Press TV: Sheep’s Clothing – The Plot to Silence Iran


Sheep’s Clothing:  The Plot to Silence Iran

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

This week, a plot was exposed.  The victims were the broadcasters of Iran, and their European listeners, cut off by what some said was a governmental organization. 

That was a lie, one of so many.  What was also discovered was that people wear masks and those that “talk the talk” are often wolves in sheep’s clothing, poisoners of men’s souls sent to serve their masters in Tel Aviv, their masters on Wall Street and Zurich, each with their 30 pieces of silver in their pockets.

We Knew it Then…

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An endless series of activists, many liberals, some claiming scholarly credentials, others disguising themselves behind organizations claiming to support the poor and abused against the powerful and capricious were caught this week, caught by Press TV, caught by Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, this author and Mike Harris.

EU Denies Complicity, says Companies (Israeli) Totally Responsible

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It is really a simple story, “game theory warfare” being plied among those many consider colleagues and friends, those who, superficially at least, seem to stand for peace, for truth, for disclosure, for honest dialog but are, and have been for decades, spies, saboteurs and traitors.

Many of us knew this all along.  Decades of experience with counter-intelligence, working three continents, makes such things easy for me.  With that, access to all passport and corporate databases and working with top intelligence officers from a half dozen nations, the US, Russia, South Korea, South Africa, France, Britain, really more than I can ever admit, makes the childish attempts to pass off lies as truth laughable.

Joel Sousken’s Anaysis on Alex Jones

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This week, there was one simple lie that exposed a nest of spies.

This week, an army of phony “do gooders,” the smiling faces ready to stick the knife into the backs of their friends, were there when Iran’s telecommunications, their news agencies, their voice, was silenced in the European Union.

Every visible activist said the same thing, what those who work in “C-I,” (counter intelligence) call “talking points.”  The press knows talking points but when they are part of open warfare, when they are designed to bring about violence and suffering, when they are aimed at altering world affairs by promulgating violence, they are the acts of spies, saboteurs, disinformation agents and traitors.

The story is a simple one.  The question is simple as is the answer

Was Iran silenced, removed from news satellites by Eutelsat and Arquiva by order from the European Union and the French government as was claimed by so many, those tasked with blaming the US government or, in one case, the fiendish threat to world peace, Portugal?

If not them, then who was really responsible and why have so many lied about it?

This week, prior to a broadcast by Press TV which included radio host Mike Harris, I ran a background check using full counter-intelligence resources on who and why Iran had been silence and whether any process within the European Union or pressure from any nation brought about what had been claimed by the companies involved as “sanctions.”

No such meeting had occurred, no statements were made, no contact was initiated by officials of any nation or group of nations to the satellite providers serving Iran’s networks, Press TV and 15 others.


Neither the EU nor any government had any part in attacking Iran’s news and media capabilities in Europe.  In fact, before we are finished, we can clearly show that “free speech activists” are at the top of those to be blamed.

Instead, when the ownership and control of the corporations was audited, the history of the corporations political contacts and the nature of the personnel who made decisions for the companies that “pulled the plug” on Iran was found, it was learned that they took orders directly from the Mossad and were, as was claimed on two TV broadcasts by Veterans Today correspondent.

Our “heroic free speech activists” were and are, in fact, acting against Iran on behalf of the government of Israel.  The companies to blame were only part of the picture.

Exposing these companies as two of many that are, in fact, military and intelligence agencies of Israel tasked with psychological warfare against Iran is one thing.

That literally dozens of “liberal activists” are very much part of the same ring of vipers and snakes, some avoiding mentioning Israel, some continually crying for the suffering people of Gaza while putting a knife in their back, this surprised some.

Others of us who read Jeff Gate’s book, “Guilt by Association” or knew “the great game” had seen it all along.  These aren’t geniuses that sell out their friends for a handful of silver.

Those who serve Israel, the endless internet trolls, the Wikipedia editors, the screamers of “anti-Semite” and “holocaust denier” are only a portion of an army, one that can be seen when and if one takes the time and knows what to look for.

What is most sad is those who are betrayed.  The snakes couldn’t survive, couldn’t betray trust without there being trust.

They are trained, so many of them, some taken to Israel, others in the US, Britain and France, schooled by “Psyops” professionals in the rules of the game, getting close, steering movements into dead ends, building dissension within the groups they infiltrate, introducing wild theories, while discrediting anyone near them.

