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There’s no country in the world where in a bar you can’t smoke a cigar but you may sip bourbon with your Colt Python – only in America!


By Colonel Eugene Khrushchev Editor

While the Pentagon assiduously burns billions of dollars to export the cult of violence abroad, in the meantime, back at the domestic front, the Connecticut carnage has resurrected the moribund discussion about the perennial issue: the national suicidal pastime which annually devours 30 000 people, including 2800 kids.

Even US casualties in Afghanistan, 309 KIA in 2012, is no match to 414 murders in New York City the same year, celebrated as the record lowest level in over 4 decades, down from the apex of 2000 annual homicides which accidentally coincides with the overall OEF body count since the beginning of the invasion.

I ain’t no gun-shy latte-lapping liberal or trigger-happy loony. As a veteran and responsible gun owner with a concealed carry permit, I have to admit that the sheer enormity of violence in the US doesn’t jibe well with black & white, left & right polarized partisanship.

In essence, the debate is divided & dominated by one question – what is the main culprit of the homeland heinous crimes, a deadly gun or an evil mind?

In Utopia, nobody would pack heat and everybody would live in harmony, in Dystopia, everybody would be armed to the teeth and dangerously paranoiac.

Given a choice between disarmament & arms race, the USA today is on a fast track to destination D – distraction or despair, you name it.

Spiking the guns

There’s no doubt that all too often, firearms figure prominently as killing multipliers in endemic shooting sprees. Nevertheless, to single them out as the one & only reason that gnaws at the heart of America would be:

  • Morally &intellectually dishonest, absolving the society at large, local community and individuals in particular from any duty & responsibility and shifting the blame from the perpetrators & collaborators to the material evidence to the crime.
  • Disingenuous – if guns were intrinsically sinful, US president, Congress and the Supreme Court wouldn’t kowtow to NRA. Stand united, they’d show the true colors and call for abolition of the 2d Amendment and comprehensive weapons ban.
  • Cynical – drugs, fast food & soft drink legally and profitably hurt more kids than illegal access to alcohol, tobacco & firearms. Who would dare to infringe on ‘freedom of choice’ and prohibit all sweet & slow killers?

The point is it takes a wicked mind to convert a gun into murderous accomplice, not the other way around.

Multiple delivery vehicles

The gun manufacturing industry is just a small bro of the omnipotent military industrial complex but it wields a tremendous clout over its customer base in the most politicized business in the US.

Some of its ethically-free members shamelessly exploit & condone the cult of violence, propagated by entertainment industry, as freebie product placement in toys, movies, TV and video training games, including the nefarious “Kindergarten Killer.”

Target audience

So, what drives the restless minds to ubiquitous guns, making Americans to pony up $12 billion for arms & ammo a year, come hell or high water?  Here’s a cursory profiling, but some characters could be tempted by multiple motives:

Frontier spirit: The true believers in the sacrosanct right for any individual to bear arms under the aegis of the 2d Amendment. They flatly refuse to consider a “states’ rights” view that the purpose of the clause is only to protect the States in their authority to maintain formal, organized militia units which are currently substituted and overrepresented by the Pentagon and the National Guard.

Whether they need a gun or not, it doesn’t matter: for ‘the freedom fighters’, the ‘right’ to  cling to firearms is  article of faith in preordained exceptionalism,  the ultimate totem of Americana, which,  even if imported, is more symbolic than Stetson hats and Lucchese boots made in the USA.

‘The freedom fighters’  are the posse comitatus and the storm troopers of the NRA who are ready to fight tooth & nail against Indians, Brits, aliens, commies, feds and legislators to protect their rights to bear arms any time anywhere, no matter what and the hell with individual responsibility and public safety.


Collecting spirit: This is a rarified breed of aloof connoisseurs which are mostly intelligence & military types, active duty and otherwise. They keep low profile and enjoy the pleasure of quietly building up their exquisite caches to the envy of their pals at local SWAT teams. They keep their powder dry, but they’re the champs at burning their greenbacks on amassing the formidable arsenals of trophies.

Shooting spirit: They love it, they know it and they do it skillfully, safely & responsibly. As hunters and sports enthusiasts, ‘the weekend warriors’ waste  more ammo than all other categories combined, being the most active fun-loving crowd among the gun owners. They don’t bullshit about guns & rights. For them, it’s all about shooting the bull’s eye.

Shopping spirit: Impulsive & skittish customers – prodded by fear factor, peer pressure and propaganda of violence, these armchair commandos and wannabe Rambos ogle a gun as an adult pacifier with ‘cool’ bragging rights, a tangible insurance against intangible threats, however remote & imaginary.

This nervous Nellie types are suckers for bigger, ‘baddest’ guns which they honestly believe could compensate their total lack of situational awareness and friend or foe selective accuracy under adrenalin rush of the enemy fire.

