“American Genocide”: John Hanke revises holocaust revisionism


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When 2.5 million Auschwitz victims suddenly disappeared, the exact same number – 2.5 million – magically reappeared, “killed in mass shootings on the eastern front.” Thus was the magical figure of 6 million victims miraculously preserved.

Alan Hart and John Hanke are both “holocaust revisionism revisionists.”

Alan agrees that there is a legitimate debate about the number of Jewish holocaust victims, and whether the victims died in gas chambers; but he is offended by those who deny that there was “a holocaust” at all.

According to Alan, all reasonable people agree that (1) a catastrophe overtook the Jews of Europe during World War II, (2) a high proportion of the Jewish European population was ethnically cleansed, and (3) a very large number died as a result of that ethnic cleansing operation.

John Hanke revises revisionism in a different direction. John does not doubt the reality of gas chambers, six million dead, and a premeditated extermination plan. (I don’t believe he has examined these questions carefully – perhaps he should listen to my Nick Kollerstrom and Thomas Dalton  Thomas Dalton interviews.)

But he argues that Hitler was not only innocent, he wasn’t even anti-Jewish! The real holocaust perpetrators, John says, were the big international bankers, including those based in the USA.

Having been driven out of the American academy for daring to research 9/11, I support free speech and untrammeled research on these issues – even (especially) by those whose conclusions I disagree with. With that obligatory disclaimer, I present, for what it’s worth, John Hanke’s article revising holocaust revisionism.


Kevin Barrett


American Genocide – American Nazis – from the Holocaust in Europe to the Holocaust in Rwanda

… by John Hanke


Before there was a Hitler, there were Nazis in America

We could begin anywhere, but let’s begin with the President’s grandfather, Prescott Bush. Prescott was CEO of Union Bank of New York in 1943 when it was seized as a Nazi asset. Now many American businesses did business with the Nazis, arguing that someone was going to make money doing this business and it might as well be Americans. However, Prescott was not working for just any Nazis. He was working for Fritz Thyssen, the largest KNOWN early financial backer of the Nazi party, who played an indispensable role in helping to get the organization off the ground in the early days when it was little more than a drinking society of secret police agents and the crowds who could be attracted with a promise of free beer and sausage. We’ll come back to Thyssen. The point is that Prescott Bush was working directly for Hitler’s most important known financial backer.

But no one should mistake Prescott for a major player of any sort. He was a lapdog for the Harrimans, the Rockefellers, and DuPonts. He got his first job working for this group of arch racists through his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker (for whom Prescott named his first born son).

The Bushes,Walkers, DuPonts, Rockefellers and Harrimans had been arch racists long before there was a Nazi party. The Bushes were slave owners, for crying out loud; but the financial Lords of the US were all avid supporters of the US Eugenics movement. The US had open immigration before these monsters began sponsoring studies to prove that Jews, Poles, Irish and Italians were inferior races that ought to be excluded; and that WERE excluded as a result of the efforts of these racists to pass a National Immigration Act. They used their influence to get state governments to engage in forced sterilization of the lower classes. They accomplished most of the worst of their racist crimes before Hitler came to power. These guys did not seek to import German racism into the US. They succeeded in exporting US racism into Germany.


 American Nazis and Hitler

The involvement of American Nazis in supporting Hitler is so essential and so deep that it raises questions about whether they were supporting Hitler or controlling Hitler. For example, Chase Manhattan Bank in Paris froze the assets of their Jewish depositors, and then Hilter issued orders telling them to do it. Now, who is the tail and who is the dog in this picture? It was Chase Manhattan’s idea. It appears that they then told Hitler to order them to do it. This news item was carried on the front page of the Los Angeles Times in an article less than 2 inches square. And it appeared in not one other newspaper on the face of the globe. Not one. Small potatoes, but we’re just getting started.

The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, the DuPonts and Harrimans, and the rest of the worlds major banks made one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000) off the Holocaust. That’s not a typo. And that’s 1945 dollars. While helping to install Hitler in power, prop him up, and arm him, agents of the Rockefellers then ran around Europe persuading the Jews they ought to deposit their money with a foreign bank, just in case it was necessary to flee the country. And then Hitler did these foreign bankers the one-trillion dollar favor of rounding up all of the account holders, and all of their heirs, and destroying them.

