“Jewish superiority” – or ethnic networking? Let’s ask Prof. Kevin MacDonald!


“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”- Voltaire


by Kevin Barrett


Excuse us for noticing, but Jews (i.e. people who would be considered automatic citizens of Israel) are wildly over-represented in American society’s most desirable, powerful and privileged positions. Of the 100 richest Americans, somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% to 50% are Jewish – not bad for a group that makes up less than 2% of the population! Jews completely dominate Hollywood and the media, contribute close to half of the bribes (I mean “campaign contributions”) in federal elections, make up about one-third of the Supreme Court, and dominate banking and finance. And so on and so forth.

One explanation for this is “Jewish superiority“: Jews are that much smarter than the goyim. Philip Weiss, author of the classic essay Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do? has offered a different explanation: Ethnic networking. Weiss admits he just feels more comfortable with fellow Jews, figures other Jews feel the same way, and reasonably surmises that Jews tend to hire and promote fellow Jews for this reason. That is why, according to Weiss, “Jews make up a significant proportion of power positions in media, half, if not more.”

In other words, just as certain ethnic groups colonize certain neighborhoods in American cities – they “just feel comfortable” living near each other – so Jews have colonized the most powerful and privileged positions in American society.

Today’s radio guest Kevin MacDonald, Professor of Psychology at California State University – Long Beach,  has done extensive empirical research on this topic. His conclusion: Though Jewish IQs are slightly higher, on the average, than non-Jewish IQs, the rather stunning over-representation of Jews at America’s elite universities, and other positions of power and privilege, cannot be explained by ability or intelligence.

Dr. MacDonald citing Ron Unz, writes: “Because of their role in replenishing elites, university admissions is a huge lever of power. The implication of Unz’s article (although he would probably shy away from this wording) is that a Jewish elite now controls this lever of power and has used it to its advantage, resulting in a massive overrepresentation of Jews in elite universities compared to their academic qualifications or intelligence, while discriminating against non-Jewish Whites and against Asians.”

Kevin MacDonald has (predictably) been vilified for his politically-incorrect research. Vilification is so much easier than rational-empirical refutation.

I will be interviewing Kevin MacDonald today, Tuesday, December 18th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on NoLiesRadio.org (then archived here a few hours after broadcast).



  1. Key to “Jewish Success”: Cheating Societies:
    Some Reasons for Zio-Satanistic successes:

    Dedication to the highest forms of crime including organized Satanist murders & cannibalism (aka Holocaust).
    This reason can be understood by how & why Charles Lindbergh’s son was abducted murdered & cannibalized by Zio-Satanists to put FDR in office & start WWII. (as documented by one reader in this recent VT page):

    See Comment from:
    December 29, 2012 – 3:12 pm
    Interestingly, his father Colonel H. Norman Schwarzkopf Sr. was the head of the New Jersey State Police (a parallel with Lt. Vance?) and at the time, was leading the investigation of the kidnapping and (Jewish ritual) murder of aviator Charles Lindbergh’s infant son.
    As we know, the elder Charles Lindbergh Sr. was a Congressman who vehemently opposed the creation of the immoral and unconstitutional Federal Reserve.
    The elder Jew Schwartzkopf conspired with Jewish prosecutor David Wilentz in manufacturing evidence and preparing a horde of perjured witnesses to testify in the trial of falsely accused Richard Hauptmann who was unjustly sent to the electric chair. Fascinating stuff.

    Key to Success: Cheating Societies in every possible way such as below.

    A known “Jewish tradition” is not doing certain things on Saturdays such as working & writing!!!
    All professional & important academic exams such as Medical Bar Exams, Professional Engineering Exams, Legal Bar Exams, MCAT, LSAT, ETC. are mysteriously held on Saturdays but an exemption is made for those who claim unable to take them on Saturdays due to their “Jewish tradition & prohibition” so they are all lowed to take those exams during the subsequent week!!!

