Desert Storm commander Norman Schwarzkopf dies at 78


Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, the blunt, bulldog-like commander of U.S.-led coalition forces in the first Persian Gulf War, died Thursday in Florida. He was 78.

Schwarzkopf died after a long illness at his home in Tampa, where he lived in retirement.

Schwarzkopf, a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran who rose quickly through the Army’s ranks during the 1970s and ’80s, drew up the initial plans for the successful U.S.-led ejection of Saddam Hussein’s forces from Kuwait, which Iraq invaded in 1990.

He then became famous for his pointed and inventive language during the almost-daily televised briefings he gave reporters as commander of Operation Desert Storm in 1991, invariably clad in desert camouflage, which he is credited with introducing.

Schwarzkopf described the key maneuver that led to the end of the ground war, a redeployment of forces into Iraq behind Iraqi lines, with a boxing metaphor: He called it a “left hook.” And he memorably dismissed one report he disagreed with as “bovine scatology.”

Statement by the Press Secretary on the Passing of General Norman Schwarzkopf

With the passing of General Norman Schwarzkopf, we’ve lost an American original. From his decorated service in Vietnam to the historic liberation of Kuwait and his leadership of United States Central Command, General Schwarzkopf stood tall for the country and Army he loved. Our prayers are with the Schwarzkopf family, who tonight can know that his legacy will endure in a nation that is more secure because of his patriotic service.

In his 1992 autobiography, “It Doesn’t Take a Hero,” Schwarzkopf related that he meant to send a message in those briefings.

“With those cameras grinding away, I knew I wasn’t talking just to friendly audiences, but that Saddam and his bully boys were watching me on CNN in their headquarters,” he wrote.

Schwarzkopf said he agreed with President George H.W. Bush’s decision not to pursue Hussein all the way to Baghdad. At the February 1991 briefing during which he described the coalition’s victorious operations, he made it clear that he could have done so, however, had he been given the order:

“If it had been our intention to take Iraq, if it had been our intention to destroy the country, if it had been our intention to overrun the country, we could have done it unopposed for all intents and purposes from this position at that time.”

Schwarzkopf emerged from the war with the nickname “Stormin’ Norman” and a career in television, much of it as a military analyst for NBC News.
The decision to go to war to oust Hussein was the defining moment of Bush’s presidency. In a statement from Houston, where he is being treated at Methodist Hospital for complications related to bronchitis, Bush called Schwarzkopf “one of the great military leaders of his generation.”
“More than that, he was a good and decent man,” Bush said.

In January 2003, Schwarzkopf said on NBC’s TODAY that he thought Bush’s son, the 43rd president, had made a “very compelling” case for removing Hussein from power.

But by December 2004, he was criticizing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for his handling of the second war, telling MSNBC that war policy was being controlled by civilians in the Defense Department who “showed a total lack of understanding of the culture that we were dealing with” in Iraq.

As a result, he said, “things have gone awry,” especially in terms of adequate armored protection for troops on the ground.

Obama, Powell hail general
In a statement Thursday night, President Barack Obama called Schwarzkopf “an American original.”

“From his decorated service in Vietnam to the historic liberation of Kuwait and his leadership of United States Central Command, General Schwarzkopf stood tall for the country and Army he loved.”

Colin Powell, who was Schwarzkopf’s boss as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during Desert Storm, remembered him Thursday as “a great patriot and a great soldier.”

“He was a good friend of mine, a close buddy,” Powell said in a statement. “I will miss him.”

Schwarzkopf, who had been based in Tampa for many years on the way to leading U.S. Central Command in 1988, was a prominent spokesman for campaigns to promote awareness of prostate cancer, with which he was diagnosed in 1993. He is survived by his wife, Brenda, and their three adult children.


  1. Uh, I think most of those war crimes in Iraq happened under General Franks during and after the 2003 invasion, not under Schwarzkopf in 1991.

  2. “But let me tell you I that I have never admired Israel more than I did during Operation Desert Storm because Israel had 40 reasons to enter the war—that is how many Scuds were fired at Israel.” – General Norman Scheißkopf

    Would have been hard for Israel to retaliate effectively during Desert Storm anyhow, since pretty much every valuable target had already been destroyed by the US.

  3. Wolf. Thanks for the link above.

    I had heard rumors that the famed late general was also a cannibal!!!

    The Lindbergh murder history is absolutely breathtaking & the corruption of the Zio-Satanist child-murderers who must have abducted countless children in this country & worldwide is even more so.

