By Sir Vojisalv Milosevic, Director, Center for Counter-terrorism&World Peace

If you reside in a parallel universe then welcome to Kosovo, the land of Albanianization and Islamization and all in the name of “democracy”. A flick back into history tells us that the Serbs were 99% of the population of  Kosovo 600 years ago, but today the Orthodox Christian Serbs are between 6% and 8% depending on various figures.

Of course, the Kosovo Serbs became a minority because of the ravages of the Ottoman Empire, Islamization, and Albanian support of fascism during the German Nazi period. Communism in the old Yugoslavia was the final nail in the coffin because Albanian long-term objectives became a reality and this applies to immigration and other important areas. However, this reality is ignored and instead the dehumanization of the Kosovo Serbs goes hand in hand in this parallel universe.

“Kosovo Albanian nationalist militias called the “Balli Kombëtar” (or “Ballistas”) carried out a campaign of deportation and murder of Serbs in 1943 and 1944. Then, on Hitler’s express order, the Germans formed the 21st “Waffen-Gebirgs Division der SS” – the Skanderbeg Division. It was hoped that Skanderberg Division Albanians could achieve it’s well-known political objective of creating a   viable “Greater Albania” including Kosovo.”

Hein­rich Himm­ler and Grand Mufti Hus­seini, cre­ators of the “Han­jar Division”
Rudi Sommerer, left, and Albanian Muslim Nazir Hodich, members of the Albanian Battalion in the Handzar SS Division, both wearing the SS Albanerfez or skullcap.

Policy was to organize volunteer military units among sympathizers in occupied countries. Of all the occupied nations only the Serbs, Greeks and Poles refused to form volunteer units. The Germans recruited the 9,000 man Skanderbeg division to fight resistance groups but the Skanderbeg’s Albanians had little interest in going up against soldiers; they mainly wanted to terrorize local Serbs, “Gypsies” and Jews. Many of these Kosovo Albanians had seen prior service in the Bosnian Muslim and Croatian SS divisions which were notorious for slaughtering civilians.

SS-Brigadefuehrer Karl-Gustav Sauberzweig, the commander of the Handzar SS Division, wearing the SS Albanerfez or skullcap of the Albanian Battalion, I/28, Bosnia, 1944.

Why such passionate hatred for non-Albanians? A big factor was militant Islam. The Fundamentalist “Second League of Prizren” was created in September 1943 by Xhafer Deva, a Kosovo Albanian, to work with the German authorities. The League proclaimed a jihad (holy war) against Christians. They were backed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, El Haj Emin Huseini, who had called for getting rid of all Jews in what was at that time British-occupied Palestine. Albanian religious intolerance was shown by their targeting Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries for destruction.

In 1945, but the remnants of the Kosovo Albanian fascist groups continued fighting the Yugoslav government for six years, with a major rebellion from 1945 to 1948 in the Drenica region. That rebellion was under the command of Shabhan Paluzha and it is called the Shabhan Paluzha rebellion. Sporadic violence continued until 1951. It is literally true to say that the last shots of World War II were fired in Kosovo.

Orthodox Christians don’t have a rightful place at the table in Europe unlike secular, Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim dominated nations.  Three wars since World War Two in Europe involving Orthodox Christians and Muslims in Bosnia, Cyprus, and Kosovo respectively, and each time Western powers supported Muslims over Orthodox Christians.

In recent times it wasn’t only the Kosovo Albanians who persecuted the Kosovo Serbs because outside Western forces had a grand plan and a huge propaganda machine took place under Western support for the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army. The organ scandal tainted leadership of course is fine because Hashim Thaci and the Kosovo Albanian clique are friends of London, Washington and Berlin.

The Russian Federation which is mainly Orthodox Christian but with a sizeable Muslim minority, is also deemed to be a nation to contain, therefore, NATO expansion is aimed at containing the most powerful mainly Orthodox Christian nation in the world.

