Hagel confirmation hearing turns into the AIPAC Poodle Show


U. S. Senate humiliates America with their AIPAC question notes


            … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor                           …  Press TV


Faris Odeh – ten days before the IDF murdered him
It was an embarrassing day to be an American last Friday. The Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves, once again. I knew it was coming, but it was worse than I expected.


AIPAC turned the screws on their assets in the U.S. Senate to make an example of Hagel, and the race was on to see who could be more subservient. As usual, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the Senators for Israel, led the pack.


To watch the Senate chew up one of their own, solely on instruction of their non-existant Jewish Lobby masters was a humiliating day for America. The Senate, of course, does not look at it that way because they have been doing it for a long time.


But today I want to put the American people on the firing line, too…for good reason. They also have rolled over for the Lobby. In honor of Black Friday, where our top political leadership groveled before the Lobby that does not exist, I will take this opportunity to rename them, and have some fun in the process as I wear no knee pads for the ‘Whoish Lobby’.


Why? Because they are a major national security threat to the United States, that’s why. And if the American people are not going to do something about it then they are as bad as these knee pad Senators. I actually might prefer a pack of stone throwing Palestinian 12 and 13 year olds.


I used the Faris Odeh photo above for a good reason. It was taken on October 29th, 2000 and became instantly famous as the premire Intifada resistance photo of the time. Israeli military intel knew that such inspirational images could grow into big things and big problems. They decided to eliminate the danger.


The IDF ‘single tap’ eyeball shot – used for kids
They had special sniper teams assigned to spot young student leaders via facial recognition and take them out. Faris was murdered ten days later with a neck shot. Stray bullets could only be used sparingly to kill or make a vegetable of a child (and a bigger deterrent), so the rubber coated bullet shot through the face (eye ball) became the ‘head shot’ of the IDF.


I have seen the x-rays. They penetrate to the middle of the brain…a not very nonlethal weapon. CBS funded a documentary on some of this back in the 80’s to the tune of $350,000.


When they saw that it featured these kinds of images, where I first saw them, the Whoish Lobby’strongly suggested that it would not be a good idea if the film was distributed in the U.S. It was censored, by you know Who, and only later appeared on community tv stations.


The American public was never aware of the extent of this censorship as our media was too ashamed to do stories on it. And our Congresscritters never told us about it either. But we cannot use the ‘I did not know’ excuse anymore. Everybody that wants to know, knows.


When the BBC documentary on the USS Liberty, Dead in the Water was produced, the co-producer was a retired naval intelligence officer, Dick Thompson, who got the U.S. distribution rights. The non existent Whoish Lobby blocked distribution here. Not even PBS would touch it. Mabye we all should form non-existend Lobbies, as they seem to be very effective, and nobody can talk about you.


But there is good news. The Senate has revealed their Achilles Heel with their Whoish bullying treatment of Hagel. The have put their feet in concrete that the Whoish Lobby who is alleged to have inordinate influence politically on Capital Hill, only exists in the minds of the anti-semites. That has been  their ‘holocaust weapon of choice’ for disposing of their opposition.


All or you out there now have an open season on you Whoish Lobby. You can put constituent groups together to do a major town hall meeting f0r your Senator who does not believe they exist, but takes  their money and does almost everything that they want.  If you wanted, you could name it a ‘town hall meeting on the Whoish Lobby’.


If you had the right sponsors, with no fringe elements, you could get publicity for it. If your Senator refused to attend, which he/she probably wouldn’t, then they would be openly on the run. What you do then is have half dozen people groups picket every state event that they attend so the issue is alway in their face. And their having done nothing about Israeli espionage here for decades is your ace in the hole. Virtually all of them have never lifted a finger, so you have them cold on that. Remember that revenge always tastes better when served cold.


You have to be prepared to do this for six to twelve months. And you have to be wary to not let them sand bag you by hiring some KKK actors from a PR firm to crash one of your events where they get a lot of photos to use on you. Oh yes…they do that…a common trick really.


What these ‘no Whoish Lobby’ Senators did was to humiliate the Senate and the country. They deserve our contempt. But will they get it…and in a smart way that really does them some damage?

Iran used 144 times in Hagel hearing, Israel 166 times

Press TV   … Saturday, February 2nd, 2013


During the marathon confirmation hearing of Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense, Israel and Iran topped the list of issues with each being mentioned 166 and 144 times respectively.

The “ill-prepared” former Nebraska senator answered questions on Thursday in the Senate Armed Services Committee in a meeting that lasted roughly eight hours.

Hagel was undoubtedly expected to face an uphill battle since his past policy comments against Israel and his opposition to White House’s decisions about Iran had assured the powerful Jewish lobby in the US, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), that they needed all their ammunition for the fight against Obama’s nominee as the Pentagon chief.

Instead of asking about crucial issues like budget cuts in the Pentagon, US drawdown in Afghanistan and America’s new focus on Asia, Hagel faced “a risible array of hyperbolic, ill-informed, gotcha questions and expressions of narrow parochial concerns that had almost nothing to do with the challenges facing the next secretary of defense,” Michael Cohen wrote in the Guardian on Friday.

Professor Stephen M. Walt, who co-authored The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy with professor John Mearsheimer in 2007, wrote on the website of Foreign Policy on Friday that the hearing provided “such a compelling vindication” of the views they presented in their landmark publication.

“The bottom line is that AIPAC, which bills itself as ‘America’s Pro-Israel lobby’ has an almost unchallenged hold on Congress … Open debate about U.S. policy toward Israel does not occur there, even though that policy has important consequences for the entire world. (p. 162),” the duo wrote in the book.

Several senators took aim at Hagel who had in the past branded the supporters of Israel as “the Jewish lobby” which “intimidates” US senators into doing “dumb things.” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asked Hagel to explain about his comments but he did not answer.

John McCain – doing what trigged amnesty for all the PoW’s just to block his court marshall

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who used to be a friend of Hagel’s, asked him to give a “yes” or “no” to the question whether the surge of troops during the Iraq war was a good idea. Hagel refused to give outright agreement or disagreement to the policy.

In his 2008 memoir, “America: Our Next Chapter: Tough Questions, Straight Answers,” he said: “We blundered into Iraq because of flawed intelligence, flawed assumptions, flawed judgments, and ideologically driven motives.”

“We must not repeat these errors with Iran and the best way to avoid them is to maintain an effective dialogue,” he said in the memoir.

In 2006, Hagel had voiced opposition to waging a war on Iran and had earlier described the US sanctions regime against Iran as ineffective.

However, a day before the hearing, Hagel took a bellicose stance against Iran in a shift of position described by Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, as a “confirmation conversion” devised to win the vote of confidence.

When the hearing turned to Hagel’s service during the Vietnam war, he once again said that his experience in the war effort had a great impact on the formation of his worldview.

After the Vietnam quagmire, Hagel, who was wounded in the war, said “I made myself a promise that if I ever got out of that place and was ever in a position to do something about war — so horrible, so filled with suffering — I would do whatever I could to stop it. I have never forgotten that promise.”

During his opening statement, the nominee defended his record but stressed it has not been free of “mistakes.” During the hearing, he tried to distance himself from some past remarks by expressing his commitment to Israel’s security, rejecting claims he had once supported unilateral nuclear disarmament and adopting a harsh stance against Iran.

According to the Buzzfeed website which provided figures about the frequency of some issues during the session, US drone strikes, a pillar of Washington strategy especially in Pakistan and Yemen, were not mentioned at all while the suicide of US troops was mentioned only twice.



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