Rogue Army Propaganda Mob Bans VT

Political "Dirty Trickster," Karl Rove Made Daily Reports to Our Troops at War for Years
Who is Looking Down the Barrel?

Defense Media Activity, a Command at Ft. Meade, Censors VT for Political Expose


“Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.” …George Washington – on Ray Ordierno


Political “Dirty Trickster,” Karl Rove Made Daily Reports to Our Troops at War for Years

 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


This is a strange position for us, pro-government and directly against what is a rogue gang within the military, the propaganda group at Ft. Meade still under the thumbs of Cheney and Rove, leaving us “mainstream” and them “Taliban” and “extremist.”

With powerful friends within the military, the Defense Media Activity is well know to us, their “Islamophobia classes,” their ties to the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute. 

Sources confirm that Karl Rove is still advising this organization on a daily basis without approval of the Secretary, done through a contract “think tank.”

An even funnier issue is how closely we work with the Army and other “agencies” who use us as “back channel” communications.  We regularly agree to print “requested” items from Washington in trade for quality “non-operational” leaks.  Lots of folks wearing lots of “stars” depend on us saying what they can’t.

They are the “Fox/Murdoch” puppets who propagandize our troops, cover up scandals and work to rig presidential elections. They are a nest of petty incompetents, a “farm of vipers” that we strongly hope Secretary of Defense Panetta can get control of before the presidential elections.

We are going to “lay them out” like they deserve and if they want to “kick back,” I will debate anyone they want to send out, anytime, anywhere. Welcome to my world….

VT learned last night that the Defense Media Activity is censoring VT from military bases because of an article involving illegal political contributions tying Mitt Romney to the “blood diamond” trade, illegal foreign contributions and wide dealings with organized crime. 

The article, Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid, went viral on the internet.  General Odierno, the man who tried to order troops into our cities to quell “Occupation” demonstrators, ordered this attack on VT, according to Pentagon sources.

General Ray Ordierno

The military fed us information on Romney because they are afraid we may be pushed into a conflict in the Persian Gulf and the other minor issue, General Dempsey is a favorite of ours and is now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This is what it is all about.  Powell, good man though he has been, was not a strong person.  General Myers, Bush’s 9/11 Chairman was one of the worst generals in American history…Myers with Rumsfeld, America barely survived.

Now the Army has Obama and Panetta doing exactly what the best of our officer corps has wanted, General Dempsey has a total free hand.

Dempsey is clearly running the show, taking the lead in our dealings with his counterparts around the world, one of those rare times when the right commander is in the right place at the right time.

This, however, is the problem for those who depend on a weakened US.  Where Obama may have bent to political pressure or lacked a base of power, Dempsey is totally in command and backed 100%.

This has made him a target, Netanyahu finds him impossible to manipulate and Romney has been directed to fire Dempsey at all costs.  After leaving Tel Aviv last week, Dempsey was subjected to an assassination attempt credited to the Taliban but nobody takes that seriously. 

They respect Dempsey and have expressed belief that his advice will bring about a more rapid and lasting end to conflict in Afghanistan.

We have been quite surprised at the new found Obama supporters who would have died before supporting a “Dem.”  Romney and Ryan have powerful enemies in the Pentagon and we only reflect that.  I actually find it “refreshing.”

Romney is closely tied with Israeli Likudists and is said to have promised a US invasion of Iran, without support of the UN or any allies, if elected.

Up to 60 million in illegal cash was collected in Israel and London, much in secret meetings with banksters, the diamond trade racketeers, Russian “oligarchs” or “laundered” through supporters who traveled with Romney.

The international drug trade not only sent representatives but their leaders were actually traveling with Romney on his jet.

Since this time, VT has been under, initially, sophisticated “hack attacks” with individual editors subjected to attempts at sophisticated computer intrusions.

As VT editors are also either serving intelligence officers or contractors attached with highly classified projects, their “day jobs,” their lines are monitored voluntarily for security reasons.

It has to be embarrassing when a US command hacks my Skype and finds me involved in arranging meetings for top US cyber security officials to meet with their foreign counterparts.  What do you do then, arrest yourself?”  (Gordon Duff, describing issues that occurred last fall)

General Dempsey – Joint Chiefs of Staff

Our biggest issue with the Ft. Meade group, says Duff, “is that we openly support President Obama and General Dempsey, CIA Director Petraeus and DOD Director Panetta.

We have a tacit understanding with US agencies to publish no operational material.

Moreover, we maintain Washington based lobbying contacts at the highest levels and work with top law firms, like the ones intelligent career professionals learn to avoid disrespecting.”

A key issue to VT is that the DOD is still deeply infiltrated with political hacks.

General Petraeus has spent months cleaning out the CIA, trying to bring an end to embarrassments like the “Raymond Davis” murders in Pakistan.

You can then add in the long history of terrorist leaders like Gulbuddin Hekmatyar or accused terrorist Osama bin Laden, now believed killed a second time, being on the active CIA payroll while simultaneously running major  operations and being “hunted” as terrorists.