    An aside about Charles Lindbergh which readers may be interested to know:

    Several years ago in a 2000 strong presentation (given by the late famous historian-statesman Gore Vidal & weapons inspector Scott Ritter) Gore Vidal stated that Charles Lindbergh’s real purpose in travelling to Germany & courting Hitler in pre-wars yeas was that Lindberg was working as a deep undercover U.S. spy.
    Under disguise of courtship with Hitler Lindberg had been shown many of Germany’s industrial progress & inventions. Upon his returns to the U.S. Lindberg gave briefings & informed high officials that Germans were decades ahead of America & its allies.

    On the basis of his spy-works Lindbergh managed to set the course of technological & industrial progress in this country to look up to catching up with Germany!!!
    As Oprah discovered long ago You should never trust your Zio-Satanist neighbors, teachers, friends, etc… as they may abduct your children & murder them…
    Oprah reveals:

    Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited:The Hidden Cult (Full Version)

  4. And we might say the same for Schwarzkopf’s varied successors. It seems that within the shadow land that is the Pentagon, war criminals are a ‘dime a dozen’.

  5. Let’s talk about the real record of General Norman Schwarzstein, so Jewish he out to made an honorary Jew if he’s not already. Notice how the Jews jump on to praise this mass murderer, this liar and killer of American boys for Israel. Yeah, the Jews love him because he did the bidding of Jewish supremacists and Israel and Rothschild bankers. This Jew pit bull passed the orders down, blindly following the orders of the Neocon psychopaths when he should of ordered his army to arrest Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld and had them executed after they ordered 911 and the downfall of the Republic.

    He was part of this great tragedy of these Jewish-Neocon wars that have ended freedom in America, what makes it worse that asshole never had to stand a courts martial and be found guilty of treason then executed for treason. He’s no hero like the Jewish media claims, he’s a war criminal and anyone that supports him is either a Jew traitor or a dupe.

    Under his command depleted uranium was spread all over Iraq that has lead to massive birth defects including for US servicemen that returned. Google images has a horror show for anyone brave enough to look at deformed children.

    Under his command America tortured and shot and killed prisoners of war.

    Under his command he put in a multi-billion dollar spy center, the so called green zone, which is really a high tech totalitarian police state zone.

    Under his command Fallujah was leveled and turned into a radioactive shit hole, a place where tactical nukes were tested on civilians.

    Under his command Israeli commandos operated freely bombing Mosques and police recruit lines and open air markets or any other place where genocide could be affected with cost efficiency.

    Under his command, America lost its moral compass in the prison torture scandal, rendition flights, extra judicial assassinations.

    Under his command, American dollars were counterfeited in $100,000 footballs and passed around as bribes.

    Under his command we will never know the extent of the war crimes because he authorized the assassinations of journalists.

    Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf is a great man if you are an arms profiteer, a psychopath or Jewish supremacist Neocon lunatic, or a heroin junkie, a bank drug money launderer or an employee of KBR-Halliburton.


    The Real Pat Tillman Story – In His Own Words

    Kevin Tillman describes the attack on his brother’s convoy


    Jack McLamb on Pat Tillman

  7. Right on, YJ. The man was a scumbag, in service to even more powerful scumbags. A scumbag values scumbags over its own country or countrymen, so it’s a scumbag without a country or a free-lancing scumbag, You pick.

  8. Interestingly, his father Colonel H. Norman Schwarzkopf Sr. was the head of the New Jersey State Police (a parallel with Lt. Vance?) and at the time, was leading the investigation of the kidnapping and (Jewish ritual) murder of aviator Charles Lindbergh’s infant son.

    As we know, the elder Charles Lindbergh Sr. was a Congressman who vehemently opposed the creation of the immoral and unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

    The elder Jew Schwartzkopf conspired with Jewish prosecutor David Wilentz in manufacturing evidence and preparing a horde of perjured witnesses to testify in the trial of falsely accused Richard Hauptmann who was unjustly sent to the electric chair. Fascinating stuff.


  9. Technically and by any reasonable interpretation of Law, including the internationally recognized War Crimes , War Against the Peace and Crimes Against Humanity protocols, established at Nuremberg; the Hague Regulations on Land Warfare of 1907, the Hague Draft Rules of Aerial Warfare of 1923; the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their two Additional Protocols of 1977; and the international crime of genocide against the people of Iraq as defined by the International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948 as well as by the United States’ own Genocide Convention Implementation Act of 1987, 18 U.S.C. §1901, Schwarzkopf (among others in the US High Command) is accountable for war crimes committed during that hideous, criminal enterprise called the First Gulf War. A war criminal, especially on such a grand scale, deserves not our respect.