They are the driving force of consumerism and the firepower fetishism, oblivious to mundane murder depredations, only to be jolted into panic hoarding after media coverage of another shooting rampage or gun limitations rumor mill.

Possessed & obsessed

The extreme sides of the antisocial personality disorder are lopsidedly represented by traditional ‘sane’ majority and deinstitutionalized & marginalized ‘insane’ minority:

Long-time active serial killers: career criminals who don’t have suicidal ideations or qualms of conscience. As outlaws and the main customers of the firearms black market, they illegally & easily get anything they want and couldn’t care less about regulations & restrictions for legit gun owners.

The committed killers, isolated & organized, are responsible for overwhelming majority of the homicides – with and without firearms – but haven’t gotten public attention they deserve .The true heroes of the violence cult who made America exceptional by the notorious homicide rate (which exceeds Japan’s by 1000 times),   they represent & reproduce its core value, the freedom to kill & be killed.

One-time dormant multiple murderers: the miserable misfits aka psychos, while not necessarily ‘born to kill’, have their worst basic instinct awakened & conditioned by omnipresent propaganda of violence& vengeance.

They are the ultimate customers of the cult, who are capable to decode its subliminal message – death shall make thou free – into clarion call to action as the ‘ultimate solution’ to settle the scores with the hostile society.

The liberals have ‘liberated’ maniacs  from involuntary commitment, exposing them to the ‘values’ of violence, while the NRA has lobbied to protect their rights to legally obtain & keep firearms, thus channeling their macabre fantasies into outer world.

These ‘accidental’ murderers neglected or abused by their families & communities, perpetrate less than 1% of overall homicides, but attract 99% of media attention, prompting publicity vultures of their kind to step out from the dark and copycat their horrific crimes.

Mind Control

To paraphrase the old adage, guns don’t regulate themselves, people do. No doubt, it’s a commendable idea to tighten up gun legislature: eliminate restrictions on tracing info sharing (Tiahrt amendments), close the gaping loopholes in state laws, ban assault rifles & high capacity clips and establish comprehensive national FBI & ATF data clearing house to encompass prospective buyers, owners & guns.

Alas, in the Disunited States of America, it is a daydream that will hardly ever come true: a state of anarchy in firearms regulation has been created & guarded by cabal of special interests, led by NRA which controls pusillanimous politicians, represents armed extremists & psychos and discredits responsible gun manufacturers & owners.

If Biden & Bloomberg have mojo to win undeclared war by Americans against Americans for Americans, they should set the priorities straight: liberate the USA from the bloody NRA!

Are you ready for American Spring?

Godspeed and Happy New Year!

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Colonel Evgeny Khrushchev, editorial board member of Veterans Today is also is the military analyst at Russia Today (RT)Contrary to the family tradition, he didn’t apply to Vladivostok Navy Academy to join the Pacific Fleet but enrolled in the Red Banner Institute specializing in Central Asian affairs.ExperienceAfghanistanPSYOPS officer of the 56th Airborne Assault Brigade in Gardez, Paktia, Democratic Republic of Afghanistan First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.YugoslaviaThe Russian Airborne peace-keeping mission under the aegis of UNPROFOR.The United States The main mission: to promote rapport & rapprochement between Russian & American veterans, in close cohesion with US military attaché General Reppert and Special Forces General Metaxis.* Led the 1st delegation of Soviet Afghan Vets to the US at the invitation of VVA & VVC * Addressed SOLIC Command and JFK Special Warfare School * Consulted CBS 60 Minutes on the Soviet campaign in Afghanistan * Interviewed by ABC 20/20 and Discovery Channel * Featured by France Press, Boston Globe and USN& WR during the 1st Moscow putsch.Inspired by Chinese strategy, Persian Sufi poetry and British cats; addicted to Country & Blues and muscle cars.Favorite personal/personnel carrier – KA-50 Black Shark, due to financial & social constraints, settled for KTM 950 SM.


  1. Or he was just getting them all proficient in gun usage for what was to come Yukon. The laws relating to guns are not that different from UK law today. From your link:

    “A permit to acquire a handgun or to carry firearms may only be issued to persons whose trustworthiness is not in question and who can show a need for a permit. In particular, a permit may not be issued to:

    1. persons under the age of 18 years;
    2. legally incompetent or mentally retarded persons;
    3. Gypsies or vagabonds;
    4. persons under mandatory police supervision [i.e., on parole] or otherwise temporarily without civil rights;
    5. persons convicted of treason or high treason or known to be engaged in activities hostile to the state;
    6. persons who for assault, trespass, a breach of the peace, resistance to authority, a criminal offense or misdemeanor, or a hunting or fishing violation were legally sentenced to a term of imprisonment of more than two weeks, if three years have not passed since the term of imprisonment”.