Therefore, the same international community which was robust about Kosovo and supporting the mainly Muslim Albanians of this region; is the same international community which did zilch about Turkey taking control of northern Cyprus.  Of course, Orthodox Christian nations are welcome in the “European club” and “NATO club” but on conditions that they fall into line and agree to join a military pact which is aimed at containing and reducing the power of the Russian Federation.

Yet, if the Kosovo Serbs dare to challenge Albanianization, Islamization, and de-Christianization of Orthodox Christianity, then “the rule of law” and implementing shared themes with the organ tainted Albanian leadership comes into place in order to cut the Kosovo Serbs down to size.

Yet, if the Kosovo Serbs dare to challenge Albanianization, Islamization, and de-Christianization of Orthodox Christianity, then “the rule of law” and implementing shared themes with the organ tainted Albanian leadership comes into place in order to cut the Kosovo Serbs down to size.

Therefore, in this parallel universe where a minority is being squeezed even more in order to placate the majority, more anti-Kosovo Serb policies are being implemented.

A fresh operation against Kosovo Serbs will take place in northern Kosovo during recent demonstrations by Kosovo Serbs.  Therefore, the usual “rule of law” mantra is being ushered but where was the “rule of law” during the organ scandal and ethnic pogroms which took place against many vulnerable Kosovo Serb communities and other minorities.

The 21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Skanderbeg (1st Albanian) was a mountain division of the Waffen SS set up by Reichsführer-SSHeinrich Himmler in March 1944, officially under the title of 21. – on Hitler’s express order

Western morality is that the victims of history who suffered 600 years of victimhood at the hands of so many external forces must be taught a lesson for trying to defend their land.  NATO and other institutions which have helped to take Kosovo away from Serbia would have been welcomed with open arms by the slave master Turks of the Ottoman Empire and the grand designs of Nazi Germany.

Who said history is dead? After all, Germany and Turkey welcome the downsizing of Serbia and both nations are intent on spreading their power base in the Balkans in the modern period and only a compliant and weakened Serbia will be allowed.

Kosovo is often portrayed in the media as an isolated mountainous region, poor and without resources. It might seem, from theese accounts, to be an area of interest only to those who live there.

The New York Times, for example, has carried dozens of such articles by Chris Hedges. Only once Hedges wrote about the real wealth of Kosovo’s „Stari Trg“ mining complex. It was a tip-off that something more was at stake in this war: Hedges’s visit to the „Stari Trg“ („Old Square“) mining complex was an eye opener. He described the glittering veins of lead, zinc, cadmium, gold and silver in „Stari Trg“. This is Serbian „Kuwait“, the heart of Kosovo…

In addition to all of this,  Kosovo has 17 billion tons of coal reserves. Lignite deposits in the Kosovo mines are, according to experts, sufficient for the next 13 centuries. The capacity of the lead and zinc refineries ranks third in the world. Web site: described Trepca as the „richest lead and zinc mines in Europe“.

Yes, there is coal to be had in Kosovo. But, the real prize is the zinc-lead-gold-silver mining complex at „Stari Trg“. The „Zinc air“ battery will be probably to the next decade what oil and gasoline are now, as the now perfected Electric Car becomes widely marketed. The West needs  that Zinc mining complex, the third largest in the World.

Although the average person watching the news in the evening has never heard of „Stari Trg“, it has been a prize changing hands for 2.000 years.

The wealth of „Stari Trg“ is legendary. Precious metals were mined there more than 2.000 years ago, first by the Greeks, than by the Romans.

These mines were the grand prize in the Nazi occupation of the Balkans, after Germany grabbed control from the British. The mines have great industrial and military importance. The Nazis used batteries produced there to power their U-boats. Today, submarine batteries are still made there.

The enormous mineral wealth of Kosovo is never publicly discussed by U.S. President Clinton, UN Ambassador Richard Holbrooke or the Pentagon generals. They spoke only of „self-determination“ of the Albanian population of Kosovo. They never mentioned what US-imposed „self-determination“ means. It means colonization under the guise of „liberation“, like what U.S. did to Puerto Rico, Cuba, Philippines, or elsewere, hundred years ago. Serbia wanted to preserve its industry and natural resources for the future. Today, we have elegal ocupation of part of Serbian teritory by NATO troops. Why?

