Press TV: Exclusive: Assange-Mossad ties unveiled


Assange and Arab Spring:  More Deceit than “Openness”

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

The aftermath of the last world altering months may mean life or death, war or peace for millions, perhaps the entire world.  Real conflict in Syria, the attempts by others to expand regional conflicts, tribal feuds and ethnic rivalries into war of aggression is becoming openly recognized, perhaps for the first time in history.

Since the days of Machiavelli, war through deception has been the rule but the information age has made deception a more powerful tool than ever imagined.

Perhaps it is time the tables were turned and the “deceivers” were to receive some of the recognition they have, for so long, been denied.

Today’s story will involve Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Israel, the Mossad.  Along with Netanyahu, Assange has tried to insert his way into the American election on the side of a losing candidate whose platform is simply war with Iran.  Some explanation is needed.

His recent statement, theoretically to the United Nations, one attacking President Obama, always sparing any mention of Israel or the rights of the Palestinian people, are cheap showmanship, utter lies and a form of “holocaust flag waving” he learned from Netanyahu.

No move has ever been made against Wikileaks by the United States, they and their allies in the paid press and Israeli lobby and intelligence services have had free reign while the kingly live of Julian Assange sheds crocodile tears over the imprisonment of Bradley Manning whose relationship with Wikileaks has become increasingly remote.

I know heroes, I work with them daily, Veterans Today has many on its staff who have sacrificed their futures, their safety and several, their lives, putting out hard truths that aren’t filtered by the rich and powerful.  A dozen lifetimes of training in counter-espionage, psychological warfare and “cover operations” has left our staff more than able to tell a “pig” from a “chicken.”

Our most recent episode and the concurrent orchestrated reactions, the things no news agency would see or touch is where we begin;

Nothing at the UN General Assembly meeting or anything else that went on in New York happened the way some wanted.  A critical issue is the US election.  It shouldn’t be but it is.

Currently, Iran and the United States are going through a period of, what many of us hope, will lead to more dialog and even reconciliation.

Few Americans are aware of the CIA’s role in the 1953 overthrow of Iran’s government or the brutality of the Shah.  However, many Americans remember decades of working with the Iranian people, their friends there and how, one day in 1979, all of that changed.

There were Americans in Iran supporting the government’s oppression of the people, part of what was considered a policy justified by the “Cold War” against the Soviet Union.  America had forced dozens, many dozens of dictatorships on the people of the world to “oppose communism.”  Some of those governments survive to this day, some in the Middle East.

This week, from his balcony at the Ecuadorian embassy, Assange unleashed his program, carefully coordinated with the world’s druglords, his “bankster” friends and, closest of all, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, his strongest supporter, one to interfere in the American election on behalf of Mitt Romney.

We got to know Assange initially with his video of a US helicopter killing civilians in Iraq.  The problem is, of course, Assange supported the war in Iraq, supported a US attack on Iran for Iraq, supported war with Pakistan, supports US interference in Syria and, where he stands apart from most well informed people of the world, is a lead figure in suppressing an investigation of 9/11.

Yet no media outlet ever asked why someone whose official beliefs support war on Islam for Israel would build a cult of personal fame directing world attention to US actions when those actions are commonly known to have been proof of American submission to pressure from the AIPAC lobby that totally controlled the Bush administration.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were Israel’s wars, words never to pass Julian Assange’s lips.

Assange is a pure Islamophobe.

Assange, an intelligence asset of Israel, as Zbigniew Brzezinski pointed out on December 2, 2010 on National Public Radio in an interview with Judy Woodruff, one tasked with supplying a platform for Israeli intelligence to insert carefully crafted “pointed intelligence” wrapped in “Wikileaks.”

The whole thing is not just a con.

When, back in early 2011, it was exposed to the world that all Wikileaks were filtered through Israel and then the “pop culture” mainstream media before release, meaning there is no more censored source of information than Wikileaks, he fell from grace.

When the Mossad’s Assange hogs the controlled news, the same way the CIA’s Terry Jones hogs the news with his blasphemies against the Prophet, it is a clear demonstration of how rogue intelligence agencies, how rogue states, no matter how small, how morally decrepit, are able to control the public agenda through orchestration of the media and manufactured drama.

Assange, living as a princeling for years, obsesses on his life of imaginary victimization.  Not one document has ever been filed in the United States asking a question of Assange much less accusing him of a crime or attempting extradition.

