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YouTube Bans Own Video As “Violent” When “Muslim” Label Removed



By Gordon Duff and Press TV

American counter-intelligence officials intercepted their video transmissions, television of killings of Americans broadcast directly from American made sniper rifles modified with Israeli video and transmitter capabilities.”

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Today, Israel captured another boat bound for Gaza in international waters, an act of piracy, and an illegal blockade. Passengers, which include diplomats and parliamentarians were “tasered” and beaten. They are now enjoying Israeli “pirate” hospitality.
Israeli’s do a lot of spitting and kicking, at least when they have their charges hog-tied and outnumbered.We have a number of questions for our Israeli friends, questions from 1967, questions about who attacked who, how many Egyptian prisoners were executed in Sinai, how many Americans were murdered on the USS Liberty, why Israeli teams were overheard planning the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, questions only those who ask the hard questions know of.One IDF sniper team has spread stories around Israel that they killed 400 American troops inside Iraq.

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YouTube Hosts the Same Video Blaming Muslims…Try Watching the REAL YouTube Version

[youtube TmAnX8ypcm4]

 You can watch YouTube’s Islamophobic Version of the Exact Same Video HERE

[youtube il2nls8zRVY]

They brag about it constantly. It gets back. We are not deaf.

One day we may have questions for the American officials that knew of this and chose to keep it from the American people.


American counter-intelligence officials intercepted their video transmissions, television of killings of Americans broadcast directly from American made sniper rifles modified with Israeli video and transmitter capabilities.

Israel actually posted it on YouTube, part of Israel’s “Google” operation.

We have their equipment they left behind, fingerprints identify German passport holders, employees rebuilding Iraq with American money and spilling American blood instead.

The Germans are very generous in giving out passports to terrorists.

I have the video and we will be releasing it as intended, Israeli origin, showing the cold-blooded murder of 400 Americans, carefully filmed and edited in Tel Aviv.

Wikileaks had the video for years but was told by Israel not to allow its release. Assange was cheerfully compliant.

Similarly, Israel has one of the lifeboats from the USS Liberty on display, filled with machinegun holes, a trophy of murder, but a reminder that the entire military of Israel given an entire day, bombers, fighters, torpedo boats and submarines could not sink one American ship.

The Captain, William McGonagle, Medal of Honor winner, testified at length that this was an act of war against the United States. He is dead but surviving crewmembers and his record survive.

Therefore, when a car bomb exploded in Beirut, another in Baghdad and another in Damascus, another in Pakistan and one more in Afghanistan, all so close together, Israel made their message clear.

There were more bombings, spreading across Africa, same signature, just like the Church bombing in Alexandria.

Perhaps it is more polite to bomb churches than to paint “Jesus is a monkey” on them as has been done to Christian churches across Israel. This is, at least, far better treatment than Mosques receive.

Nobody asks the hard questions. They get close but never on the right track. The real question is very simple. Why is there always war?

The answer is simple. War has always been a business, it is just that now, it is the “negotiation method of choice” for all other businesses. There would be no world economies, no oil, no minerals, no narcotics, no crime, no terrorism, no weapon, nothing but peaceful people living fulfilling lives.

Nobody wants that, it is considered a “poor business model.”

There have always been armies but two recent trends, the focus on unaccountable “special operations” units, often military arms of multinational political and economic groups above any law or organization and “privatized security,” mercenaries that make wars “invisible” to everyone but the victims.

Complicating the issue further, is destruction of the world’s moral center, where laws meant to defend rights of the individual are now bought and paid for, twisted into “policies” that justify military action based on perceived threats.

Even crazier, there is actually an industry that creates non-existent “perceived threats” on order. If you want a war, simply buy an “intelligence assessment,” results determined in advance, make sure it is subjected to no scrutiny, wind up the press and send out the troops.