  10. That is unless you are a Talmudist. They never let the memory of their enemies die in peace. They boil them in excrement for eternity!

  11. Never forget Tilman who was murdered under Norman’s orders. Never mind all the jewish snipers like juba who were released under his command. This man was an enemy to the united states of Americal Piss on his grave.

  12. His Father was a jew and so was he but the controlled answers on the internet came up with that he was a christian which started with his so called conversion to Luthernism in 2007. His father was in on the framing of Bruno Haupamn which was used by the jewsmedia fermenting hatred of Germans to get us into their war on the Third Reich. Then the jews sabotaged the Hindenbergh which came to America on a goodwill mission and like they always do called it a disaster which actually was sabotage.

  13. @ Linda B Landrum :
    “Our country has lost a great man and leader of our men attempting to keep our country free and safe.”

    Such an ignorant and naive admiration for a war criminal who led a criminal war that could have been avoided and was totally unnecessary to keep your country “free and safe” is part of the problem rather than the solution. Do you also admire this man’s mass murder of retreating Iraqi soldiers or his use of weapons that to this day have made some 250,000 American soldiers suffer from the Gulf War Syndrome? Name me any war the US waged since 1898 that was really necessary for its self defence. I would expect a more critical attitude from the VT readership than the average FOX news watcher.

  14. The world will be blessed if soldiers no more follow blindly any order criminal civilian politicians give them.
    Human beings are supposed to be moral beings, not killer-robots.

  15. He was a Zio Bootlicker. A mass killer and a pile of dung. He will “go to the light” get his life zapped out of him and shot back down into a dumb baby on our Prison Planet. Hopeless. Us too.

  16. Given that the First Iraq war was launched on the basis of lies, Israeli disiformation and more lies, which made the whole enterprise a war crime, I am perplexed by this salute to Gen. Schwarzkopf.

  17. Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf was a leading figure of America’s descent into Jewish supremacist hell, yet this mass murderer is remembered as a hero? Seriously people, Iraq didn’t take part in 911 even by the official storyline, the justifications used to start the war are proven false. So how is the general who led this assault on innocents good? Only a racist or a Jewish supremacist thinks the Gulf Wars and intervening intermission that killed 500,000 Iraqi children was ok.

    Americans deserve to starve to death and be killed off in DHS Bolshevik style purge if they think even for one second that Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf was a “good” general. He was a whore that sold America down the river, if he had been ordered to kill Americans that stormin’ psychopath would of gladly followed his orders and been a good soldier.

  18. Exactly!! And Stormin’ Norman murdered retreating soldiers and helped poison a region with DU…Just once I’d like to hear of a General that looked back on his exploits and give an honest assessment of his career…like Smedley Butler!

  19. Schwarzkopf’s book “It Doesn’t Take a Hero” should of had the subtitle, “It takes a Jew to commit mass murder”. How many millions did this man kill in completely illegal and immoral wars for the Jews? The Jewish media described him as a hero, that is code for a good Jew whore that did his duty and killed non Jews. He loved Israel, which is no doubt why he was rapidly promoted:

    “About Israel Schwarzkopf said: “I admire Israel because she is a democracy; I admire Israel because I love the underdog, I always loved the underdog, and as a military man I cannot help but admire Israel’s military successes. But let me tell you I that I have never admired Israel more than I did during Operation Desert Storm because Israel had 40 reasons to enter the war—that is how many Scuds were fired at Israel. Sometimes it is said that Israel does not have the interest of the world at heart, and only has its own interest at heart, but this is not true. The Desert War proved the opposite: Israel was under tremendous pressure to enter the war, but for the good of everyone in the Coalition, Israel showed great forbearance for the common good, and because of that I am convinced today that we have the greatest opportunity today for peace, greater than at any time in my lifetime.””

    Let it be remembered that Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf sold out his country, trashed the Constitution,committed mass murder for a foreign state, injured many US servicemen with the use of Depleted Uranium that he permitted. He was no hero, he was a damn traitor.