“At one point, we had several terrorist leaders working on Bagram Air Force Base while special operations troops had been looking for them for years, not without dozens of casualties.”


The Bush Years – Are they still with us?

It is this kind of issue that seems to disturb Ft. Meade, whose right wing politics and control of military media has long been a problem for the credibility of the armed forces.

“For eight ‘Bush years,” Ft. Meade worked directly for Karl Rove, running political advertisements for the GOP on a continual basis to the point that there was little other programming.

The choices were the Pentagon Channel, 24 hours a day of GOP political speeches, the Armed Forces Network, continual political ads that made movies and other shows unwatchable, along with Fox News and huge doses of Rush Limbaugh.”

The worst of this ended with the Obama election where most programming overtly returned to military oriented news and, in some cases genuinely informative material tied to problems that we now see in both the disintegration of our military from overwork and the huge disaster we face with hundreds of thousands of dead, homeless and incarcerated recent veterans.

“Problem is, those who saw the change in the wind, may have overtly cleaned up their act but many are still around, those who peddled religious extremism at behest of a White house “out of control,” and huge doses of Islamophobia which led to endless acts of brutality.

It was largely the command at Ft. Meade that lost the war in Afghanistan, breaking down the discipline of our troops, antagonizing our allies and, if we are honest about it, having a strong hand in the 40 recent killings of Americans by troops they had recently trained who saw Americans as their ‘blood enemies.’”

Has the DoD’s Media Command been ‘Moonlighting’,  Serving a Shadow Government? If so, Why?


If the key to democracy is an informed electorate and we have the courage to admit that, over the past 20 years, our media has come under the control of a mix of defense contractors and foreign lobbyists, there is no format for debating an issue any sensible person can plainly see, we have become a nation of endless “dumbing down” and childish propaganda.

The Dufster – USMC – Summer of ’69 – Vietnam

If anyone wants evidence, look around you.  We are considering our third concurrent war, all being lost far worse than Vietnam while our economic reality requires massive cuts in military spending.

While we require fiscal responsibility, we have a clear issue about what that means, with one side supporting endless borrowing through a bizarre form of counterfeiting called “derivatives.”

This group, and their counterfeit economy, that has led America to near collapse and the worst economic times, “jobwise” in 70 years and “debtwise” since the Continental Congress.

We have military commands peddling propaganda, censoring honest news and still operating under the political control of a regime, not just “out of office,” but ducking war crimes extraditions in 120 nations.  Many in the Intelligence community would considered such a scenario a national security threat in itself, which is why we are publishing this.

“To a large extent, I see the Ft. Meade command as responsible.  They opened the door for torture, rendition, military tribunals, suspension of habeas corpus, loss of American freedoms, opting for peddling religious extremism, one party politics, outright lying almost continually and broad censorship.

If there is a rationale for where things have gotten, 500,000 recent veterans unemployable, suicidal, medicated, imprisoned while many active duty units now wear “gang colors” and swear allegiance to “white supremacist” groups or actively engage in criminal activity at the behest of their civilian gang leaders, while in uniform, this is the Army Ft. Meade propaganda gave us.”

Most are unaware of this problem, gangs.  Currently, American military bases are being “tagged” with gang symbols with rival criminal organizations, “street gangs” from across the urban landscape working with military recruiters, a group under continual pressure.

The result is major infiltration of military units by criminal organizations who are not the least bit shy about announcing either their presence or their power, power that exceeds that of the military to control them.

“On many bases, the most dangerous threats are not that of foreign invasion but ‘drive by shootings.’ 

Surveys show most sexual assault are not reported

There had long been some problems endemic to the military, corruption in the NCO corps, an epidemic of rape, sexual predators at the highest command levels; these are issues that websites like have dealt with for years.

With a military that has become largely female, up to 50% of women serving complain of sexual harassment at the hands of commanders and training officers.

Thirty percent have reported being raped within the military, the “Ft. Meade” gang in particular, suppressing figures and, if we are honest about it, creating the atmosphere of corruption, cover-ups, censorship and religious and political extremism that have led to this epidemic of crime.

Looking over the front page of alone, you scroll through listed arrests of senior officers for sex crimes and financial corruption, with some stealing tens of millions of dollars.

This is a standard piece of real news, what our military is now doing, stories that never reach any media in the US other than websites banned by Ft. Meade:

“Former Army Light Colonel indicted by Federal grand jury – Donald D. Young named as mastermind in scam to defraud Govt. of $54 million –  Alleged to have steered big bucks contracts to crooked pals in Afghanistan – Young is a former Green Beret.” …(

The biggest issues are the “taskings” for what has become a “psyop” against our own troops.

“What do we do when billions are spent, not to fight an enemy but to destroy ourselves, when our own army declares war on itself, hires ‘thieves and liars’ to act as co-conspirators in what has become a pervasive atmosphere of war crimes, rape, corruption and ‘meltdown.’”


Thus, VT chooses to take on the Defense Media Activity.