    I have heard the reason for these Saturday exams is that through a very organized covert criminal network (immediately after such exams) questions are passed to the identified “Jewish exam-takers” (probably through synagogues) so that the “Chosen Ones” can find proper answers & memorize them for the day of the exam!!!
    This criminal exam cheating routine also explains their disproportionate rate of success & as to how so many inept “Jewish” U.S. university students advance to graduate programs & pass the necessary boards & become certified to practice high-paying professions like doctors & lawyers who will later help to conceal every type of crimes (such as recent financial crimes) & even heinous organized abductions & murders & cannibalism as documented in the above link and in this newly released film which will probably soon be removed from the web so you should save it to your computer now:

    Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited: The Hidden Cult (Full Version)

  2. Extremely arrogant people are often very “successful”, in worldly terms. To confuse this with intelligence is, well, idiotic, to put it politely.

  3. Two things make the Zion Talmudic Jews astute-street smarter, “successful”, but definitely not at all even slightly more intelligent (as it is alleged above) than the average Joe, than the average IQ distribution score among non-Jews:

    1) The firm belief that they are “The Chosen People”. That give the brethren an edge over the Goyim. Because of that belief, the mindset of the Jew is geared toward ALWAYS taking advantage over a GOY, not because he or she is more intelligent, but because the TALMUD, with which concepts and laws, he or she has been fed since birth, per-condition the Jew/Jewess to develop his or her own rules of interaction with the Goyim: lie to them, con them, steal from them, displace them and take their jobs, all with a smile and the proverbial rub on the back. Bribes and blackmail are used too when somebody stands in the way or refuses to cooperate… The Zion Talmudic Jew comes to the host country (always) with the intent to infiltrate-dominate, not to INTEGRATE and contribute to NATION BUILDING. The loyalty of the Zion Talmudic Mafia goes first to the members of the Gang and then to Israel.

    2) The control of the money and the media. This is the most important weapon, the Jews have used since day one, i.e. their capacity to bribe and by politicians with money either stolen from the Goyim (Wall Street Casinos) or electronically created/transfered-printed out of thin air (Federal Reserve-BOE-BIS-WB-FMI and all the Central Banks the Rothschild control).

    Take money control and media control away from the Brethren and its members will fade away in mother nature like the breeze. The result would be no more BS “Chosen People”, no more “Jehovah gave us Palestine, Patagonia or Uganda and definitely not America… no more false flag ops, no more wars, no more “financial crisis”, no more real estate bubbles, no more toxic derivatives…

    Time to stop the Zion Talmudic Mafia and its worldwide RACKET, based on myth creation-infiltration-manipulation-deceit and chutzpah.

  4. Have you ever heard that Homo Sapiens migrated from Africa and that the so called “whites” lost their pigmentation because of RELOCATION to higher-colder latitudes and genetic mutations that gave some paler skins blue eyes?

    If you have not, sue your former teachers.

  5. JEWS come in all colors including but NOT limited to white, black, yellow, and more.

    I think it’s difficult to have this bigoted discussion without first accepting that JEWS are people that worship JUDAISM – a religion – and that WHITES are of European decent, an ethnic group. There are White Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, and more.

    Let’s not confuse faith with ethnic origins

  6. Cheating + DECADENCE+++: What The Jews (Zionest) Did To The Germans-


  7. CHEATING is “the key” to the success & over-representation discussed here:

    Jewish Grandmother Says: “Jews Are Crooks”

    +++Prof. Israel Shahak explains how “Talmudic Jews” are coached to cheat & commit crimes against everyone:
    Free book @ **********http://www.iamthewitness.com/books/Israel.Shahak/Jewish.History.Jewish%20Religion-The.Weight.of.Three.Thousand.Years.pdf

  8. Perfect analysis.That paragraph should be required reading for every american…every damn day..King Edward I had them figured out several hundred yrs ago..The worst thing about the Zionist movement is this: They didn’t focus on a large island ( Madagascar ) that they could buy with the Rothschilds pocket change and ALL move there..

  9. Barry says Jews are in position of power (dominance? he doesn’t say) because they earned it. Earn money? Sure. Earn reputation? Sure. Earn tenure? Sure. All kinds of things can be earned. But how do you earn vastly disproportionate representation in these things, verging on dominance if not outright? You get dominance only a couple ways I can think of. You seize it if you already have the power to do so, or you actively collaborate with your erstwhile peers to squeeze out your non-peers, or (last choice?) you’re so much better than the “other” people that you dominate because those others just can’t compete. I think the second choice is the most likely, especially since I’ve seen it up close for many years.

