Press TV: US – Israeli War and YouTube Exposed!


YouTube Bans Own Video As “Violent” When “Muslim” Label Removed


Israeli soldiers deploy from a Blackhawk helicopter during a military exercise at Shizafon army base in the Negev Desert in 2010.


By Gordon Duff and Press TV

American counter-intelligence officials intercepted their video transmissions, television of killings of Americans broadcast directly from American made sniper rifles modified with Israeli video and transmitter capabilities.”

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Today, Israel captured another boat bound for Gaza in international waters, an act of piracy, and an illegal blockade. Passengers, which include diplomats and parliamentarians were “tasered” and beaten. They are now enjoying Israeli “pirate” hospitality.
Israeli’s do a lot of spitting and kicking, at least when they have their charges hog-tied and outnumbered.We have a number of questions for our Israeli friends, questions from 1967, questions about who attacked who, how many Egyptian prisoners were executed in Sinai, how many Americans were murdered on the USS Liberty, why Israeli teams were overheard planning the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, questions only those who ask the hard questions know of.One IDF sniper team has spread stories around Israel that they killed 400 American troops inside Iraq.

YouTube Hosts the Same Video Blaming Muslims…Try Watching the REAL YouTube Version

YouTube - Veterans Today -

 You can watch YouTube’s Islamophobic Version of the Exact Same Video HERE

YouTube - Veterans Today -

They brag about it constantly. It gets back. We are not deaf.

One day we may have questions for the American officials that knew of this and chose to keep it from the American people.


American counter-intelligence officials intercepted their video transmissions, television of killings of Americans broadcast directly from American made sniper rifles modified with Israeli video and transmitter capabilities.

Israel actually posted it on YouTube, part of Israel’s “Google” operation.

We have their equipment they left behind, fingerprints identify German passport holders, employees rebuilding Iraq with American money and spilling American blood instead.

The Germans are very generous in giving out passports to terrorists.

I have the video and we will be releasing it as intended, Israeli origin, showing the cold-blooded murder of 400 Americans, carefully filmed and edited in Tel Aviv.

Wikileaks had the video for years but was told by Israel not to allow its release. Assange was cheerfully compliant.

Similarly, Israel has one of the lifeboats from the USS Liberty on display, filled with machinegun holes, a trophy of murder, but a reminder that the entire military of Israel given an entire day, bombers, fighters, torpedo boats and submarines could not sink one American ship.

The Captain, William McGonagle, Medal of Honor winner, testified at length that this was an act of war against the United States. He is dead but surviving crewmembers and his record survive.

Therefore, when a car bomb exploded in Beirut, another in Baghdad and another in Damascus, another in Pakistan and one more in Afghanistan, all so close together, Israel made their message clear.

There were more bombings, spreading across Africa, same signature, just like the Church bombing in Alexandria.

Perhaps it is more polite to bomb churches than to paint “Jesus is a monkey” on them as has been done to Christian churches across Israel. This is, at least, far better treatment than Mosques receive.

Nobody asks the hard questions. They get close but never on the right track. The real question is very simple. Why is there always war?

The answer is simple. War has always been a business, it is just that now, it is the “negotiation method of choice” for all other businesses. There would be no world economies, no oil, no minerals, no narcotics, no crime, no terrorism, no weapon, nothing but peaceful people living fulfilling lives.

Nobody wants that, it is considered a “poor business model.”

There have always been armies but two recent trends, the focus on unaccountable “special operations” units, often military arms of multinational political and economic groups above any law or organization and “privatized security,” mercenaries that make wars “invisible” to everyone but the victims.

Complicating the issue further, is destruction of the world’s moral center, where laws meant to defend rights of the individual are now bought and paid for, twisted into “policies” that justify military action based on perceived threats.

Even crazier, there is actually an industry that creates non-existent “perceived threats” on order. If you want a war, simply buy an “intelligence assessment,” results determined in advance, make sure it is subjected to no scrutiny, wind up the press and send out the troops.

The most prevalent methodology for destabilization is the car bomb. Car bombs are actually designed by national governments and have used primitive explosives, military grade demolitions and, when needed, 5th generation fusion devices that can flatten a square kilometer or cause a minor explosion but spread radiation sickness that won’t be detected for years.