    Common sense I’d say.

  2. Correction….nearly 100 times more likely (2.98 per 100,000 US population as opposed to 0.03 per 100,000 UK) Apologies, late night maths in previous comment !)

  3. Very little Mike ! And certainly accept your position that US citizens have a totally different mentality re: the right to own guns and defend themselves using them, as you say…..they grow up with them.

  4. In the interests of accuracy, the large DA frame redesign was significant enough to be awarded its own patent in 1908, not the previously stated ’09. The Model 1909 was a military only issue New Service chambered for a wide-rimmed version of the .45 Colt Cartridge.
    If you compare early New Army specimens to early Officers Models, you will find them identical-other than sights.
    It was the New Service that was the Flagship DA series, until its demise in 1944.

  5. JK,
    The New Service underwent a major revision after 1909, where the frame was updated. This was Colt’s large frame DA, aka the .41 frame. The New Service was chambered for the 357 cartridge in limited numbers.
    The officers model was never chambered for the 357, and while it was a variant of the large, 41 frame, it was not the parent to the model 3-5-7. It was the model 3-5-7 that was discontinued and evolved into the Python, not the Officers model. The Python uses exactly the same frame, action, and hand fitting as the model 3-5-7. One might say, the Python is the model 3-5-7 with a different barrel and finish.
    Happy New Year.

  6. Well, I don’t to give anyone any FEASIBLE bright ideas, but I will show you the tip of the iceberg — one that won’t make the “Men in Black” visit me on my day off lol

    One can improvise. A filled and pressurized common BBQ grill propane tank plus a hand gun = more than just a bullet :p

  7. I already did. And you are a liar. If you “don’t care” then why are you here?
    You are a juvenile and a troll and you are trying to provoke a response which you aren’t going to get. Stew in it.


  8. “so come on.. spit it out.. who do you think i am”?

    I have a better question than that:

    Who do you think I am?

  9. And you actually are stupid enough to think I will fall for your tricks? Marvelous!
    Sorry Cy, but it didn’t work yet again.

  10. Jackson
    January 1, 2013 – 12:50 am
    what are you on about? you think im someone you know? 13 years ? do me a favour and stop talking in riddles.. i assure you, im not anyone else who you think you know.. never gone by the name jason, nor do i get your stupid taco references..

    so come on.. spit it out.. who do you think i am?

    Inept. Try again.

  11. Jackson
    December 31, 2012 – 11:55 pm
    i can see you really thought hard on that one too, didnt you…. that took a lot of effort. good job. well done.

    I don’t want to stress you too much, I know your facilities are limited.

  12. Jackson
    January 1, 2013 – 12:08 am
    techniques? 1999? atta boy champ, you keep knocking out lines like that, leave the folks with no doubt whatsoever, dont strain yourself though.. wouldnt want you to do yourself an injury..

    i hope you know where the safety catch is on a gun, because youve repeatedly shot yourself in the foot here.. you ok chump? need a bit of a nap do we? you sound really tired…

    It didn’t work Cy. Try again.

  13. Sorry Cy, but your techniques don’t work on me and unlike fine wine or cheese, you haven’t improved at this with age.
    You are still just as stupid and juvenile as you were back in 1999.
    Ball is in your court Junior.
    Give Taco a cracker and a kiss for me.

  14. “Jackson
    December 31, 2012 – 11:29 pm
    you have good reason to worry.”

    I’m not worried Jackson, or should I say “Jason” perhaps?

  15. “Jackson
    December 31, 2012 – 11:09 pm
    that was a headshot shitferbrains.. not surprised you didnt feel it though.”

    And your parents had children that actually lived?
    Ball is in your court Junior. Aka “Cydonia Quest”.

  16. I’m not a gent, just a peon Texas national. There is nothing pointless here and all things are personal.
    Have you ever watched “Breaker Morant”?

  17. Better check on the guys issuing those first. Who will guard the guards? How do you know your guards won’t eventually turn on you as history has so clearly shown they always do?

  18. Gents…leave it out now please, I thought I was in for a short (as in 10/15 minute) interesting exchange of views, but it’s getting pointless and personal now and does nobody any credit. It’s 7.15am UK time New Year’s Day and thank God (or whoever) it’s a UK bank holiday. The JackDan bottle is empty and I’m away for a little shut eye.

  19. “the only argument ive ever made about guns in the USA, is that you should perhaps enforce restrictions already in place on the availability of guns to persons of questionable intellect..”

    That’s the point Jackson and that is most definitely what we have in the UK ie. very strict checking here on mental stability and criminal backgrounds before issuing a license.

  20. Where have you made a point Junior?
    Again, since you are a SLOW learner- it matters not what the other side has ordnance wise if their crews never make it to their equipment alive.
    Ball is in your court Junior.

