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HIV Virus Eliminated from Cultured Human Cells

Temple University researchers eliminate HIV virus from human cells.

Obama’s daddy, Putin and the Ukraine – Here we go again

- It now seems clear that the Chinese spy Edward Snowden took Moscow a copy of the CIA’s DNA report on President Obama.

Jewish Genome Myth Busted: A Dramatic Reading

- A New Genome Study by Dr. Eran Elhaik Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine

Host of Another Kind Found in Mankind

new Intelligence sources from Asia indicates that that the cold war threat might still be very real and alive. Apparently some DNA research programs leading to highbred humans with super capabilities were developed and hosted among ordinary populations to see if they could increase human capacity such as IQ and memory with supper computer powers.

Muslims defend pig farmer's freedom

The latest in Islamo-anti-fascism.

Muslims defend pig farmer’s freedom

The latest in Islamo-anti-fascism.

Alien Body Recovered Shows DNA Not Human

The cute little EBE alien looking thing measured about half a foot long. At first glance it looks like something you might stir your tee with if you broke off one of its bony little arms.

VA and Ancestry.com Partner to Index Historic Burial Records

The Department of Veterans Affairs has partnered with the internet-based genealogy research firm Ancestry.com to bring burial records from historic national cemetery ledgers into the digital age.

Ufology, Communication and DNA

- It was soon discovered that the memory of light in our body is found in DNA - in that part called "silent DNA".

Time Travel – Finding Our Roots, the Real Ones

- New Human Ancestor Discovered - An 80,000 year old Denisovan Siberian Cave Girl

Fukushima: Japan Goes to WAR

Destroy the RadGas Generators, Mr President. The building sized tents, concealed and armored chimneys and high velocity air pumps constitute armed and firing nuclear weapons aimed at the United States.

The Million Veteran Program: VA’s Genomics Game-Changer Launches Nationwide

WASHINGTON (May 5, 2011) – An unprecedented Veterans Affairs (VA) research program that promises to advance the sophisticated science of genomics goes national today.

Los Alamos Scientist: TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA

Hmmm, fascinating! The managerial and professional class in America and Europe get their ass Zapped but good! Wonder how long this will go on?