Evidence of these weapons has been discovered in Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Oh yes, we do not want to forget, two such weapons were used against the Japanese in 1945.
One of my favorite instances of nuclear car bombs occurred in the city of Rostov in Russia when a postal van with a half-ton capacity flattened three huge apartment blocks. The government reported that the “device” used contained the equivalent of 300 tons of TNT. (Source CNN)

This was one postal van, considering the type of explosive claimed, it would have taken 1,200 postal vans to do the job. It would have been difficult to part that many in an empty one square kilometer parking lot but no questions were asked even though Russian officials very purposefully made it clear they had been “nuked.”

In Oslo, Andrew Berwick, an acclaimed Zionist reactionary exploded a car bomb before killing 77 children with the help of friends in the Norwegian police.

His tiny Opel held a bomb requiring nine 55 gallon barrels to contain. Unreleased footage of the destruction shows a building some distance away with an entire side vaporized.

Similarly, in Fallujah, Iraq, Dr. Chris Busby, while investigating the use of Depleted Uranium, a dangerous cancer causing material widely used by the United States in most of its munitions processes, from bombs and shells to simple rifle bullets, discovered, not signs of DU but of Uranium 235.

America had used fission-based nuclear weapons in Iraq, hard scientific proof, samples of fissionable material has been gathered from the region.

It has also been gathered from the people, their bodies, their hair, and, of course, there is a wealth of evidence and witness testimony that leads to the reasonable conclusion that the United States has used dozens of “nuclear demolitions” and “micro-nukes” throughout the Middle East.

The use of these weapons, along with the cluster bombs and phosphorous weapons used against civilians in Gaza and other regions, certainly Libya, perhaps Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, how many others, we may never know, are officially war crimes and clear violations of the Geneva Convention.

Earlier we began talking about war for profit. A critical aspect of the war in Afghanistan was the prime mover, retaliation against Afghanistan for its supposed involvement in 9/11.

Over a decade later, no training facilities have been found, one poor “plotter” after years of being drugged, brainwashed and tortured is the only “smoking gun” evidence that Israel was not responsible for 9/11.

Give me six months and I could have David Cameron believing he is a parakeet.

No, there is another issue, special operations and privatization. All eliminate the accountability that legitimate armies have.

Since the beginning of time, it has been a battle to keep warfare between armies, maintain discipline and limit looting, rape and troops turning on each other like ravening dogs.

The Afghan armies and police forces, with well over a decade of training and a trillion US dollars spent, not only kill their American allies but also turn their weapons and ammunition over to those they were hired to fight.

America’s military has fared only slightly better, infiltrated by street gangs, military bases around the world are subject dens of murder and rape, life on an American military base can actually be more dangerous than any combat zone.

What has “raised the bar” on the permanent and endemic violence our new form of warfare has brought about has been the cult of secrecy.

The idea that special operations troops are not meant to be the most skilled or intelligent but the most morally flexible, the most easily coerced and, when they “learn too much,” the most easily murdered and cast aside is part of what is never mentioned in training.

We have seen this time and again, as with the coincidences that caused so many Navy SEAL deaths after the disaster at Abbottabad, a helicopter crash and the killing of an unarmed old man, another imaginary death for Osama bin Laden.

Then a day later, 22 Navy SEALS under circumstances considered tactically impossible were supposed to have died in a helicopter crash. History has already erased that, the cover stories were written in advance and the noticeable lack of curiosity and need to avenge these murders has not gone unnoticed.

We count every lie, every drone attack is carefully cataloged, the grief of thousands of families demands it.

We will also ask an accounting. I can only hope the indifference to murdering children that millions of Americans have shown over the past decade will subside and, despite the media barrage of monstrosity, there will be an awakening of freedom, of humanity and even one or two folks actually reading those holy books they own but seldom open.


  1. Ann – I am with you in this outrage. Dealing with snipers is very difficult – but it can be done – and especially if it is happening a lot. There are even devices (often fitted to vehicles) that can tell you the exact direction from which a sniper round has originated – so that you can return fire immediately.

    Throwing up instant pre-set cordons around an incident is another way to fight snipers in a built up area – then gradually sifting everyone and everything inside the zone. This works – even when the rifle has been broken down and placed in a child’s pram and the shooter is trying to slip away.

    I suspect that ‘political interference’ in how the incidents were treated and how the campaign was to be managed are responsible. It may seem insane but one of the biggest problems stopping soldiers on the ground from doing their jobs are ridiculous layers of red tape and procedure laid down at a very high, usually political, level.

    British soldiers in Afghanistan today, as an example, are not allowed to shoot at snipers that they can see – even those hiding in ambush positions – until the snipers have fired at them first! Also they have been given a remit to “Keep all the roads open”. This would NOT normally be your first priority if people in the area were trying to kill your own units were able to travel over land or by helicopter! This removes all the military’s operational advantage and leaves them as sitting ducks.