  21. Apologies to VT editorial staff – all of this thread stems from me wishing JKinTX a happy and peaceful New Year….

  22. err “Kindergarten Killer” — the Arnold “Bohemian Grove” Schwarzenegger title got me carried away.

    …”It’s not a tumor” [the movie]

  23. So, to JKinTX and Jackson, for what it’s worth:

    The Zionist strategy here was to drive a wedge between the “red” and “blue”, this time by hugging what seemed like the majority “blue”. They created a “Kindergarten Cop killer”.

    I say you stick to the Constitution. If you want to waive your rights there under, go ahead. Just don’t preach to the masses. It’s a design they created after MILLENNIUM of failures otherwise, and by learning from it. The governmental design is perfect. Please trust it.

    In America, we don’t have a guilt by association. One bad apple never spoils the rest if you separate it from the bunch.

    Let us go after the crony gun manufacturers who would give lift to such an event and the drugs that are made to affect our minds. Not each other. That’s what they want.

  24. “Jackson
    December 31, 2012 – 10:36 pm
    lol – now im a troll. onya moron.
    im not trying to provoke a response.. it seems you cant help yourself.. youre a mental midget with nothing to offer.. all you ever respond with is pathetic jibes..

    im waiting for you to make a credible remark that could lead to constructive discussion.. it seems youre totally incapable of it..

    if you care to respond or not is absolutely of no concern to me .. i simply dont give a fek”.

    Yep! Troll!

  25. It’s not, it’s holistic. You don’t necessarily die from a bullet, do you? But what I’m trying to tell you is that you’re preaching to the choir. Mike Kay makes that clear. If they want to give up their weapons, let them.

    Ultimately, you can hide yours. No one can locate them with technological means. It is up to you to provide that penultimate security to you and your family.

    I agree with your end, just not your means. The better weapon still is the pen at this juncture, which is what you are utilizing now to defend your right to a weapon. A right I would die protecting. Hell, they’ll all die, too. 😀

  26. Jackson
    “December 31, 2012 – 10:29 pm
    that was my not even saying its right… i was just saying it.. people here seem to think having a gun will save them from tyranny.. maybe that a fully automatic gun is the way to go..

    but whatever you have, if they are going to come get you.. its going to be with a bigger gun”..

    Saved the Afghans so far hasn’t it?
    All the war toys are useless junk if their crews never get to them alive.

  27. I might add that you are trying to provoke a response out of me and you aren’t going to get what you want. Trolls seldom do.

  28. If someone invades my home, I will have the Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” track set up triggered by the welcome mat, “I’ve been waiting this moment… for all my life”

    It’s a dream.

  29. That is definitely the valid argument for gun ownership Rah….but if it comes to police state, then whether a hand pistol matches a tank is debatable.

  30. The entire universe is binary sir- positive/negative. I don’t need to argue- ALL this is just an excercise of the mind- nothing more.

  31. Jackson, I get you completely. But, looking at the bigger picture, Jackson, The thought of “totalitarian government”, is it far off? We already have a society where you have little to no resort as an individual to change it. That is, unless you have money that can match the billionaires who do have such means. Our system of justice, journalism, government and health depend on the same. So, if the moneyed interests one day decide that a police state is in our best interest, they will also advance it.

    All indication gives reasonable thought to the fact that this is, in fact, the agenda by the moneyed interests, to level a police state. That is why when an incident occurs in Connecticut, over 100 million law abiding gun owners are suddenly implicated by a media driven campaign to diminish their rights — a guilty by association. A police state cannot exist upon an armed citizenry.

  32. “i could be comatose and still keep up with a slow-wit like yourself”.

    You couldn’t find your own posterior with both hands, a Sherpa guide, a sectional map, and a GPS.

  33. I am entitled to a view on the USA as much as you are entitled to your views on UK….also placed some valid points here in support of the right to hold guns if you go back and look JK. If the stats are BLEEP, then simply provide the alternative figures and sources.

  34. Yawn ?! Hope Ole Lukøje will sprinkle some magic dust on your eyes tonight JK…..enjoyed the discussion.

  35. “Didn’t specifically indicate that you are disposed to use any kind of dangerous weapon, wouldn’t dream of it JK and certainly wasn’t the one who brought up Afghanistan here. Also don’t name call or use abusive terms on this site…..everyone is entitled to a view. As with you and your British friends, I’ve got many great American acquaintances too (including some of your great jazz musicians) and not denigrating your whole nation here, just talking gun statistics. You are welcome over here by the way…..we let Obama in anyway”…..

    No sir, you are not entitled to a view if you are attacking a right we hold dear here.
    Your “gun statistics’ are BLEEP.

