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A Short Rundown on Things that Won’t Be in the Paper


by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The election in the US is likely to turn violent.  We hear things like this but there is actual mobilization and very real terror warnings out tied to the election. 

Romney is so far behind, there has been nothing like this in US history.

The problem is, world organized crime is behind Romney.  Bain has now been tracked to Africa, involvement in the blood diamond trade which is tied to arms and drugs, an explanation as to why so many bank accounts.

One of the groups paralleling his activities in Africa originated in Zimbabwe and has been involved in the development of germ warfare and the actual release of both ebola and influenza strains, not just in Africa but other areas much much closer to home.

Some might say this, certainly not me, but the groups we are talking about have, according to sources, been responsible for acts blamed on Al Qaeda and Boko Harum.  Banking terrorism may have reached a new level.

There is a reason things are going this far.  How far?

Mitt Romney – Who is he really running for?

Every “reptile file” available is being bought up.  Supporters haven’t flocked to NWO gangster Romney.

Out of fear of retribution (Obama is not so harmless himself) a large scale blackmail operation, worldwide, to raise funds and gain endorsements is going on.

Look for new endorsements and you will have a list of people with hidden police records of drug use and sales, sex crimes, even murder.

There is so much of this going on with the Romney backers, particularly those in Africa, officially “white supremacists” and in a certain area of the Middle East recently visited that the tabloids could be filled for a decade.

Why? Why are things going this far? Part of the answer is two fold:


  • The military is key.  A decade of missing limbs, officers being removed 6 months before retirement, military hospitals run like concentration camps, losing wars and watching new ones being staged has turned the military to the left in a big way.  All that protected certain people was the Supreme Court and threat of a military takeover.  Now the court is coming apart and the military has totally abandoned the likes of Lindsay Graham, the Mormon Religion, the gang at the Air Force Academy and the Christian Zionists who lorded over their now “defunct” crusader army or misfits and mental defectives.  Most will now be “public charges” for the rest of their lives, unemployable, many imprisoned, uncountable numbers medicated to the point of collapse.  However, as they are veterans, we will continue advocacy for them with the same vigor.  Being lied to and believing it is stupidity and many of the crimes committed are simply beyond our scope to sort out.  Iraq and Afghanistan, leaders there, sold their own souls, many of them, and reaped a harvest of death for a pocket full of coins.
  • It is the current belief by many that Obama has plans, post election, to take action to secure America.  This means that many “sunshine profiteering patriots” will be dealt with, either by prosecution or some other way.  Those “ways” are many.  The rationale is simple;  great harm has been done to the United States by a few thousand people, some in government and the military and others in the financial industries and espionage.  The only real legacy a president can leave anymore is simply removing a disease, excising rotting limbs, as it were.  This is the language being used, some of it around the Pentagon.  Lists, there are lists everywhere.  Many “well known” people are on them.  Some will quietly become silent and obscure. 
Pump and Dump the Oil Markets

There is a current attack on the Euro and Dollar through manipulation of fuel prices around the world, artificial shortages are being created.

Some if it is through false flag terrorism, attacks in refineries, piracy against oil platforms, pipeline explosions and none of this is being reported.

The “duality” of Syria, a real revolution and a proxy war over oil is part of this.  Many nations are risking all, Israel, Turkey, the Kurds, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman.

Israel is hosting meetings in Switzerland over redrawing the map of the Middle East.  Tail markings on aircraft indicate that everyone but Iran is present.

Secret meetings would be more secret if people used public transportation and not carefully marked planes flown by former US Air Force pilots who email us immediately when something is going on.

Some edited remarks from sources we are not allowed to divulge:

“If you have friends planning on flying in the Middle East area you might want to avoid the areas mentioned below for the next 3-4 weeks.

 The Syrians (I think) killed Prince Bandar bin Sultan earlier this week in Riyadh, S.A. They (the Saudi’s ) are meeting with the Israeli Likuds, Jordan, Oman, Turkey, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, etc., for the next WWIII against Iran and Syria.

Bandar was a very close friend to both of George Walker Bush and GW Bush. He was the astronaut, G-IV pilot, Ambassador to the US for many years. Bandar’s father was Prince Sultan the former Minister of Aviation and Defense..