    It is almost as though the scenario is DESIGNED to produce casualties. Thus the ‘war on terror’ is further justified with the lives of our best children – and the grieving parents want even less to hear that it was all for nothing other than an elaborate deception.

  2. This video and others with different footage existed back in 05-06; when it was shown to me. Back then these kills were chalked up to a sniper named “Juba”. The counter intel done by Israel at the time was spewing that Juba was an Arab, and he was using a Dragunov SVD.

    I even read the interview of Juba w/pictures. How he was trained, where he was trained, and how happy he was at his very sloppy work.

    First question back then was, “how did they rig a camera up to the SVD?” For many who have fired the SVD for even a short amount of time will notice the hop is wrong, the sound is wrong, and there is usually a lot more heat comming out of the barrel which would be visible for an instant.

    I always believed it to be an AR-10 platform, turned into an SR-22, obviously .308. Happily, many of these grunts survived their hits due to armor and horrible shooting.

    This Juba story, was the main reason for to be destroyed. This is very old news.

    Focus on the Israeli made anti-tank mines with laser range proximity, etc. They’re all over the place. Especially when women troops are being trasnported, 2x the effect. And they love it.

  3. This is unbelievable! I believe what you’re saying, it’s just astonishing.
    I’m not a vet, was classified IV-F, but never told why. Was tripping when I went for my physical. May have been the test that was said to determine what job you’d have once drafted. After being held for a second day they told me I shouldn’t be there.
    Was a war protester for a while, but never joined any groups. Remember a “so called leader” in Gainesville, FL who went for his physical at the same time. Andy Kramer was his name, I think. He had letters out the but. I had nothing of the kind.
    Never blamed our troops for what was going on. Too many were my friends and family.
    One of my best friends here in Perry, FL is a disabled vet, was in a personnel carrier that got hit by an RPG. He was drafted and couldn’t understand why people were so nasty when he came home.
    I’ve never felt our troops were the cause of wars. But it has taken me many years to begin to understand what why things are so screwed up.
    This site has become my main source of what I think is best information on what’s really going on.
    Thanks to all of you!
    I try to tell other people, but fear I’m thought of as kind of crazy in Perry.

  4. British casualties and yet Agent Cameron and his many “friends of Israel” colleagues persist in their cringe-worthy sycophantic support of all things Israel to the immense detriment of Britain and our dwindling armed forces.

    Ironically the ultimate extinction of all who inhabit Judea, friends and goyem alike is probably already sealed due to the genetic timebomb of IDF DU contamination in the promised land. see Peter Eyre series of evidence based articles.

    “Uranium Weapons – Does anyone care about our planet? Part 6”

    He who controls the FIAT money debt slavery mechanism is the root of all evil, the source of all conflict.

    excerpt from abeldanger

    “David Cameron’s great-great grandfather Emile Levita, a German-Jewish financier (and descendant of Renaissance scholar Elia Levita) who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969. His wife, Cameron’s great-great grandmother, was a descendant of the wealthy Danish Jewish Rée family on her father’s side. One of Emile’s sons, Arthur Francis Levita (died 1910, brother of Sir Cecil Levita), of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, together with great-great-grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron, London head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, played key roles in arranging loans supplied by the Rothschilds to the Japanese Central Banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo for the financing of the Japanese Government in the Russo-Japanese war.

    excerpt from Who does ‘Agent Cameron’ work for? Stuart Littlewood

    Marvel at Cameron’s words and throw up.

    He came from nowhere with no track-record and, with Jewish money behind him, suddenly burst upon the political stage in Britain as leader of the Conservative Party. His only claim to fame up to then was that he’d been schooled at Eton and the notorious Bullingdon Club for badly behaved rich kids. It was only a matter of time before he became prime minister.

    What’s truly worrying about our prime minister’s latest grovel is this statement: “

    There is no contradiction between being a proud Jew, a committed Zionist and a loyal British citizen.”
    Perhaps Agent Cameron would care to explain his support of Israel to the grieving families of our war dead possible victims of IDF snipers, I will wager barring intervention cowardice on his part will prevail and the odious relationship with the apartheid state maintained at any cost to our nation and our military.