  36. I always look at the actual points raised by a commentator, but just as important is the manner in which these points are put. Once a commentator resorts to ad hominem language it automatically downgrades the validity of their argument for me – and you see a lot of ad hominem commentary on this site.

  37. Go ahead then JK…..produce the figures and sources to counter the statistics I have referred you to on I’d be genuinely interested.

  38. Didn’t specifically indicate that you are disposed to use any kind of dangerous weapon, wouldn’t dream of it JK and certainly wasn’t the one who brought up Afghanistan here. Also don’t name call or use abusive terms on this site…..everyone is entitled to a view. As with you and your British friends, I’ve got many great American acquaintances too (including some of your great jazz musicians) and not denigrating your whole nation here, just talking gun statistics. You are welcome over here by the way…..we let Obama in anyway…..

  39. Jackson
    December 31, 2012 – 9:17 pm
    ” Texas is a pretty peaceful and polite place, but you and your ilk aren’t welcome here.”

    “the lack of an invitation or a welcome mat has never stopped “texans” from going wherever they wanted to though, killing whoever they wanted on the way.. , shock and awe might be how youd describe politeness, but the rest of the world sees it different.. its just plain rude actually”..

    You would know about rudeness wouldn’t you. SLOPPY and juvenile effort. Best try again.

  40. Oh….the ‘there are lies, damned lies and statistics argument’. Always spouted when the statistics don’t stack up to to support a specific debating point. But that’s OK, appreciate the debate anyway….even at 5.15am UK time JK !

  41. Never said it was. I have several British friends and I love them greatly. But don’t point a finger and accuse the kettle when the pot is just as black.

  42. Juvenile. By the way Junior, at near 58 years of age, I never have bothered to get a “concealed carry” permit, don’t carry a gun or a knife, never have felt threatend by anyone. Texas is a pretty peaceful and polite place, but you and your ilk aren’t welcome here.

  43. We are not the only country in Afghanistan are we JK….thought there was a much bigger and more powerful nation than us there, telling us what to do ?! Agree with you re: the mismanagement and running down of our armed forces but that is political interference by incompetent MOD officials, not a reflection on the army, navy and RAF personnel.

  44. I have to hand it to the British, these are some real bright people. They chopped up their Nimrod AEW fleet which was nearly complete and cost them several million pounds, in order to “save money”. They float two aircraft carriers they can’t afford the F-35s to equip. They are in Afghanistan where they were some century plus ago and they lost then and now just as the Russians did.

  45. ‘Tis so JK….go to where you can get all the comparative figures for every country where data is available.

  46. Go look up “Famine in the Ukraine” sometime. The Reds didn’t bother wasting lead, they simply starved these people to death- several million of them. Real kind hearted huh?
    You’d sure want to listen to one of them about “gun control”.

  47. OrdinarySerf
    December 31, 2012 – 8:17 pm
    A happy and peaceful New Year to you too JK !

    Forgive me for not wishing you the same. Stay in the UK please.

  48. Typo correction above. Should state in first paragraph ‘…..where you can see the gun lobby in full flow’ not gun ‘control’ lobby. Tried to correct before but several of my comments are disappearing into the ether at the moment ( ! )

  49. Ahem.
    This entire article is a fishing expedition. It is intended to provoke a response which is then studied and the data analyzed and used.
    The Col is quite good, but not as smart as he thinks.

  50. You can’t fire off any of that neat stuff if their crews never make it to their war toys alive, Ask the Russians about 10 years of that in Afghanistan.

  51. Not correct sir. New Service is much larger, originated in 1898 as a holster arm for up to .476 Eley. I used to have a .38-40 7-1/2″ barrel. The Officers Model and it’s descendant Python is on the .41 frame, came from the Army Special of 1908.

  52. Correction….that should read ‘…gun lobby in full flow’ above, not ‘gun control lobby’. There are now approaching 3000 comments on that article and a concerted organised campaign is evident to massively vote down / downgrade any view opposing guns. Never seen so many American commentators on a British publication’s website ! The more recent ‘preppers’ article by Satre is a good read – you may all be right in the end…..peaceful, lawful rebellion won’t work when the tanks roll into town.

  53. Keep in mind that the decades long Bolshevik murder spree was planned, supported, and supplied at this end. So if they can murder Russians by the millions and get away with it what makes you think they will be any nicer to us? Are you kidding? That was just dress rehearsal. And please stop babbling about the rights, district courts, the federalist papers, etc. Both bought-off parties are fighting with each other to see who can get the Constitution through the shredder first. We are all on very thin ice and the sooner you understand how, where, and when our country became ensnared and bound the more clearly you will see the danger at hand.

