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By using the term Zionist, you cover up the greater crimes of all Jews


By Frederick Toben, John Kaminski and Others




1. UNFORTUNATELY – what you have gushed forth in this below verbal flourish and stinging analysis is CORRECT, but not only!

2. HOWEVER – some individuals have not attained the clarity of thought nor the depth of perception that you have reached on this vexed topic, and so ruthlessly to accuse them of deceiving, lying, covering-up the truth of a matter, being Zionist stooges, is somewhat harsh.

3. REMEMBER – the mind develops and some individuals’ minds are not ready to grasp naked truths such as you have presented in the below item. As a teacher I had to show patience towards those who showed promise of wishing to embrace the truth of a matter, and such individuals had to be given time to develop and mature. Our post- World-War-Two pedagogical philosophy and political ideology is built mainly on lies, and it cries out that we must ‘change’, when in fact individuals do not change but rather develop and mature, if not outright degenerate. The concept of ‘change’ does not permit maturation to occur, especially not in a materialistically-hedonistic society as is our ‘free-and-democratic-western-world’.

4. PATIENCE to understand life’s complexities is an essential civilising attribute, i.e. if one does not wish to develop mere scapegoating scenarios – and hence I have my maxim to assist me in this respect: ‘Don’t only blame the Jews, also blame those that bend to their pressure’. I say this because in my 17-year-legal persecution it was Jews who persecuted me and then demanded their pound of flesh, but it was non-Jews who assisted them to collect their pound of flesh.

5. ALTHOUGH your verbal outbursts are necessary alarm bells that civilised individuals fear to hear, their sound is justified because it signifies what the substance of our current value system is made of and what threatens its very existence within our wider global-universal BATTLE-of-the-WILLS.

6. YOUR task has been to go out on a limb and has thus been an inevitably lonely and frustrating one. Just remember that it has taken you decades to mature and to grasp certain truths that instinctively you knew about perhaps even when you were a child. You – and I include myself in this – are now like the old oak tree that has weathered all sorts of storms and can now relax, and with Goethe we can reminisce and reflect: In old age what can a man do but to imbue the young with a little bit of wisdom he himself has gathered on the way, and to pay elderly ladies compliments so that they do not entirely despair!

7. NEVER let yourself be ‘pissed off’ by anyone but continue to uphold the eternal values/ideals of TRUTH, HONOUR, JUSTICE, LOVE, etc. I say this in spite of the fact that I am totally aware of the fine line that divides civilised discourse and essential physical and mental self-defence.


Kindest regards – and I am sending this through my list, and note I have only ONE list.



From: John Kaminski [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, 27 December 2012 3:04 PM To: Anthony Lawson; Fredrick Töben; Arthur Topham Cc: Rod Remelin; JB Campbell; Bob in DC; Clint WeRChange in Utah; Deanna Spingola; Dr. Rebecca Carley; Fetch; John Friend; John H; Lonnie Totman; Randy Atkins; Rebel of Oz Subject: By using the term Zionist, you cover up the greater crimes of all Jews

OK Anthony, now you’ve really pissed me off, and at the same time revealed yourself, wittingly or unwittingly, as an agent of the Jewish coverup of their world wide terror and mind manipulation apparatus, right up there with Gordon Duff and David Icke and Jeff Rense.

By being willingly obtuse, you make me explain to you the situation as I would to a first grader.

The Zionists didn’t kill 66 million non Jews in Russia, it was Jews who called themselves Communists, backed by Jews who called themselves Americans or Brits who had taken control of the Western financial, legal and warmaking systems.

 The Zionists didn’t engineer the slaughter of half of France under the guise of a succession of puppets, it was Jews who called themselves Jacobins, with help from Jewish-controlled British intelligence, who called themselves Englishmen.

 The Zionists didn’t control the the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union in stamping out the economic independence of Adolf Hitler, it was Jews who deceived everyone into thinking they were the forces of the free world, as Gen. George Patton and Charles Lindbergh so rightly understood when they repeatedly talked about Jewish control of the American media, government, and public opinion.