  5. Dear Gordon,

    I am so glad you are now capable of believing the extremely hard to believe level of evil of some of the Zionists on this world. It may be good to introduce step by step your audience into seeing the Terrible, Terrible Truth. Maybe you could post the declaration of Major General Smedley Butler; the Protocols, the Iron Mountain report, and the document called Silent Weapons for a Quiet War; but with a warning for the beginning truth discoverer to take this truth slowly and gradually.

  6. Will someone PLEASE explain to me why the IDF snipers are not shot dead on the spot when caught? Or turned over to the Moslems for execution if our crowd won’t do it? They are in a war zone and should know the consequences even if their superiors and ours assure them otherwise.

    Following up on Mike Kay’s observation, why is there no return fire? I find that to be most peculiar. Surely one or two IDF snipers would be easily picked off by a group of Marines. So why are the Marines isolated like sitting ducks for the IDF crosshairs? The IDF is not brave enough to simply take on the Marines at random. They are inferior fighters so they need favorable, prearranged conditions to attack the Marines and walk away.

    Would there be traitors within the Marines who decide who will be sacrificed and set them up in a place where they would be spaced apart and working in a relatively stable area, thus giving them a false sense of security? If any Marines are caught in such treason they should be held and not returned to the Pentagram or any other NWO hive but given Roman justice due a traitor.

  7. @Tool: I am glad to see others “Pissed” at this, The continued efforts to bog US Troops into an area where “WE” were once known as the Peace Keepers. Now the Terrorist’s. As well as destroy all US foriegn Policy in the Middle East by releasing (With Help) the Pastor/Provoked video.

    Wait! there is more…
    Israeli news is now reporting that ALL TREATIES signed by once (Destroyed Regime’s) by the US in these Proxy Wars for Israel are now VOID!. This is why all Intel pointed to Israel in Beirut’s Bombing, Bombing of Sudan and the continued Hype about Morsi. The Final PUSH to extend Israel’s Borders to the TWO Rivers and thus destroy Syria and others is a shadow of what IS to come.

    As far as “Dick’s” showing with Pant’s down, Perhaps this is the need for Circumcisions? Not much left to hide after that. 🙂

    As Israeli forces continue to dominate all US Law Enforcement training, the Guards in the Georgian Prison Tortures and the control of DHS, NSA, and Other US Intelligence firms. Like the skipped over fact on CNN about the 69 US Patriot Missiles, Yes, Sent from Raytheon a US Company which happens to have a center in Israel.
    I bet the US watches all Russian Arms transfers but not from Israel as is confirmed by Google Earth that the quality of Images over Israel are far lower then anywhere else. go figure.

  8. The PROTOCOLS instructions require that jews find a way to routinely “Kill the best of the Goyim…”

    Apart from organising large wars – this is a more direct method. It should not come as a surprise.

  9. One thing that must be remembered when dealing with these psychopathic murdering devils is that whatever evil is uncovered about them,it is only the tip of the iceberg in any given atrocity they have committed.You cannot reason with a serial killer or a pedophile…you cannot sit down at the negotiating table with evil…Latney Davis
    has the only reasonable solution.

  10. For all you WTF’rs out there- Sometimes the cognitive dissonance precipitated by event-horizon backwash at this site is simply embarrassing. Get on with it already, these snips and clips have been posted widely all over the web for several long years running, even before Judicial Inc went down, which routinely posted all the crap from ogrish. So when, or in what eventually overdue and inevitable collision with reality, will the actual event-horizon ever catch up to the virtual reality matrix at VT? Or even Press TV, for that matter?

  11. We normally don’t hear from younger vets….most of whom are either trying to survive and raise families and don’t live on the net

    this has been different

    we have many confirmations on this.

    This is a nightmare. It is one thing if only intel people knew this but many units knew they were being fired on by IDF…

    and…Iraq knew that IDF troops were operating with US soldiers in Iraq through 2007.

    What the f…..

  12. jews that murder palsestinians or just plain Goyim become Israeli heroes and marters- CBS pretends the Talmud is a harmless book-It’s illegal for jews to tell Americans what is in the Talmud-shouldn’t that scare ppl?

  13. We need to get to a point where American soldiers/Marines act the same way around the IDF scum as rogue Afghan soldiers behave around us….And when the firefight starts ALL Americans fire in the same direction!

  14. Ya TJ…pissed.
    But take heart. I was just on jimstonefreelance and read a mind blowing article which leads me to believe that your president, Barry Soetoro will be reelected by a slim margin. Go check it out. Excerpt:

    “A few months ago, a media whistleblower told me about how the news is prepared weeks in advance and simply played when the time comes. Someone at CBS, (UPDATE, ABC DID IT TOO!) either messed up or wanted to spill the beans about the election being rigged. I believe this was a screw up, exactly in the same league as when building 7 was announced as having collapsed on the BBC, 40 minutes before it was demolished.”

