Historical Revisionism – the Irreversible Contagion


Doug Collins at the Zundel-Haus


   by  Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel


[Editors Note: Dear readers, we are looking forward to Ingrid’s series on going down the yellow brick road of Historical Revisionism to revisit not only some of the main events, but those on the front lines at the time. We hope to be having a mystery contributor later in the Spring…Jim W. Dean]


The famous WWII Vet – Doug Collins

As I have lamented many times, the problem with historical revisionists has always been that they have tried to be so scrupulously “neutral” for fear of being smeared that they have undermined their own effectiveness.

Power goes to him who seeks it – and revisionist never sought power. They merely sought respect for their forensically based arguments. Their efforts were impeccably scholastic, but a vivacious human element was missing.

Holocaustianity, the temporal religion of the world, is not about respect. It’s hard to get respect for constant yammering. It is about power anchored firmly to belief, not proof. Guilt-tripping is one handy tactic that pays off.

Political censorship aims for control. Censors expect unquestioning surrender to dogma. This is not readily admitted, but historical revisionism has been profoundly threatening to those politically entrenched brainwashing experts – a threat unlike most any other threat in that their doctrine must not be perceived as a means of carefully targeted mass manipulation. Once that self-serving aspect stands out in relief, the game for the censorship hucksters is over.

In revisionist ranks, there have been some exceptions to the political detachment rule in that flamboyant personalities rose here and there from the lackluster scholarly dust. In his younger years, Ernst Zundel was one such exception. You will meet him in the clip below that was filmed at the Zundel-Haus almost three decades ago.

I did not know Ernst then – I wish I did. I ache to have been part of those exhilarating days when it all started with just a handful of motley supporters against the mightiest moneyed power in the world. What was unleashed at Zundel-Haus became a spiritual avalanche that is still gathering momentum. It’s awesome to behold!

Doug Christie

Another one who used his magnetism was Ernst’s dynamic attorney, Doug Christie, whom you shall get to know in due time. A third was Doug Collins, a feisty Canadian reporter who early joined the uneven struggle and thus upset the apple cart with his inimitable style and raw professional guts.

The clip below comes from a documentary I stitched together in 2005 after Ernst had already been kidnapped and deported to the Vaterland, courtesy of what David Irving christened “the non-members of the High Church of Scotland” – for fear of calling them ” the Jews”. It certainly wasn’t the Eskimos or Hottentots who did it!

I am a bit apologetic for that tape because it was my first attempt at using film to spread a vivid message, and I was technically unskilled. Yet I knew what I wanted – I wanted a documentary with a strong human interest storyline that summarized what all this persecution and prosecution of Ernst Zundel was really all about.

It was meant to be played in the Court in Mannheim – and in fact portions of it were introduced and even written up in Germany’s paper of record, the widely read Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Right on Page Three – almost full page!

It would have cost us tens of thousands of Euros, had we been asked to pay for the space. Proof that a human interest story gets more attention and more mileage, publicity-wise, than all the scholarly arguments by an otherwise brilliant defense inside a court. Emotions in the service of a Cause!

The song at the beginning of this tape fit my mood in those days because I seriously feared for Ernst’s life in captivity – if life there was to be at all. In those scary weeks that dragged into months, I really feared the worst.

Ernst Zundel leaving prison in Germany

At the very least I assumed Ernst would never see freedom again – that the very “Germans” whom he had tried to free from their shackles had conspired to put lifelong shackles on him.

To paraphrase a saying from the Bible – easier might it be to pass a camel through a needle’s ear than to get a brainwashed German with his thumb in his mouth to let go of his lollypop guilt !

I am planning a series of brief video vignettes to show that there was flesh and blood and pain and tears behind this monumental struggle for Truth in History.

Not only that – there was also often poignancy and out-and-out hilarity because so much of this trial, and subsequent trials, was wacky to the point of being utterly bizarre.

Now that I have “set up the clip”, as they say in Hollywood, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Doug Collins, a top notch journalist who started as your average media dupe but soon became a trusted Zundel friend and comrade for Truth in History.


A bit of background on Doug to frame this story properly. Here’s Wikipedia’s bio, condensed:

At the start of World War II he joined the British Army. He was captured in the Battle of Dunkirk in 1940, later being awarded the Military Medal for bravery during this campaign.

During his four years as a prisoner of war, he made no fewer than ten escape attempts. I’ve been told he succeeded with seven…we used to refer to Doug as “… the one who got away”! He was able to escape from a German POW camp in Silesia and stealthily made his way to Hungary.

