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Custom Weapons By VT (updated)

VT is continually coming up with ways to deal with intruders on your roof, a common problem in the holiday season

Blue Gun Wednesday

We are back again, after the election, spreading rumors of a Zombie takeover fueled by Jeb Bush, John McCain creeping up your street munching on half eaten corpses of the not so recently dead.

Adamus/Chet's Firearms Gun Closeouts (updating)

All weapons are new. All regulations apply so please make sure you are able to own this kind of "device" in your area. Money is accepted as is Visa/MasterCard with 3% fee. (sorry) If you don't wee what you want, we probably have one, particularly if it is exotic.

Military Terror Hits US Cities As Veterans Banned From Owning Guns?

VA asked disabled veteran if he owned any guns during a medical appointment.

VT Gun Days: SigTac 5.56 10.5" (HD Video)

This is my second SigTac build, my first in 5.56mm. For those who don't know, using the SigTac "arm brace" allows the equivalent of a short barreled rifle to be built without permission from local law enforcement.

Guntalk with Uncle Gordie

The SigTac SB15, technically an "arm brace," combined with buffer tubes from KAK Industries of Missouri, when adapted to the AR platform allow an inventive individual the opportunity to build a world class defense weapon second to none. We will discuss some of the "how and why" and show one in the works. The video below is supplied by Kurt Kosman of KAK Industries in Lees Summit, Missouri

.32 Caliber Day, Part I and II

A Czechoslovakian CZ 50 Pistol Gets a "Clean up". This project is a cosmetic upgrade of a solid CZ 50/Vzor 70 pistol.

Episode 4: Nagant Wars, Scout-Sniper Comparisons

We have a usable "interim build" on our Mosin Nagant project rifle. As you remember, this is a cherry 1938 Model 91/30 Mosin Nagant with full barrel, original bolt with matching numbers and a gleaming bore.

New internet thought police: George Zimmerman’s lawyers

George Zimmerman's lawyers are going to report me to the "proper authorities" for writing this article.

New internet thought police: George Zimmerman's lawyers

George Zimmerman's lawyers are going to report me to the "proper authorities" for writing this article.

Press TV: The Truth About Americans and Guns

With the discussions of gun seizures in the US, discussions primarily tied to stock manipulation scams within the sporting goods/arms industry and National Rifle Association, it is, perhaps, time we took a look at American gun owners.

Guns & Minds

There’s no country in the world where in a bar you can’t smoke a cigar but you may sip bourbon with your Colt Python – only in America!

Ending Massacres At Home and Abroad

We are a nation that is not only starts wars around the world but which is at war with itself. That's a generality.

Girls Who Love Guns

Many of us might tend to think the girls are just living mannequins when it comes to things like gun shows where they very effective traffic stoppers. But they are also serious gunslingers that the market is chasing after. So why the change?

Americans Changing Attitude Toward Guns

While gun ownership continues to be a political hot button issue, one trend is clear. The number of Americans who own guns has continued to rise.

Choppers & Coppers

Faking the death of Public Enemy #1 is nothing new for the US government. Neither is blaming crimes on the wrong guy. It should be remembered that Osama bin Laden immediately denied involvement or knowledge of 9/11, stating that it is never okay to kill non-combatants. But that didn’t stop the government from giving us a fake video of a chortling fat phony bragging on how he pulled off the second Pearl Harbor.

Have Gun Will Travel

Guns guns there's guns on the roof, Guns guns they're made to shoot Americans are Ready to Defend themselves from the Government.  Egyptians?  They have...

Richard Falk Reponds to The Lobby’s Vilification

By Richard Falk in Foreign Policy Journal Because my blog prompted by the Arizona shootings has attracted many comments pro and con, and more recently...

Updated: Richard Falk Is Right on 9/11—Will Obama and Friends Forsake...

Richard Falk, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Occupied Palestine, is under fire for writing what is obviously true about the U.S. government and...

Was The Arizona Massacre a Second Amendment Remedy?

Don't retreat: Reload. How does spewing hate and division play in American society? By dekerivers: From a young man on You Tube……the BEST thing I have...

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona shot in the head, several dead,...

Update: From dekerivers Jesse Kelly, a wholesome anti-abortion tea-partying right-wing Christian whack job, Giffords’ Republican opponent in the last election, had scheduled some kind of never-say-die...


Let's begin with one fact. We are using expensive, dangerous and illegal scanners in our airports for one reason. Now get this straight; A single terrorist carrying a bomb was escorted onto a plane for Detroit, no search, no passport, not even a ticket, placed on a plane by an airport security officer who is a former IDF "commando."

New Rule: The Republican Leadership in America Must Produce Their Birth...

For example: to solve our debt crisis, a bunch of Republican senators suggested a bipartisan debt commission, which is the adult thing to do. But when Obama agreed to it, immediately seven of them said no -- now they're against it. Because Obama has cooties.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

David Cole takes on Liz Cheney and her Daddy Warbucks at Salon. Andy Kroll at Tomgram welcomes us the Ponzi Nation we have become. Glen Beck is still listening to the Beatles backwards and finding dark and treasonous portends in pop music and probably in his breakfast cereal at Media Matters and Jim Hightower says "chicken feathers" to the idea of Georgia's new state bird... the chicken? Those stories and more in today's picks.

Alice, Gimme a Cup a’ Joe, Hold the Roscoe

Half the citizens I encounter while making my daily rounds in life may be armed, 'packing heat' 'carrying a piece,' a rod or a roscoe in their skivvies and I wouldn't know it. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose, but as soon as those weapons are in plain sight I admit to getting a little nervous.

Crazy Continues: Starbucks Still Allowing Guns in Its Stores

Welcome to the “open carry” movement, an effort by “gun rights” extremists to foist their interpretation of the Second Amendment on the rest of us by openly carrying handguns in public places. While virtually all states have at least some minimal restrictions on the carrying of concealed weapons, few states do anything to regulate the “open carry” of firearms.