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Afghanistan: Is Creating a “Narco-State” Considered “Nation-building?”

If an occupation of a foreign land has patently failed to make ‘residual’ sense even for its cheerleaders, what would be a corrective action? To call it quits, and get the guys & gals back home?

Breaking: Afghanistan – America’s “Total Lie War”

Everyone in the world knows America’s invasion of Iran was a lie, an oil raid, from day one.

Rogue Army Propaganda Mob Bans VT

- Defense Media Activity, a Command at Ft. Meade, Censors VT for Political Expose on Romney

Army: “OPSEC” Political Group Violating OPSEC Protocols

- Time for OPSEC to ask about drugs and money laundering, things they know about personally, the only secrets they seem willing to keep.

“Special Ops” Anti-Obama Group Liars and “Blowhards”

- What surprised me this year is that senior Special Forces, many of whom live in the Southwest, now say they are voting Obama.

Let it Begin Here, the American Armageddon

Americans love their country so much and have, because of that blinded love, Americans have become, if any people today are, the representation of the power of Satan on earth.

Straight dope on PSYOP in US Drug War

First, the Pentagon infiltrated the US mainstream media on the sly by a constellation of retired military stars to massage the major message on Operation Indefinite Liberty, OIL aka GWAT, globally. Later, Fort Fumble reversed its spinmeister tactics and, in overt civ/mil joint venture, it imbedded tightly vetted quill-drivers into US Marines & Army units in Afghanistan to promote Obama’s double-down surge locally.

Is Independence Terrorism, Our Government Wants Us To Think So

America died when we got Fox News. Is this a coincidence, the national addiction to paranoia, conspiracy theory and hate?

Your God’s Will Die With You

- One of the things we learned is that American Christian Evangelists, give billions to Israel.The amount is staggering, conservatively over $30 billion a year.

US-CIA Heroin Transit Base Proven

Today Turkish Weekly ran an investigative piece on the newly appointed chief of police in Osh-Kyrgyzstan.

Boston: Time to Call them “Pigs” Again

The demonstrators who are in the streets across America, the "99%" that really represent the people of the United States, what the Tea Party should have been, are there for us. Against them is the "1%" with their congress, with their unconstitutional laws, with their crooked courts, with their rigged elections and with their police departments whose only real purpose anymore is looking the other way.

OCW: Targeted, But Who Is The Enemy?

We have recognized the enemy of humanity. For 60 years we fought communism and woke up in a nightmare, slaves in our own country. Now it is America building the gulags, millions in prison, half of America facing poverty, hundreds of thousands sent off to endless wars. Even Orwell never imagined this.

Afghanistan: Time to Pack Our Bags

President Obama is now exploring avenues for a faster withdrawal from Afghanistan. American is flat broke, busted and our allies in Afghanistan have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt. that they are far worse than our enemies.

Iran and Libya: Musical Chairs, Enemy to Ally

News suppression is a way of life in the USA. Our 2007 NIE said the same thing. What is different is that this one is based on deep penetration of Iran, teams on the ground, far more advanced surveillance techniques, in fact, we have spies everywhere in Iran.

Is Obama a POW “Prisoner of Washington”

This is the hypothesis: President Obama, taking office while America is drowning in debt, politically polarized and increasingly seen as a pariah nation, publicly dictated to and humiliated by the tiny state of Israel, at every turn, found himself imprisoned by the monstrosity he inherited.


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Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web 2/14/10

Dick Cheney and Joe Biden square off on the various Sunday talk shows, a preview from Raw Story. The mere fact that one is accused by the government is not reason to "believe" or have "faith" in the guilt of people held without benefit of evidence, an essay by Glen Greenwald at Salon. The Utah House of Reps decides to stand firmly behind junk science and flat Earth theory at Firedog Lake and some great cartoons from McClatchy in today's picks.