The answer is in the new roles of ex-Chief of State Department Mrs. Madeleine Albriht: she is the owner of Communication Company at Kosovo. And of course, the present economic role of war criminal Wesley Clark and his oil company at Kosovo and Albania, and Bernard Kouchner who were No.1 in organ trafficking : owner of mobile operator company at Kosovo. He was forced to resign from the post of Minister of foreign affairs of France because of lot of proofs against him. At end of a day, mentioned above were just minor players in Kosovo tragedy.

Dick Marty, in an interview with the Swiss Le Temps stated that the reports by the intelligence services—the German, British, Italian, Greek ones—as well as reports from the FBI—were sent to various ministries of foreign affairs and all of them noted gruesome crimes committed by the KLA. These countries gave priority to diplomatic policy, Marty said. He was critical of own country, which played a pioneering role in recognizing Kosovo. As a result, Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey decided not to receive an award by the Albanian Kosovo diaspora for her contribution to the recognition of Kosovo UDI.

The Swiss took hard line: “The Swiss Foreign Ministry calls on the affected countries and particularly Kosovo for clarification on these accusations. The appropriate and international authorities must lead legal steps to assemble potential evidence.” The Swiss called on EULEX and its War Crimes investigation unit to “drive investigation.” EULEX, however, responded that they may not have jurisdiction over the case, even if the perpetrators are in Kosovo, because the body parts were removed in Albania. Thaci has been prohibited from entering Switzerland “for a certain period of time.” The Swiss media, like Geneva’s Le Temps took Switzerland to task by questioning how much responsibility should it bear, considering it was one of the first countries to recognize Kosovo.  The Swiss Parliament is expected to debate the Thaci accusations .

It is not credible that Kouchner didn’t know anything about organ trafficking although needless to say he denies it. Canadian Captain Stu Kellogg, head of UNMIK police for hard crimes in 2000-2001 when Kouchner served, said in an interview with the Belgrade media—Blic, Politika, Vecernje Novosti, Press—that Kouchner was regularly briefed on organized crime and must have known about the organ trafficking but Thaci was untouchable at the time. Furthermore he said that Thaci and his buddies controlled everything in Kosovo, including the police and the borders.

The Americans selected Thaci and he was untouchable. Kellogg said that he knew who Thaci was adding yet that any critic on Thaci’s account was discarded immediately. Thaci’s buddies enjoyed the ambassador status. Kouchner’s deputy was an American Jock Covie, who was involved in every major decision. This was a part of Holbrooke’s methodology to have an American as a deputy to closely oversee what an UN appointee was doing.

I have failed to find any reaction from Marti Ahtisaari. He knew as everybody else involved about the macabre crimes committed by Thaci and his cohorts. The Finnish News Agency (STT) published two articles alleging that Ahtisaari was “bought” by the Albanian mafia. The UN Secretary General requested and obtained from German BND a detailed report. A connection between the Albanian mafia and Ahtisaari was established but the report was locked up by the UN.

Ahtisaari was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2008. While most legal experts testified that there was no legal case for independence the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo proceeded with the award and characterized Ahtisaari as a tireless negotiator in conflicts in the Balkans. His mediation was nothing short of a farce. His job was only to choreograph the predetermined outcome: independence. Did the Oslo committee also know about Thaci’s macabre crimes?

Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke, Bill Clinton, Wesley Clark and Co. were not the first to sponsor a Greater Muslim Bosnia and a Greater Muslim Kosovo. NAZI Heinrich Himmler exploited this policy before them ! Support for a Greater Bosnia and a Greater Albania advanced U.S. geopolitical, military, and economic interests that were beneficial to both parties. Similarly, the Bosnian Muslims provided manpower, the warm bodies, for Himmler’s Waffen SS.

