse but Murdoch and his son, Cameron, the killers of David Kelly and a dozen more, those who worked with Murdoch, blackmailed by him, some fired, some still in office but none in jail.  In Britain criminals simply either resign or tell the court to “get stuffed?”  How American of them!

While we are busy looking for Serbians and Liberians or little Gaddafi’s, the real war criminals of our era sit on corporate boards, occasional duck arrest warrants and live in unimaginable wealth, all payoffs for being front men for international oranized crime.

Almost every western leader could be imprisoned or executed under law long in place, were there to be a semblance of justice.

Controlled news isn’t just controlled news, there can be no controlled news without dictatorship.  There can be no dictatorship without controlled news.  The problem is that control goes so much further than anyone can imagine, that the real conspiracies are only safe from discovery because they are beyond our imagination.  Some of the wildest things on the internet are actually understatements.

The end result of the past few decades is clear, there is no news, no accountability, no free government and a population that runs from government sanctioned fiction on the mainstream media to government infected conspiracy theory that fills the internet.

What is missing?  Our jobs, our freedoms, our future, these things that existed years ago, albeit amid racial divides, limited rights for many and an imperfect but identifiable America have disappeared.  Instead, our world has changed.  Kids are turned over for control at age 5, to an educational system shamefully incompetent, after years of arrested development at the hands of television and hi-tech toys.

We have raised generations, we have become generations of dependent, weak minded, physically degenerated sub humans, breeding our own “elites” back into the trees.  Look at Bush and Romney, drowning in money and education, both nearly illiterate and it isn’t just them.

Worse still, are our secret societies, the minor ones for “frat-boy” time wasters and petty thieves, those who go into politics and the corporate world, try talking to 99% of our “big shots.”  They, by standards of a high school education in 1950, are illiterate.  They can’t write, most can’t use a computer, many have never cooked a meal, shopped and some have even forgotten how to drive a car.  I remember, years ago, when George H. W. Bush visited a supermarket and commented on scanners.  He had never seen one, how amazing.

We even have push buttom telephones and televisions with remote controls now.  This guy ran the CIA at one time.

The more privileged the background, the stupider the people.  We reward complacency, cowardice and sociopathic behavior.

Like most Americans, I spent much of my life looking for the imaginary 1955 “small town” where I could live comfortably, in safety, around people I could trust, people who looked out for one another, all of us employed or in business, me, of course, somewhat better off.

Kids would attend state universities, never fight in wars, spend their time outdoors, sports, recreation, developing lifetime friendships, hobbies, athletic prowess, a lifestyle to pass on, an American lifestyle of community spirit, of accomplishment, of increasing individual freedom, a more inclusive society built on the best values of hard work, of cooperation, of respect.

I was obviously insane, the VA will tell you that in a flat minute.

I was going to be an archeologist and historian.  I saw our history as mysterious, as unknown.  My problem, I got in with the wrong crowd and saw too much and looked too hard.  I always knew, even from childhood, that we were taught a childish mythology as history, that our nation had developed at the hands of criminal groups that controlled the world but that mankind was going to be able to regain control, that advancedments in communication, that human spirit would overcome.

I think it is my OCD, I actually read documents, stopping and noting when I am asked to “assume” things not in evidence and eventually began reading less and writing more.  We live in a nation where rumor and fact, where belief and truth have merged.  Our brains have actually gotten smaller, less complex, we are proving evolution by going backwards.

We have records from the 18th century, our founding fathers fought with each other constantly.  None had seen an airplane or car, none owned an I Phone but they could think, some were idealistic, many devious, something we have erased from our history, but all had IQ’s 50 points higher than any member of congress today.  Any dissenters on that?  Why do I believe this?  I read, I think, I reason, almost as though I were human, albeit minimally.

I was obviously insane, reading this is proof, getting more so every day.

I pick on Fox News simply because they are the standard bearer for hatred, for ignorance, for conspiracy  theory, for prejudice, for ignorance, a network of talking heads, run by gangsters, a platform for a pack of morons no child would or should abide.

Only by accident did I become what I am accused of, a “journalist.”  I am a “defense/intelligence guy with a background in economics,” not an entirely “unrespectable” thing to be, or at least I had thought so.  America, the one I grew up in was an evil empire, we all knew that.  We rigged elections, murdered decent people but we had a reason.  If we lived in a free world, poor people would choose communism and any idiot could see that behind the promise of equality lived the threat of an even worse totalitarianism than the one we were building, the one I didn’t see.

I was obviously insane.

I assumed that technology would change mankind, not be suppressed, not twisted into a tool of oppression, of mind control, of war mongering, of breeding the great western powers, the post-colonial elite, the enlightened nations that were destined to democratize the world, uplift mankind, into a pack of ravaging dogs.

