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Hasidic Jews Attack Christians in Uman

A pristine lake amidst gentle hills. A town frozen in time sits next to them. Their denizens can seldom decide at which beauty look first.

Round – Robin: Submission on “The Jewish Question”

By using the term Zionist, you cover up the greater crimes of all Jews.

And blessings of the Holy Prophet Jesus to you, too!

Since "Merry Christmas" is politically incorrect, and "happy holidays" is disgustingly vapid, I have devised a new, improved Christmas greeting.

Obama’s Hagel Test

By all accounts President Obama wants to nominate Chuck Hagel, the former two-term Republican senator from Nebraska to replace Leon Panetta at the Pentagon as Secretary of Defense, but a coalition led by the Zionist lobby is mounting a smear campaign against Hagel.

“Jewish superiority” – or ethnic networking? Let’s ask Prof. Kevin MacDonald!

"To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."- Voltaire

Do Jews Want Peace!

As Israeli Jews and Jews around the world celebrate Chanukah, which is an eight day commemoration of the rededication of the Second Temple when the Maccabeans revolted against their Greek rulers, perhaps it is also time for Israeli Jews and Jews around the world to use this occasion to rethink their position on peace for Israel and peace between Arabs and Jews.

1500%-too-Jewish Supreme Court: “US belongs to Israel”

It's official! Anybody who tries to feed the starving children of Gaza is a "terrorist."

Jesus and the Talmud

Last week's attackon a Christian monastery by Jews in occupied Palestine who painted anti-Christian graffiti, in this case they wrote "Jesus is a monkey," on the walls of the monastery and who tried to burn the door down gives us a look behind the curtain of Judaism and one of its "sacred" guiding instruction manuals, the Talmud.

Jewish Atonement But Not For Zionism’s Crimes Against The Palestinians

Yom Kippur, the Day Atonement, (25/26 September this year), is the holiest day in the Jewish year. On BBC Radio 4’s Thought for Today, Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, explained the significance of the day for Jews.

Barack Obama Lied About Religions

n Barack Obama's weekly address he spread lies about religions. He said, “But there is never any justification for violence. There is no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women.” This is a lie.

Israel -The Day After

It’s down to us to oppose any form or symptom of Jewish power: Zionist, ‘anti’ Zionist and Sabbath Goyim alike.

Jews and Black Americans: Shaming their own history

For centuries the history of Jews and Black Americans has been one of suffering and humiliation. Ironically, the moment their fortunes turned for the better, they began their new phase with shaming their own respective history. Once wounds on the human conscience, both have become either the perpetrators and instigators (Jews) or the tools (Blacks) in inflicting painful wounds on other peoples, particularly Muslims who, ironically, never had any role in their wretched past.

Why Does Israel Hate Gentiles?

Gentiles in general and Gentile children in particular are targets of Judaism. For example Psalm 137:9 reads, Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

Press TV: The Romney Conundrum, Loved in Israel and Hated by...

Romney’s has to enormous problems, he is drowning in Jewish money, legal donations from Las Vegas gambling “magnate,” Sheldon Adelson, a man who has spent years ducking criminal charges and the Koch Brothers, suspected of orchestrating fuel and food shortages which, during an election year, he hopes will drive voters to suicide.

Deconstructing Avraham Burg

Israel is oppressive, abusive and supremacist. And it is actually Jewish secularism that brings all these extremely problematic symptoms to light.

Theft of a Nation

A recent story from a small American town in Pennsylvania reported a bank robbery by a 35-year-old who allegedly held up a Citizens Bank branch.

American Jews Debate is Edifying – They Just Don’t Get It

Leading Israel-first American Jews held an illuminating debate about American politics and Israel's future recently.

The Intel Cowboys

A separate class of US citizens emerged during the Cold War and after the Roswell crash of 1947 and the other associated UFO crashes and recoveries.

Infant Dies Due to Judaism

A two week old infant died in a Brooklyn hospital after the rabbi/mohel who performed his circumcision also performed oral suction on the infant's freshly sliced penis.

Jewish Imperial News

"Devastatingly, Adler’s murderous attitude towards politics is wholly consistent with some Biblical and Talmudic anti-gentile teaching."

The World for Israel or Jews for the World? Rabbi...

A remarkable event (see a YouTube video link at the end of the article) took place on December 8, 2011, at the National Press Club downtown Washington.

Role of Cuban Pilots in Jewish Air Exodus to Israel Revealed

A Cuban airline and a group of Cuban pilots were commissioned to transport all the Jewish people who wished to immigrate to the dawning state.