    Since you think the Bolshevik atrocity was an “incident” here is a Russian blogger with an interesting view on American gun ownership, compared to Russian gun ownership before the Bolshevik “incident” which was funded by American screwballs using our tax money. You can agree/disagree with the post, just note the before and after as regards the Bolshevik takeover and the confiscation of guns from the general populace.

  54. Commodity cartels have their own shipping (oil, grains, for example). Financiers run the commodities. If NATIONS were to build alternative means and routes of transport, and open up vast new areas of production, the cartels and their monopolies would take a big hit. Nations could finance such development through selling bonds instead of taking loans from the financiers.

    Oh happy days.

  55. The ‘name’ thing could just be a typo Tomer. US citizens on here are clearly much more aware, otherwise they would not have gravitated to this site, but making guns so easily accessible is not something I would want in the UK. I just look around at some of the young people where I live and it really is a case of spot the braincell. Add alcohol / other drugs to the equation and a gun from Asda (same company as Walmart) and you have a pretty lethal cocktail. I posted some figures above for gun lobby expenditure in the States and it is pretty evident that there is not going to be a sea change in mentality any time soon – gun ownership is ingrained in the American psyche.

  56. Maybe the German Colonel should have been a little more respectful, as it was the naive and uneducated Americans who were saving their asses from Soviet ie. Zionist/Jewish aggression. Slainte……..

  57. For anybody interested in a short piece about the history of gun control in Russia:

  58. Very good points made here Rahnameh……but on FEMA camps, once they decide to do it, can’t see that individual gun owners are going to be that far behind anyway – it will just take a little longer and be more bloody.

  59. “He’s not saying destroy the Second Amendment right, he’s saying get rid of the NRA, which is controlled by moneyed interests who “discredit responsible gun manufacturers & owners.”

    That’s what I got from it also.

    While there is currently a database it’s not at all accurate. As Her Bloomberg and Der Coumo found out when they floated the idea of an assault rifle buyback. Their records from FBI checks estimated about 30,000 rifles. Industry figures from sales put the # at around 1 million and possibly twice that.

    My father who is still alive would not talk to me for nearly 20 years because I refused the gift of an NRA lifetime membership. He’s finally awakened somewhat.

  60. All cops don’t carry guns in UK Mike – very few do and they are mostly trained marksmen in armed response units who deal with crisis situations. We had one major riot last August and some would say that was an ‘inside job’. Nothing significant before that going back 20 years to the Poll Tax demonstrations of the late 1990s.

  61. My Anaconda is bigger than your Python 😉

    Colonel, I had the experience of having some dealings with some Russian “Businessmen” quite a few years back. I was warned in advance to not get too close since they liked to play with knives. No problem since they also did not bathe very often.

  62. I think Morgan is naive on the background to the latest school shooting, as evidenced by the excellent analysis on recent VT articles. But actually Raptor, he is looking at the overall picture from a British perspective, where we have some of the strictest gun control laws in the world and proportionately minimal problems with gun related crime (and most of that is ‘gang’ on ‘gang’). The interesting thing if you click on the article is the comments section, where you can see the gun control lobby in full flow….literally jumps out at you when you see the green and red (positive / negative) indicators to comments.

    How much money was spent by America’s gun lobby and by main gun control groups promoting their opposing lines of reasoning in 2011 and 2012 ? See below:

    Gun rights groups

    $25,068,152 National Rifle Association

    $1,746,406 Gun Owners of America

    $1,406,612 Safari Club International

    $1,164,449 Citizens Committee for the Right to Bear Arms

    $1,038,140 National Shotting Sports Foundation

    $160,000 Boone & Crockett Club

    $53,000 National Association for Gun Rights

    $22,000 Ohio Gun Collectors Association

    TOTAL $30,658,759

    Gun control groups

    $350,000 Mayors Against Illegal Guns

    $73,018 Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

    TOTAL $423,018

    Source: Center for Responsive Politics and the Federal Election Commission

    Winning hearts and minds ? Certainly winning minds…..Appreciate your point about the analogies Morgan uses, but one could equally argue that gun ownership (aside from sporting pursuit under controlled conditions) was the result of mental weakness, or maybe a compulsive disorder of some sort.

    The counter argument is in the key fallacy of so-called gun control laws and that is that such laws do not in fact control guns. They simply disarm law-abiding citizens, while people bent on violence find firearms readily available. On top of that, the wider issue being debated on VT is that in the USA you all need the guns to protect you from the government itself ie. they are consciously trying to disarm the population….maybe, but at the moment, I can’t see how they are going to achieve that in practice with a gun lobby as powerful as the figures above would suggest.

  63. Something for everyone, that’s the whole idea. It always a bad idea to shoot the messenger. Here is a short Example of a piece of his line of reason which I recently experienced in person, not the first time.