The most prevalent methodology for destabilization is the car bomb. Car bombs are actually designed by national governments and have used primitive explosives, military grade demolitions and, when needed, 5th generation fusion devices that can flatten a square kilometer or cause a minor explosion but spread radiation sickness that won’t be detected for years.

Evidence of these weapons has been discovered in Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Oh yes, we do not want to forget, two such weapons were used against the Japanese in 1945.
One of my favorite instances of nuclear car bombs occurred in the city of Rostov in Russia when a postal van with a half-ton capacity flattened three huge apartment blocks. The government reported that the “device” used contained the equivalent of 300 tons of TNT. (Source CNN)

This was one postal van, considering the type of explosive claimed, it would have taken 1,200 postal vans to do the job. It would have been difficult to part that many in an empty one square kilometer parking lot but no questions were asked even though Russian officials very purposefully made it clear they had been “nuked.”

In Oslo, Andrew Berwick, an acclaimed Zionist reactionary exploded a car bomb before killing 77 children with the help of friends in the Norwegian police.

His tiny Opel held a bomb requiring nine 55 gallon barrels to contain. Unreleased footage of the destruction shows a building some distance away with an entire side vaporized.

Similarly, in Fallujah, Iraq, Dr. Chris Busby, while investigating the use of Depleted Uranium, a dangerous cancer causing material widely used by the United States in most of its munitions processes, from bombs and shells to simple rifle bullets, discovered, not signs of DU but of Uranium 235.

America had used fission-based nuclear weapons in Iraq, hard scientific proof, samples of fissionable material has been gathered from the region.

It has also been gathered from the people, their bodies, their hair, and, of course, there is a wealth of evidence and witness testimony that leads to the reasonable conclusion that the United States has used dozens of “nuclear demolitions” and “micro-nukes” throughout the Middle East.

The use of these weapons, along with the cluster bombs and phosphorous weapons used against civilians in Gaza and other regions, certainly Libya, perhaps Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, how many others, we may never know, are officially war crimes and clear violations of the Geneva Convention.

Earlier we began talking about war for profit. A critical aspect of the war in Afghanistan was the prime mover, retaliation against Afghanistan for its supposed involvement in 9/11.

Over a decade later, no training facilities have been found, one poor “plotter” after years of being drugged, brainwashed and tortured is the only “smoking gun” evidence that Israel was not responsible for 9/11.

Give me six months and I could have David Cameron believing he is a parakeet.

No, there is another issue, special operations and privatization. All eliminate the accountability that legitimate armies have.

Since the beginning of time, it has been a battle to keep warfare between armies, maintain discipline and limit looting, rape and troops turning on each other like ravening dogs.

The Afghan armies and police forces, with well over a decade of training and a trillion US dollars spent, not only kill their American allies but also turn their weapons and ammunition over to those they were hired to fight.

America’s military has fared only slightly better, infiltrated by street gangs, military bases around the world are subject dens of murder and rape, life on an American military base can actually be more dangerous than any combat zone.

What has “raised the bar” on the permanent and endemic violence our new form of warfare has brought about has been the cult of secrecy.

The idea that special operations troops are not meant to be the most skilled or intelligent but the most morally flexible, the most easily coerced and, when they “learn too much,” the most easily murdered and cast aside is part of what is never mentioned in training.

We have seen this time and again, as with the coincidences that caused so many Navy SEAL deaths after the disaster at Abbottabad, a helicopter crash and the killing of an unarmed old man, another imaginary death for Osama bin Laden.

Then a day later, 22 Navy SEALS under circumstances considered tactically impossible were supposed to have died in a helicopter crash. History has already erased that, the cover stories were written in advance and the noticeable lack of curiosity and need to avenge these murders has not gone unnoticed.

We count every lie, every drone attack is carefully cataloged, the grief of thousands of families demands it.

We will also ask an accounting. I can only hope the indifference to murdering children that millions of Americans have shown over the past decade will subside and, despite the media barrage of monstrosity, there will be an awakening of freedom, of humanity and even one or two folks actually reading those holy books they own but seldom open.


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