In fact, he is totally free to travel unmolested in America at will, or would be except for the risk of extradition to Sweden.  In fact, he is totally free to seek political asylum in the United States if capable of making a prima fascia case for political persecution.

Assange has many friends in America, the entire Israel lobby, billionaire “banksters” wait to fete him, Fox News has a standing offer to let him openly broadcast on government approved public airways all day every day.

This is his persecution.

As Jones is tasked with making America appear to be a nation at war with Islam, something that ended with the election of President Obama, Julian Assange is tasked with selling Iran as a threatening nuclear power.

Assange, Murdoch and Netanyahu are as “of the same mother,” perhaps one not of human origin however.

We could go “technical.”

Last week, both President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu acknowledged receipt of a letter from IAEA Lead Consultant and the world’s top nuclear weapons expert, Clinton Bastin who plainly stated that no process exists for turning uranium hexafluoride gas into a metal in order to build nuclear weapons.

This letter was leaked by Jim Dean with Press TV.  Such information, exposing world threatening international corruption is considered “untouchable “by Wikileaks.  After all, it exposes Netanyahu as a liar.

America can’t do it, Iran can’t do it but a rogue IAEA “related”  group whose spokesman, Israeli David Albright hogs the press like Terry Jones and Julian Assange, peddles junk science straight into the New York Times, the same channel Assange used to sell his message supporting war on Islam.

For those who never noticed, Julian Assange is the darling of Europe’s ultra-nationalists and “anti-immigration” crowd, seemingly a genetic twin to Andrew Breveik, the Norwegian mass murderer who killed 77 children of party members who supported the Israeli boycott.

We started a fire?  Who is “we?”  We are the freedom loving people of the world, representing the Non-Aligned Movement, Americans willing to retrench the old “policeman of the world” foreign policy and those who politically stand on the front lines, groups like “Occupy,” that stand up for the “99%” or the “47%” as Romney told his audience of guests largely from Israel during his secretly recorded private dinner back in May.

Few look behind the politics to the actual agenda of the New World Order, the “Malthusians” who believe that there are simply what they call too many “useless eaters.”

What is a “useless eater?”

It is you and me.

It is our children.

What is “their plan” for useless eater, the invisible faces behind Romney and Netanyahu, behind Koch and Adelson, behind Terry Jones and Julian Assange?

Their goal is a decline in world population, overtly through manipulation of food supplies, fuel prices, currency collapses and orchestrated war.

Their real agenda goes much further, well into the conspiracies we see on the internet and beyond, manipulated weather, genetically modified foods, billions spent on bio-chemical warfare in the US, Israel, Britain, Russia and elsewhere that is totally unregulated and never explained.

No one is touching these questions, real conspiracies, all tied to well established policies of those secret societies whose agenda has long been public, the need to end population growth or drastically lower its levels, the desire to control all human information and a willingness to suppress technologies, manipulate wars and destroy economies to bring about a world no one admits to wanting but that so many “respected” national leaders are more than comfortable with.

Do we at least respect Netanyahu and Mitt Romney because they are overtly among the despised and hateful, willing to stand, at least partially unmasked as the representatives of the unseen cabal where human life is worthless, where a well fed and educated child with a certain future is very much “the enemy?”

President Ahmadinejad has suggested that the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) may well be the real United Nations.  No western leader will acknowledge the key issue, that five nations, leftovers of feudal nation states or newfound economic neocolonialists, warring over the world’s resources, represent national interests that can only exist if dialog is stifled, if dissent is crushed, if human aspirations are denied.

It was no accident that the current financial collapse in the West was engineered to leave no option but war, increased oligarchical rule, and descent into brutalization and totalitarianism in order to feed what is perceived as the “too big to fail” economic model that has bred generations of poverty.

That poverty is now engulfing even the United States where fully 25% of Americans suffer malnutrition and where 85% know real poverty at some time during their lives.  Nearly half of the citizens of what had been the greatest economy in the world live “one paycheck” from disaster.

As long as our attention is “bought” so cheaply, like the blood of the innocents, bought by the braying of narcissistic asses, the gifts of the ruling elites to us, the useless eaters, the underlings, those not yet chosen for slaughter, those of us yet to be fully bled, we empower our predators.