    My wife was looking for some craft stuff for the kids at a local Hobby type store. While she shopped I ducked into a near by popular sporting goods store just to kick some tires. I found myself at the gun counter which was packed with customers, more than I had ever seen in this particular store. Not a big gun display but big enough, there was very little room at the counter.

    I wedged myself into a space near to the semi-auto hand guns and started looking for a specific weapon. After about a minute or so of browsing is was evident that they didn’t have the weapon on display. One of the young men behind the counter asked me if I needed some help. My reply was ” Sig 220 carry ”

    What happened immediately is a major part of reality and is pointed out within the article above. 10 people suddenly stopped looking and walked away. two immediately came over to the counter and invaded my space, almost rubbing shoulders. Why? Simple. The 10 who walked away knew nothing about weapons of any kind, Scared of someone near who asked a specific question. THE OTHER TWO were very eager to learn by watching and listening.

    I’d rather have the two owning firearms than any of the 10 who were obviously there because they thought it was a good idea, or they saw something on TV, or heard it on the radio…

    After a bit one of the guys asked me ” why the sig ” I sad ” Easy ” quality, easy to carry, and to me worth the money. I didn’t answer his next question, obviously it was in regard to carrying a weapon.

    This is a fact and it’s going on in almost every shop in American at this present time and all of it relates to the mention of gun control. I’ve seen very few people mention that this is usually a piggyback kind of thing, where suggestion is jumped on by a dumb downed public. Obviously it’s very effective as evidenced by the articles which proclaim the skyrocketing increase in recent gun sales.

    I’ll cut to the bone here and stop ranting. The Government wants to know who you are when it comes to guns, guns of any kind………This will be their form of gun control and you’ll see it worked out by ” compromise ” within the congressional ding bat club. Fingerprinted and background when you buy any firearm will be law, along with registration……Now I’m sure the smart folks here can easily see the coming nightmare when all of this gets set into motion.

    Gee Mr Jones you’ve registered 32 firearms, what do you need with all these guns? lol Golly what on earth are you afraid of anyway? lol >>> Time to scratch my head and ease away now.


  64. Obviously you’ve absolutely zero grasp of the main issues which involve guns. If everyone of those you chose to use as an example had proper security then there would never be a need for a gun of any kind.

    The warped and twisted part is the analogy used in regard to drugs and alcohol. Silly, I thought they were the results of mental weakness, or maybe a compulsive disorder of some sort. Surely not in the same ballpark when associated with any example related to controlling guns, which in this case includes controlling people and skating past legal citizen rights.

    Anyway….Morgan is entitled to his opinion….but hay…Maybe it’s worth a little coin to him. Ever consider things of this nature before you go off half cocked?


  65. That is why they send all their Khazar jews to America and there are millions more comming in. Then of course guys like Col Evengy are given positions of autority in Our Military.

  66. Dale, If you are referring to a comment that evaporated into the digital ether after clicking on ‘submit,’ that seems to happen from time to time without human action. My experience has been that they usually appear within a day or so, but sometimes they’re just gone.

    If you select the text of your comment and save it to the clipboard, it’s not lost if that happens; you can still paste it wherever. (Do as I say, not as I do.)

  67. Some Russians would be quite happy if we could just cooperate (Russ-US) and put high speed rail across the Bering Strait That would be great for the peoples of both countries and others. Our mutual enemy not fond of the idea–they control the world’s shipping for one thing.

  68. A common belief among the folks I assoicate with includes we the people serve the government in modern amerika – it does not serve us. Among a free people – no central government would dictate the amount of control the current soviet socialist states of amerika does over we the people. Sure, firearms are dangerous. Always have been and always will be. Demon crats have been and continue to be responsible for panic buying of weapons few of the purchasers are trained to use. Gonna be some real bad happenins with all the semi auto wpns and lotta ammo go en into the sssa (soviet socialist states of amerika). Shoulda left well enough alone.

    Look for more govmit control folks. When firearms are banned – who will possess fireamrs. Oh, an answer to the very, very common question “Will the (U.S.) military fire on the citizens?” Answer: Yes, ever heard of the American Civil War.

    No solution – continued misery.

    D.R. Suiter
    Former Jarhead
    3949th Mess Kit Repair Bn.
    Rivet Platoon

  69. Col. You make some very interesting points in your article regarding the consumerism aspect. I do agree with the 2nd amendment hands down however the issue of gun control is a wedge issue. Its as if its all a distraction to inflame the wedge issue , while diverting attention away from many serious geo political and financial concerns.

  70. JK,
    The origins of the Python are rightly traced to Colt’s .41 frame, made famous by the New Service, which found its deployment in WW1 & 2 as the Model 1917. The direct line of succession occurred with the premium model 3-5-7, which used the same 41 frame, and was for several years the top of the line offering. The Python continued the tradition of hand fitted actions, high polish finish, and premium stocks with the addition of the full vent rib barrel, utilized to protect the sight picture from the distortion of heat waves, with a full lug to add muzzle weight, which helps the gun to balance well in the hand.