  15. I have seen some of this video before and find it almost impossible to watch.

    If all good Jews do not disassociate themselves from this nightmare and disown these gutless murderers there may well be a real HoIocaust in the not so distant future.

    RIP Rachel Corrie – a true hero indeed.

  16. Ex,
    I’m with you on this one. Why no counter sniper action, and if there was, how was it that they scored 400 kills?
    I can believe the brass was without the backbone to act, but the tactical level? Who could sit twiddling thumbs while their men are picked off by an “ally”?
    Well, Mr. Shrimpton can have his “good guys”, poor deluded bastard. Maybe they will buy him a drink, after they are done with their games.

  17. It’s amazing.Now the You Tube video has been pulled because it violates their policy on violence.Yeah Right!

    Israel kicked up enough of a fuss to force the removal.When she gets caught with her pants down her “dick” swings freely in the wind but no balls.

  18. Wow great article, where do I begin:

    “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on violence.
    THATS OK VIMEO has it up here

    Go figure can’t talk bad or show atrocities commited by “you know who” it’s downright anti-semitic

    Concerning the video above about the Pro-Israel poster, One man Press TV interviewed stated it best :
    “I think its offensive towards everybody because it’s preaching hate” – bill goody

    Mona Eltahawy was arrested for vandalizing one of these such posters, CNN reports on it in the video below and of course instead of showing the entire video they cut and edit it to remove the part of the Reporter standing in front of her allowing herself to be spray-painted on while the police arrive on the scene to arrest Mona. – CNN – this is a longer video of the whole encounter

    I first saw this video about IDF snipers a long while back on Jim Stone Freelance and thought wow could that really be ? now that i see Gordon breaking the story it must be so and makes me sick to think about our young people that willingly sign up just to be put on a chopping block. I know that Jim Stone complains about having his site hacked quite a bit and was wondering if it must mean something to the extent that he is right on the money about a few things or not, particularly on Fukashima and the fact that it was nuked as payback and blackmail on japan, any hints there ?

    BTW His site had the Vimeo link to the IDF Sniper footage

    Regarding the micronukes in russia , I have searched and scoured the net looking for the article that showed the tonnage on the Rostov Russian apartment bomb and like you said Gordon, it is gone. Any Chance of posting a PDF or JPG screenshot somewhere of that actual article?

    I see a commentor above mentioned Rachel Corrie , as did Gordon in a previous article last week along with Pat Tillman, true heroes
    If this video doesnt bring a tear to your eye than you aren’t human.

    One last question on an article from today:
    “Today we turned science fiction into science fact,” Coleman said in the press release.

    Is this the type of tech that took out wellstone ? and the military is just now announcing that they have this capability to us laymen.


  19. To Gordon,
    All Mossad operations are run from abroad,most Mossad operatives like to show off their ring while in Israel ,which is a small metal ball that opens up and has Illuminati symbols inside.
    Most(if not all) Mossad operations are NOT done under the orders of the prime minister of Israel,but decided by the real masters of Israel ,the Rothschild,Warburg,Rockefeller cabal.
    Therefore snipers killing US soldiers,USS Liberty,nuclear devices in Russia ,9/11 etc.etc.
    I expect huge problems in the US soon ,because Romney(Israeli zionist,neocon backed) is a front for an attempted coup d’etat in the US.
    Right now the US will choose between their old slavemasters(Jewish european bankers) or their new slavemasters(Israel,neocons,billionaire hedgefundvultures)
    An Obama loss is not an option.
    If Obama wins , the US will be imploded and enslaved in an organized manner,if Obama loses ,the US is in for a very rough ride right now .
    If Obama wins,Israel will be sacrificed in an organized manner,if Obama loses the elite will blow up the middle east right now.

  20. You’re right,
    According to the scriptures nothing is supposed to happen untill the jewish messias comes along.
    This is why Israel’s behaviour has not too much to do with Judaism itself.
    It has been designed to deal with the contradictions created by Zionism,they had to modify Judaism to make it fit.
    What was born ,was a new religion ,which I call” Chosenite Holocaustianity”
    It’ll lap up all the paranoid displaced poor jews;The religious ones; “We can do anything we want because a book says we’re Chosen.”(Einstein, for one, doesn’t seem to agree).
    Secular ones;”We can do anything we want because of our raison d’etre; The Holocaust.”
    (Einstein doesn’t agree with that one as well)
    In the meantime Israel has moved from criminal to an extremely dangerous ,paranoid ,selfdestructive,messianic entity,which was predictable at it’s inception.
    Israel is dead meat and they know it,what the creators and backers of Zionism are waiting for is for Israel to do what it was created for ;Selfdestruct.
    Zionism is gonna have to fight their enemies alone,luckily for the Zionists they have just a few.

