Ufology, Communication and DNA


Communication and DNA


… by  Daniela Giordano


It is amazing to note how the word “UFO” is no longer used to define an unidentified flying object. Both in film and in television series this word has been “censored”.

Maybe because in the imagination of ordinary people is a branch of the Ufology totally groundless. Or maybe because psychological distress is so deep that the argument is completely rejected.

Hollywood producers understood this when they realized The Forgotten, a 2004 film starring Julianne Moore and directed by Joseph Ruben, in which the words “UFO” and “aliens” were replaced by “object” and “them.”

It must have gone well because many have repeated this little trick also with “The 4400”, the television series created by Scott Peters and Rene Echevarria, produced by Paramount Network Television, and that the United States has been so successful as to have well received three Emmy nominations in 2005.

You could monitor the scientific guidelines about American “ufology”  just by looking at the film of Hollywood production. Behind every script is not only fiction but also a careful search of the most advanced research in ufology.

The idea, in fact, that “they”, or at least some of them, come from the future and are  merely the result of the evolution of man you do not know how many “.. thousand” years, is one of the most plausible advanced hypothesis that originate both from the testimony of the true abducted  and by both cutting-edge research in quantum physics.

Among the “back” of 4400, there is also a girl who had always lived in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Reappeared with the others, it seems almost back normal, however it is again confined to a psychiatric hospital under observation. Based on the graphic sketches she frantically continues to draw, convinces other patients in the hospital to build a device which he believes is the means to return in the future.

Construction completed in the form of a high tower ramshackle composed of cables, beams, relays, lamps, satellite dishes and recovered materials here and there. Even the vane, taken from the roof of the hospital, stands on top of the “means of communication”.

What is masterfully highlighted is the frenzy, the urgency and determination with which these people want to build the device. The overseers even think to a “contagion” that involves anyone who approaches the tower.

Although the Tower does not reveal then a means that leads to the future, it releases a burst of energy that “wakes up” a hospital patient, a distinguished professor in the field of neuroscience that, thanks to this kind of shock, recovers his faculties and resumed his search.

Beyond the stage fiction, here there are three important messages :

1) to receive an “order”, perhaps via-mind, to build a set of unknown technology;
2) the urgency, the power and the determination to build it from people who have no scientific training;
3) research in the field of neuroscience.

This is a real INFORMATION. In the sense that there are many similar cases in the literature of “donation” of advanced technologies and ideas. It seems that many people receive from “someone” not only new ideas but also innovative techniques philosophical concepts, medical and scientific – normally lost in nothingness.

A question arises: why this “donation”, if real, is not given to a physicist, for example, or someone with more technical knowledge? The answer may lie in the ability to receive new information without bias, the ability of our brain to accept frequencies(communication) and especially in the different intellectual curiosity.

Who writes has had a similar experience to that aforementioned episode. An experience in which some scientists  were involved on this side of the globe and beyond.

One night in 1978 I had a very strange dream. I saw a ‘being’, possibly of male gender. His head was a little big and round as a billiard ball. He had no hair, eyebrows or other body hair. Her skin was milky white, the nose just mentioned, the mouth only a short horizontal cut on a  small chin.

But the eyes above high cheekbones were big, blue, wise and very sweet. He had the glance of someone who has lived a thousand years and could understand everything – but those eyes had the bright light of youth.

The skin of his cheeks seemed ever known a beard. The thin neck but not very long. The shoulders, chest, arms and hands were white gray, maybe just half a darker tone of the head as if he wore a suit very thin and adherent. I do not remember seeing nails or ears.

The “being” held between his hands a small pyramid that, when he spoke, emitted an intense and soft white light which followed the same rhythm of his “words” and his emotions. When I spoke  the pyramid emitted only a weak luminescence.

He ordered me to build a device like that. “To talk better,” he explained, and added, “It ‘s easy to build.” After a brief conversation, during which he provided the technical details for the construction of the device, the undersigned sent him to hell because unnerved by this information, “too difficult” to keep in mind. And the dream stopped. And I considered it just a little strange dream.

DNA is evolving – but where to the inputs come from?

I thought that like all dreams, this one slowly fade away with the passing of the hours. But it did not. I found myself in the following days to mentally follow certain steps of an unlikely construction of the pyramid.

I realized that I had absorbed a lot more information than I remembered consciously and mentally touching the problems associated with its hypothetical construction, surfaced solutions or new information that does not even remember she told me.

What bothered me though was the irresistible impulse to follow his instructions to build something that rationally I knew that I had no knowledge. Consider that in 1978, it had not yet broken out the “pyramids” fashion, there was no Internet in Italy, and therefore the shape of the object did not arouse any suspicion in me.

It is needless to say, I threw myself in the company. As for the onirical indications, I put together a pyramidal structure made by copper, connected to an internal copper spiral.

