The Despicable Washington “Pest”


Not Just Another War Mongering Scandal Sheet


by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


VT has been at war with the Washington Post for some time.  Oddly enough, our current  readership is now larger than the Posts, despite its incessant pandering and salacious content.

Other than Jeff Stein, a genuinely funny guy, the idea of actually touching a “Washington Post” without gloves and a mask is not recommended, not for humans at least.

Our issue today involved what the Post describes as its “Editorial Board” and their pseudo-scientific conclusions regarding uranium enrichment and nuclear weapons design.  Veterans Today, as a military publication, includes, not only the DOE’s top nuclear weapons designers among its staff but senior physicists from Sandia, Los Alamos and nuclear weapons experts from the US Army, Air Force and Navy.

The “Post” has its unnamed “Editorial Board.”  Traditionally, the post uses as its point of reference statements made by an Israeli name David Albright.  Albright, at one time, worked with VT contributors at the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association), a group that advises the UN on nuclear issues.

Albright won notoriety for publicly describing the design of Pakistan’s “gun type” nukes as “solid core.”  Any moron knows that a “gun type” nuke is “split core.”

Thank heavens Albright has NEVER worked with nuclear weapons.  You see, constructing a solid core of sufficient mass using weapons grade Uranium 235 will, upon manufacturing alone, initiate a fission reaction.

In terms the “Post” and Albright might understand:  “The sucker would explode.”  We could advise Albright and the Post ways to enhance their “nuclear suicide,” bringing about a more effective and genuinely devastating reaction.  Such information should be withheld from them though originally released by Popular Mechanics in an article published over fifty years ago.

Today, the Post has decided that it is simple, may I say “the Post and Benjamin Netanyahu believe” that 20% enriched uranium gas can easily be converted, in a single step, to 95% weapons grade uranium.  Here, read it yourself:

“the most dangerous part of Iran’s program by requiring a freeze in the enrichment of uranium to a level of 20 percent, which is a short step from bomb-grade, and by shutting down the underground facility known as Fordow, where that enrichment takes place. Iran would also be required to ship its current stockpile of medium-enriched uranium out of the country…

At the same time, the United States — and more so Israel — cannot easily wait many more months for a deal. If Iran continues to enrich uranium to 20 percent at its present rate, it may acquire enough to quickly make a bomb by the middle of this year, potentially giving it the “breakout capacity” that both President Obama and the Israeli government have vowed to prevent. Tehran would have crossed that line last fall had it not diverted a large part of its stockpile to fabricate fuel for a research reactor.”

Here, I believe, we now see who the Post represents.

The Post is and always has been the voice of Likudist Israel, a nation that has only been saved from nearly 200 United Nations votes for sanctions, sanctions based on war crimes, by American vetoes.  Never are such issues reported in the Post.

Today, however, we look to the Post and ask them to account for their lies.

I can explain, in terms even one of their 3rd rate community college journalism dropouts can understand:

“Twenty percent uranium gas can be converted to a metallic weapons grade nuclear core using the same methods and technology that would allow Post editors to light up one of those “doobies” they must be smoking and exhale a Chevy truck.”

What they expect America to do is to attack Iran, sending another generation of Americans to war for Israel, to war based on lies just as with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nobody at the Post will fight.  No one from Israel will fight although bulldozing of homes in what the UN has officially deemed the “free and independent Nation of Palestine” will go on.  Children will be shot, shot in the face repeatedly, as the IDF has always done, “Sandy Hook style.”

In order to support this farce, “Mossadnik” Julian Assange is quite probably preparing to release “secret war plans” tying, as Newsweek had done a short time ago, Iran to the Sandy Hook terror attacks.

We expect no less.

In the interim, we wish Netanyahu good luck with what we hope will be our new Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

We do know this, Hagel can tell the difference between a nuclear weapon and Netanyahu’s infamous “Wylie Coyote” bomb cartoon. With a little luck, “history” may well erase, not only Netanyahu but his mouthpiece, the Washington Post, “from the sands of time.”




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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.