In early February 2008, „Gustafson Association“, on behalf of „Manas Petroleum Company“, said it has discovered big oil and gas reserves in northern Albania: 2.987 billion barrels of oil and 1.004 trillion cubic meters of gas. This is 50% of the established reserves. Where is the other half? The other half, the same 3 billion barrels of oil and 1 trillion cubic meters of gas is located in Kosovo. „God bless America“ and 1999. Undecleared war against Serbia !!!

There was no „ethnic cleansing“ in Kosovo before the NATO attacks,

Only an ongoing conflict between Yugoslav (Serbian) security forces and KLA separatists. In January 1999, an intelligence report from the German Foreign Office stated: „Even in Kosovo an explicit political persecution linked to Albanian ethnicity is not verifiable. The East of Kosovo is still not involved in armed conflict. Public life in cities like Pristina, Urosevac, Gnjilan, etc. Has, in the entire conflict period, continued on a relatively normal basis“. The „actions of the security forces (were) not directed against the Kosovo-Albanians as an ethnically defined group, but against the military opponent and its actual or alleged supporters.“

Once the NATO air attacs began, Yugoslavia (Serbia&Montenegro) took the essential defensive step of moving an army into Kosovo to wipe out KLA  („Kosovo Liberation Army“,  proclaimed by U.S. State Department as terrorist organization)   terrorist bases, and secure the borders against a possible ground attack by NATO. The war between  the government and KLA along with the NATO bombing, created an unstable environment in many areas that caused large numbers to flee. About 200.000 Kosovo refugees of all ethnic backgrounds have moved further into Yugoslavia, into either Montenegro or other Serbian territories.

Serbian troops were involved in expulsions where they perceived a security threat in the event of invasion or saw an area as heavily compromised with the KLA. The United States had similar motivation in 1941 with the internment of Japanese Americans because of American’s fears of invasion. It is not nice, but it happens when war breaks out.

Serbian troops may also have targeted Albanians who are „illegal aliens“ in the country (U.S. and EU countries are faced with that kind of problem too) who may number around 300.000. These people, born in Albania with no sense of Serbian citizenship, have been a major contributor to dissidence in the province. Many of them fled as soon as the bombing started, deciding to return to their homes in Albania. They made up a goodly portion of the „refugees“. It is worth nothing that there were 100.000 Albanians living in Belgrade , who were: NOT TOUCHED!!!

U.S. leaders profess consern for the Kosovo Albanians as an oppressed group, yet they uttered not a single word of outrage against the Czech Republic mistreatment of Gypsies, the British oppression of the Roman Catholic minority in Northern Ireland, the Hutu mass murder of 800.000 Tutsis in Rwanda, the 38.000 Kurds slaughtered and 4 million displaced by Turkey, NATO partner, nor the one million Christians killed in the Sudan. NATO even seems oblivious to the ongoing slaughter in Sri Lanka and East Timor.

Turkish persecution of the Kurds is going on now, and it has been going on for decades, but You have never seen the need to drop „smart“ bombs on Istanbul and demand that the Turks let Western or NATO countries to run their country for them. In spite of 38.000 Kurds slaughtered and 4 million displaced?

Apparently, none of these victims fall into the category of U.S. so called: „national interest“.

I am defending the Serbian struggle, not merely because it is the moral thing to do, but because this is the last truly multi-national state in Europe, unlike Croatia, and the last free people in Europe. The Serbs proved to be a stuborn and powerful obstacle to the IMF and NATO domination of southeastern Europe. This is why Serbia was savagely demonized, betrayed and finaly slaughtered. Since the truth would be unpopular with American voters, the administration’s foreign policy had to invent lies to justify their actions.

The big lie is triumphant. The possible defeat of the Serbs leaves us all with a much more dangerous world.


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Director of Center for Counter Terrorism and World Peace (Centra za Anti-Terorizam i Svetski Mir). Milosevic graduated at the Faculty for Political Sciences in Belgrade in 1980 with postgraduate studies in Islamic fundamentalism. He has worked with UNESCO and UNCTAD, a journalist, counselor at the Protocol of the Federal Parliament, speaker, politician, and book author.