Does anyone suppose that this windfall was entirely accidental? I think that the first point, about Chase Manhattan in Paris, suggests very powerfully that it was not. But hold on a second. Why didn’t the Nazis seize the assets that were in these accounts? It’s a stunning question. The confiscation of Jewish assets by the Nazis is well known. They seized businesses, artwork, and gold from teeth. It was a center of their policy. IBM helped them organize the function. HOW DID THEY JUST HAPPEN TO MISS ONE TRILLION DOLLARS, sitting out in the open, in publicly recorded entirely LIQUID ASSETS???!! The easiest pickings? !! The PLUM! How is that possible? It has to be the most thunderously implausible occurrence in modern history. And how is that not one of the established historians has bothered to ask this question, or give this screamingly huge anomaly any attention whatsoever? Why would Hitler, if he were in charge of his mental capacities, make this incredible gift to the international bankers, his sworn enemies, according to Nazi theology.

Chapter title: Back to American bankers and Hitler:

The Rockefellers absolutely enabled the Nazi war machine. This didn’t used to be a secret. It was front page, headline news, courtesy of Senator Harry Truman’s 1942 hearing on US businesses trading with the enemy. The Nazis had no natural oil reserves whatsoever. They made synthetic gasoline from coal, but the octane was too low for the aircraft engines, and ran so roughly that it would tear them up. Until Standard Oil developed a formula for what it called “ethyl.” The War department tried to block the transfer of this technology to the Nazis for the obvious reasons. Standard Oil used their agents in the State department to get around and under this opposition. They not only gave Hitler the formula, they built the factories to produce it.

However, both the US and the Nazis had no sources for rubber, except rubber trees in the tropics. And as with oil, neither side, the Nazis nor the US, felt that such material would be easily moved across thousands of miles during war without being destroyed. Both sides tried desperately, therefore, to develop a synthetic replacement. Standard Oil succeeded. They called it “nylon”. But this time, rather that asking the US government for permission to sell the formula to the Nazis, they secretly gave it to them, while denying the formula to the US. Truman was livid. He subpoenaed the chairman of Standard Oil, William Farish, before his committee, called him a traitor, and promised him prison. Of course Farish could have gotten himself off the hook by laying the blame at the feet of his employers, the Rockefellers. He didn’t get the chance. He left Truman’s hearing room, went home, and “died”; and of course “dead” men tell no tales. What a convenient coincidence for the Rockefellers.

But the central point is that the Rockefellers – ABSOLUTELY – enabled the Nazi war machine: without gasoline for their planes or tires for their trucks, war would have been unthinkable for the Germans.

Operation Sunrise

Immediately after the war, the CIA recruited and/or smuggled thousands of the worst Nazi war criminals out of the country and into the US and elsewhere. How was such immediate action possible? Obviously, the decision was made before the war was over, that these men were “our” allies. They weren’t my allies. I am happy to presume that they weren’t yours. But powerful men in the US intelligence agencies, men who, like Allan Dulles, Averil Harriman, and Prescott Bush, are later implicated in the Kennedy assassination, and who were previously implicated in Hitler’s rise, these men deemed the worst of the Nazi criminals to be their allies. Operation Sunrise has not received too much ink in the Nazi – er – I mean the US press.

However, I think it made the front page of the Los Angeles times that Eichman, the Chief Executive Officer of the Holocaust, second in command only to Himmler but with much more day-to-day responsibility, was smuggled out of Europe, and protected in hiding with the help of the US Army Intelligence and the CIA. It is documented that in 1952, the army directed that European police be told NOT to arrest Eichman (US Intel and the Nazis- 338). Not a single intelligent question has been asked about why this was done. Not a peep or a whimper of protest from Israel. HOW THE #$%!! IS THIS POSSIBLE???? Eichman was not a spy master, like Himmler. He was an executioner. What possible use could he be to US Intel? WHAT possible use WAS he to US intel? Why the #$%!! isn’t anyone else asking this question? Why did US intelligence agencies protect the greatest operational war criminal in the history of the world? How can this possibly be explained? In any case, it is indisputable fact that men like Dulles, Harriman, and Bush regarded Eichman as an ally who deserved and received their protection, whatever the risk to their reputations. This should thoroughly arouse our suspicions, and makes us suspect that any major war criminal whose end is remotely in doubt was in fact rescued; and it should provoke us to a closer investigation of all aspects of the Holocaust.


A little investigating, please

The most brief investigation of the most mainstream books very quickly makes it stunningly simple, and obvious: that Hitler was a puppet, a creation, brick by brick from the ground up, of a group of conspirators that included the German banking elite, which was able to utilize the resources of German Army Intelligence without reservation.

Although such information, and the sources for it, are usually consigned to the footnotes, virtually every major book on Hitler mentions, in the footnotes, a Captain Mayr. Mayr was Hitler’s supervisor in Army Intelligence during the birth of Hitler’s political career. Mayr must be considered absolutely the most authoritative and reliable source on Hitler during this period.