  20. You seem to ignore some of the obvious:
    – The Shah of Iran attempted to take over the Shat al Arab waterway in 1969 unilaterally abrogating a 1937 treaty;
    – Iran, starting with the Shah, was supporting Kurdish separatists;
    – Iran was shelling Iraqi border towns prior to the start of the Iran-Iraq war;
    – Saddam had made Iraq the most secular and advanced state in the region;
    – Prior to the UN sanctions, Iraqis enjoyed a very high standard of living and education;
    – Kuwait, using slant drilling which is a Canadian technology, was drilling into Iraqi oilfields, and areas of land under dispute. Bluntly put, Kuwait was stealing oil;
    – Kuwait was dumping oil, some of it stolen, onto the market contrary to OPEC agreement, thereby suppressing prices;
    – Iraq was trying to settle the issue of the disputed territory, agreeing to use Mubarak as a mediator. Kuwait had agreed then cancelled the meeting at the last minute;
    – Saddam had normalized relations with Iran including an exchange of prisoner remains.

    Whatever Saddam was, he was no more of a thug than any of the kings, sheikhs, or sultans in the region. As for the people in south Iraq not being provided cover, one could ask, cover for what? Regime change? The “no-fly zones” were illegal under international law and contrary to popular belief, the UN could not have endorsed them, as that would have been interfering with the internal affairs of a member country, which is contrary to the UN Charter.

    It was not Saddam who starved his people. It was not Saddam that cut his people off from medical supplies. It was not Saddam who was poisoning Iraq with depleted uranium. Whatever his sins, they pale in comparison to those of the Bushes, Blair, and the Israeli sycophant liars that promoted the wars on Iraq.

  21. NUKES were used in Iraq, Afghanistan, Dubai & New York:

    Did the US use a tactical nuke in iraq? (pt 1)

    Nuclear explosion of a mini-nuke in Al Quoz, Dubai, March 26, 2008.

    LEAKED! Iraq/ Afghanistan Combat Footage – 3 In 1 – FIREFIGHT , Mortar team (bombing school)

    Dimitri Khalezov 911 video – the most prohibited item on the web

    Iraq War Crimes- Depleted Uranium 1 of 4

  22. Dont forget the US forced all Gulf states to support and fund Saddam’s war with Iran. When Saddam started his war, Iraq had a booming economy with more than $50 BILLIONS in reserve… he wasted all of this plus one million Iraqis, bankrupted the country all of this for the US.. only for the US to come back and hang him… he deserve what he got and the Arabs who funded him deserve what they got.. $700 Billions the costs of the Gulf War and for what… a thug and a criminal like Saddam who built palaces for himself while his people were starving and more than one million child died of malnutirition… such a great leader like Mubarak, Qaddafi, Bashar, Saleh and Ben Ali.. all of them sold their people and the country down the drain to serve their masters.

  23. Bullshit, the biggest failure was not allowing our ally Saddam to take back Kuwait for Iraq….put the oil on the world market and pay off his Iraq-Iran war debt- a war we encouraged and supplied him for..

  24. “If it had been our intention to take Iraq, if it had been our intention to destroy the country, if it had been our intention to overrun the country, we could have done it unopposed for all intents and purposes from this position at that time.”

    Rarely has a more disingenuous statement been made. So what if we didn’t follow through and nuke Baghdad. That was about all that was left to do after weeks of 24/7 bombing. Hundreds of thousands of conscripts incinerated in their bunkers or strafed by A-10s with DU rounds as they walked back home in shame defeat.

    I can only hope for justice’ sake he is in front of his maker right now explaining how he “was just following orders”

    Good Riddens!

  25. The biggest mistake of Desert Storm which has a lasting and devastating impact on Iraq and the region is the failure to pursue Saddam in Baghdad, arrest and put him on trial for crimes he committed against Iraq and Kuwait, and the failure to provide cover for the people of South Iraq as they rebelled against Saddam. Hence sight the decision taken at the end of Desert Storm is understood by what happened later. The allies’ decision to put a blockade on Iraq was to weaken Iraq and allow for the later invasion under the pretext of WMD and to allow a bunch of exiles to work with the NeoCons and Zionists to invade Iraq and give Israel a foot holds next to Iran. Should the allies continued to Baghdad, Iraq would not be in such a big mess as it is, corrupted, and bankrupted, a sectarian police and a failed state. Too bad the Iraqi leaders, who came with the American tanks proved to be unfit, and unqualified, corrupted to the core to lead and rebuild Iraq into a modern state for its entire people. They proved to be no different from Saddam. Beside Saddam was America’s biggest asset in the region, who served America and the West best when he decided to invade the new established Islamic State of Iran, thus weakening both Iraq and Iran in the process, a goal he achieved well for the Zionist Americans and for that he deserved to be hanged.

  26. Hm, if you google the following three subjects : 1) International War Crimes Tribunal : Norman Schwartzkopf, 2) Highway of Death and 3) Gulf War Syndrome, you get an entirely different impression of this “hero” and the “just war” he played a role in.

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