They lead us to feed on our own and we offer them only thanks.



  1. A friend of mine, who is a Nutritionist and an advocate of alternative medicine, told me that the British Royal Family rely on homeopathy, which I assume would include avoidance of vaccination.
    I suppose this is kept very quiet as it would detract from the regular media campaigns against this philosophy.
    I myself, have a fine collection of auto-immune diseases which I have little doubt were the result of reactions to vaccinations I received as an child in the sixties in order to travel from the UK to Australia, compounded by various childhood vaccination programs in the schoolyard. I’m sure that medical technology has evolved greatly since then but these days I have zero faith in pharmaceutical companies for anything other than pain releif, and that only because it is illegal to grow a few opium poppies in my garden for self-medication.
    It is important to note that the severity of childhood diseases is amplified greatly by poor diet so anyone contemplating not vaccinating their children should have a thorough knowledge of, and the determination to supply their children with an appropriate diet, not an easy thing to do in this day and age.
    It is, in my opinion, completely true that there is a vast conspiracy going on within the medical establishment, as well as just about everywhere else. Some years ago I read that 6 out of 10 of the world’s richest companies were pharmaceutical, all owned no doubt by guess who ?
    They didn’t get there by healing people. Drugs are tested on people without regard to the fact that they are consuming a diet which is largely responsible for the disease in the first place. I read somewhere else that a medical doctor receives 6 hours training in dietary knowledge. This is, quite simply, bizarre.
    Animals living in overcrowded situations inevitably suffer disease. This is an accepted fact. It’s time to stop breeding like rabbits. Overpopulated countries must take responsibility for their progeny. India is a good example.
    Anyone who believes we are going to find another Earth to continue our evolution is an idiot. We have everything we need for our future right here, right now.
    And anyone who knowingly stands in the way of that is undeniably a criminal. Our next collective enlightenment will be the understanding that egotism is the greatest threat and most profound hindrance to further human evolution.

  2. First, I appreciate your good intentions. Second, it appears you have me fixed somehow as a survivalist of some kind which I am not, not certain where you deduced that. My point was foremost to share information with others, because the biggest problem we have is that people are uninformed and do not know to ask the right questions or that they should be looking elsewhere than the msm for information, and secondly, that people should have extra food and water on hand. That is basic disaster prep, even the red cross recommends that much. I did not get into other things we can do with the systems that be, including those not usually utilized as you have suggested, or the usual systems, even though congress no longer listens. We should be communicating with others, helping to inform, and doing what we can on any reasonable level to address the situations at hand, no matter how difficult they seem. As for the ‘list’ you mention, they have made sure most citizens are on the list. The more they demonize, they more they expose themselves and the agenda. If they were just being reasonable nobody would be paying attention.

  3. If a family of 4 can crank out 6000 pounds of food a year on 1/10th of an acre and still have surplus to sell to local restaurants, I think your oversimplified math is invalid. Banksters are financial terrorists who create artificial hunger due to their debt and death machines. Wake up, arthurborges.

  4. No, it’s called the 21st century in actual medicine, rather than the 19th century authoritarian dogmatic elite program of hiding the facts. Their kids have never seen a needle nor touched the gmos they want to shove into the rest of us. If pharma/med is so concerned for our health, why the silence on quakes in Japan and the reactors, which congress has purposely done virtually nothing to assist repairing and which threatens a billion people -All nice and quiet from the ‘doctors’, media, congress. Let’s not pretend they have our interests. You’re free to have all the jabs you like or jam it in your grandkids etc, the rest of us will analyze and decide for ourselves.

  5. We are losing immune due to many factors including vaccines and their multiple contents which are not designed for our well being. Additionally we are losing immune given all of the chemical and radiation exposure we are being forced to endure, even those of us who work to limit exposure. And don’t forget the chemtrail biowarfare being sprayed upon us. ‘whooping cough’ is directly linked to spraying today.
    In the past there may have been use for the basic six shots at childhood only, and even then dependent on area/need and Choice, however, the ingredients such as mercury and nano rfid chips etc negate even those now, and as the now they promote 68 for kids, it makes the agenda clear, as a agenda, even if ‘doctors’ are too stupid, or masonic, to recognize or admit it.