It is not well understood that World War One was ended by a communist revolution in Germany, and especially within the army. The communists had taken over the municipal government in Berlin, and in Munich as well, where Hitler was stationed at the time. The British and Americans brought the war to a screeching halt, and “decommissioned” the army. In fact, they “decommissioned” the leftist elements in the army, but they then assisted in the recruitment of the most right-wing monarchist elements from the German army into a “private” army called the “Freikorps.” This royalist goon squad was allowed free movement and arms, by the British and Americans, and were sent to slaughter the revolutionary governments in Berlin and Munich.

As I mentioned, Hitler was stationed, at the war’s end, in Munich. His army unit was utterly red, explicitly run by the soldiers’ soviet, or elected communist committee. Hitler was an elected official of this soviet. So, although Hitler and the Nazis were sworn enemies of the communists, Hitler began his career as an officer of a communist soldiers’ organization. The local Freikorps goons were defeated when they attacked Munich, and it was necessary to send in troops from Berlin; who, after massacring everyone at city hall, marched to the army barracks, arrested all troops present as communist supporters, and began torturing individuals. Hitler talked, ratting out the other leaders, his friends, who were no doubt summarily executed. As a result of his cooperation, he was recruited as a spy into German Army intelligence under the command of Captain Mayr.

Captain Mayr is an enormously important character, high enough in rank that he was an eye witness to what was going on at very high levels in the operation, and low enough in rank that he knew Hitler very well at this time.


Captain Mayr’s report

Captain Mayr knew for example that Hitler could not pass the exam to work for the post office. He wrote that Hitler’s reports on the groups upon which he was spying were accurate, but terribly written. He says that it is impossible that Hitler wrote a word of Mein Kampf.

Mayr further says that Hitler was not anti-Semitic, or anti-French for that matter, before coming under his guidance. This is an important point and please make note of it. In his youth, as a talented water color artist, Hitler had relations with Jewish and non-Jewish art dealers. He complained of being cheated by the non-Jewish dealers. He had no complaints about the Jewish dealers with whom he worked. When his mother was dying of cancer, and in intense pain, it was a Jewish doctor who came to relieve her suffering. It made a lasting impression: when plans were being made for the Nuremberg laws restricting the civil and professional rights of Jews, Hitler said that Jews could not be allowed to be doctors, because their superiority in this field would, on a daily basis, disprove the Nazi propaganda of Jewish inferiority. How can remarking upon the superiority of Jews as doctors be regarded as anti-Semitic? When Hitler was in the army, it was a Jewish officer who applied to have him awarded the Iron Cross, and who persisted until it was awarded. One of Hitler’s drinking buddies tells of how in later life, while a bunch of old time Nazis were sitting around getting drunk, someone said that all Jews were cowards. Hitler became enraged, and counting upon his experiences in the First World War, insisted that no one should ever say that all Jews were cowards during the war. What seems clear is that Hitler’s anti-Semitism was imposed upon him by Mayr and his bosses. Who were Mayr’s bosses?

Mayr says that German military officers were hated among the German working class; that officers in uniform would be set upon and beaten. Mayr continues that a powerful monarchist faction decided that they must find a new Joan of Arc, to mislead the German workers back into their arms and off to war. One of the leaders of this faction, an essential character in this story, General Ludendorff, actually went out searching the German mountains for a redheaded peasant girl. Mayr says they ended up settling for Hitler.

Under Mayr’s stewardship, Hitler was sent to school to learn anti-Semitism. As near as the best scholars can determine, Hitler had never before uttered an anti-Semitic word. As part of his studies, Hitler was directed to write his first recorded piece of anti-Semitic work. It was a letter, in answer to another letter which had been written to the Army by one of it’s spies, asking for guidance in how to answer questions on the Jewish question.

While learning anti-Semitism at the Army’s political education school, one of Hitler’s teachers noted his apparent speaking skills, and on that basis Hitler was selected for further education in public speaking. As the German army was being demobilized, returning prisoners of war were ushered into a room. Hitler would rise and deliver a carefully prepared anti-communist and anti-Semitic speech. The soldiers would leave, Hitler’s trainers would critique, his speech, a new batch of soldiers would be brought in, and the process would be repeated.

