Citizen Shooter Saves Officer with Amazing Shooting


A 66 Year Old Texan Vic Stacey Puts Four  357 Magnum Pistol Rounds into a Killer Rifleman at 165 Yards


“Any man in combat who lacks comrades who will die for him, or for whom he is willing to die, is not a man at all. He is truly damned.” …author/historian William Manchester, USMC, Goodbye Darkness.


           …by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

Early, Texas – Double Murder Press Conference

Charles Ronald Conner got into a dispute with a neighbor about his dogs. By the time it was over, the dogs, the neighbor and his girlfriend were all dead, shot with Conner’s 9mm.

Conner then grabbed a lever action, scoped 30-30 rifle and took up a position to add a few of the responding police officers to the bad day he was having.

Sgt. Means, the first responding officer, despite his  having an AR-15 was pinned down in a bad position.

Despite the distance Vic Stacey knew he had to take the clear right flank shot that he had with his 5″ barrel 357 magnum. Vic estimated he was 165 yards out.

But as you are about to hear, that was not a problem for ole Vic.

His first round got the double murderer in the thigh and put him down, but the guy amazingly chambered another round and got a shot off at Vic that almost got him. Vic fired four more times, got four more hits as the officer got the range and finally killed the shooter.

This video is a slice of Texas. What do I mean by that? Well, most people who have pistols, even those who are really good, I don’t know a soul that can shoot accurately at that range. Heck, I don’t even know anyone who has even has even practiced at that range.

But we know Mr. Vic Stacey has. As the saying goes, owning a gun, and being able to use it are two entirely different things.

We have readers who may think that I am glorifying the taking of a life with this piece. They just don’t get it, because it is just the opposite.

Any of you combat vets out there who have had your butts pulled out of what you thought was a one way ticket to hell, due to the shooting skill of a buddy or a stranger, you know exactly what I mean.

This is a riddle. The name is Peter Pace. I will let you figure the rest out.

Gordon ‘gets it’, because he got it. One day in Nam he got caught as the last man out during a pull back.

He found himself in a French colonial cemetery behind a grave stone that an NVA 50 cal gun crew was methodically mowing the top down to their ultimate prize…his head.


Out of the blue an APC pulled up beside him, the shirtless driver popped out the top and assumed a three point firing position with his carbine and engaged the 50 cal crew. You all know that he was successful, and I can share with you that Gordon had the pleasure of meeting him years later.

You can read this great Nam story in ‘The Last Bayonet Charge’, where the Dufster almost got his name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Glorifying the saving of some lives by skilled marksmanship?…you bet your behinds we glorify it, and always will. Time now for Vic to fill you in on the details.

And yes, the shooter killed two people because their dogs were pooping in his yard. He had a clean record, but obviously some coping problems. And as more Americans find themselves living in RV parks we may see more senseless killings like this.

YouTube - Veterans Today -– Citizen Shooter Nails Bad Guy

Last I heard was that even if a magnum round did not kill you, the shock alone would take you out of action. This bad guy was one tough character, or the magnums lose their punch at that range.

The wrap on this story is they had the right man, in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills.

Sheriff Grubbs commended the assisting resident for his actions. Law enforcement has determined that the resident acted valiantly and perhaps saved the lives of Sgt. Means and responding deputies, Grubbs said.

“His actions may have also saved the lives of other citizens who could have innocently walked into the situation. Under fire, the resident shooter returned fire at precisely the right moment. One of the rounds struck Conner in the thigh and staggered Conner as he turned fire on Sgt. Means,” said Grubbs.

“This staggered Conner from having an effective aim as Conner fired upon Sgt. Means. This also enabled Sgt. Means to accurately return fire on Conner.”


  1. I use a Model 28, 4″ in .44 Special. I built it myself, full trigger job, back in 76.

    Next choice is the Ruger Blackhawk .30 in 7.5 inch. Single Action, 6 shot, hits with little drop at 50 to 100 yards, shoulder holster only…surprisingly small gun.

    I could see the 5″ and would prefer the .27. The N frame is a “big scary gun” and might as well use a .44, which hits better. The .357 will make you deaf.


  2. My 10mm Auto only drops its 175 grain Silvertips 10 inches at 165 yards. Not to difficult. Put the front sight across his shoulders and squeeze!

