Now It Can Be Told! The REAL Reason Obama Was Nearly Devoured by Carnivorous Plesiosaurs on Mars


                 … by Dr. Kevin Barrett


Webre and Basiago think the Loch Ness Monster is a plesiosaur, and that carnivorous martian plesiosaurs devour humans who teleport to Mars in CIA “jump rooms”

Have you heard the news? A self-proclaimed CIA time traveler named Andrew Basiago says he teleported to Mars with Barack Obama, and was once nearly devoured by a carnivorous Martian plesiosaur.

And if that isn’t enough for you, Basagio adds that he once traveled back in time to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania just minutes after Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, and was photographed there – the proof is a blurry picture from some Civil War archive.

Basiago’s unhinged tales have been taken seriously by Alfred Webre, a Yale-educated (Scroll and Key) lawyer and self-proclaimed expert on not only international law, but extraterrestrial law and “exopolitics.”

Webre has managed to spread Basiago’s bizarre anecdotes all over the internet. The question is, why? Who invented these fantasies, and to what end?

The answer emerged last week, as Webre attempted to wreck the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings, and sabotage Italian Supreme Court Justice Ferdinando Imposimato’s attempt to prosecute 9/11 in the International Criminal Court, by skunking up both proceedings with the odor of Andrew Basiago.

Let’s take this from the top. In winter 2012, Alfred Weber contacted Jim Fetzer, the organizer of the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings, and offered to serve as judge. Fetzer, impressed by Weber’s work at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunals, agreed.

Then it emerged that Webre was spreading Basiago’s lunatic science fiction as if it were gospel. I advised Dr. Fetzer to dump Webre – or if that weren’t feasible, to make sure he promised to leave the time travel and UFO tales out of the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings. (At the time, we assumed Webre was sincere but deluded.)

Andrew Basiago

Webre made the promise – then broke it.

On Sunday, June 17th, 2012, Webre celebrated the end of the Vancouver Hearings by having dinner with participants Barbara Honegger and Ernst Rodin.

Over dinner, he confided to Honegger and Rodin that he hoped to evade (i.e. break) his promise to Jim Fetzer by including Andrew Basiago’s time-travel-based claims about 9/11 in the Vancouver 9/11 Tribunal emerging from the Vancouver Conference.

Honegger and Rodin were horrified. They strongly urged Webre not to mix up Basiago’s fantasy world with the evidenced-based world of the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings. Webre appeared unconvinced. He seemed passionately attached to the Basiago material.

At least three times during the following months, Honegger shared with me her concerns about Webre’s time machines, beam-me-up-Scotty “jump rooms,” and carniverous martian plesiosaurs. If this stuff got mixed up with the hard, undeniable evidence that 9/11 was a false-flag operation, it would make the 9/11 truth movement look like a bunch of loonies who accept crazy stories unsupported by evidence. I repeatedly passed her concerns on to Jim Fetzer.

It all came to a head in late September. Webre, perhaps inadvertently, revealed that he was indeed planning to break his promise to Fetzer and include Basiago’s time-travel material in the Vancouver 9/11 Tribunal, alongside the serious presentations proving that the World Trade Center was demolished with explosives, the Pentagon bombed rather than struck by a plane, and Israel the main force behind the attacks.

Then it got worse: We learned that Webre was going to ignore all the serious Vancouver Hearings presentations, and forward only Basiago’s time-travel nonsense to Italian Supreme Court Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, who has stated his intention to prosecute the 9/11 coup d’état in the International Criminal Court.

Alfred Webre

Confronted, Webre emitted a series of verbose, evasive, weaselly email diatribes. The stench of guilty demeanor was palpable.

One does not have to be a psy-ops expert to formulate a hypothesis explaining the above events.

The main way that covert operators keep secrets is not by keeping them, but by revealing them – through a discredited source. For example, young George W. Bush’s cocaine arrest, which got him thrown out of the National Guard, was revealed (in an operation orchestrated by Karl Rove) to a journalist named Jim Hatfield. Rove, Bush’s minister, and others confirmed the story to Hatfield.

Then when Hatfield revealed the coke bust in his book Fortunate Son, Rove in turn revealed that Hatfield was an ex-con with a conspiracy-to-murder conviction. Sixty Minutes did a hatchet job on Hatfield, and all copies of the book were burned by the publisher. From then on, no respectable journalistic outlet would go near the Bush cocaine arrest story.

Just as Rove “skunked” the Bush coke bust story by feeding it to Hatfield, the 9/11 cover-up operators tried to “skunk” the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings, and the Fernando Imposimato prosecution, by sending the certifiably nutty Alfred Webre to serve as the discreditable messenger.

The moment any “respectable” media outlet learns that Alfred Webre is involved in a 9/11 prosecution effort, the story will shift from the depressing facts about the murderous September coup d’état, to Webre’s much more colorful and amusing tales of Obama being chased across the deserts and/or swamps of Mars by man-eating plesiosaurs.

Young Basiago and Obama (before he was sheep-dipped in pigmentation) getting ready to teleport in their CIA time machine

This, I believe, is why the stories of Gettysburg Address time-travel photos and Obama-chasing Martian plesiosaurs were invented in the first place.

Webre, a lawyer who had “cognitively infiltrated” the 9/11 truth movement years before, was tasked with promoting the Basiago nuttiness, and then smearing it all over any future attempts to prosecute 9/11.

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s former Information Czar, has come right out and said that the government needs to “cognitively infiltrate” the 9/11 truth movement in order to wreck the “conspiracy theories” by infusing them with “beneficial cognitive diversity.”

And what could be more cognitively diverse, and more damaging to the true and proven “conspiracy theory” that 9/11 was an inside job, than the insane and entirely unsupported time-travel and teleportation claims of Webre and Basiago?

I have been informed by a source intimately familiar with the intelligence community that the 9/11 cover-up team “pulled out all the stops” to wreck the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings. The highlights were the repeated death threats and bomb threats, and the planting of “Judge” Weber and his plesiosaurs to “skunk” the event and any prosecutions that might emerge from it.

So that, dear reader, is why you may have read somewhere on the internet that someone, somewhere, supposedly takes seriously the claim that Obama and other teleported earthlings have braved the hazards of man-eating martian plesiosaurs.

You can’t make this stuff up – but they can.  It’s just “your tax dollars at work.”

Editing:  Jim W. Dean









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