  6. Hello Green, actually studies done with isolated groups show they still ‘get sick’ with no outside exposure. Most illness starts in the gastrointestinal. Not just stomach oriented illness, but flu/cold other symptoms. Overgrowth of bacteria/fungus due sugars, chemical and other disturbances. Probiotics have become a major area of research for this reason. That is not to say there are not bacteria/virus that can be shared, but these have greatly been exaggerated as is the data on vaccines. See my comment above to wolf.

  7. Here’s a tip, the immune starts in the gastrointestinal tract. You’ll enjoy the research, there is a great deal of research now going back decades.

  8. Thank you Wolf, my reply was too accurate I suppose. Unfortunate because this in one of my areas and I deal in fact. Duay, our belief systems have been programmed, so it’s important to question not the challengers, but authoritarian institutionalized propaganda. Our media, education systems, colleges, med, pharma all infiltrated long ago. The AMA itself is a rendering from Operation Paperclip. Start with reading these links, and see sites like naturalsociety or activistpost they do well reporting on studies – and and , There is an agenda at hand and it is not one in our interests. Question, analyze. There is a great deal of information available to keep you healthy and agenda-free, you just need to know where to start.

  9. Here here to big phatma and the fda killing us! would love to see an article on the poisons in our grocery stores (it is just as bad if not worse.then a drug dealer cutting his.product for higher profit and will kill u msg tbhq maltodextrin etc)… The $20 billion anti pyschotic meds industry that blew up right around 2001. i

    back to topic…. Zbig was spot on in the interview from awhile back that VT reported on….a biased rufie spiking whistelblower
    Who is able to sell his leaks to the media, get donations from
    progressive duechbags, confuse and bribe governments and fuel to the
    conspiracy fire… Priceless! But i have a feeling the wikileak.experiment was just the beginning o this bullshit.

  10. Are some of these articles written to provoke, using bits of truth and weaving paranoid ideation for the rest? If so it works. All kinds of stuff, some off beat has been provoked. I believe bits and pieces. Its not all or nothing. All catholics are not this or that. All Jews are not this or that. All marines are not all this or that. To get to the middle path and see truth requires much more then the investigation of external events, history and others words posts,and actions. In fact probably the most important path to the truth is the internal process of non-judgemental, attentive awareness. Do yourself a favor, open up your mind to itself and see the demons and angels that you have at times projected onto various people and events.

  11. I’ve been called “a man of few words” or “the quiet type” more than a couple times.

    Here’s da fact, Jack, distilled down to a Parakeet’s vocabulary

    The Jews did 9/11. Everything else is male bovine excre-ment. Any questions?

  12. I’ve been called “a man of few words” or “the quiet type” more than a couple times.

    Here’s da fact, Jack, distilled down to a Parakeet’s vocabulary

    The Jews did 9/11. Everything else is bullshit. Any questions?

  13. Please consider: every prescription drug (this includes vaccines) is a poison.

    Before a drug company can submit a substance to the FDA for approval, it must complete a form LD-50, “Lethal Dosage 50%”, see wikipedia, “LD50”. This form explains what dosage will result in 50% fatalities.

    Without this form, the substance in question will not be accepted for examination.

    In other words, prescription drugs DO NOT contribute to health; but, rather, a degeneration of health. For some, this degeneration is merely a mild discomfort; for others, death. It makes no matter, whether young or old, a small dose of poison hastens the rate of degeneration and, thus, shortens one’s life span.

    The ideal health regimen is based on high quality food and observation of several principles of natural health. With these you can reduce your biological age at least five to twenty years.

    I am living proof it can be done. I am 69 years old and I have the health and body of a near-professional athlete between 25 and 35 years of age. Three days a week I hit 800-1000 baseballs (600-800 in hot weather); speeds range from 60- 90 mph. I occasionally take turns with former pro and college players who tell me I would “do well” (a modest quote) if I played men’s senior league – a level of play equal to a major college.

    While I have a biological age some forty years less than my chronological age, I promise I can reduce the biological age of others by at least five to twenty years; see, “Turn back the Clock”, (

    Give it a try; with better health, you’ll be able to fight longer – and enjoy it more; among many other benefits.

  14. Many of my former customers were/are aware of the pending collapse of the American system. They thought to protect themselves by purchasing piles of gold and silver, stores of food, and a cabin/bunker in the country.