We were supposed to change after we beat  the commies, not become them.  Then again, the only way we know we beat anyone is having read it in the papers or having seen it on the news.  As there is one universal truth, every American has felt less free since the end of the Cold War, that America has become the most hated nation, one of the poorest, largest economy, most debt, lowering standard of living, worst schools, medical care, most brutal, most in prison, should I go on?

Were I to tell you the truth, such as I know of it, believe what you will, I live in a nation addicted to one thing.  We continually compare ourselves with Nazi Germany, the images of the Holocaust, oddly misquoted and mistranslated, carefully edited version of Hitler’s speeches, proving we are good still, and that, so many decades ago, we saved mankind from mass murder and slavery.

Our culture is built on this, the worship of the holocaust, the damnation of Hitler, then, out of that occasional moment of clarity we all have, I began to put things together.

Then I understood why universities exist, why they are state controlled, why text books are so childish, why TV lies every second, why teachers are so ignorant.

In fact, the only way to survive is as though we were all part of a science fiction nightmare, we have to pretend to be glazed over, to take on a robotic mein, to believe the incredible, the idiotic, be it the 9/11 melting building story, the version of World War II we are given, the wild stories about American freedom while our government goes beyond any dictatorship in history.

We know this, as we have polls, never often, never asking serious questions, never touching on why, but 69% of Americans want to leave Afghanistan immediately.  Do any of those who want to leave, or at least how many actually know that Al Qaeda never existed, that there were no training camps in Afghanistan and that we invaded, initially to set up an oil pipeline and eventually America, the Army and CIA, took over the world’s drug business, using our agricultural acumen to take a crop, Opium, eradicated by the Taliban, the most evil substance on earth,  far worse than Plutonium, and grow it, process it into heroin and distribute it around the world, creating the suffering of a dozen nuclear wars.

We are than kind of people, people who do this evil and look away.

Nobody writes about it but the UN.  They tell us 97% of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan and flies around the world but never mention who does it.  Recently, talking with both Muslims in Kosovo and Serbs, both admit that America flies drugs into Kosovo and sells them to the vast Serbian mafia, the most powerful crime organization in the world, operating in over 120 nations.

This is why NATO is in Kosovo, in Afghanistan, why we fight wars, why we were in Southeast Asia.  Americans in Vietnam knew about the drugs, container loads of heroin, now our troops are all silent, sending home photos walking through poppy fields and not knowing they are silently complicit in the destruction of millions of families, a third American.

Nazi Germany never imprisoned half those America has locked up today.  We don’t want to compare judicial systems or anything else, our “gold standard” for “badness” that we have hidden behind for so long never existed, not as we said.  Without our drugs, our private prison system would disappear, all those new corporations, each with a former congressman buying their contracts with payoffs.

It is all just another way of profiting from our drug business.  What has happened to America?  Easy, we are a defeated nation, we lost World War II, we lost the Cold War, we lost Korea, we lost Vietnam, we lost Afghanistan, we lost Iraq, we even lost a war against ourselves and we didn’t even know it, but we are living it.

It is easy to prove, easy but illegal.  Proving America lost World War II is illegal, that  we live as slaves, pigs in clover for some, but all slaves, programmed, drugged, propagandized, fleeced victims of a worldwide dictatorship, pigs led to slaughter, we live in and go along to survive, having lowered our expectations to those of rats.

We survive, have embraced “conservatism,” that is, the theory that, as long as those around us suffer more, are debased more, are destroyed more effectively, dehumanized more obviously, no matter what animals we become ourselves, we “win.”  Win what?

Are we to enjoy being head pigs in the trough?

What we have given up is the entire idea of human advancement, of the people we wanted to be, the future we wanted for our children and grandchildren.  Instead, all we can hope for is to steal enough, debase ourselves enough in order to put away enough cash so that our children can sit in locked communities and watch others starve and die at our gates.

I live like that now.

We each trade.  Decades ago, so many of us thought of lives as “wage slaves,” the luckiest being union, well paid, benefits but long hours and hard work.  Now the only jobs we have are those even a rat wouldn’t take, telemarketing, repossessing homes, phony home employment schemes or minimum wage slavery.

Others, those doing well, are, in reality, riding the slope, faster and faster, believing the “gravy train” will head somewhere other than over the cliff every economist in the world has predicted.

…and we wonder why a liberal democrat would sign laws prohibiting freedom of speech and public assembly.


Oh, wait, didn’t the last guy, the conservative republican do that continually for 8 years, remember the “freedom of speech zones,” we actually set up tiny concentration camps where we were allowed to protest all we want, carefully observed and at gunpoint.




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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.