Obama to Israel: Relations with Iran to be normalized


Obama to Israel: Relations with Iran to be normalized

By Gordon Duff and Press TV


“With an increasing acceptance of an alternative historical context, one where the “war on terror” may well have been a construct of manipulation by global forces dedicated to insure chaos and entropy, the old concepts of post-Cold War alignments no longer hold.”

After nearly 35 years, Barak Obama, a “lame duck” president with a landslide win mandate, is ready to begin the process of normalizing relations with Iran.

He is starting early in his term for a good reason.  President Clinton tried the same thing, as we learned in the Press TV documentary on Gwyneth Todd, but waited until far too late to be able to overcome the onslaught brought on by forces that we now know had long planned a full scale invasion of Iraq.

Conspiracy theorists say that 9/11 was part of that plan.  Top members of government and the military who served during that period concur.


Thus, Obama will go to Israel.

The US has to end the standoff.  So does Iran.  America will be able to cut military spending by up to 20% if the Persian Gulf is stabilized.

In addition, Iran is ripe for an economic deal with the US that could mean tens of thousands of new jobs for Americans at home and thousands of new jobs for Americans in Iran.

The problem will be selling “peace and prosperity” in a world where war and economic hooliganism has become business as usual.


Last week, Vice President Biden announced that the United States was willing to begin “bi-lateral talks” with Iran.  This week, President Obama announced his first overseas trip of his second term would be to Israel.

As Netanyahu has supported Romney against Obama to the point of damaging Israel’s credibility with a clear majority of Americans makes the timing of the visit obvious.

The broad attacks against Defense nominee, Chuck Hagel, venomously orchestrated from Israel has also backfired, leaving the myth of “unbreakable alliance” between the US and Israel exposed.

The purpose of that trip will be to explain America’s new policy toward Iran.

Thus, Obama faces, not just a political opponent in Netanyahu but threatens to remove Israel’s “victimization franchise” by removing Iran as a potential threat.


Obama will be bringing with him a package, which includes increases in both economic and military aid to Israel including broad additions to the “Iron Dome” air defense system.

Two additional issues are in question, Israel’s desire to increase their Golan Heights “buffer zone” another ten miles into Syria and US objections to additional new “settlements” in the occupied territories.

Peace with Iran will close the door on any potential gains for Israel (and others) in Syria.

The long planned destabilization of Syria has become a “Frankenstein monster,” two years of fighting has not only exposed broad involvement by Western powers along with Israel and Turkey, but has laid bare moves against Syria as part of a broader “domino” move against Central Asia and its hydrocarbon reserves.

Iran was a key “domino.”


The “puppet Syria” that was planned will never be.  Instead, if Assad falls, civil war will continue, broad sectarian violence and a very real terrorist state will be the likely result.

A diplomatic settlement with Iran will derail what is an obvious move toward control of regional oil and gas pipelines, control of key markets and the ability to strangle the world economy.

Both William Engdahl and Zbigniew Brzezinski warned of this long ago, efforts that were assumed to have ended in failure as America’s “neocon adventure” in Iraq and Afghanistan has slid into failure.


The end of “boogeyman” Iran and the continual overplayed Hollywood drama of the groundless nuclear threat will seriously alter the political landscape in America.

Peace with Iran will parallel Nixon’s opening of China.

Without the manufactured threat of Iran, the “Arab spring” could touch Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The Washington demagogues, the war lobby, the banksters and money launderers for the drug cartels, the real “new oligarchy,” have much to lose.

They are unlikely to go down without a fight, usually in the form of staged false flag terrorism, something Americans are beginning to become conscious of.


Either Israel could find herself isolated, a “damaged democracy” surrounded by nations awakening to new freedoms or, if she chose, Israel could find herself a regional economic superpower, grown fat off trade and technology.

Only a settlement of the Palestinian issue can move Israel forward economically.

For that to be considered, it will be necessary for Israel to changes its world view.  Political interdependence with bellicose elements within the US may well stifle that process.


With an increasing acceptance of an alternative historical context, one where the “war on terror” may well have been a construct of manipulation by global forces dedicated to insure chaos and entropy, the old concepts of post-Cold War alignments no longer hold.

Moreover, historians may well look forward to a full reassessment of all post-war (WW2) events as both duplicitous and theatrical. (False, beyond even the wildest dreams of “holocaust deniers and revisionists”)

So many wars, so many conflicts, totally contrived, so many “cardboard Lotharios,” only playing the parts assigned them.


Some time ago, the US told the world that its future resided in the Far East.  There is, however, more than minor evidence that decades of meddling in resource rich Africa, wars of surrogacy, are also “in the cards.”

In play today, Egypt, fragile, beset on all sides, Syria, a war in need of a solution.

With Iran’s return, issues between Shia and Sunni may be addressed with less acrimony.

The nuclear standoff between Pakistan and India can be defused.

There are a dozen tinder kegs waiting.  There is a world that has moved backwards in time, shortened life spans, poorer diets, freedoms lost, so much to redress.

Then again, there is always a new myth waiting, always ready to pull the unwary under.


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