To them it is a profession, the flawed, the weak intellects, the broken of spirit, the same sewer of humanity a serial killer would seek their acolytes from; this is where the “hasbara” are found.

This week, however, something different happened.  Yes, the debates between the “controlled opposition” and the genuinely outspoken and truthful were aired.  But something else happened.


Press TV actually contacted the European Union and verified that the stories they had heard, the articles the debates, the news items from the activists, some thought to be “rabid anti-Zionists” were, in fact, total fabrications.

Portugal is not mobilizing to attack Iran nor is the European Union or Baroness Catherine Ashton, EU Foreign Policy Chief, plotting to silence Iran.

It was all Israel and, working at the side of the Mossad, an army of “hasbara” helpers, all claiming to be “9/11 truthers” and defenders of the rights of Palestinians.

“No, it wasn’t the Mossad that murdered Ambassador Stephens in Benghazi; it was the CIA, the Freemasons and the Council on Foreign Relations.”

Even American politics, a sickening mess at best, is misinterpreted.  For the first time in decades, there is a clear break between the White House and Pentagon and the leader of Israel.  American newspapers talk of little else, describe it as “hate” and continually site Obama as the biggest enemy Israel has ever had.

To prove the point, over a billion dollars has been donated from Israel, much of it illegal, much more from Israeli Americans Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers, the worst of the worst when it comes to militant extremism and war mongering, these are the friends and supporters of Romney.

Every email from the Israel lobby, every pro-Israel publication attacks President Obama and begs for money for Romney.

There has never been anything this clear in American politics, Romney is the hand-puppet of Netanyahu, promised to deliver an invasion of Iran and President Obama and his military and intelligence leaders have, one after the other, told Israel there will be no attack, no bombings, no invasion, no “red line,” no timetables.

Moreover, there is a wide movement within the United States, Christians, Jews and Muslims, to reevaluate the millions of dollars given to Israel and to take a new look at the old lies Americans have bought for decades, where Israel can do no wrong.

Actually, it seems, only the pro-Palestinian groups, the majority of them, the “whacko-leakers” and the “anti-imperialists” that all Americans despise are the game players and “place holders,” standing in the way of real movement toward freeing America from Israeli influence and, perhaps even control.

This week, Press TV asked the EU who the real liars were.

Since 9/11 it has been this way.  Any search for the truth attracts spies and saboteurs, the heavily financed arm of tens of thousands of traitors that, as one writer always says, “that tiny nation” seems to be able to buy.

What kind of people are for sale?  Too many?  Why can a certain tiny nation buy them?  Does having control of world banking, 90% of the world’s press and 40% of the world’s money while controlling .0001% of the world’s arable land surprise anyone?

When I think back to the efforts of, the suffering, and the dedication of the “Occupy movement” and how many of its supporters, the “anti-imperialists” and “liberal activists” were on the same payroll as the police with their clubs and pepper spray, I wonder if anger is enough or if simply exposing monstrous wrongdoing is adequate.

What we forget is that this is real life, that those who sell their souls, those who betray what is good and decent for money are monsters.

This isn’t a joke.  There are millions dead and those who stand among us, smile and shake our hands yet betray all to the enemies lack humanity and are worse than any criminal.

Those of us who learned to fight and kill perhaps understand what is at risk better than some.  We can all pretend we live in a safe world of universities and television studios, we can write our articles, drink our coffee, play with our computers, look at the photos of dead children and, for some, smirk to themselves at how successful they are as deceivers.

After all, they have billions of dollars behind them, the State of Israel, the ADL, AIPAC, the SPLC, the Mossad and its killers, and the armies of mindless reporters and legislators, all either bought and paid for or fearful and cowardly.

There are few truth tellers who live long, remain out of prison, manage to hold teaching positions or avoid nasty traffic accidents or oddly timed illnesses.

Kipling once talked about cowards and how they die a thousand times.  Little was known of the malignant narcissist or sociopathic personality then.

Much is known now, and they make themselves easy to see, always telling people what they seem to want to hear.

Mitt Romney is one.

Others dwell among us, some have vast followings, many are well respected as it is in the nature of man to follow and not to examine very closely.

This week, Iran is still silent in Europe but not out of ignorance.  The truth is known, a plot, the Mossad and their pet companies and the activist “hasbara” that was caught blaming the European Union, clearly an organization with unclean hands and thus an easy target, but an organization without “this blood” to answer for.

Now we will look for others, the real culprits and we don’t have far to go.



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