  71. Jkin. We have more than a few psy ops people here. You are somewhat worthless as an intel analyst if you can spot them coming at you, as they are a major part of the work. Israel runs an industrial scale version of them over here, with the added twist that they make us pay for it.

    I think their people even get their graduate degrees here.

  72. Gene is not only a writer but on our editorial board. Go take a peek by clicking on the staff tab on the front page. You will find quite a colorful array. This is an international site. We have vets and intel people from 38 countries contributing….and yes America is involved with a lot of them.

    Dr. Salami is with PressTV in Iran and has a Phd. in Shakesperian studies, among other things. Our goal is to expose you to more views than you would normally have.

  73. I would take a Python as my court of last resort in a revolver any day. I have owned one or two. I still have an Officers Model .22- and that, along with the parent .38 Special, is the base from which it came.

  74. Colonel,
    Here in America, you are free to excuse yourself from the ownerships of arms. According to our so-called media, millions of Americans everyday choose the unarmed path, and it is easy and simple to join them. Problems, arise, sir, when coercion is applied directly to transform this choice into a dictate.

    The truth is that America does not need any justification for an armed citizenry. We need not worry about the wounded minds of the Piers Morgan types, nor the moronic theory that this armed citizenry is responsible for violence, because these are alien concepts that do not belong on this land. Americans grow up with arms. We learn to shoot when very young. We burn through massive amounts of ammo every year because that is who we are, period.

    Right now sir, England has a higher violent crime rate than we do. Our parent society allows its citizens no firearms freedom. So, they suffer enormous riots that destroy property, businesses. They suffer constant armed invasions, and now in gun free England, all the cops carry guns. What an advancement!

    Mexico allows its citizens no access to firearms, yet thousands are mowed down annually. One must conclude, whatever analysis of America that includes cheap moralization, is disingenuous if it ignores other comparable societies.

    Finally, interesting that you would choose the Colt Python, one of the finest handguns ever manufactured, as your lead in. There are two types of revolver enthusiasts, those who have a Python, and those who want one.

  75. I LIKE IT ! Of course it would have been just as cool to pound a shoe, then to pound salt up the readers rear. Yes, not having weapons in citizens hand could mean criminal types boss America around, while paying off the police to let them be.

    If one wants to believe false events as a reason there’s problems in America that’s one’s right. Destination D, Delusional !

    When citizens are armed, killers don’t tend to run wild, and the facts support that. Hot spots of course are Victim Disarmament zones like schools that have been free game for FEMA to conduct drills there. Of course, sometimes drills are made to look like real events to continue to defraud a mind controlled populous into thinking something real has happened.

    I have respect for your dad, I think he tried to do well for Russia, but with the C.I.A prodding Eisenhower to okay a U.2 overflight resulted in the Cold War remaining cold. Then the C.I.A overthrow of the U.S in 63 prompted the K.G.B to do the same to Russia. I sure the whole world would be better off if Americans were treated like the Palestinians, rather than Free Men. NOT !

  76. “The gun-lobby logic dictates that the only way to defend against gun criminals is for everyone else to have a gun, too. Teachers, nurses, clergymen, shop assistants, cinema usherettes – everyone must be armed.

    To me, this is a warped, twisted logic that bears no statistical analysis and makes no sense. Do you fight drug addiction with more cocaine? Alcoholism with more Jack Daniel’s? Of course not”.


    (Not me by the way, but Piers Morgan defending his position in an article from today’s Mail On Sunday on this side of the pond……)

    Read more:

  77. So, how do you suggest fighting a tyrannical government of criminals and organized crime which has no reservations about using institutional violence, domestically and internationally, in service of the agenda of a foreign “nation”? Maybe a really big feather to tickle ’em to death?

  78. PSYOPS officer of the 56th Airborne Assault Brigade in Gardez, Paktia, Democratic Republic of Afghanistan First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

    Meaning you are a master of agitprop and disinformation as well, otherwise you would never have been created a Colonel in the Red Army, is that not true sir?

  79. @stonehillady: I have a quote from a retired KGB officer who read the Patriot Act and said: “We never had such powers! Yes, under Stalin we could arrest anyone we liked — but we didn’t have the technology.”

  80. Considering this editor is Russian Born & knows the atrocies that were done to people to conform to a brutal communist regime, to think that can’t happen here is a lunatic idea, Obama would love the Power that Stalin & Lenin had, he is a sychopath & has no empathy for people, to have condone Fast & Furious knowing that people where going to die as is his drone project, innocence means NOTHING to these kinds of dictators & that is why we have guns

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