Press TV: Strike on Gaza, Netanyahu’s swan song of rage


Strike on Gaza, Netanyahu’s swan song of rage

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“The tendrils that stretch from Tel Aviv have shown themselves of late, not immediately but the mosaic is beginning to come together, the pattern to be seen, understood, its brazenness and hubris grossly contradictory to popular “victimization mythology” used to wage war on the world “through deception.”

from Press TV

Three missiles have traveled the 50 miles from Gaza to Tel Aviv and Israel’s “Iron Dome” was proven less than promised and the possibility of tens of thousands of missiles from Lebanon became an inexorable reality if the “madness of Netanyahu” goes unhindered.

I understand Netanyahu; I just do not forgive him. Where Gaddafi faced physical danger, defiant to the end, Netanyahu believes himself under similar circumstances.

He sits in Tel Aviv like a spider as he hatches his plots, Romney and the promise of a Greater Israel and a “shock and awe” attack by the US on Iran, those schemes lie in ruins.

Another of the leaders of men, the “Masters of the Universe,” small men, heartless, narcissistic, borderline personality disorder or full-blown sociopaths, they spin from fantasy to rage to self-destruction.

We see the daily attacks on Gaza. We also know of his preparations, a massive armed assault on the world’s largest walled prison, its women and children slated to fall under the cluster bombs, the white phosphorous, the shelling and staffing that Likudist Israel turns to when the world begins to open its eyes to see what is there.

For over six decades, a stranglehold on pop culture, movies, television, movies, even the American congress, creatures like John McCain and Lindsay Graham of the US Senate as examples, all have provided “cover and deception” for genocide.

Small men, small in stature, small in heart, small of intellect do not take the unraveling of their plots easily.

We have seen the rage of Greater Israel before. Were an accurate history to be laid bare before all, it would constitute an act of criminality in many nations, we have sunk that low.

The tendrils that stretch from Tel Aviv have shown themselves of late, not immediately but the mosaic is beginning to come together, the pattern to be seen, understood, its brazenness and hubris grossly contradictory to popular “victimization mythology” used to wage war on the world “through deception.”


As the flood of cash from Sheldon Adelson’s worldwide casino empire proved more and more ineffective in overcoming America’s doubts about Romney’s character, a plan was hatched.

We had seen such a plan before; a political party in Norway had stood its ground in support of a boycott of Israeli goods in response to an apartheid society enforced with untold violence.

Anders Breivik assisted by right wing extremists in Norway’s police, murder 77 children, the families of those who stood for freedom and justice. All investigations were suppressed and Breivik will spend a few short years in relative comfort, enjoying the free society he had worked much of his life to deny others.

Breivik is what is known as a “Zionist.”

Benghazi is, in many ways, a very similar incident, clearly the product of a wide-ranging conspiracy of spies, of journalists, of members of congress, of “chat room” trolls and “bloggers.” There were some killers too, we may seek some of them out, but as for the others, they are unlikely to receive the punishment they deserve.

The American president had to be humiliated, not just that, but “set up” as well, accused of endless conspiracies, all equally senseless and asinine but if repeated enough to a nation of “apocalypse junkies” and “birthers,” it might just work.

To pull off the Benghazi killings, assets were called upon, some “dual citizens” within the American Department of State, to make sure the Ambassador was vulnerable at a key time. Thus, those who controlled his schedule, who knew his every move, they are who I would look at first.

Then I would turn to what history has denied, the invisible partnership begun in 2004 between the Bush family, Israel and Gaddafi. While the British built Gaddafi’s military, while Haliburton took over their oil, Israel befriended the Libyan leader.

It was Gaddafi’s belief that, if he let Israel in to set up his intelligence agencies and his communications network, if he allowed secret CIA prisons and America’s rendition program to operate under the cover of Libyan “seclusion,” it would assure the survival of his rule.

Gaddafi had weathered decades of change while others had fallen, he was a survivor, or so he thought.
Hence, when time came to kill an American ambassador, Israel had been in Libya for eight years, establishing themselves among the acolytes of Gaddafi, those who would supply the needed electronic jamming equipment, the heavy weapons and the needed additional manpower for what was a far larger military operation than anyone has yet told the public.

Why are there no photos of Benghazi, no film, in a world where every person carries a phone that records video? It was not just the jamming; nearly a square mile taken down by one of Gaddafi’s many convoy security trucks.
Special teams were infiltrated through Tunisia, through the Tripoli airport. They were seen, French and British intelligence, many were told that there would be a target but none imagined the killing of the lone American diplomat and his tiny security detail, one of the “soft targets” of all time.

This was figured to cost Obama two percentage points on the election, just a few murders, that is all.
This was only the beginning. Not only would Israel unleash her army of former Internet chat room trolls, elevated to the status of “bloggers,” but also an army of journalists, including a mix of pundits, “tea party” extremists and fantasists.

Behind them, on demand, like ordering “take away Chinese,” members of congress would chime in, the dirtiest and those most easily blackmailed would lead the way. Thus, Lindsay Graham, the “homophobic” homosexual Senator from South Carolina and “Hanoi John” McCain, the former POW with a presidential pardon protecting him from life in prison for giving “aid and comfort to the enemy” during his “imprisonment” during the Vietnam War are unleashed.

For that story, names like Colonel Ted Guy, Colonel Earl Hopper and Sgt. Major John Holland, all now deceased, supplied endless fully vetted documentation.


The story of former CIA Director, General Petraeus becomes more dark and complex as each hour progresses. When Allen Dulles ran the CIA, he was famous for having had a “relationship” with every woman in the agency.

The story about Petraeus began as a simple affair, took on the perception of a “honey trap,” a typical methodology used in the spy trade where sex and blackmail are used.

Now “informed sources” are saying that things may have gone further, much further.

What we do see, however, is a “second term” presidency where it is a very good guess that a veil has been lifted and those that needed “dealing with” during Obama’s first term, those who helped bring down America through illegal wars, through financial crimes, through espionage, those who were very much “above the law” may very well no longer be so.

Sources within the Department of Justice now indicate that the Israeli lobby, long under investigation for espionage but protected by powerful friends is no longer safe.

Where Gaza will suffer destruction, the plans for America are more complex and, perhaps, even more deadly. Military officers long under the control of Tel Aviv, some willing, some under blackmail, others bought for “30 pieces of silver” stand ready to overthrow the lawful government.

Other groups, millionaires trolling America for damaged and disaffected special operations veterans, trained snipers and bombers, cells of domestic terrorism we have clearly seen in formation, are to be called upon.

The plans are always simple, a template of Bush (43.) We will have an iconic act of terror, an attempt to seize power through “decapitating” the government, Iran will be blamed and a multi-decade war will be waged while America will be gutted of everything but the topsoil.

None of this is conjecture.


Israeli mythology is dying. Netanyahu knows this very well. He knew it the second he saw himself on video at the UN, his “Wylie Coyote” poster in hand, a lifetime of lies and dissemblance for nothing, all in ruins, now a “dead man walking.”

He will not go quietly into the night, many will die, as he sees it, all may die except him. He may even see himself as the hero of his own life.

Others place him among the monsters of history but this is always the case.


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