  21. But David Cameron is already a parakeet, he just doesn’t know how to sing properly yet. What can we do with… Kochs, Blankfein, Geithner, Clinton, Adelson? Can’t they sing too? Isn’t there a good vocal teacher out there anywhere?

  22. The highlighting of this ugly trait for all to see may well be why many of the religious jews have long been in fanatical opposition to the formation of the israeli state at all, yet. According to their scriptures this was not supposed to happen even under jewish ‘law’ until after the jewish Messiah appeared on the earth.

    The religious jews are not concerned about the Palestinians by the way – they just point out that the jews have shot their bolt too early!

  23. Since the formation of the israel entity mpennery – the zionists have been unable to hide the fact that jews have one set of rules for the Goyim – and one set of rules for themselves. Those rules are more or less the exact opposite to each other.

    According to the advice of all ‘great jewish thinkers’ and academics – we Gentiles have to be soft, forgiving, tolerant beyond belief, apologetic, yielding, left wing, internationalist – and to lose our racial heritage and identity.

    On the other hand jews must be tough, vengeful, intolerant of any inconvenience, apologise to no one, always on the winning side, right wing, nationalist – and to retain their racial heritage and identity at all costs.

    Do you get it now?

  24. I am not disagreeing with you, I just want to say that polls are notoriously easy ways to manipulate public opinion. In a psychological experiment, all you have to do is get the first one or two responders to hold or show a popular emotion and then others flock to follow. If this is a negative emotion, it is expanded negatively. These polling companies are many times owned by partisan interests and their methods are never evaluated / audited.
    Think of how strongly this one poll influenced a negative emotion in you even though you are completely taking the word of total strangers and somebody sitting at a computer could have just made it up.
    Or are Israelis really all so cold?
    I don’t know but if I was a criminal trying to keep the masses in line and in support of my criminal policies, I would employ tactics to make them falsely believe my policies were popular. Then you control the media to pound it home. Keep them feeling isolated.


  25. Excuse me, but how can it be business as usual in light of this? Cowardly IDF sniper teams are picking off American soldiers at will? How would you feel if your son had been killed by a sniper’s bullet over there, only to find out that it was probably at the hands of an Israeli agent provocateur and NOT the Taliban?

    Where is the outrage amongst the military? Where is General Dempsey on this? Has he seen this Jewish snuff film? Four hundred murdered soldiers are waiting to be avenged. And that’s just for starters.

  26. Gordon, you wrote, “Why is there always war?”

    Yes, there are many reasons for war. The essential reason – the one that allows all others – is the failure of due process of law. This is the process that allows men to complain of wrong, and receive justice/accountability. It is thru a proper-functioning court system that arguments are prevented from escalating to violence and brought to justice. A court system operates properly when it performs according to due process. Where it fails – or, where there is no such court, violence follows. This is true between neighbors as well as between peoples, or states.

    English barons first declared their right of due process in 1215. They paid four hundred years and oceans of blood before they developed reasonably effective procedures of redress.

    For those who want to avoid such cost – and exact accountability, my book, “The Lost Right”, contains the history we must live, the law and procedures we must learn, (

    Further, “I can only hope the indifference to murdering children that millions of Americans have shown over the past decade will subside…”

    I doubt there are many who are capable of rousing from their apathy; not when you consider their “indifference” to the policy of cannibalizing their children thru the mechanism of government debt. Instead, when that day comes when they have to choose between eating their children and enforcing accountability against criminal and useful-idiot classes, they will choose the former.

    No, redress is the exclusive responsibility of men who have the capacity for reason and a sense of justice. The only question is, ‘How many centuries, and oceans of blood will the world have to endure?’

  27. I recall seeing the sniper footage some years ago now – when it was happening – and could not help wondering at the time if the usual entity was involved at some level.

    This went on for some time and included British soldiers as victims. I could not understand why a Northern Ireland style ‘rat-trap’ operation was not set up to trap the sniper. This is done with the instant deployment of cordons in the affected area – given a radio alert word. The British army had decades of experience at this.

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