 Sigmund Freud may have been a Zionist who twisted the minds of the whole world with his insane gobbledygook, but he was first and foremost a Jew.

 Albert Einstein may have been a Zionist who invented a false science of quantum physics, but he was first and foremost a Jew.

 And it’s not Zionists who have genocided the Palestinians, prostituted all the western governments by bribery, blackmail and murder, are manipulating their war machine into a series of non stop nation demolitions around the world after pulling off the great false flag caper of all time — 9/11; it was Jews who called themselves dual Israeli-American citizens and have looted America and the world totally, all because they are following the orders of the Talmud, which commands ALL Jews to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world, take an oath annually to lie about everything they say, and enjoy holidays that all have the same theme — the vicious slaughter of non Jews throughout history, which you may observe so vividly reflected in the condition of the world today, thanks to the Jews, not all Zionists, who control Wall Street and the U.S. Treasury and are bleeding all the non Jews of the world TO DEATH.

 And you never fail to point out that it’s only the Zionists that are the problem — oh no, not the good Jews, they’re on our side you say, working for justice. You — and Rense, with all his secret Jews blurting out propaganda, Kirwan, Judy Andreas, Henry Makow, Gordon Duff, Brother Nathanael, Tarpley, Livergood and all the other secret Jews and Jewish sponsors and lawyers spinning the fiction that they are on the side of actual human beings, but  banning all the nonspinners who actually talk openly about the Talmud lovers who control the American government and media apparatus getting people to think it’s only the Zionists who are the real source of evil — you are part of that deceptive group, defending those “good Jews” who are helping to free us from the bad Jews.


I suggest without further delay that you watch John Alan Martinson’s “The Myth of the Good Jew” <> and then go out and find me a good Jew who can talk openly and candidly about the Holocaust hoax, the Kol Nidre oath, the Jewish kidney and white slavery businesses, the sexual perversion of American schools, election and entertainment, the lovely rabbis who call people animals and encourage the slaughter of children, and people like Richard Falk and Gilad Atzmon who pretend the Jews had nothing to do with 9/11 or the fixed American elections. And when you find them, be sure and call them Zionists so you will leave them an avenue of escape from their crimes.

 Be advised, Anthony, as I have said, that the Talmud is the heart of darkness in human history, it’s not just Zionists, which is a word you love to use because it’s such a great coverup. No matter how kindly they speak or how sympathetic they pretend to be about the misery in the world, it’s all Jews who are involved in the conspiracy against humankind, against all life itself, and you and Kirwan and Rense and Duff and Andreas are all singing kumbiyah and were all in this together. Like you, these phonies have mastered the language of misdirected outrage so thoroughly, and who love to use the coverup word Zionist so all Jews won’t be blamed for the most heinous crimes against innocent people in human history.

By your insistence on using the word Zionist, you are part of that coverup. So go cry on the shoulders of Arthur Topham or Norman Finkelstein or Jim Kirwan or any other of a thousand poseurs who expose “the Zionist menace” which at the same time cover up the complicity of all Jews in these crimes against non Jewish humanity.

Is that clear enough for you, Anthony? Any questions? Remember what else I’ve said (if you are familiar with my work). It is a crime against humanity to defends, Jews, Jewishness or Judaism, and you by your cowardly labeling are clearly guilty of that.

 Best wishes,

John Kaminski


From: John Kaminski [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, 27 December 2012 1:55 PM To: Anthony Lawson Cc: Fredrick Töben Subject: Re: Do you want to explain this?


Please describe to me the “dirt” I have slung.

I was merely describing Arthur Topham’s endorsement of Gilad Atzmon and CFR member Richard Falk, neither of whom recognizes Jewish participation in 9/11, and comparing it to your fondness for Atzmon, for which at least I thought I had excoriated you on at least two occasions, one of them years ago which you probably don’t remember, and more recently in the email to you and Fredrick. You continue to use the label Zionist without realizing that the heart of the problem is the Talmud, which encompasses all Jews, and that Zionist is a recent appellation, invented to disguise crimes that are essentially and overwhelmingly Jewish.

