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9/11-Warren Commission on Race in America?!

The most utterly clueless two sentences ever published in the New York Times?

Be thankful it hasn’t happened yet

It's Thanksgiving…and it could be worse.

Iran’s Supreme Leader: “Know thy enemy!”

Iran's Supreme Leader calls it the way he sees it.

‘MH370 call exposing 9/11 cover-up?’

The claim that Barbara Olson called her Bush administration husband from hijacked Flight 77 is not just false; it is preposterous.

UN Small Arms Treaty Full Text

The Final United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, Adopts the text of the Arms Trade Treaty which is annexed to the present decision.

DHS announces: “Cyber-9/11 coming soon!”

DHS has announced that a 9/11-scale cyber-attack is "imminent." How do THEY know?

Now It Can Be Told! The REAL Reason Obama Was Nearly...

Man-eating martian plesiosaurs?! You can't make this stuff up. But THEY can.

Omar Khadr, child-soldier hero, returns home!

Omar Khadr, the heroic child-soldier smeared by the US high command and the Zionist media, is going home to Canada.

Fear of ridicule leads to damaging partition of 9/11 Truth movement

Enough navel gazing. Let’s go after the real enemy.

A 757 Actually DID Hit the Pentagon! Trust Us, We’re Truthers!

"Who are you going to trust, me or your own eyes?" -Chico Marx

Media and The 9/11 Cover-Up: BBC Accused of Breaking Its Own...

The media have been utterly complicit in the deception since the first moments after the North Tower was hit. Take BBC - please!

Fear-Fuelling Conspiracies – Part II

How long does it take to be discouraged by the seemingly impossible? One year? Five? Ten (Viet Nam)...Iraq...Afghanistan)? Try 60 (Palestine)!