Few Americans understand what they subject their sons and daughters in the military to.  As we are an organization of intelligence professionals, including top presidential advisors, top intelligence commanders, not just American but from allies and “others” as well, we know “news” from “bull.”

I remember Stars and Stripes from the 1960s, we would get it on rare occasions in Vietnam and, now and then, someone would have a transistor radio when we would come into range of AFVN Radio (85 kHz) in Da Nang.

From time to time, radio hosts would be hauled away for saying the “right thing,” not just Adrian Kranauer of “Good Morning Vietnam.”

What is the truth?  Military bases are like prisons.  Whether in Vietnam or Germany or Afghanistan, the only difference between a prison and military base is, well, we aren’t sure.

The basis for military service is a mitigation of civil rights, an unconstitutional system of justice, rule by force, arbitrary and capricious for sure.

We wouldn’t be facing $4.3 trillion in payouts to recent veterans if they hadn’t suffered trauma.  Claiming that the trauma, the killings are all “enemy related” is fanciful at best.  It can be just as dangerous “ inside the wire” of some bases as outside.

One difference between civilian prisons and the military is that when you are executed in prison, your family gets to watch.  If you are like Corporal Pat Tillman, you are sent out on a “one way patrol,” murdered and a 4 star general is assigned to cover it up. Colin Powell make his “stripes” by covering up the murder of 700 women and children in Vietnam at My Lai.

There is a reason I feel uncomfortable with our “neocon” gang at Ft. Meade, the Defense Media Activity.  I look at Afghanistan.  We remain silent on fact that we aren’t just protecting opium producers but that we brought in heroin processing and distribution of 98% of the world’s heroin is all done by air.

Air transporting opium and heroin out of Afghanistan has been going on for years.

The Taliban, who are continually blamed by propagandists at Meade, lacks an air force.  The Russian government says the US government is distributing the world’s heroin supply.

Are they wrong? Are we teaching our kids to be drug dealers and addicts?

Then there is the issue of how the military disposes of those who joined to build a career and future for their family.  Tens of thousands have been worn down by, not just war, but war for profit.

I have driven thousands of miles through Iraq.  I have had government officials take me to the hospitals and schools Americans paid to build.

They don’t exist, they are empty fields, never completed, most never begun. Some are abandoned ruins.  All were paid to completion and every soldier who served in theatre has seen this corruption.

As for “separation,” thousands, perhaps endless thousands, have been virtually held prisoner in what can only be described as detention facilities, like the one at Walter Reed, forced to take cash settlements at a few cents on the dollar in order to regain their freedom and take their broken bodies and minds back to their families.

The military has so much to hide, much more than the $3 trillion dollars it has stolen in the last decade.

Thus, our children are lied to, the Ft. Meade crowd scripts it all, a psyop against our own nation, now filling our streets with broken, unemployable, unsurvivable kids, drugged by the military, sexually abused, lied to every day, fully institutionalized as though they had been in prison.

We are expecting a book by a Navy SEAL discussing his role in the bin Laden affair.  First of all, it is not conjecture in the intelligence world that bin Laden died in 2001, it can be proven. Nobody tells the truth to our troops, they are lied to every hour on the hour all hour long.

General Ordierno has offered American troops for ‘crowd suppression’ work against their fellow citizens.

Every word they hear is a lie.  We know their real role, what Army Chief, General Odierno wants… an army that will come home and hold America hostage.  He has published articles on this for the Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR.

His subordinates call him “deeply disturbed and repulsive,” and his views are obnoxious to America’s traditions. He runs the Army.

As for discussions of military rape, illegal imprisonment, “stop loss” or the poisoned food and water troops have been subjected to, this and so many other subjects, along with drug dealing in Afghanistan and honest reports about conditions, none of it can be found anywhere.

It can’t be reported on the news, we only get press releases except for the Walter Reed scandal 5 years ago. The internet is regularly scoured, websites attacked and closed, who report the truth.  It goes further, we don’t even want to discuss “whistleblowers.”

Hundreds of ranking intelligence, armed forces and law enforcement personnel have come forward on criminal issues from 9/11 to sexual assaults to drug dealing to phony intelligence.  Some were fired, some were imprisoned and many were murdered. 

For a “democracy,” America has a wonderful capability of making people and ideas simply disappear, Stalin would be envious. Some would describe this as home grown terrorism.

My own issue is that the Army is again in politics, the officer corps, the bottom feeders among them who have lost two wars and want to lose a third…overpaid, babied, undereducated and incompetent, peddling their extremist politics to our troops. They don’t like another point of view even though that point of view is more supportive of the United States than theirs.

My view is simple.  If you could survive and thrive in a service academy among bullies, butt kissers, liars, rapists and mythologists, I don’t want you around our troops, representing our country or involved in politics.

If the Army, or the nutty right wing version believes it can censor the truth by abusing its power, if it thinks it can silence freedom, let it try. I wish you good luck with that. Were I with the gang at Ft. Meade, I would have left this alone.  You guys are in over your heads.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.