    Also, a 5 inch gun is a very unusual barrel length in revolvers, usually only found being carried by experts. Bill Jordan’s book on revolver gunfighting (“No Second Place Winner”) recommended the 5 inch tube S&W. Mr. Jordan felt that the 5″ barrel in a S&W Model 27 has a unique “feel” to it, helping with fast shooting yet got the maximum out of the cartridge for long range without the barrel being so long that you left the gun at home. The longer sight radius was a plus and for its ability to carry better in a car, yet 99% of weapons are a 4 inch tube (carry) or a 6 inch tube (target). Beware the man with a 5″ inch Smith revolver and a well worn holster of any caliber. Some years ago, there was a run of 5 inch model 27’s in 357 with the new 8 shot cylinder, deep factory blue, goldbead McGivern sights, and factory action work. They were snapped up in weeks.

  3. And the NYPD at short range (near the Empire State Building on 24 August) sprays rounds all over the place, wounding nine bystanders.

    And the corporate media cartel spins it into a “mass shooting,” refusing to tell the public what really happened.

    Gun control is hitting your target,

  4. I believe the key is good common sense understanding of the ballistics of round used, and likewise weapon to deliver. More in-depth understanding equates to precision.

  5. Somewhere in Valhalla, I can hear the applause of Elmer Keith. 165 yards is still a big-time shot — especially under pressure and with the adrenalin flowing. And, yes, the .357 loses a lot of velocity and energy at that distance. However, this gentleman got it done nonetheless. God bless and Godspeed to him. Well done!

  6. It was not a Kid, It was a 66 year old Man from what I read. No talk of his experience with fire arms, but apparently he has quite a bit, At 66 years old I would put money on that his a Viet Nam Vet with a good deal of experience. We had a Fire Arms Instructor with the Sheriff’s office where I live that would shoot the P.O.S.T with his Pistol upside down to calm calm the Cadet’s nevers that were unsure they could pass the course. I saw this with my own eyes–No hear say. The P.O.S.T starts at 25 yards. He also shot it from 50 yards upside down to prove to himself he could do it. Unfortunatlly my Friend passed away a few month ago so he is no longer hear to Confirm this to you, But you can take it to bank it was done.

  7. 5 out of 5 at that range and under that pressure (target shooting back) is amazing with a pistol, even a 357. A long time ago I fired one at 50 yards on the range, at leisure, 3X that plus, under fire, wow.

    The guy deserves a (gold) medal.

  8. In the aftermath of this extraordinary display of marksmanship, General Odierno has earmarked an extra division for the invasion of Texas…expecting a 50% casualty rate.
    Fly high the Gadsden flag…and don’t mess with Texas.

  9. Sir,
    My comments were in no way meant to disparage you, or call your skill into question.
    I was attempting to point out that out here in the back country of the SW, long range shooting-mostly with revolvers, because automatics cannot handle the cartridge intensity required to remain lethal at extended range, was far from uncommon.
    A fine single, or double action revolver, properly loaded in correct caliber, is capable of lethal hits out to several hundred yards. To get consistent hits, yes a rest of type is best, but you can be your own rest through sitting or supine positions.
    Recently, a man I admire acquired a fine condition 44 Magnum model S&W from the 1950’s. Using original flat point cartridges made by Remington, he was able to consistently hit targets out to 300 yards.
    I do believe, from my experience at long range shooting, that if the gun was good, and the ammunition quality, the 357 is capable of hitting at extended ranges. If the target had been struck in the torso, or the head, instead of the thigh, incapacitation would have occurred.
    Lets face it, shooting at another human being is tough for many to do. Shooting in order to save others is a big call. It seems our marksman was up to the task. Personally, I hope there are more solid citizens out there who can shoot like this, it’ll give the psychos in charge a bit of a jolt.

  10. With respect Mr. Kay….bench rest what you’re talking about, come out with results in the same cosmos as what is stated, then get back to me. I have over 30k rounds out of my right hand in 9mm alone. I have shot with and know “the” finest in the world, current and retired. And I have won several beers and meals from them all by my lonesome.

    Read a book called “Unintended Consequences” as an after thought. If you want to talk about insinctual shooting, which is what you are aiming at. There are world records out there people will never believe happened.

    We shoot clay pidgeons with rugers, rifle and target pistol just for fun (.22) . Knowing that, trust me when I say…….the shooting that day was extra terrestrial. Not too impossible…….but I would love to see this kids background when it comes to guns. I think Jim is doing some diligence, hope so anyways. My heroes don’t come as cheep as this story.

    Shit, someone has to win the lottery!