After being captured there, he made another daring escape, this time making his way to Romania. There he was imprisoned once again, but when Romania capitulated in 1944, he was freed and returned to Britain, serving in combat with British forces in northwest Europe to the end of the war.

Doug Collins – Ten escape attempts

From 1946-1950, Collins worked as a political intelligence officer with the British Control Commission’s de-nazification department in Germany.

Collins immigrated to Canada in 1952 and worked for several decades as a reporter or columnist for several Western Canadian newspapers, including the Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province.

In 1960 eight trade unions sued Collins for libel when he was the Vancouver Sun’s labour reporter. The same year, the newspaper’s managing editor, Erwin Swangard, fired Collins for doing outside freelance work.

Collins successfully sued for wrongful dismissal. He was reinstated and returned to work after four months. He collected his back pay, walked into the editor’s office and quit – and then went to personnel to demand holiday pay.

In 1963, he sued Reader’s Digest for libel – and won.

Collins returned to the Sun in the 1970s. He quit for the last time when then-publisher Clark Davey tried to restrict his freelancing.

Collins worked as an interviewer/editorialist for CBC Television in Vancouver from 1958 to 1968. From 1981 to 1985 he was the news director/talk show host for CJOR radio in Vancouver.

Collins was the recipient of two awards for journalism. He received the National Newspaper Award (1953). He received the MacMillan Bloedel Award (1975) for reports on alleged corruption at UBC.

In 1993 he was awarded the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal, given to approximately 42,000 Canadians “who have made a significant contribution to their fellow citizens, their community, or to Canada.”

Between 1983 and 1997, Collins wrote a column for the North Shore News, a small weekly community paper in North Vancouver, B.C.

No mean media maven, that one! Doug Collins was a man of principles and a journalist and anchor of distinction. When he first met Ernst Zundel in 1985, he did not care for him.

Like most in his profession who take their marching orders from what are now called Zionists who serve a non-Western agenda, Doug had absorbed the Canadian media venom, and as a former British soldier and later intelligence officer in a defeated, bombed-out Germany, he had to overcome some built-in biases. It is to his credit that he did.

Here’s Doug, going to bat for Truth in Reporting if not for the “Nazi on Carlton Street” yet. It’s one of my favorite moments: 

[youtube Ol2B3s_Xttc]

Fairly recently, Ernst filled me in on how Doug shed his prejudice against a so-called “Holocaust Denier” and joined the Ranks of the Damned. Conversion happened on the roof of the notorious Zundel-Haus where Ernst had built himself a private little nook for those few hours of the day when he needed to escape the frenzy of his ever-present friends and foes below.

The Pow who would not accept prison, Collins did not accept ideological boundaries either

With two bottles of wine and a sausage between them, those two re-fought World War II, with Doug’s nose getting redder and redder. That’s where, incidentally, Doug shared with Ernst the true fate of the infamous Heinrich Himmler, the Chief of the Führer’s SS. You might want to know. Tread with caution.

You may have read that Himmler bit into a cyanide capsule the Hitler government provided for high echelon officials if worst should come to worst. I did. That is the orthodox story, widely believed.

Now Doug told Ernst that in his capacity as intelligence officer in the employ of vengeful Allies, he was an eye witness to a different scenario. Himmler had been beaten to death, and Doug was shown the body.

I found this story shocking and asked: “Who did it? The Brits?” and Ernst replied, “… no – those who worked for them.”

See? You have just experienced an important revisionist moment. Truth in History can and will surface in the most unlikely times and places, if only you’ll give it a chance.

Anyway, the salutary lesson of this story is that, at the end of a deprogramming session, a renowned newspaperman climbed down from the Zundel-Haus roof top a seriously contemplative man – and subsequently penned many a column where he talked boldly of “Swindler’s List” and other politically incorrect stuff, spreading revisionism every which way for the rest of his life with real gusto.

Here are some authentic Doug Collins gems, as taken from a little paperback, published 1998 – “Here We Go Again!”:

• “Swindler’s List will hit the Academy bell because Hollywood is Hollywood and what happened to the Jews during the Second World War is not only the longest lasting but also the most effective propaganda exercise ever – Dr. Goebbels himself couldn’t have done it any better. (..) Hardly a day goes by but that press, radio and television don’t mention something about the six million. That figure is nonsense but media go on parroting what everyone ‘knows.’ I used to do the same.”