  10. It is not that the Chosen are smarter or have better networking skills but they get a head because they are not held accountable for their criminality. The same way they are not held accountable when they use the Bible as a real estate guide to murder children for land, the Chosen are not held accountable when they use criminally rule over other citizens.

    Criminals always want to be judged on being persecuted and not prosecuted. The Chosen have mastered this technique because they do not believe they are criminals or are involved in a conspiracy no more than humans think they are criminals when they slaughter cattle, use deception to catch game or breed and train dogs to obey. If we simply applied the same Rule of Law for All, we would eliminate the problem. Israel is a good example. Israel is run by war criminals, who are masters in reframing the argument from prosecution for war crimes to being persecuted because they are the Chosen. If these war criminals where prosecuted the same way the Europeans where prosecuted for their war crimes then we would have a civil country in the middle east like we have now in Europe.

    If we want to solve this problem we have to start treating the Chosen just like any other citizens and not give them special privileges that make them above the law.

  11. Jews lie in a way nonjews can’t even grasp, I’ve seen it in jews I’ve known for years and I see it every time Bernanke, Sharon, Weasel, and so on speak.
    Sadly it’s something that has worked, and work very well for them. There is a reason for the “jewish” lawyer and the jews that run Hollywood. Making up stories comes natural for them in a way I’ve never seen with other ethnicgroups. Smarter no far from it, but if fooling people with lies is making you superior I truly think they are.

  12. Barry Lubotta, your beloved Israel did 911. For the evidence do a search for Mossad 911 Mathaba and go to the Mathaba website.

    Mossad is Israeli’s evil intelligence agency.

  13. What a brilliant analysis Franklin – and an accurate one to boot. While many try to dance around what can ACTUALLY BE DONE in our own self protection as the non-jewish component of the human race – your comment gives a clear and logical solution. A separation. A vision of the solution is often the best starting point for any new initiative.

    Ultimately, of course, this is the question that needs to be addressed if this nightmare scenario is ever to end. It is a problem that is actually embedded within the surviving jewish DNA structure! The really dangerous constructs of it manifest themselves and pop up through different generations to engineer wholesale death, destruction and havoc for everyone that is not jewish – simply to improve their own position by the tiniest margin. (Or should I say percentage).

    If another group that was not jewish had caused the same impact on humanity – the the jews themselves would have long ago called for their isolation – and probably their entire elimination knowing their complete lack of mercy towards others.

    The effect of free radicals within the body is an analogy here. The problem is not helped by the jewish judaic religion – which encourages it’s members to spread around the world and covertly indoctrinates supremacist ideology into every infant jew in order to carry the virus forward.

  14. Whites think in terms of personal merit and they act as individuals, hence they create a system that offers success to those who deserve it. That seems fair enough. But such a system can be misused by those who play by different rules. Ethnic groups who act as collectives (and that is nearly all non-Western groups!) tend to practise ethnic nepotism. Ethnic minorities who have a higher IQ and work ethic than their host population and who practise ethnic nepotism often succeed in dominating certain sectors of their host society. Think of the Chinese economic dominance in South East Asia. In a way the Jews, with their higher intelligence and ambition and their ethnic nepotism, are the “Chinese” of the Western world. But there is more. The Chinese are only interested in the economic success of their own ethnic group. That may cause some resentment among their host population, but that is about it. The ambition of the Jews reaches far further. They not only want to control the economy of their host population, they want to control its banking system, the issue of money, politics, the judiciary, education, the media and entertainment. In short they want total control of their host society. Even that could somehow be acceptable IF their dominance would be beneficial. But that is never the case. Jewish economic dominance means successful exploitation, control of the banking system and the issue of money means successful financial swindle, control of politics means the corruption of power, control of the judiciary means protection of Jewish crime, control of medicine means poisoning of the body, control of education, the media and entertainment means poisoning of the mind. Jewish dominance of a society means not only the parasitizing of that society, it means its corruption and its ultimate destruction. As destructive parasites the Jews have a long history of destroying societies. They also have a long history of expulsions from their host societies. There is no cure for Jewish destructive behavior. Only expulsion to a closed territory, an ethnic ghetto – a Jewish Gaza if you will – can solve this problem.