At its base I placed a vial filled under vacuum with mercury and salt, a series of mirrors at the corners, two magnets, four circular plates of aluminum, of which one with a central hole, and a quartz dangling from the vertex. Finally, I had to settle somewhere, perhaps under the base, some plates of dark mica.

I still need help. So it was that after an initial approach to the technician who repaired my home television. I ended up talking to an engineer, then vice president of the Aerospace Research Centre of Rome, who told me that conceptually the pyramid  showed avant-garde ideas from the scientific point of view but that I had built it in the same way as one can make a pizza.

Some things were logical, others had to be checked with appropriate inquiries.

He confirmed that quartz (not the piece of crystal as mine but the industrial one) is used for the frequency, the magnets and the windings for the electromagnetic field, the aluminum plates to contain the field and make it bounce, the mirrors for the amplification – – the same technique as that conceptually is used for the laser – and the hole in the plate for the outflow of the wave.

According to him even the spiral was logical, even though he had no idea what effects it might have been placed within the structure.

Daniela Giordano – 1975

It was enough for me, and galvanized, I continued unabated in the search for the most prepared minds than mine.

It was so that I have been able “to involve” or “to contage” a theoretical researcher, mechanical engineering professor who taught at the University of Dunedin, New Zealand, a physicist in Italy, a professor of chemistry in Australia and a technical engineer working in a lab on solar energy, in Ohio (USA), specialized in micro-manipulation under vacuum.

This technical engineer has done many experiments, which lasted several months, which led him to the conclusion that, “if properly constructed, a tube of quartz or pyrex vacuum sealed package containing anhydrous crystalline NaCl (salt) and liquid Hg (mercury), it seems act as an exceptional electrical device”.

If activated mechanically, the contents of the tube produces a plasma that emits visible light, the characteristics of which are strongly dependent on the composition and the pressure gaseous environment inside the tube.

The plasma developed within the sealed tube produces strong RF emissions that may be easily detected by a radio on AM band.

However, none of the scientists / researchers I contacted did researches to verify the feasibility of the device in its ENTIRETY. But, good or bad, all have confirmed the functionality of certain elements within it – each of them for their field of specialization.

In the episode of 4400, I had recognized my own tension, urgency and determination that I had personally experienced in 1978 and for many years has influenced some of my behaviors . So it seems that even overseas these behaviors are not really unusual in cases where there is an alleged  “donation” of scientific concepts.

But  is it a real “donation” or are we ourselves who “grab/catch” at random the most disparate information in the ocean of the collective unconscious?

In the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, respectively a physicist and a mathematician,  are disseminated revolutionary achievements in the field of modern genetics by German and Russian scientists. (Www.fosar-bludorf.com).

The German biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp has for years been conducting research on the phenomenon of bio-photons, a natural light radiation emitted by any living organism. This radiation bio-photonics is very weak and can be made visible only with substantial reinforcement methods in a darkroom.

Popp and his research team observed that our body not only emits light but also absorbs the light from the environment. If kept in the dark, in fact, the radiation bio-photonics decreases considerably. Further research showed that something in our body is able to store the energy of light, regardless of the food we eat.

It was soon discovered that the memory of light in our body is found in DNA – in that part called “silent DNA.”

Due to the characteristic shape of this giant molecule – the double helix, which seen from above is also a circle – the DNA represents an ideal electromagnetic antenna. But what happens when electromagnetic energy is collected by DNA? In a nutshell, it is stored, bringing the molecule to oscillate. In physics, such a system is called a harmonic oscillator. In time, however, this oscillator loses energy obviously.

If, then, the DNA collects the energy of light and / or emits electromagnetic information contained in the oscillation due to its radiant emission, could be a further communication organ of our body? And it could be manipulated by electromagnetic radiation?

Further research in Russia also showed that, regardless of its function as a producer of proteins, DNA behaves as a complex organic electronic chip that communicates with its environment.

A super-qualified group of scientists conducting research on the human genome, met in Moscow in 1990 with scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences. Among the physicists of the famous Lebedev Physical Institute, there were molecular biologists, biophysicists, geneticists, embryologists and linguists.

Director of the project was Dr. Pyotr Garjajev, bio-physicist and molecular biologist, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Science in New York.

In the eight years since the project was launched, the group reached a revolutionary  breakthrough that puts a new light on our understanding of DNA and human genetics. For example, today we talk quite naturally about the “genetic code” as a system of information. In the past, genetic stopped there with the help exclusive of chemistry – instead of see also language experts.

Linguistics is the science that studies the structure of language. It explores not only the languages that are developed by individuals from different countries and cultures, but also artificial languages such as those, for example, to program the computer.

Is there a universe within all of us?

