Demonization: The Lobby’s Resourceful Weapon of War

Ernst Zundel
Ernst Zundel

Silencing One Man – Why is it So Important


 by   Ingrid Rimland Zundel


After four assassination attempts – some traced to Jewish perps, some self-admitted in phone calls to a beholden media – Ernst Zundel spoke for the record, for all the world to hear:




[youtube hY0ECt1dwgY]

This clip, as well as the one right below, are part of Ernst’s pièce de résistance, taken from an interview conducted by an Israeli Journalist in 1998, three years after the Zundel-Haus was burned down on the 50th anniversary of Germany’s surrender to the Allies:

[youtube VRo-jp6EzJA&feature=plcp]

The full interview has been on the Net for more than two years, and I have yet to hear a serious objection.

Some of my best friends, lamentably, are Holocaust Enforcers. By that I don’t mean that they wish for yet another Holocaust on G-d’s Own Chosen Tribe – they merely grant the yammerers a nod of courtesy to their creative version, so near and dear to Stephen Spielberg and his ilk.

And then there are those pesky folks, some in my orbit also, who will heave the Leuchter Report in your face. Fred Leuchter is the one who caught the Zundel Taint when he mistakenly assumed truth could be used a defense in 1988 in Canada and testified accordingly in Ernst Zundel’s Second Great Holocaust Trial.

Fred used to be America’s most competent, handsomely paid government expert witness of gas chamber execution equipment used in years past in our fair land to do away with criminals beyond redemption.

Before he could say Mauschwitz, a barrage of the most vicious political demonization demolished Fred’s highly regarded career – I understand now he is driving a school bus.

What happened? What always happens in political trials of this sort. When Fred tried to testify about what he had found – or, better, not found – during a fact-finding expedition to Auschwitz – a red-faced Judge took cover behind “judicial notice”, thus throwing a perfectly sane but politically incorrect defense overboard.

In legal parlance, “judicial notice” means you can’t question the “obvious” on fear of professional ruin – such as that Monday follows Sunday, or that the moon hangs in the sky by unseen threads as one of the Almighty’s ornaments.

Here is what Leuchter had to say about his derailed testimony in a follow-up interview with one of Ernst attorneys, Kirk Lyons:

[youtube BFTVlhIk-Oo&feature=plcp]

Five minutes of plain common sense by an experienced, court-certified expert whose testimony used to carry weight in any other trial – except in a trial challenging Auschwitz! That’s really all it takes to grasp the kindergarten ABCs of a forensic finding – is it not?

I wish!

Despite Fred’s testimony, given under oath, that ought to have shaken the world to its core and reigned in the power of Abe’s Blocksman Brigade, most worthy individuals in our Western world will have nothing to do with Ernst Zundel who started it all by sending Fred Leuchter to Auschwitz. It is a sight to see how folks recoil, should they encounter a Denier.

If they can’t get away because those irritating Holocaust Negationists, as they are called in France, insist on facts versus dogma, a few invectives placed expertly will strangle a heresy neatly. Most of the time, that settles it. A sure-fire moral victory.

If all else fails because those Deniers are known to be stubborn and dig in their heels, the Holocaust Enforcers likewise know their Pappenheimers, as the Germans like to say – their mawkish media pack – who will play fast and loose with those who dare question “the obvious”.

Here is an early demonization cartoon that appeared in the Edmonton Journal when the Canadian Lobby’s Hate Campaign first gathered speed like a political tornado to get the world’s best-known “Denier of the Obvious” deported and out of the way. We’re talking 1985:

Boy, did they try! Did those sick monsters ever try!

And why did they succeed? They counted on the rings in people’s noble noses. As Ernst found out to his dismay, Canadians who ought to have used a few brain cells to put two and two together are passionate nose ring wearers. Those rings are made-to-order trinkets for Beings Sans Spine – the world’s BSSs, in short. Abe gives it a yank – and BSSs dance!

Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel

Were I not such a Lady of Decorum, I would use stronger words than “spine”, but I control myself. My point is this: Abe’s energetic marketing campaign is targeting a lot of spineless Gentiles who wouldn’t hurt a fly but who are strangely keen to parade around with their nose rings.

Those rings can come in handy. They can make you shed tears on command. Unless you shed a few tears for hapless Fuehrer victims, it’s easy for some folks to reckon that you, too, might be a flaming Nutzy.

That’s how it’s done. You literally twist yourself into a Boy Scouts’ knot to prove that you are not one of those horrid creatures of the past. You curse the Fuehrer loudly, for the entire neighborhood to hear. The Weasel is the Apple of Your Eye.

Caught in the fervor of your own self-righteousness, you even curse the White Supremacists, the Southern Radicals, the dubious Ron Paulites, the Hitlerites who have their brazen get-togethers in Iran. For good measure, you also curse Zundel, with spittle flying every which way.

You may not see it that way, but thanks to that ring in your nose, Abe deftly signed you up as an active member of his Blocksman Hate Campaign – and it doesn’t cost Abe a single stripped shekel! You fight his war for him. How’s that for ingenuity?


