Our Soldiers Killing and Dying For “Dirt”


 Unleashing Suppressed Technology from BIG OIL


by E. Paul Newell


In gasoline/diesel-powered vehicles, most of the fuel’s energy , 70 – 72%, is lost within the engine primarily as heat.  Smaller amounts of energy are lost through engine friction, that is from pumping air into and out of the engine combined with combustion inefficiency.  Less than 14% of each gallon of gas makes it to your tires. That means as well as polluting,  you are just burning 86% of each dollar you are forced to spend on  outdated methods of powering forward motion.  For example WHY ARE WE BEING FORCED TO USE THIS TYPE OF FUEL?    “Suppressed Technology” is the “why”.

Does this kind of math make any sense to anyone other than “BIG OIL”Gas and diesel power mode of transport is out dated by one hundredyears.   The gas and diesel combustion system belongs in a Transport Museum.

What is the cost of transporting  say a bag of carrots  from point  A to point B ?  Try this for math –

It takes 2.14 gal. of oil to make one gal. of gas.

  • The average family/household vehicle uses 7.3 gal. of oil to make one tire.
  • , five tires per car.
  •  average for developed  countries is two cars per  family/household
  •  each vehicle  holds approx. ten gals of gas. Five litres of oil in engine body, and approx. three more gal of oil in other components such as  grease, plastics made from oil, brake fluids, steering fluids, etc.
  • Each vehicle   will, most likely make a once a week  grocery store run bringing home that bag of carrots.

If you walk, bike,   jog,  skate board, rollerblade,  take a scooter, or use an electric powered vehicle of any kind – WOW!  AWESOME   good on you, and


Ok back to ugly stats.

  • It Takes 22 gal. of oil to make ONE semi-tractor/trailer  tire.
  • Add it up on just one eighteen wheeler. 18×22=396 gals.
  •  Plus engine,crankcase, grease, plastics made from oil, steering fluids, etc.
  • There are upwards of thirty tires on some of the bigger rigs that ply the highways globally.
  •   Estimates of 15.5 million trucks operate in the U.S.. Of this figure 2million are tractor trailers.
  • The population of semi-trailer trucks grows because of imports and exports. The population is in excess of 10 million global.
  • A Cargo Container Ship (massive) plying the oceans consumes an unbelievable

SIXTEEN TONS of crude fuel per hour @ 15 knots.  Works out to 380 tons

per day while at sea. Just to bring that bag of carrots, et al from “A to B” .

Think about this if you are buying foods from anywhere more than ten miles away from your home, What are the costs to get that product to you. AND  who benefits from those costs…. “BIG OIL” that’s who. Big oil has suppressed technology for 100 years squashing the “little

guy” into nothing more than a promise and a dream. Amounting to nothing

all because of suppression by big oil and those that  hold interests in the pathetic game of patents pending.

Oil is past, way past its due date for   being  just a sad chapter in human history.

How to bring this about is to bust out suppressed technology so we can move forward again.

Another way to relieve dependency on oil is to use the “Dirt” that we

have available to us as individuals. Yes,  our own dirt. Why import what you have in your own back yard..In a row of adequate dirt, twelve inches wide, eight inches deep, and

twenty feet long, ten of those five pound bags of carrots can be produced eliminating ten trips to the supermarket and the need for any import.  Add more dirt and you add more produce  – all different kinds of produce.

DIRT/EARTH/SOIL or whatever you choose to name it is  the most important commodity we have.. And is one of the most common commodities on earth.

What is “DIRT” really, dirt is everything to  you, me and all others on the face of this earth.

You eat from it, you sleep from it, you drive from it, you drink of it, you wear it, you walk on it and your life literally lives and thrives from it. You breathe it and without it you will not survive,

Every metal, mineral, vitamin, rock, gem, fuel, gases, wood, cotton, food, drink is dependent upon good old DIRT.

Where you sit or stand at this minute, take a look around you, you will not see one thing that does not originate from “dirt” “Mother Earth”. Look carefully at each item and trace back its origin.

Oxygen and all the other gases  that make up the encasement of earth

comes from “dirt”. Outside of earth’s encasement is either minus 200deg.c or plus 120deg.c give or take. So the earth has provided a protective shell if you will.

Protecting us all from above and providing nourishment, comforts, from


Earth is  protecting you, try protecting earth in return.

 The man who owns a big shipping company is not a successful man but a

fail to protect his real assets “DIRT” “MOTHER EARTH”  – The master

provider. Not a thing to be taken lightly.

Paul Newell


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