Thus, I regard your efforts to differentiate between types of Jews, a distinction I reject, as helpful to the Jewish coverup of their crimes. Therefore, you are helping the Jews cover up their crimes.

Is that clear enough for you? Can you understand English?

Best wishes,

John Kaminski


On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 9:04 PM, Anthony Lawson <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Mr Kaminski,
When you’re slinging dirt, as I class what you’ve just written about me to be, why would you want me to remember, why can you not be more specific?  You certainly had no qualm in not backing up your statement to the person it was originally written, which was certainly not me, and you did not send me a copy.
Don’t you support the notion that with free speech goes the responsibility that the accused should be informed of what he or she is being accused off, to others?
I do recall disagreeing with you on several issues, but what you’ve just written was totally unwarranted.  Please, can you be more specific and copy what I wrote about you which prompted you to to write this:

Neither has ever mentioned Jewish participation — never mind planning, execution and total control — of [in] the 9/11 caper. I have just excoriated Anthony Lawson for much the same behavior,

Join up the highlighted sections and what you have written is a blatant lie.  The following video proves it, but you would rather smear someone without including proof that the smear has any justification.

Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates Uploaded November 2010 Without smoking gun documentation I will not make accusations, in my videos, which I am unable to support with unchallengeable evidence, which does not mean that I do not try to lead the viewers of my documentaries in the direction of my thinking about what really happened and who I think was almost certainly responsible.

Christopher Bollyn seems to be sufficiently convinced of the value of my anti-Israel videos, including the one above, which includes the Dancing Israelis and the difficult-to-refute innuendo that they or some of their colleagues must have known where the South Tower plane was going to appear, following its steep descent of around 20,000 feet to begin its end run of around 8,000 ft at a 3.5 degree slope towards the Tower, which indicates foreknowledge, but such an accusation would hardly stand up in court.

Christopher went to the expense and trouble of sending me a copy of his excellent book Solving 9-11 and a companion volume of some of his articles.  Not cheap, because I live in Thailand.
So give me proof of the veracity of this un-presented excoriation, or flush out your poison pen for a moment or two and apologize for your grossly inaccurate statement linking me to two, as you put it

card-carrying members of the false opposition.

How dare you!

Anthony Lawson

(Editor’s note:  Lawson never learned of the arrests at the George Washington Bridge, ones far more important than the “Dancing Israelis,” though they were telecast around the world and endlessly more important.)


On 26 December 2012 09:40, John Kaminski <[email protected]> wrote:

I was referring to our last email, which you might remember. The language stands as is.


On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 9:38 PM, Anthony Lawson <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Mr Kaminski,
Apparently you wrote this:

“Richard Falk is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the handler of David Ray Griffin, both card-carrying members of the false opposition. Neither has ever mentioned Jewish participation — never mind planning, execution and total control — of the 9/11 caper. I have just excoriated Anthony Lawson for much the same behavior, and it is clear that you are nested with this Jewish false opposition in their drive to convince the world that there are Jews who genuinely oppose the Israeli monster while insisting they had nothing to do with 9/11.”
Can you explain what you are driving at and where you have “excoriated” me.
Anthony Lawson

————————- Only fools believe what they are told, when it is clear that much else is being hidden.


here follows an added item of interest from Michael Mazur
On 26/12/2012, at 20:37, “Fredrick Toben” <[email protected]> wrote:

This is what it is all about – no regret!


From: Michael Mazur [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, 27 December 2012 3:33 PM To: Fredrick Toben Subject: Re: This is what it is all about – no regret!

There was no need for there to be a Battle for Monte Casino, as it could have been bypassed and left ’til later, as they would have surrendered having run out of food stocks by May 45.

 Mussolini had already long been dead, and so safe conduct out of Italy would have been impossible.

There were three objectives achieved by storming Monte Casino; killed a lot of Germans, a lot of Allied troops, and destroyed a powerful Christian icon.

Since we know the outcome we know who influenced the decision of whether to storm or not.

 That’s, of course, the link to the Nuremberg Trials.



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