Gold And Silver – Who [What] Do You Trust?


You Have A Choice


If you collect the money, you disperse the people;
If you disperse the money, you collect the people.
-Chinese Proverb

Nobody understood that better than the moneychangers, today known as central banks.  It is the Rothschild creed that has worked for centuries. Remember the “other” Golden Rule:  “He that owns the Gold, Rules.”
It is indisputable that for centuries, gold has always been considered a store of value.  It preserves one’s wealth against fiat currencies, and during times of fiat upheavals, it also creates wealth.
With wealth, one has independence. With independence, one need not rely upon government.  While governments can control people, the Rothschild clan chose to control governments, with control over people a handy by-product…a Cliff Notes version of the New World Order.
When you take away the gold from anyone, you take away their independence. “I hereby declare, by Executive Order, that every US citizen turn in his gold or suffer fines up to $10,000, or be sentenced to 10 years in prison”   -Socialist-extraodinaire, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
What did all these people get in return for their gold? Paper currency, then and still issued by a private corporation called the Federal Reserve.  That Congress had abdicated its Constitutional obligation to “coin money,” [Article I, section 8], was no longer important, for the organic Constitution had been replaced by a corporate federal version, deceitfully designed to look like the original, but that is another story, and the moneychangers control the corporate form of government.
[Let us leave it at the fact that this country was formed as a Republic, NOT a democracy.  In a Republic, the Right of an individual is protected against the will of a majority.  In a democracy, an individual, even small groups, have NO protection against the UNLIMITED power of the majority, now usually ruled by one, as in Executive Order.  Google the difference between a Republic and a democracy and maybe learn something.  The Founding Fathers EXPRESSLY CHOSE a Republican form of government over a democracy, for a reason.]
What happened to the price of gold AFTER people turned it in?  [People received $20.67 the ounce for their gold, by the way.]  Roosevelt increased the official price to $35/oz!  Did the value of the paper currency people were holding also increase by 70%?  [Only one guess.]

“All the perplexities, confusions and distresses in America arise not from defects in the Constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, as much as from downright IGNORANCE OF THE NATURE of coin, credit, and circulation.”     -John Adams

Now, [with no gold, ergo no wealth] almost half the American population receives food stamps from the government, and the elderly are dependent upon Social Security, Medicare, etc, all largesse from the corporate federal government teat.  Most all Americans are also drowning in debt, foisted upon them, as planned by the moneychangers, keeping them all credit-addicted and unable to accumulate any real wealth, aka independence.

As Chuck Colson, Special Counsel henchman to “Tricky Dick” Nixon, heartlessly reiterated:  “When you got them by the [financial]balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

This brings us back to the second line of the Chinese proverb:  “If you disperse the money, you collect the people.”

The corporate federal government is in the business of collecting people. Serfdom is alive and well in the USA.

Yes, there is a point to this.  What are the controlling influences for ANY market? Supply and demand.  Who determines and controls the supply of fiat?  The central banks.  Who determines the demand side?  You!  A collective “You,” to be sure, but the collective is composed of individuals, and you have a choice.

What happens when demand wanes vs an ever-increasing supply?  The “value” of the supply collapses.  Of course, keep in mind fiat has NO VALUE!  It is purely imaginary.  Take a minute to absorb that thought.  IT IS PURELY IMAGINARY.  If you imagine something has value, it does, by virtue of your belief.

A belief is NOT reality.  It is merely  a thought maintained ABOUT reality, but not necessarily the reality itself.  Change the belief and you change the reality.  Stop believing fiat has any value, and your reality about fiat changes, as well.  “The Emperor is wearing no clothes!”

Gold and silver are NOT going up in value.  An ounce or gold or an ounce of silver is still the same ounce.  It is the imaginary “value” of the fiat you hold that is being debased and is relentlessly dropping.   It is a subtle, but necessary change in “belief” one must always recognize, [and there are many who do, just not enough].  Instead of 250 or 900 units of fiat, it now takes 1650 units of fiat to purchase the SAME ounce of gold, and 30 units of fiat, instead of  5 or 20 units to purchase the same ounce of silver.

Make no mistake about it, it is the central bankers that are leading governments around by the nose, and by proxy, governments leading people around by the nose, and that “nose” is inhaling “lines” of fiat. Unless cured, all addictions end badly, and the only “cure” central bankers have for ever-increasing fiat is, ever-increasing it more.

Despite the above circumstances, very few Americans actually own physical gold and silver.  The numbers are greater through participation of paper holdings of gold and silver.  A mantra everyone needs to learn, if you have not yet is, “If you do not hold it, you do not own it.”  Just ask Germany if it still “owns” all its gold held outside of its country, like in London and New York.  Usually, there is some degree of loyalty among thieves…apparently not, when it comes to gold.  Rich irony.

Think MF Global… Peregrine…  Where do you want your gold and silver to be when the elephants start stampeding?  There is already a rumbling in the distance.  You have a choice.

Back to our last point.  Not enough Americans own and hold the actual physical.  The numbers are growing…a record 50,000 oz of gold Eagles were sold in January, but what are ounces when compared to  tons? Remember the supply/demand factor.  Do you want to make your “vote” count?  Demand less of the valueless fiat, and keep, and grow your wealth by buying and accumulating real value: physical gold and silver.  Anything less, and you are still dealing in the imaginary world that is failing.

Let the fiat fall where it may, and it will fall, with or without you.  Better that it falls without you.  There will come a time, and we keep getting closer to that still unknown time when gold and  silver will rise as many imagine possible, and most will not believe.  You have a choice. [At least for now]

For the first time, we are not going to include any charts for gold or silver. In the larger scheme of things, they do not seem as important.   [There is no reason to be long futures, yet]  We have said repeatedly, buy the physical NOW, while the buying is good.  Back in 1933, by government decree, [central banker dictated], people turned in their gold at $20.67…a Gordon Brown moment.  Today, gold is $1,650.

Get thee to a dealer’ry; why wouldst thou be  a breeder of fiat!

Who [what] do you trust?


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