When Hitler was ready, Mayr says, he ordered him to join the Nazi party. Now, Mayr goes on to say, he knew that it was illegal for members of the military to belong to political parties, and he didn’t not break this law casually. He did so on orders from General Ludendorff, who came in person to Mayr’s office to tell him to order Hitler to join the Nazi party. So that there would be no paperwork to record the order. Apparently Ludendorff felt that they had found their Joan of Arc, and the Nazi party was going to be the vehicle they would use to lift their Joan of Arc up to the pinnacle of political power.

Mayr continues: “He never was nor is he now (1941) anything of the kind (leader of the Nazis) As a leader, Hitler is probably the greatest hoax ever played on the world. … As a rabble rouser of the highest order, Hitler was and still is of extreme value to the Nazis. Hitler has never been capable of making a decision of his own. …The most serious newspapers reproduce posed photographs in which Hitler is seen signing an agreement or, surrounded by generals, placing a finger on a war map. These photographs are treated as important documents, and are regarded by the readers with awe. Yet the real power is (in other’s hands). Hitler is a useful pawn in (other)’s hands.”

And make no mistake about the Nazi party. It was as much a carefully orchestrated fraud Hitler was. The National Socialist German Workers Party was founded by neither socialists nor workers, but by a tiny number of members of a secret, elite, monarchist, ultra-German nationalist group called the Thule society. Hess was a member of this elite group of fraud perpetrators, with ties to the British aristocracy. He was also, according to Mayr, a hypnotist. Add to this Hitler’s most common remark that he felt “as if he were sleep walking,” and this puzzle starts to complete itself. Mayr says that Hess would lock himself up alone with Hitler for days before a major speech. His implication is that Hess would hypnotize Hitler to perform as required. It should be noted that Hitler’s army record indicates that while he was hospitalized for blindness, as a result of a mustard gas attack, he underwent hypnosis when his condition appeared it might be hysterical. The point is that only a small percentage of the population is readily susceptible to hypnosis. It is documented that Hitler was. And Mayr’s insinuation that Hess used hypnosis to control and groom Hitler is corroborated as being entirely possible.

The Nazi party, in it’s infant stages, was founded by the Thule society, as a fraud to mislead the rebellious German working class back into the arms of the ruling elite. There were many such fraudulent groups. But this one was chosen by a much more powerful group of bankers and generals to be the special vehicle for their gambit. The Nazi party was a tiny organization before it began to be populated with secret agents. Every member of Hitler’s inner circle, except Himmler, are known to have been agents of the Army when they joined.


Who were Hitler’s bosses?

But let’s return to this question of who was in charge. Mayr says he made weekly reports to General Ludendorff about Hitler. Though he was officially “retired”, Ludendorff was the highest ranking military officer in the country. Mayr says that “Ludendorff and his friends, former high officers and capitalists, met once a week in the ‘little conference room’ at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten (4 seasons) in Munich. …They talked about a Germany greater than ever. To get all that another war — and the good will of the workers to fight that war — was necessary.” The slogan of the Nazi party, that the war effort had been “stabbed in the back,” came out of these meetings, from the mouth of a British intelligence agent. So British intel. was clearly involved in this effort to create a “socialist workers'” party, completely dominated by the aristocracy, for the purposes of fomenting the next war. Do you suppose the British were interested in fomenting a war against Britain? Clearly not! Against the French? Such a war would be easy to foment, because of the resentment of the German people against the French because of the harsh terms imposed upon Germany by the French in the Versailles peace treaty. But the French were not the great enemy of British Intel. The plot, I believe, was to bring the industrial might of all Europe into Nazi hands, and to then throw everything at the Soviets. That is, certainly, what happened.

And so the effort was launched to promote Hitler as the German Joan of Arc, the savior. The Army printed flyers and put up posters promoting the meetings. At the meetings, according to Mayr, there was free beer, pretzels, sausages, cigars, “concertina music, folk songs, and more free beer. When everyone felt happy and grateful, Hitler jumped on a chair or a table and started with ‘Fellow-workers! Germany awake!’ ” From the very earliest moment, Hitler’s future as the Fuhrer was supervised and nurtured by the richest most powerful men in Germany, through Luddendorf, using Captain Mayr and the entire German army apparatus; though Hitler himself understood nothing, not the slightest part of what was being arranged.