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  redcacted text xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Saudi’s won’t allow this to go with some type of major action.

 They blew up Prince Bandar while in his new Saudi CIA/Intelligence office in Riyadh.

I have a picture of it burning with dark black clouds coming out of it. This gets really appears that Prince Bandar somehow had managed to kill Syrians top 4 leading commanders before all of this took place.


 On top of all this they caught three terrorists headed to London to blow up the Olympics’. Busy week.

Someone earlier set fire to an Oklahoma refinery this week and then the Canadians for some reason stopped sending oil to us the past 24-48 hours. Gas here in xxxxxxxxxxxx has gone up $..80 cents in one day.

If you have any friends in and around Tel Aviv, Kuwait, Turkey, England, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain, etc., they might want to come to the USA for a break, because it might get rather warm where they are at.

You don’t see the King of Saudi Arabia meeting on foreign soil with the Israeli’s on a daily basis…

I am assuming something will happen right after the closing of the Olympic’s.”

Redacted areas were simply to protect identity.  The information above is from an independent source and is not in full agreement with information from some European intelligence groups.

This is, however, the general belief “around the Pentagon.”

Accept it as that and, as to the warnings, I consider them reasonable travel advisories from friends, no more, no less.


The operation was real on the interior minister but like his father, Nayef bin sultan, targeted in 2005 and escaped form the attack.

 The father of Bandar bush Nayef died 3 weeks ago, officially from a cancer, Bindar Bush bin Sultan the son was not in his office when bin Muqrin and the national guard targeted him.

 3 terrorists arrested coming in London is BS.

 The only solution for them is to create a false attack and foil it to get the credit for the British army, Gov. etc… and make people forget about these 18 billion of kickbacks in London and accommodate people to a heavy military presence in the streets.

 The military drones are coming in France and the UK following the nuclear defense agreements signed under Sarkozy, that is one of the reason but an attack on Iran as well… so we strongly believe that 2014-15 will be the year of the attack, we might be wrong.

 Those who say that the Iranians and Syrian killed Bandar bush are those who support a direct war between Arab gov,sadis Qatar against Syria, then Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, etc.

 So that Israel does not have any effort to produce… the Arabs kill each other, that’s the purpose of the Arab spring, with turning the Muslim world against China, Russia, India, Brazil etc. Controlling China in Africa and the mean, area, and Russian in the Caspian Sea and Eastern Europe up to north of Europe.

 Happy that your article produce a response so that you can see that telling the truth about the Saud’s rulers and Israel makes them become very touchy and sensitive.

 Israel is behind the collapse of the Saud’s and they will sue them to attack Iran, Lebanon, Syria, this will fail cause the majority of the Muslims understood the dirty game.


Beyond this, troop movement “drills” inside the US could have a variety of meanings behind them.  I will give all the possible answers:

  • Preparation for a major attack on the government by foreign terrorist groups or allies pretending to be such after the election.
  • Unconfirmed rumors of a major cosmic event which could generate natural disasters on a global scale.
The sunny golden shower

What we have are a number of coastal military commands moving equipment, relocating, leaking announced plans for closure, if this is a “drill,” it is the strangest one in history.

For a bit of closure, two other issues need mentioning.  Communications in the US are either suffering from the worst solar flares in history or something sinister is going on.

No guessing from me on this one.

Every journalist that can be bought, bribed or killed is being lined by the the various gangs in the Middle East.

Then again, the election, with the Mossad digging everywhere for leverage on everyone, funds, endorsements, pushing candidates to stop campaigning or drop out, this is the dirtiest election in our history and nothing of it is being reported and will not be reported.

Nobody is left to report anything other than that some who are being left alone are putting together than nothing makes sense.

In two dozen states, elections are being rigged so obviously that only a moron could miss it.  Arizona is the worst. Think Quayle. Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida are the battlegrounds on the “macro” side with drug money flowing like sewage.

Earlier I talked about lists.  This is the odd part, the lists made by those around Geithner and those around Petraeus and Panetta contain many of the same names.

Finally, it is being recognized that there are thousands of foreign agents, world class criminals and very real terrorists running around as public figures in the United States.

Now we wait.  Will they be dealt with?

Editing: Jim W. Dean


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