“Post Israel” 82 Page Report Bogus Mossad Psyop


No Report was Written – Independent Journalists Fed Story by “Hasbara” Infiltrators


   … by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor



Since the debacle for Israel at the UN meeting, the “Wylie Coyote” Netanyahu presentation, the failed “walkout” during Ahmadinejahd’s speech and the Obama “thumbs down” on “red line” demands, Israel has turned to its long list of infiltrators to attempt to salvage World War III and Mitt Romney.

First of all, the stories about a secret 82 pages report on titled: Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East, is a false flag.  There is only one format for such a document and that is a “National Intelligence Assessment.”  No such request has been made, no assessment received by any source and there is no client for such a document.  The answer is simple, this is a “con.”

[youtube -BiXgQf_O_I&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=2&feature=plcp]

The cover story is that 16 intelligence agencies prepared a report which, curiously, reflects a series of articles I have written which describe how much of the US military and intelligence infrastructure has distanced itself from Israel.  However, the bogus report is, in actuality, an attempt to rally American Jews behind “holocaust type” Israeli victimization.

[Editors Note: This means to get the cash registers clinging for dollars in the last stages of the campaign to assure that the Iran War candidate wins and the military and Intel community can be cleansed of all the pesky ‘America Firsters’...jd]


Henry Kissinger is currently doing a “road trip” among American Jews who have turned their backs on AIPAC and Netanyahu.

He is trying to scare them into supporting Romney, Adelson and his legal problems through “the same old bull,” peddling “victimization” and “boogeyman under the bed” stories. 

The report is intended to pull votes to Romney and cover for the fact that AIPAC gets no money other than Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers. 

What had been kept secret, the real secret is that the invisible man of all time, Eric Holder, Attorney General who nobody has heard from, is actually preparing a case against Adelson who admits such in a interviews.

An honest evaluation of the situation has to include a few facts:

  • The Mossad aren’t idiots and this kind of “ham handed” double dealing is meant to fool those who have hoped for such a thing so long, playing on their sense of decency, a well known target for Israeli psyops
  • Were the report to exist, much of what it says is true
  • The imaginary report, released through Israeli assets among the “anti-Zionist” crowd and some very good sources who trusted the wrong people is currently being written in Tel Aviv
  • The purpose of the report is precisely for the effect intended:  Only Jews who back Obama and are unconcerned with Iran are the target.  There is no reason for such a report to be written by the Mossad or simply imagined except to aid Israel
  • No combination of American intelligence agencies are allowed or capable of producing a single document nor is there general agreement except informally through the Joint Chiefs of Staff and through some in the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence” and some of the CIA.  Other agencies are not onboard and VT has little difficulty checking. 


Global Research – A very big budget for an ‘independent’. Something that does not exist in the real world.

Another false flag operation meant to aid Israel comes out of Canada.  A website there is crediting the imaginary “Green Resistance” with the planning and execution of the killing of the US ambassador to Libya in Benghazi. 

This report came out two days after I named the Mossad as responsible and for having coordinated the attack with efforts inside the US from former CIA asset, Terry Jones, now working with the CATO Institute (Koch Brothers), PJ Media and Google.

These are vital intelligence assets of Israel and blaming the CIA, who has almost no presence in Libya (the CIA was caught unaware and unable to set up a station in Libya…not too bright) is meant to provide cover.

The website we found carrying this Israeli psyop is www.globalresearch.ca which is a supposedly “anti-Zionist” publication that shares funding and staff with some surprising “mainstream” and very pro-Israel partners.

We have caught them many times before, at times producing outstanding work and, when called upon, stories are released there and on other such sites that are pure Mossad psyops. This is one of the worst.



In order to sell the cover story of the phony report, Israeli websites have put out attack pieces criticizing one of the journalists who did the most to spread this.

As to whether that journalist is totally misinformed, as has been the case so often, into following Israel’s “line” or was simply hoodwinked and bamboozled is none of my affair.

Now, all we can do is wait for SITE Intelligence or some other Mossad group to leak a PDF that dozens of Israeli housewives are busily typing out, cutting and pasting some sort of letterhead to.

In the real world, congress, the Pentagon, the CIA and other agencies have heard nothing of it. Common sense would tell any qualified journalist or intelligence operative or anyone with experience in government or the military that this is all total bull.

Common sense should have led someone else to writing this days ago and saved my time.

That I have to write something this obvious because nobody else does… is embarrassing.

[Note: It’s getting harder to find good help these days…jd]

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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