Hitler – circa WWI

Most people think of Hitler Bashing as a sport, or, better yet, a deferential social standard that earns you brownie points. It is not seen as groveling to Israel. It is as automatic as a response to an itch in your nostrils at allergy time. Bless you!

By contrast, Holocaust Denial – now, that is serious business. That calls for Moral Outrage. If you know what is good for your career, you up and kick the Fuehrer in the shin on cue – and presto: You are a Righteous Gentile. A tree is planted in your name in Israel. You are entitled to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

That’s where we are today. An avaricious industry has managed to implant nose rings in myriads of Beings Sans Spines, which they cannot dislodge without bleeding.

Not all is lost, however. Every once in a while, resistance self-asserts. If you still have a conscience, you might sense there is something within you that doesn’t feel right.

You surmise you may have been had, but you don’t rightly know, and you’d like to find out. After all, you have been lied to in the past, more times than you can count – Pearl Harbor, JFK, the Golf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty, Oklahoma City, 9/11, the Dancing Israelis.

A tiny doubt pops into your brain: “Can it be? Was I also deceived about Auschwitz?” And there you are, a puny Righteous Gentile, half-heartedly trying to get to the bottom of who is really doing what to whom – and other politically incorrect passions.

And guess what? You are shocked right out of your socks. You find yourself in an undeclared war with a swarm of Abe’s swashbuckling nose rings wearers. Abe is a mega-man, believed to have unlimited resources, subservient friends in all the corridors of power – and you? You merely asked a few questions. Yet scores of nose ring wearing friends attack you with the fiercest, most filthiest abuse.

This used to be America, you argue. There used to be such a thing as Free Speech. Are you not a dues-paying member of the ACLU? Are not your closest friends … etcetera? The last thing in the world you wanted to become is to … is to …become – “hutschoooo!” – a dreaded Holocaust Denier!

I say that hordes of BSSs with rings in noble noses are an impediment to social sanity.


I am not even arguing the merits versus the demerits of what Fred Leuchter unearthed decades ago in one of my husband’s Holocaust Trials.That has been done to countless scientists’ satisfaction – and any BSS can spend a weekend reading up on it or listening to DVDs, if he wants to get rid of that itch in his nose and stop sneezing.

Why not beef up a bit on not only Fred Leuchter’s forensic results but what others with flawless credentials have long since found out? No gassing. No budget. No Fuehrer genocidal plan. It’s all on the Net – for the asking.

You might yet conclude that Abe’s ring in your nose is not exactly an adornment. Some people have already. You wouldn’t be alone.


Ernst and Ingrid – Before his ‘rendition’ to Germany

I am a kiddie shrink by training. I realize that even grown-up people have odd psychological needs that can be satisfied with Hitler Bashing. I understand there’s applause to be had from fellow nose ring wearers.

All that! That’s not where Ernst and I are coming from, and why we so emphatically object.

For us and ever more of our Truth Batallion comrades, it’s painfully embarrassing to watch grown people we otherwise like and respect to dance to Abe’s tune for no reason.

We long for a small modicum of chivalry against a thoroughly defeated and long dead opponent of yore.

We don’t indulge in kicking a dead Stalin in the shin, though he deserves it plenty.

For me, specifically, this arbitrary Hitler Bashing Business is costly on a personal level – because the man I love and respect has paid a hefty price. Next to the long-dead Fuehrer, Ernst Zundel is probably the most reviled and persecuted dissident on earth. What hurts me most – a lot! – is when madcap disparagement comes from my friends.

And odd though it may seem, what with my Axis ancestry, I do have cherished friends on VT and elsewhere. That is why I decided to go on a public relations campaign against humbug.

What do you really know about Ernst? And what do you know about Hitler – except what Abe Blocksman has drilled into your brain?

If you can spare an hour of your life on a quiet Sunday afternoon, you might want to acquaint yourself with what unopposed political demonization can do – kidnap one-tenth of an moral man’s life in a futile attempt to quash truth-telling. Check out how Ernst defied his enemies – by refusing to let his spirit be broken.

Google my new website,, still under construction, and click on the “Spartan” link on your left.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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Ingrid Rimland is an award-winning ethnic novelist and documentary producer. Currently she works on a wide-screen feature movie (Category: Contemporary Political Drama) called THE EXPATS. Born to Russian-German Mennonites in the Ukraine, she experienced World War II as a small child. Multilingual and gifted linguistically, she brings a unique perspective to the Patriot struggle, having lived under four dictators in her young years - Stalin, Hitler, Peron of Argentina, and Stroessner of Paraguay. Ingrid is proudly married to one of the world's most politically incorrect human rights activist, Ernst Zundel, kidnapped by America's Zionist-beholden government goons on American soil in 2003 for having spoken Truth to Power about the so-called "Holocaust". She has earned a doctorate in Education from the University of the Pacific and been a U.S. citizen since 1973.