US-Israel alliance and nuclear follies


US-Israel alliance and nuclear follies


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu draws a red line on a graphic of a bomb while discussing Iran during an address to the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2012 in New York City.

 “In fact, the actual origin of Israel’s nuclear arsenal is, in fact, credited to stolen weapons grade uranium and plutonium from the United States, France, and Britain.”


       … by Gordon Duff and Press TV

Uranium Ore – sticking up out of the ground. Israeli has none.

There is no record, in fact, of Israel ever buying one ounce of uranium ore for processing.”

Are the United States and Israel obsessed with accusing others of “nuclear violations” out of real concerns or out of a need to keep the mantra of the “blame game” going to hide their own crimes?

Is the world really quaking in fear at the thought of an Iranian nuke? This month, the “Six Major Powers” are said to be scheduling “talks” with Iran, demanding “assurances” that Iran’s nuclear energy program is peaceful.

The radical difference between the mythology of news reports and history books and what the intelligence community knows makes all discussions of “nuclear proliferation” beyond hypocrisy.

History tells us that the only nuclear weapons that have been used were by the United States during World War II, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is a total and absolute lie.

The most undeniable use of a nuclear weapon in recent years was during the invasion of Iraq, the “Oil War of 2003.” The United States used a “nuclear demolition device” against the Iraqi forces at the Bagdad Airport in April 2003.

The telltale signs, the huge flash, the cars burned blocks away, just like in Manhattan on 9/11/2001, were there for all to see. We will get back to 9/11 later; we have more business to discuss.

Dr. Chris Busby has incontrovertibly proven that nuclear weapons were used in Fallujah a year later. The nuclear power lobby has criticized his study, which found not only weapons grade enriched uranium in the hair follicles of those living in the area, but also has more than proven a massive spike in birth defects in the area that can only be attributed to nuclear weapons use.

It took years to get permission to visit the Fallujah site. What is more frightening, however, is that newer generation nukes, those that are laser fired, a technology developed during the 1990’s but “denied” by the weapons labs, leave behind no radiation after 72 hours.

Hiding the use of nuclear weapons is now “child’s play.”

We have reliable information that 600 of these “fusion only” weapons have been deployed, that they have been used up to 40 times in Iraq and Afghanistan and that a number of these devices have been given to Israel.

Prior to this, the use of illegal “neutron bombs,” and “pre-fission demolition devices” have been detected.

The Davey Crockett tactical nuke

In 1978, US Army teams visiting Israel were shown American built “Davey Crockett” shoulder fired nuclear weapons. These weapons had been taken out of service by NATO and “disappeared.”

These devices, the size of a football, were scrapped as “obsolete” 35 years ago.

In fact, the actual origin of Israel’s nuclear arsenal is, in fact, credited to stolen weapons grade uranium and plutonium from the United States, France, and Britain. There is no record, in fact, of Israel ever buying one ounce of uranium ore for processing.

Similarly, Israel is credited with helping South Africa build ten nuclear weapons between 1975 and 1990. The first of the completed weapons was exploded on September 22, 1979. (Prince Edward’s Island)

The remaining weapons were supposedly destroyed. However, a second South African/Israeli nuclear weapon exploded on May 25, 2009. This explosion took place in North Korea.

Issues of nuclear proliferation seem to be dealt with “selectively.”

Confirmed sources indicate that Israel has deployed nuclear land mines across the Golan Heights, has built several thermonuclear (H Bombs) capable of EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) disruption of continent wide communications and has, according to Seymour Hersh, had very small tactical nuclear weapons since 1973.

Soviet nuclear specialist, Dmitri Khalezov, confirms that Israeli nuclear weapons were used in each of the attacks listed below:

1983, the Marine Barracks in Beirut, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, 1996 Khobar Towers bombing and the 2002 Bali bombing.

Then Mossad operations chief, Mike Harari, on September 12, 2001, admitted to the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center in New York. This admission was at a party in Bangkok celebrating the event that took place.

Mike Harari’s diplomatic passport -courtesy of a friend
In 2007, FBI agents flew to Thailandas part of an active investigation of “the nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center and the missile attack on the Pentagon.” These official FBI investigations have yet to lead to prosecutions.Agents admitted to having sources other than Khalezov for the use of “nukes” on 9/11. The events listed above are all confirmed.
Even to the most dull-witted journalist, all share common “nuclear” aspects, burned cars, huge craters or up to a million tons of structural steel “vaporized.”Moreover, as an attempt to explain 9/11, in 2007, the FBI held secret briefings indicating that their “working hypothesis” was that the aircraft “seen in the films” had nuclear weapons onboard.

Similarly, the US Department of Justice, in a secret indictment, has extradited Victor Bout for supplying a “cruise type missile that was used to attack the Pentagon on 9/11” to terrorists. One might ask how a government can jail someone for something it swears never happened. However, no one has asked, especially no member of the “pop culture press.”

Here, we return to the issue of Iran and a nuclear “weapons” program that has yet to be identified other than with allegations such as those leveled against Iraq, allegations long proven to not only have been false but to have been the result of falsified intelligence used by the US and Britain, intelligence “fabricated” as a result of acts of treason and espionage.

Clinton Bastin – VeteransToday nuclear expert

It is not unreasonable to assume, based on the lack of documentation and the wild assertions of what nuclear weapons experts such as Clinton Bastin call “amateurs” (referring to David Albright) that we have more “treason and espionage” at hand.

Let us look at the potential confrontation between Israel and Iran.

According to Israel, Iran issued a ‘threat to throw all Jews’ into gas chambers and burn their ashes. When translated, the actual wording of this ‘threat’ is as follows: “History will erase Zionism from the sands of time.”

The Israeli owned Internet publication, The Daily Beast, on December 27, 2012, accused Iran of involvement in the Sandy Hook terror attack: “The government was behind the school massacre… no, it was Iran”

We would like to think Israel was joking, perhaps both times, but with peace activists crushed by bulldozers, with churches defaced and schools cluster bombed, there does not seem to be anything funny in Israel’s threats.

Thus, when Israel threatens to bomb Iran, threats they have made dozens of times, there is absolutely no reason to believe Israel will not use nuclear weapons, especially as they are known to possess dozens of American designed micro-nukes whose “dialable” output is up to 40 kilotons.

Of course, this is another proliferation problem, America passing out nuclear weapons like party favors.

Iran’s only defense is use of their significant conventional rocket forces, capable of destroying much of Israel “above ground.”

Three issues make the strategic situation an extreme concern.

One is Israeli involvement in Syria and their defacto control of Azerbaijan, a relationship the Azeri government denies once a month.

The second is the movement of US Patriot batteries into Turkey where they have no legitimate tactical mission whatsoever.

The third is, perhaps, the most troublesome. The US Army Corps of Engineers, the same group that built the “Berlin Wall” around the people of Gaza, is now constructing three major underground “cities” in Israel.

These “bases” are up to 100 feet underground, can hold tens of thousands of people and include equipment to store and deploy, not only nuclear weapons but biological and chemical agents as well. Each “underground city” is to be five stories deep with each level at least 21,000 square feet. From these facilities, tunnels spread out to missile silos and airfields.

It is impossible to hear the rhetoric and look at the plans, the construction and to ascertain the intentions of those involved and not see Israel moving toward a “first strike” capability, not just against Iran but perhaps NATO as well.

As the fingers point at Iran, as the radioactive plume of Fukashima covers the earth, as the doomsday machinations of Netanyahu move forward, so many of the world’s leaders act out their roles, a Kabuki threatre at best.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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