    About twenty years ago, several customers began telling me it was positively dangerous to live in the country: it was almost routine that, if they left the cabin/bunker for any reason, they would come back to a smashed door and missing valuables. One customer (a doctor) bought a cabin specifically to install a safe encased in concrete for storage of his gold. He would go to his cabin for two or three hours once every two or three weeks. During one of his visits, he found his cabin had been broken into, his safe smashed open, and half a million in gold stolen. He was disappointed.

    I could tell you several stories like this, and I never went looking for them.

    About thirty years ago, the government began dumping its dope addicts and homeless in the countryside.

    If you depend on your inventory and cabin/bunker to survive the crash, I have bad news for you.

    I have written elsewhere in these comments:

    When the system breaks, what will happen to those men who believed the lies… who have no food, no shelter? Will they march into the sea… sit on a mountain top and write poetry?

    I hardly think so.

    No, they’ll cover the earth like a horde of locusts; hunting food, shelter and sexual delights.

    Once they discover your inventory, your time is measured in hours, maybe two or three days. It depends on how long you can stay awake; close your eyes in exhaustion and, within ten minutes, you will be plundered, ruined, dead or any combination of the first and following alternatives.

    If druggies or homeless don’t finish you, death squads will (your presence on this website tells me that you have made it to an unwanted list).

    You doubt my remarks? See what they did to Edgar Steele (

    Or, see what they did to me (

    There is an alternative, and it doesn’t rely on wishful thinking, but, rather historically-proven procedures. Before you can access this alternative, you have to learn the power available to you thru the mechanism of First-Amendment assemblies, (

    I learned of this power AFTER the government perpetrated its inquisition against me, commonly known as a judicial assassination.

    I’m trying to warn you: don’t make the same mistake I made.

  15. Sigh
    If I have to explain this to you, you’re not going to understand.
    Have a nice day.

  16. I only butted in because I noticed that a couple of FvH’s comments in support of his position seem to have been deleted.

    I’m sure the Gates Foundation was able to spin Bill’s comment in much the same way as Larry Silverstein was able to clarify his “pull it” remark.

  17. First, my (not rhetorical) question addressed to FvH remains as yet unanswered with your butting in here.

    Second, the question had to do with scientific validity and practical efficacy of inoculations, not misuse (potential and/or proven) of them. It is useful to make the distinction.

    Third, everyone should do their own research… May I (briefly go along with your change in topic and) suggest you include this in yours? “Gates Foundation Explains Bill Gates Re: Vaccines Reducing Population”

    Fourth, I don’t want to discuss it further in this thread.

  18. This is Big Pharma speaking and we approve this message. Remember to have your children receive all 68 required and completely safe vaccinations by the time they are 6 years old! Trust us, trust Gordon.

  19. Think about it…believing a human body even NEEDS a man-made chemical to fight off ‘bugs’ is like believing a plant won’t grow unless a human tills the soil, fertilizes and waters it. As if Nature wasn’t already perfectly designed and needs man’s help to be so. Typical.
    You’ve been brainwashed so that somebody can make money off you, simple as that. The human body is the most natural and perfect protection against any and all ‘bugs’. Interior terrain is where it’s at, not external influences or protection. Strengthening the body’s own protection measures is where it’s at and vaccines do the opposite. Yes, Gordon, the opposite. Vaccines CAUSE dis-ease. I guess you have to hold on to your beliefs to justify your military experimenting on you all these years. And I thought open-minded transcended subject matter.

  20. factversushype, Gordon does mention your threats. Actually I was quite surprised to see him list those threats as the more serious than this spy vs. spy knuckle-dragging drama (yes, I know it’s serious but I get so tired of all these immature, primative gun-toting cowboys and indians playing with the fate of the world).
    Gordon, another great piece but you still have your babies you like to ignore. ‘Obama’ being the most obvious. Vaccines being the other in this case but I suppose you’re just following your wife’s lead but you both haven’t done all your homework yet. And your unwillingness to do so is dangerous because you’re both flat wrong about vaccines. In fact, that you are so in the know on so many topics but refuse to go where the evidence leads on vaccines tells me there’s more at play here than meats the eye. You admit the world’s elite want population reduction, so what do you say to Bill Gates on video admitting vaccines are a big part of it? I guess you ignore the h1n1 fraud a couple years ago? Or the countless proven cases of purposeful release of manufactured viruses? Yes, dozens and well documented. Guess you never heard of Dr. Mary’s Monkey. Heck, to believe in vaccines means ignoring all the evidence against and ‘forgetting’ there is no evidence in favor. Zero. Zip. Nada. It also means ignoring Pasteur and his admission that his Germ Theory was wrong. This is essentially the theory vaccines rest upon, and most of western medicine, and it’s simply wrong.
    All you got on vaccines is ridicule. You can’t debate it because there’s no truth or facts on the vaccine side.
    Shame is right. I’d stay stick with what you know. Medicine and vaccines ain’t it.


