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Zionist vs. anti-Zionist debate “Middle Eastern democracy”

A nation that has expelled or murdered the majority of its rightful voters, purely on the basis of their ethnic origin, can hardly be called a democracy. "Genocidocracy" would be more like it.

Press TV Debate: Dumbed-down West brainwashed into hating refugees

The United States has destroyed nation-states in the Middle Eastern and African countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan, but Washington refuses to shoulder its responsibility to the people who lost their countries as a result of the US foreign policy.

Jim W. Dean Interview – US sending forces to Syria, window...

Jim W. Dean - Special Operations people are always on the ground and have been in Syria since this began - French, British and the US. This happens all over the world - in all the conflicts - but no country ever admits.

Jim W. Dean Interview: Putin has put West’s false claims in...

Jim W. Dean - Putin continues to slay Western propaganda and leadership reputations almost every time he gives a talk. When he does questions and answers with the press, he has no match on the planet.

Syrian govt., militants agree to truce near Damascus, Idlib – Press...

Press TV - The Syrian government forces along with allied fighters have agreed to a ceasefire with militants in some areas in the provinces of Idlib and Damascus.

Greeks head to polls in general elections – Press TV

Press TV - The election is a neck-and-neck race between the leftist Syriza party and conservative New Democracy and will select a new government to implement a three-year 86-billion-euro (USD 98-billion) bailout adopted by Greece's parliament in August.

Press TV: US Senate Democrats block amendment linking Iran agreement...

Under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, Thursday was the final day for the Republican-controlled Congress to disapprove of the nuclear deal.

US led anti-Daesh coalition flawed: Lavrov

Sergei Lavrov - You can not fight Evil using illegal methods, and the methods used by the US-Led Coalition contradict international law.

Press TV: Only 4 or 5 US trained militants in...

Senator John McCain said he had never heard statements so “divorced from reality” in his 30 years on the Armed Services panel.

US considering Russian proposal for military-to-military talks: Kerry

PressTV - US Secretary of State John Kerry says the White House is considering military-to-military talks with Russia over Syria.

Debate: How DARE Russia fight terrorism?

ISIS is so evil we will hook up with anyone, ANYONE, to fight them. Anyone except Russia, that is.

International TV channel broadcasts 9/11 truth on anniversary

On the anniversary, remember 9/11 (was an inside job).

Retaliatory attacks to encourage Yemenis against aggressors

Jim W. Dean - Yemenis are reporting today that they have brought down a Saudi drone, as in taking it over to land, which comes as a big surprise.

Press TV debate: Did West INTENTIONALLY destabilize Mideast post-9/11?

During our debate, I reminded Evans that the destabilization and Balkanization of the Middle East was the decades-old objective of Israel's Oded Yinon planD.

The Debate: US Nuke Scars with Jim W. Dean

Jim W. Dean: Japan's pity parade for the WWII nuclear bombings was a bit too much this year, so it was time to expose its nuclear weapons story, particularly now that they are re-militarizing.

CIA chief says US can’t destroy ISIL on battlefield

We need to declare a year round hunting season for all State sponsored terrorists and their backers, with full diplomatic immunity and rewards for those who bag them, including the ones in suits.

Taking Netanyahu orders treason to US (Press TV interview)

"There is really almost no support around the world for this extremist right-wing Israeli Likudnik program to accelerate the genocide in Palestine."

NEOConservatives Waging ‘War of Deception’ Against Americans

"These people should be punished not only by being voted out of office, but ultimately they’re traitors to the United States and they should be tried and sentenced for treason.”

India to develop Iran port despite US pressure

Jim W. Dean..."India is exhibiting some national pride to the American Sanctionistas, that it also has some interests that it would like to protect."

Press TV – Violent Clashes while Ethiopian Jews Protesting Police Brutality

Jim Dean - Clashes between Israeli police and Ethiopian Jews, who are protesting harsh treatment by the police

9/11 was ‘mother of all false flag attacks’

The 15 Saudi patsies of 9/11 were in the US on CIA snitch visas - meaning they were CIA assets.

The Sun Will Rise On Jewish Power (Press TV)

The program explores issues to do with Jewish power, Zionism the role of the Jewish Left and The Guardian.

‘Paris terror suspects long on London’s watch list’

The Charlie Hebdo patsies: Pawns of Western intelligence agencies.

Press TV Fail: The Crash and Burn

VT, the dog that will not be leashed. This week, Hamid Reza Emadi, general manager, the best title I can think of, of Press TV found himself at odds with VT.

US Abandons Reality in War on ISIS/ISIL

- As the US military intensifies its bombing campaign against ISIL in Iraq and Syria, the CIA and intelligence agencies from members of the US-led coalition are lending material support to the terrorist organization, an analyst says.

Islamic State name meant to shame Islam

“They've created the name 'Islamic State' (IS) for this group to try to discredit political Islam and the Islamic Awakening."

Press TV: ISIL "Witches Brew" Cooked up by US, Israel

- Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, senior editor of VT from Ohio, about President Barack Obama saying the United States underestimated the threat posed by the militants who formed the ISIL Takfiri group.

9/11 truth, Palestine TKO Zionist gatekeepers

9/11 truth and anti-Zionism are winning the slugfest.

Israeli regime committing suicide over land grab

"The stereotype that Zionists are pushy doesn't even begin to describe Richard 'the Dick from Washington' Hellman."

Controlled demolition of Sean Hannity

If you can't beat up Hannity at Press TV, where CAN you beat him up?

Bloodlust in Gaza, PressTV/VT Partnered Coverage

VT has been regularly partnering with Press TV to do "rolling coverage" of the attacks on Gaza. A number of VT editors and columnists participate, this time Senior Editor Gordon Duff and Financial Editor Mike Harris.

Israel Has Lost Big Over Gaza War: Analyst

Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, senior editor of VT from Ohio, about a survey finding that support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has fallen by 20 percent.

Obama ambushes Muslim invitees at White House iftar

“Lying about the most basic fact about the occupation of Palestine – that the Zionists are the aggressors, and the Palestinians are defending themselves, their homes, their land, their children, and their honor – is a war crime.”

On Israel’s Genocidal Nature

The Jewish state that was supposed to solve the Jewish problem managed only to move the problem to a new place. Israel and its Lobby are the gravest danger to world peace,

Court Decision Could Force Iran Off Internet

The Times of Israel reports that on June 24, 2014 a US District Court awarded American and Israeli terror victims the .ir domain, along with all of Iran’s IP addresses.

Nuke Cancer from 9/11 Revealed

A new and terrifying 9/11 conspiracy has hit the news. We are now confronted, not only with startling proof that 9/11 was a “nuclear event,” but that there have been thousands of unreported deaths in New York....

Is Boko Haram a psy-op?

"Boko Haram vs. schoolgirls": Another PR fabrication? It certainly smells that way.

Sex assaults at US colleges stem from cultural decline

Joe Biden doesn't understand that campus sex assaults are a symptom of America’s cultural and moral decline.

Panicking US government targets alternative media

Should big money control mass consciousness?

Syria False Flags Exposed – War is Over

I just did two Syria interviews on Press TV. Together, I think they sum up one of the biggest stories of this strange new century.