Intel Drop: Sunday, February 10, 2010

CREW DUKE, Frying American Troops for Awhile Now

Some of What You Won’t Be Hearing…At All

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

A couple of issues for military and veterans hit the top of the list this morning.  Primary among them is the CREW DUKE system used by the US and NATO to protect troops from IEDs.  It is killing more than it is saving.

One company that returned from Iraq in 2009 has 52 members seriously ill.  Their symptoms are life threatening, tumors, bleeding, weight loss.  In fact, the symptoms of being exposed to what is claimed to be radio, which may or may not include microwave, radar and/or ionizing radiation, the military is unusually vague about this, rather resemble radiation sickness.

The sources of this information are totally reliable and the military is involved in a full-scale cover-up assisted by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Some correctional measures were made on deployed systems whose antennas were installed backwards.  Imagine what it would be like putting a baby in a microwave for 20 minutes.  The military thinks of such things as a joke.

There is no active investigation, those who speak up are punished or transferred.  No medical care is being offered and those who are deteriorating are being blocked from treatment and diagnosis.  As usual, the Department of Veterans Affairs, as part of its new drive against veterans with disabilities is blocking paperwork and/or turning any interaction, be it a counseling session or “comp and pension hearing” into a confrontational nightmare.

“We are on to you.”

The system is said to block radio controlled IEDs by scanning ALL available frequencies and blocking all “radio frequencies” within a proscribed distance of a vehicle.  The units are typically mounted on vehicles, MRAPs, Humvees, anything with tracks or wheels.

The worst thing is that these units seem to actually work, saving the lives of a few while killing the many.

I was part of our military effort, having serving in Southeast Asia (Vietnam) during the 60’s and 70’s.  I received my first cancer diagnosis in 1995.  By that time, tens of thousands of veterans had died from the effects of Agent Orange.  The number is now in the hundreds of thousands, having exceeded the combat deaths from any other war.

Most could have been saved if it weren’t for a pure fraud, falsified studies, denial, obstructionism and total corruption.

Those veterans who didn’t die of cancer now suffer many other illnesses and genetic anomalies.  Almost all require multiple joint replacement though the Department of Veterans Affairs has made that process up to 25 years long.

Guess why.

Marines in Vietnam suffered more killed in action than the Corps did during World War 2.  Two minor issues, the period of primary combat in Vietnam was MUCH shorter and the number of Marines in combat was only about 20% of the number in World War 2.  It doesn’t take much of a statistician to figure out that my Christmas card list is very short.

Back to Veterans Affairs.

Congress is helping the DVA formulate policy for eliminating veterans from the disability rolls.  The current ploy is to put up roadblocks that make it virtually impossible for veterans to receive total disability.  Only those veterans receive benefits, insurance and education, for their family.  Recently, a large number of “findings” have placed extremely disabled personnel, certainly unable to be employed “gainfully” at 90% disability rating. (that last 10% is worth up to $5000 per month in lowered benefits if educational assistance and medical care is factored in.”

Normal procedures allow anyone over 60% combat disability who is unable to work and support a family to be paid at the 100% level under what is called “Individual Unemployability.”  This policy is being stripped, the rules behind it are being violated continually and genuinely disabled veterans are being victimized.

A short word or two on the problem of veterans homelessness.  Recent reports regarding veterans suicides, listed as 8000 last year alone (under-reported by up to 70%) have brought the focus on homelessness.

What isn’t being said that many of the programs are rackets.  By “rackets,” I actually mean involving organized crime in concert with powerful politicians who bleed millions from veterans funds to create programs for veterans.  The problem with some of these programs is that they are designed to bilk the government out of land, often involve refurbishing “apartments” and hundreds of thousands of dollars each, enough money to build and entire building, and are run by “cults” that victimize  those they are meant to help.

Those who have protested these programs are silenced, threatened repeatedly and arrested and illegally prosecuted.  We have had prosecutions reversed, clearly shown collusion between veterans officials, political bosses and organized crime and yet the FBI and Department of Justice do nothing.

Many of the politicians involved are also leading the “gun seizure” movement.



I have long pointed out that the “rightwing” or “neocon” Republican Party is, not just bought and sold 100% by the war lobby, oil and the Likudists along with their Wall Street friends but has always been an enemy of very real environmental issues, pension security, America’s soldiers and veterans, in fact, I have no idea why we keep them around at all.

The Hagel hearings have been one of the most revealing episodes in American history.

Here, we have had the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY reveal itself as totally indifferent to America and totally controlled by extremist elements among the ultra-nationalist Likudists in Israel.

America has been at war for 12 years but the GOP, during confirmation hearings for Senator Chuck Hagel, nominee for Secretary of Defense, mentioned Israel 106 times but failed to make reference to any defense issues or mention Iraq or Afghanistan.

Their job was to take the best candidate we have had for this position in American history, a member of their own party, mind you, and do an “ADL smear job” on him.

One might wonder how and why a political movement tied closely to Hitler and the Nazi’s during World War II, one long hostile toward Jews, manages to do the bidding of Israel?

Many of our readers aren’t Americans and find the incredible and extremely obvious duplicity of American politics unbelievable.

Even more, many who live here are either so friggin’ stupid and propagandized or so blinded by racial hatred and bad brain chemistry that they are oblivious to reality.

This week, I was listening to National Public Radio with Terry Gross.   She was interviewing a guest about the Iranian “nuclear program.”  I have some technical knowledge about such things, mostly through “osmosis” from having worked with nuclear weapons designers and weapons officers for years.

“Gross,” a well known and “very liberal” radio host, was reading from a script clearly imagineered by Israeli intelligence.  Her guest wouldn’t know a nuke if he had one carefully place among his hemorrhoids.

Recently, polls were published about the credibility of “Fox News.”  Supposedly, only 46% of Americans take them seriously.

In reality, the polls reveals this:  46% of Americans are totally delusional.

However, as much as Fox News is an embarrassment, wild conspiracy theories, cheap propaganda shoveled out by the ton, no other network, no publication and less than a dozen internet sites offer “non agenda driven” free press.

Today, the gangsters that own and operate NewsCorp, the parent company of Fox News, along with their political “affiliates,” also fund and power conspiracy sites across the internet, run neo-Nazi organizations, spread continual rumors, doctor photographs, falsify documents and broadly engage in espionage.

Yes, many of those who run “the news” in, not just the US but across Europe and the world are directly in the employ of…


If you didn’t know this, the governments of almost every nation are small minded and inferior types who got to positions of authority by selling out to elements that represent what can only be described as evil.

So, when Chuck Hagel shows up, a man who clearly understands this and opposes this, we look at those who oppose him.

We see Israeli groups and the Republican Party.

Make your own assumptions.




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