    Lexington, ky

  21. “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

    –Microsoft billionaire and Malthusian Bill Gates, who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to new vaccine efforts

    Evil intentions? You tell me. Everyone should do their own research on this very important issue and come to their own conclusions…without the fear mongering. Think of how many other things you’ve been led to believe that have turned out to be a lie.

  22. Mr. FactversusHype,

    I’m trying to see where you are coming from regarding vaccines.

    For example,

    Cotton Mather developed a vaccine for smallpox, during an epidemic in Boston in 1721.

    The U.S. government and FDR’s Tennessee Valley Authority planned and implimented public health programs, which included immunization against smallpox, typhoid, and diphtheria.

    Do you believe these immunizations efforts in earlier times were based on junk science or evil intentions? Do you believe they had some undesirable result?

  23. The grim reality is that, with 25.9% of total world GDP to cover 4.5% of the world population, 85% of Americans will go hungry at some point in their lives and I’ve heard the figure of 40 to 50 million poor since the 1960s.

    How is such a set-up defensible?

  24. Given the predatory nature of the pharmaceutical industry, which is well documented, it is difficult to imagine how anyone could think there is any virtue in vaccines. Vaccines have a dangerous history of being put on the market without adequate testing . For example, Jonas Salk deliberately hid from the public the fact that his polio vaccine was contaminated with a highly virulent cancer causing virus called SV40. Upwards of a 100 million Americans, including children, were vaccinated and thereby infected with SV40. Today, the leading cause of polio in India, which uses an oral version of polio vaccine banned in the US because of dangerous side effects, is the vaccine itself. Evidence fora provably effective vaccines is small and if rigorous testing is invoked (the pharmaceutical studies are farce, at best), it may be zero. However, most vaccines remain provably ineffective or downright dangerous. MNR’s link to autism being a case in point. The real nutters would like to use vaccines to provide the hidden placement of RFID chips (who would know?). These are the same people who demand mandatory inoculations. Bill Gates would like to use vaccines to covertly deliver sterilants in in effort to reduce the world’s population. Again, who would know. Bill Gates would like mandatory inoculations too. Why would anybody trust the vaccine industry or our lying government.

  25. Gordon may well be right, but where is the actual evidence? Thus far, it seems that there are troubling ways that Assange is framed by various powers for their own purpose. And the Mossad angle is still just based on circumstantial evidence such as him not being very pro 911 truth. Where is evidence he supports war with Iran, Iraq, and Syria? A lot of “inside blogging” and so I ask where the beef of reporting is to establish these claims?

  26. Gordon, Obama is a ‘islamaphobe’, using bogus ‘al quaida’ and lying about ‘bin ladin’ while slaughtering innocent muslims in five more countries than bush did. Implying that O is going stop the ‘killing of millions’ is nonsense. O’s home-land is buying a billion bullets, his bernanke isneedlessly imploding the banks for martial law, he is using haarp to cause drought while spraying us with chemtrail biowarfare -these are the threats, not ‘assange’. Obama is the one setting up the culling. Trying to blame what Obama is doing on Romney is a false association. Our useless fake military ‘leaders’ and other enablers right down to the state level are in on it and we the people are on our own. As for you, you and yours will be fine in your bunker.
    The cabal grew populations, they are fake populationists. They only enjoy killing, and pedophiling kids. That is what their enablers like also. Nothing will cleanse this from their souls, ever. No matter the pretend sentiments. I had the programs to stop pop long ago in a serious manner, so did the cabal, but they kept pop out of public discussion and I can prove it. They live to kill, feasting on fear. We need to tell our friends, neighbors, everyone about the false flags coming, warn against taking any ‘vaccines’, and to stop buying everything from big corporations, and to have food/water on hand.

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