Examining the semantics (meaning of words) and the regularity of a language, such as syntax (mutual relationship of lexical items in order to construct a sentence, a phrase made) which is the basis of grammar, and applies them to the genetic code , it turns out that this code follows the same rules of our language.

But not the rules of certain languages, such as Russian or German, but rules to a more fundamental level, where all existing languages on this earth have comparable structures . So it is possible to put together the structure of the genetic code in relation to each language of mankind.

Pyotr Garjajev and his colleagues came to the conclusion that the structure of DNA does not match the structure of human language, but they are the human languages that follow the rules of the structure of the genetic code!

DNA and the genetic code existed long before the first human being was able to speak with articulated words! Therefore, every human language has evolved from primordial times following basic models existing in the structure of the genetic code.

Briefly, the basic elements in DNA follow a grammar, a plan immaterial, which is similar to the structure of our languages. Given that this code has a structure that is the basis of human language through which they can be transported further information, it was decided to call it hyper.

This behavior of the DNA would explain why the ability of healers, mediums and spiritual teachers can have an effect on a person and not another, or because the conscious asleep, hypnosis functions as a medical therapy.

The medical model of psycho-neuro-immunology considered the effect of hypnotic suggestions only as control mechanisms of the brain, especially in areas that are assumed to contain layers subconscious. Now it seems that it is much simpler: the DNA can react directly to the word. It ‘s the correct frequency (even the word is frequency) that affects an individual – and it is said that the same is valid for all people.

In the human beings there is often a phenomenon of hyper when suddenly one find access to information outside of their own knowledge and these are generally regarded as inspiration, intuition or trance.

The Moscow group and their colleagues can already prove experimentally that DNA reacts to the modulated laser light, such as language, and even to radio waves. Both, however, must have the correct frequency.

Apart from the hundreds of possibilities that can come out of these findings, how to cure disease, slow the aging process, correcting genetic errors, there are also other confirmations. In fact, the Russian researchers have discovered that our DNA can create interference in a vacuum, producing a “wormhole”.

These tunnels are the microscopic equivalent of the so-called “Einstein-Rosen bridges” left by the stars extinct in the vicinity of the holes blacks. The DNA attracts these bits of information and forward them to our consciousness.

From the results obtained with the experiments of tissue DNA irradiated with laser beams, Russian scientists assume that the energy outside of space and time continues to pass through these tunnels activated by DNA even when the sample of tissue is removed.

Target Arm – Livermore Laboratory

The most common side effects in the hyper-communication are magnetic fields close to the people involved. In fact electronic devices are subject to interference and cease to function for hours.

Returning to the dream that I experienced, and applying the results of scientific research described above to topics of interest to us, it opens a world of possibilities that could boost a little bit ‘more vital” the ufology matter.

Just to name a few: you might as well explain why all the young talent, from mini-geller to indigo children, were invested initially by a beam of light of unknown origin. This hypothesis proposes that “they” are operating a slow and gradual change in humanity, altering or remodeling the frequencies of our DNA with light or just communicating with it …

Even the plants in their own way, have a kind of DNA. This would help to explain the appearance of small balls of light that produce the crop circles or why not break the stems …

It may explain why the  contacted receive messages in their own language and because in many cases instead of the words come concepts and emotions … or those electromagnetic disturbances that occur on special occasions or with certain people … or because under certain conditions have been found significant temporal anomalies … and the incredible “coincidences” that sometimes occur pleasantly surprising us.

And last but not least, it could explain why different people receive or “catch” instructions for building technological devices that never work, or as in my case, a device to “talk better” with “them.”

It seems that “they” have already thought to everything – without unnecessary threads condominium, as we use to do. It seems they dialogue with us and with our environment since long time.

The only thing that bothers me is to think that the sum of my actions and of my interests may not arise from the evolution of my consciousness but from something suggested by someone at my DNA. I know, the ego is hard to die.          D.G.                                               Editing:  Jim W. Dean



Daniela Giordano jumped started her early career as Miss Italy in 1969. After touring the world during her one year reign she subsequently became a leading actress in film, theatre and Italian national television. She was based out of Rome for almost twenty years, working on forty feature films in dozens of countries.

During this time, with an eye for the future, she began working as a free-lance journalist for Italian, and foreign newspapers and magazines. She has been always interested in parapsychology and avant-garde research about UFOs, ESP, PK, and other unusual phenomena. In 1998 she won the first prize of the Donald E. Keyhoe Journalism Award (for the first time to a woman in Europe), a contest promoted by the Fund for UFO Research, a foundation based in Washington, D.C..

Daniela has collaborated as Europe Account Director for Flying Adventures Magazine, an American magazine targeting tourist destinations. She has been employed for 18 years as executive manager in a local company responsible for the advertising displays of Italian clients in the national and international airports.



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