  15. True daquamarine – and sometimes a few generations later someone emerges to bite them on the arse from the surviving population – someone that not only has a brain but also knows exactly how their massive scam works. Someone like Putin for example.

  16. Imagine the scorn that would descend on you if you were to openly claim that as an Anglo-descended American – you: “Just felt more comfortable being around other Anglo-descended Americans”. “Therefore you tended to employ other Anglo-descended Americans” rather than be around any other races or kinds.

    The jews, in particular, would immediately attack you – with copious use of racist, nazi, fascist – and a host of other ‘ISM’s being laid at your door. Especially if it was a job or position that they wanted to acquire for themselves.

    It seems that the jews don’t much like having African blacks wandering around the streets of israel either (recent VT article) – as they openly round them up, detain them and ship them back to the African continent. This on the instructions of Netanyahu’s second in command. Just IMAGINE if any other country or state decided to do THAT.

    The indignant squeals from jewish purveyors of ‘political correctness for Goyims’ would be heard raised to fever pitch from Land’s End to Timbuktu.

  17. Not only is vilification so much easier than actual discourse and reasoned / supported argument, IT’S THE ONLY CHOICE YOU HAVE WHEN YOUR “ARGUMENT” IS PURE GARBAGE.

    They never argue, because they CAN’T so what’s the next best thing?

  18. I had a Jewish close friend growing up who fully admitted he would never have been accepted to an elite graduate school, with his unimpressive high-school and undergraduate work, without playing the Race Card: a portfolio of letters of “recommendation” from various members of The Tribe.

    Jews really are smarter than everyone else. It’s simply due to a bizarre singularity in the Laws of Probability that I seem to have met all the stupid Jews.


    Barnard College (New York, NY): 43.5%
    Brandeis University (Waltham, MA): 61.7%
    Brown University (Providence, RI): 25.0%
    Columbia University (New York, NY): 25.0%
    Cornell University (Ithaca, NY): 21.7%
    Emory University (Atlanta, GA): 33.3%
    Harvard University (Cambridge, MA): 30.0%
    Long Island University — Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY): 21.8%
    New York University (New York, NY): 20.8%
    Northwestern University (Evanston, IL): 23.1%
    Oberlin College (Oberlin, OH): 26.7%
    Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY): 32.0%
    Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY): 20.4%
    The George Washington University (Washington, DC): 31.6%
    Tufts University (Medford, MA): 31.6%
    Tulane University (New Orleans, LA): 25.4%
    University of Denver (Denver, CO): 20.0%
    University of Hartford (West Hartford, CT): 31.9%
    University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA): 30.8%
    University of Rochester (Rochester, NY): 20.0%
    Washington University in St. Louis (St. Louis, MO): 26.6%
    Yale University (New Haven, CT): 22.6%
    Yeshiva University (New York, NY): 93.5%

    Source: Jewish student population statistics are estimates only and have been provided, along with fraternity/sorority, Jewish courses, and Jewish studies information, by local Hillel foundations. For more information, contact Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. Produced in association with Reform Judaism magazine.

    Brian: Elite Jews claim Jews are about 2.5 percent of the population in the United States, I think it’s probably higher but I have to wonder if there’s some discrimination going on against Gentiles, especially White Gentiles in college admissions offices.

    In the old days elite Jews typically had problems with White Christians in Europe, the White Christians booted them out of countries or restricted their actions due to Jewish domination of societies. The elite Jews know graduates of Harvard and other elite schools have great opportunities to influence society. I’ve been told White Christians are a minority at Harvard.

  20. I’m a Kevin MacDonald fan. I’m surprised elite Jews have not been able to kick him out of academia.

    This is a classic, do a search for Israeli Control of America: A Veterans Today Readers Comments. I once sent this link to Rivero at What Really Happened he published it and it came to life again will a lot of reads.

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