  11. The argument that handguns are short range affairs is long and tiresome. One would think Elmer Keith, and his shooting things at 300, 400 and beyond yards with a handgun would have dispelled this-perhaps not.
    Country boys used to shoot out at the opposite side of the canyon at various targets hundreds of yards away. Why? Because the guy that lost had to do the most chores back at camp or the place!
    I’m no where near as good as some of those guys, but 165 yards is far from impossible with a 357. The one in question is a 5 incher, so its probably a Smith & Wesson N or L frame-both guns can be damn accurate right out of the box.
    God I feel for Ex. But folks, this is exactly what “they” want to bring here, an emasculated, supine populous ready for the camps.
    I expect the number of crazed lone gunmen to continue to magically escalate until they finally realize we ain’t gonna bite the poison apple, or until their mind control zombies turn their guns on them.

  12. All understandable points, but Mr. Vic referred I think to the autopsy report as being the final word on how many hits and by whom. They are public record. I will be following up and feeling him out for doing some radio.

    When I shot for a short while with the big bore gun club, my host who invited me had a 44 mag cannon with a long barrel. On the first day I was his telescope spotter, and I can remember my surprise when I saw the spinning huge bullet going down range like a football pass. The targets were medium deer size steel tip over ones.

    Once you got sited in, and shooting from a barrel support position, the good guys could knock them down. But another 65 yards means even more elevation and drop. That is why I made the comment that only someone who has practiced a good bit at that range could even dream of making the shot.

    And from the interview you could see the range did not seem to intimidate him. But we will stay on this to see what the final outcome is.

  13. Read about it the day after it happened. “Slice of Texas”, yeah I got it, these are my people. Two things, many things actually. Didn’t see yardage or length of barrel in the first news.

    Jim, I am a total gun “freak” not nut. So I can say without a doubt, that yardage, round, barrel length and circumstance is beyond remote. I have no reason to doubt it happened, just realize, fictitious Jesus is comming before that happens again.

    We would shoot at 100 meters with .44’s at kegs and smaller and get good results. Normally, we used super .38, and sometimes .357. That’s off-hand….. No one was shooting back, and another 65 yards is just crazy with the stock sights we have.

    I’ve seen guys shoot 300 yards with 1911’s at man size shrubs and hit near it, consistantly, with the gun pointed at about 35-40 degrees upward.

    If this story is true, he’s YODA. Hitting every shot? At that range with a pistol like that? Lucky cops. Hope one of them had the foresight to buy a lotto ticket after that encounter.

    going to Dallas very soon, will be mentioned over drinks with some of the best pistol shots in the country/world. Funny you wrote about this story before I go meet all those ex-SS fellas once again.

    I can hear it now…. “You guys see that kid that shot another kid at 165 yards with a .357 and hit him 5 times without missing, under fire mind you!?”

    “Oh cmon”

  14. There were two burglars, Jim, both had rap-sheets as long as your arm. The shooter lived on a remote farm had been broken into several times before. Farmers generally have shot guns – for obvious reasons. He fired into the dark as one was coming through a window. The family of the burglar sued him for huge damages – as did the one that got away.

    Brits are now conditioned to think that this is ‘normal’.

  15. Lucky that Mr Stacy does not live in gun controlled Britain. If he did he would now be starting a life sentence for manslaughter – whether it helped the officer or not. This might seem crazy to anyone brought up in Texas – but that is where the gun control freakery leads.

    One man a few years ago shot and killed a burglar (gypsy) breaking into his house in the middle of the night – even after shouting a warning. He was arrested, charged with murder, found guilty – and sentenced to life imprisonment. Constant public outrage at this meant that he was eventually released after a few years – but the message from the courts is clear: YOU CANNOT DEFEND YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY OR YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD.

    Government ‘advice’, if faced with an intruder, is to let them do what they want – and call the police as soon as you are able.

    The authorities want everybody to feel completely helpless and unarmed – (except for them and the criminals of course). That way they have won and the population gets conditioned to feel more like the broken, impotent slaves that the NWO now requires.

  16. I looked for photos and google had almost nothing. None of the killer or the victims. That is the first step in erasing an event….no images to embed a memory.

    We were lucky to get the video. It looks like the local sheriff’s people shot in and then put it up when the media ignored it. But 135,000 Youtube views is not too bad. I will try to contact the guy if possible as we can definitely find security work for a guy that can shoot like that.

    And being an old timer is even better as no one would expect them to be a threat. There are rich people who would rent him as a grandpa in two seconds.

    I did not think of the APC driver saving Gordon’s butt till the end.

  17. A great article for many reasons, not the least is that the cabal is trying to drive a wedge between law enforcement and citizens and this type of event helps keep us connected as we should be. This also reminds me to go to the range since it’s been a couple months. Thanks –

  18. Mr. Dean,
    There are times-the shiver in the back, range, wind, light don’t matter-you know you will score a hit, and you do.

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