Iraq Buys Russian Weapons

Russian Iraq Attack Helicopter Mi-28NE
Russian Iraq Attack Helicopter Mi-28NE

$4.2 Billion Worth Just Before American Election


… by Bob Nichols


(San Francisco) The Premier of Iraq journeyed many miles to the United States’s enemy, Russia, to sign on the dotted line for Russian weapons worth US$4.2 Billion Dollars, the Russian news agency RIA NOVOSTI released October 9, 2012 in Moscow.

RIA Novosti reports “MOSCOW, October 9 – Russia will deliver attack helicopters and mobile air-defense systems to Iraq in arms deals worth $4.2 billion signed earlier this year, it was disclosed today during a visit to Moscow by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in which he met his counterpart Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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Excuuuuuuuuuuse Me,” as comedian Steve Martin yells in his show. I thought Iraq was the United States’ client and would buy American, and if not, then NATO weapons. These are not just simple pistols and ammo, either. The sale includes 30 front line all weather attack helicopters and sophisticated surface to air missiles. America has lost Iraq to the Russians and Putin’s Russia did not fire a shot. This is a monumental defeat for the Americans and the whole world knows it; except Americans, of course.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

RIA Novosti added “Moscow will supply 30 Mil Mi-28NE night/all-weather capable attack helicopters, and 50 Pantsir-S1 gun-missile short-range air defense systems. The contracts, among the biggest ever signed between Iraq and Russia, were signed in April, July and August by Iraq’s acting defense minister, according to documents released on Tuesday during al-Maliki’s visit.

Vedomosti daily said the deal was Russia’s largest arms deal since 2006.”

Russian Iraq Attack Helicopter Mi-28NE
Russian Iraq Attack Helicopter Mi-28NE
US Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter AH64-D
US Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter AH64-D

The publication World Defense stated on Aug 21, 2011“The Mi-28NE matches, if not exceeds the Apache [ed. American attack helicopter AH64 D] in terms of firepower and self-protection. Information obtained from Helicopter experts says that the five-bladed main rotor of the Mi-28NE, when compared to the four bladed Apache rotor, offers better stability in flight and less vibration during target designation. The Mi-28 NE, which is heavier than the Apache by approximately 3 tonnes, has more effective armor. It has two heavily armored cockpits, a windshield able to withstand hits from 7.62-12.7 caliber bullets.”

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  1. Last comment is military technological logic and although it is necessary to have this knowledge, the deeper humanitarian issues I refer to are not to be overshadowed. The heart and head need to be in communication and the warrior acts compassionately but wrathfully.

  2. The platforms you described above will be obsolete within 5-10 years, and reason specifically relates to the simplicity in target acquisition systems and accuracy, versus unit cost per platform. Whenever this technical transition occurs, through newer developments, it’s (always) overcome with mass deployment of less costly systems, and will be accomplished with none human piloted systems. This employs smaller and less costly systems with interactive communications, deployed in groups, for operating as larger unit or force. This will be observed in the near future, and used for overcoming and confusing target acquisition systems. One or more platform are easily to track and target, however, many are more difficult, especially when these systems communicate with each other and coordinate their objectives. This is the future trend.

    More complex then stated above, but should be clear. So no need to be concerned.

  3. It seems that there are a lot of paranoid professionals needing an enemy to project their own dark side on since they cannot imagine that they have such a dark side. They project so much that the media buys into it like a feeding frenzy and gets the people and congress stired up and we have an Iraq or Iran War or The Russians are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, again. 3/4s of the American people are very vulnerable to this propaganda since they also need an enemy. The rest of us are frustrated or sad or angry that the drivers are asleep at the wheel and won’t let us drive, very often anyway. This all is not going to change very soon. It has been mostly like this since Columbus said the Natives in America would make good slaves and the French and Portugese Christian Missionaries came to Vietnam (1533) and said that the Buddhists and Taosists were heathens in need of redemption. Thats how I got to Vietnam. It was not the fault of Russia or China or Ho Chi Minh. Truman sided with the French Colonialists to my detriment. Anyone who tells you otherwise is ignorant or likes war.

  4. When are people going to get over the cold war? That was invented by the corporate interrogation agency aka the cia, that was set up by the corporations of the military industrial complex. All to get American fools to buy more of their weapons than we really needed. The Iraqi’s know that any weapons we may sell them can be tracked by our systems and israels, and possibly disabled all to protect israel if they try to invade Iraqi air space or territory, to either attack Iraq or it’s neighbors. The Iraqi’s have good reason not to trust the US after all the destruction we have caused them. That would also ensure that they would have easier access to spare parts for said equipment that isn’t very far away. Russia is not our enemy, they are just big competition for western corporations who don’t like that. By the way when is Iraq going to pay for our war there, Bush said they would. Maybe we should garnish Bush, Cheney and company’s retirement pay and confiscate all their other bank accounts world wide until the bill is paid. To include about 2 million bucks each for all of our troops killed or injured in that war of lies. We also need to do the same for all legislators and media outlets who either promoted and or voted for said war. They wanted the war they can pay for. They knew is based on lies told by someone they tortured for months who even admitted to killing JFK just to stop the torture. I bet if we tortured Bush and Cheney a while they would confess to having gay sex with the pope and Romney just to stop it after a few minutes. When we do that I want to do the jumper cables on them. Please please!!!

  5. My understanding is that it takes an already qualified helicopter pilot 18 months of training to master these machines. And they will still have a lot to learn.

  6. This sounds like Romney brain wrapped in Neo Con jargon. First of all Russia is NOT YET our enemy. Keep calling them so,as Bush did with Iran and they will sure select a leader that can answer us..

    Second, you must be joking about “our client”. What makes you thing we go in beat them up take out their President to please Sharon and you expect them to be our loving client. How come you don’ lay this on Israel who is our dependent and sell our gifts to Best Bayer, friend or enemy?.

  7. Does that mean we should arm Iraq. We did that once and they had a war with Iran that killed many people. We should not be arming anyone, nor should Russia. It would be immoral for both of us. Everyone wants to exert their power in that area of the world for access to oil. They play games arming one country against another this year and arming the other next year. And many of these countries want nuclear weapons and expert cyber warriors so they can be like us and China and Russia and Israel and the rest who are playing this game. Nothing has changed since Columbus helped bring this evil into the world. The native peoples were the first to go. Afganistan has lithium. It seems like Custer and the Black Hills all over again.

  8. “Business is business, according to the military industrial complex. Politics/patriotism for dumb chumps that buy into all the ‘theater’. Look at who was lining their pockets from the ‘grand larceny’ called the ‘cold war’.
    Business types freely surfed Soviet Union, China… wherever doe to be made.

  9. The U.S military must be the world’s largest customer for the petrochemical industry, especially if the military industrial complex were included in the calculations.

    I wouldn’t imagine it uses all that much natural gas, though.

  10. If they US stopped wasting so much energy, we could say to hell with the Middle East and Central Asia.

    Is it really worth it just to be able to drive around in huge SUV’s and live in ex-urban McMansions?

  11. It’s the beginning of the end, America faces more of the same in country after country. Pakisitan….Syria… Turkey….Azerbaijan…Georgia….Afghanistan…… it will seem endless.

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