• “[Holocaut propaganda] is so effective that the mere mention of Auschwitz makes even babes feel guilty.”

• “Your man Doug is in trouble for saying that the ‘holocaust’s’ six million story is nonsense, that the biggest influence in Hollywood is the Jewish influence, and that the whole thing has become a business…”

• “It brings a blush to my battle-hardened hide, but frankness forces me to confess that in 1997 I became the most discussed columnist in the country, thanks to the Canadian Jewish Congress and other would-be censors. But it still puzzles me that my harmless offerings could create a national furore and, in British Columbia, a media feeding frenzy.”

• “Such are the joys of political incorrectness. Only a few years ago, when men were men and liberals, homosexuals and feminists did not rule the roost like so many squawking chickens, the columns in question would never have raised an eyebrow.”

• “For such critics I was the serpent in the Garden of the Politically Correct Eden. Sleepwalkers in the major media nodded their heads like clockwork Barbie dolls as your correspondent was put through the grinder, describing me as an anti-Semite, a racist, a dork, and other terms with people who profess to hate hate.”

• “Free speech has always had a bad name. It had a bad name when Luther nailed his theses to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral. It had a bad name when John Milton wrote that Truth and Falsehood should grapple freely, and when John Tyndale was burned at the stake for translating the Bible into English. The peasants couldn’t be trusted with it. Who knows what ideas they might get? The Spanish Inquisition had no time for free speech either… oh, there was one other chap who got bad headlines for speaking out. I think his name was Jesus.”

• “Stick with me,” Doug Collins counseled, “and I will educate thee. Difficult but not impossible.”

• “It ain’t easy, being me. The rage of the politically correct and the journalistically gutless knows no bounds. So they denounce “hate literature” while writing it.”

Doug was not shy about dropping names either. Here are a few such nuggets:

• About a fellow named Foth who apparently gave Doug a hard time in some publication:

“On reading all this, I cried with joy and went into the attack mode. To suckle fools and chronicle small beer was a waste of time, I wrote, but [these] inanities had to be dealt with. I felt sorry for Foth, I sobbed, but that would not prevent me from kicking him in the gonads. We of the lower classes are like that.”

• About Lisa Mrozinski, a lawyer representing the government side [who] stated that “… the need for proof makes it difficult to get anywhere with such complaints in the courts.”

• About Roger McConchie, legal counsel for the B.C. Press Council, “… who put it perfectly when he said that the purpose of the [Hate Laws] was to ‘stifle speech that is not criminal.’”

• “Wasn’t it Elie Wiesel, a major holocaust propagandist” asked Doug, “who said the world should never stop hating the Germans?”


And here comes my all-time favorite punch line where Doug speaks of “… Sol Littman, a propagandist from the Simon Wiesenthal Institute who dines out on the holocaust.”

In our self-chosen revisionist battles where verbal sorties fly every which way, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Toward the end of his life, Doug was sued twice by Jewish spokesmen for his irreverence – and, true to his colors, he kept swinging like the true champion he was, lambasting them for suing him “… under the terms of the B.C. Human Rights Act, which should be renamed the Kill Collins Act or the Never Call a Spade a Spade Act.”

And elsewhere, many times in various venues:

“Under the vicious B.C. Human Rights Code truth is no defense, fair comment is no defense, which it is in libel and slander, and within the framework of the code there is no right to appeal.”

That was a lesson that Canada learned, largely thanks to Doug’s columns and subsequent defeat. He and his publisher, a fellow named Speck of the North Shore News, ended up ordered by court edict to line the pockets of Canada’s censors to the tune of $200,000 for their politically incorrect ways. Wikipedia, that lying outfit in the service of said censors, claims it was a puny $2,000.

Doug Collins passed away about a dozen years ago, but he is not forgotten. I miss him very much. He and I fought many cyber wars together when the Zundelsite was under global siege and I needed all the help that I could get. I met him only once in person – on the barge to Vancouver Island sometime in 1998. I believe it was on that occasion that he told me: “Ernst Zundel is a man in a nation of wimps.”

Just count yourself in, Doug! That makes two of you. Might there be three? Four? Five? Never underestimate the clout and muscle of steadfast dissidents for Truth in History to “Set the Record Straight!” – so we can all relax!                                                        Editing:  Jim W. Dean


Ingrid’s brand new on-line store can be visited here at Soaring Eagles Studios and Gallery. It offers DVDs in English and German, as well as many books. Zundel Prison Art items will be raffled off later to help support sound scholarship for Truth in History.




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