Divide and Conquer Using Beliefs

Reading the many responses to Gordon Duff's column about “Phony History,” posted earlier this week has inspired this piece, which I claim can help the asunder opinionists at VT understand the nature of today's national schizophrenia.

Controversy of Zion; Tragic History

This book was finally published in 1956, and the author, Douglas Reed, closed out the detailed world history and the threat of “Destructive “Talmudism with this line:

Vet MP Claims British Jews are “Distancing” Themselves from Israel

A veteran British MP has attacked the Westminster coalition government's proposed change to the universal jurisdiction laws.

A Zionist’s Response to “What’s the Difference Between Zionism and Racism?”

I recently posted an article entitled “President Obama: What’s the Difference Between Zionism and Racism?” In response I received several comments from a gentlemen who posts under the name of Tim 2. His comments were so reflective of the typical Zionist reaction to this debate that I thought it would be enlightening to present it as an article under its own name.

What’s the Difference Between Zionism and Racism?

The common trait shared by all those who tend to be inhumane and corrupt is neither race, creed, nor color. What they all have in common is power, opportunity, and greed. And let there be no doubt, that's the source of all of the turmoil in the Middle-East - the power, opportunity, and greed of Israel and the American military/industrial complex.

Truth Telling Transfer Agreement Exposes Hitler as Father of Israel

Follow the amazing historical journey of Edwin Black as his travels into the truth that was the movement of German Jews into Palestine and their subsequent conquest of the indigenious Palestinian people via Adolf Hitler and the Transfer Agreement.

Jews Zionism and the Stupidity of Bigotry

I'm not against Jews, I'm against the injustice of Zionism - a philosophy which dictates that one group of people are entitled to the land of another by virtue of their religious beliefs alone.

PASSOVER: Denying The Holocaust of Ancient Israelites

In a way, the exodus after years of unbearable suffering and humiliation on the hands of the Egyptian empire seemed as if it was the Holocaust of the ancient Israelites but with sparing the ovens’ part. But while we have historical evidence of the holocaust, which the Zionist media managed to augment dramatically, the suffering of the Israelites in ancient Egypt and the exodus stand refuted and totally unsubstantiated as far as history is concerned.

ZIONISTS Financed Hitler’s Regime and Condemned Jews to the Holocaust

THE TRANSFER AGREEMENT - a book by Edwin Black, 1984 This book explains How ZIONISTS used the Transfer Agreement to allow Hitler to...

What Does It Profit a Congressman to Retain His Office but...

Two months from now Americans will be subjected to the humiliating spectacle of their Representatives and Senators crawling down AIPAC’s plush red carpet to the podium at its annual conference where they will obsequiously laud this bloody organization with words of praise, outdoing each other in pitiful patronizing phrases, in unquestioning obedience to their masters.


MAKING THE WORLD FEAR AND HATE JEWS A DREADFULLY WRONG POLICY By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor When the rabbi advising Prime Minister Netanyahu goes on...

JB Campbell: Our Domestic Enemies

OUR DOMESTIC ENEMIES By JB Campbell STAFF WRITER I think we can we can all agree that we have some serious problems with our government. Maybe...


Going on Record on Labeling & Labelers Censorship Fanatics Come from All Walks of Life By Sibel Edmonds www.boilingfrogspost.com It is funny and sad at the same...


STUPIDITY, ONE THING ALL AMERICANS AGREE ON, BUT WHO IS REALLY STUPID? By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor "hopelessness, fear and hate and a case of...

The Economy is Just a Symptom – it’s Hypocrisy, Stupid!

It was "Christians" who enslaved and lynched Black people in the South, so does that mean that Black people should burn Bibles and prohibit Christian churches from being built in the 'hood?

The Palestinians are descendants of the ancient Israelites

The Jews now living in Israel and other places in the world are not at all descendants of the ancient people who inhabited the so called Kingdom of Judea. the Jewish people's exile from its land never happened.

ALAN HART: Obama Has Signalled His Coming Complete Surrender to Zionism...

Obama has signalled his coming complete surrender to Zionism and its lobby By Alan Hart for Veterans Today He did it with seven words....

The Religious Right: A Threat to America (Reprise)

Now, I don't have anything against religious people, per se - I was raised by Christians, and they were wonderful and loving people. In fact, I'm very spiritual myself. But if you show me a man who believes that Moses parted the Red Sea, I'll show you a man whose logical assessment of reality cannot be relied upon.