More pieces pile up: The Brown Shirts, Hitler’s street thugs who gave his fraudulent movement a working class face, were all paid. The Nazi party functions were costly affairs with all that free beer and food. Who paid? Fritz Thyssen; these same Fritz Thyssen who employed Prescott Bush, that Fritz Thyssen got his name put on a book entitled, “I Paid Hitler.” It was obvious to everyone that tons of money was being pumped in to the Nazi party political campaigns, and the money had to be coming from somewhere. Someone had to be publicly named as the source of this money. So a book was published with Thyssen’s name on it. There are three things wrong with this story as it gets told to us. First, I’m suspicious of any confession. Why should Thyssen tell us this story? It’s a legitimate question. Second, Thyssen told US intelligence that he didn’t pay Hitler; he paid Ludendorff. This version of the story has been corroborated. Thirdly, the most conservative pro-US historians do not regard the funds paid by Thyssen as sufficient to pay for what the Nazis were spending. Despite the German penchant for meticulous record-keeping, the records for who else was paying have been destroyed. However we do know that Thyssen was working with Harriman at this time. Harriman: who is implicated in the deaths of FDR and JFK; Harriman: who hired Prescott Bush as his first lieutenant; and who founded Union Bank of New York, with Thyssen, with Bush as CEO. We know British intel was in the room with Ludendorff at the 4 seasons. What about American intel? Did Harriman have a representative in the room? I have no idea about how to begin to find out. But Prescott Bush was in US Army intel. He was Harriman’s bagman at Union Bank. My guess is he was Harriman’s bagman at the 4 seasons. But let’s move on.


Hitler was gay

I don’t want to go into it too much. Hitler had 2 feet. He had two eyes. One testicle. And he was gay. It’s just another fact of his makeup. It’s obvious from the evidence that he was gay; there were many witnesses (Hidden Hitler by Machtan). The point is that if Hitler was a puppet, his masters needed something to blackmail him with, to control him. Mayr, for example, says Hitler was forced out of the army because of the discovery of his secret relationship with an open homosexual. This open homosexual was Ernst Roehm, who Hitler made head of the Brownshirts. In 1934, Hitler’s handlers inside the Nazi party, Goering and Himmler, rounded up and executed all the leading members of the Brown Shirts for being homosexuals, including Roehm. Himmler, the chief the Gestapo, the political police, had a fat file on Hitler; it certainly overflowed with evidence of his homosexuality. The message for Hitler, in the slaughter of the Brown Shirt leaders, was that if Hitler in any way got in the way, he would be next. Hitler’s bosses kept him on a short leash, while carrying a deadly threat constantly at hand.


So, who ordered the Holocaust? and Why?

Obviously, I’m saying that Hitler was not in a position to order the Holocaust – or to stop it. I’ve presented the evidence that Hitler was not anti-Semitic. But here’s one that may stop you in your tracks. There is not a single document or photograph or other piece of concrete evidence to suggest that Hitler knew about the Holocaust, much less that he ordered it. None. Not one. Are you surprised to learn that? It’s shocking. Impossible! But it’s true. Simply true.

More. Himmler was meticulous in his organization and record keeping. He made and kept notes of his discussions with Hitler. In the fall of 1942, as the Holocaust was getting into full swing, he met privately with Hitler. His personal notes, in his own hand, indicated that he asked Hitler “how should the Jewish emigration be further pursued.” (Architect p. 240) By October of ‘41, the Nazis had deported 537,000 Jews. There is no evidence that Hitler was aware or participated in any “final solution” for the Jews beyond deportation. There are mountains of examples of attempts by the perpetrators to keep the Holocaust a secret, speeches by Himmler and other leaders to their subordinates urging the importance of keeping the process secret. All employees at the death camps were made to take an oath of secrecy. But the Allies had issued a statement in December of 1942, addressed to the world community in general and the Nazis in particular, that “Nazi Germany was carrying out a policy of mass extermination of Jews.” (US Intelligence and the Nazis, p. 11) The purpose of this Allied declaration was to let the German leaders know that they would be held accountable, absolutely, for their crimes against the Jews if they should happen to lose the war. In the context so far, and in light of the extraordinary absence of Hitler’s signature on any authorization of the Holocaust, this secrecy not only begs the question, for whom was this secrecy intended? it also begs the answer: to avoid Hitler’s finding out. There is no source more credible than Mayr, and there is not a scrap of hard evidence that contradicts Mayr on the question of whether Hitler was anything more than a stooge.

A few supporting anecdotes: Hitler’s devotion to Jewish war veterans, already described, manifested itself in his insistence that elderly Jews and war veterans should not be subjected to the same concentration camps as other Jews, and a special camp with nicer conditions was set up at Theresienstadt, at Hitler’s insistence. When some of the earliest transports left Berlin, word reached the Fuhrer in his bunker that there were elderly Jews and veterans mixed in with the general Jewish population; and Himmler was forced to call Heydrich in a panic on November 30, 1941, from Hitler’s bunker, saying “Jewish transport from Berlin. No liquidation.”(Architect of Genocide, p. 220) Reich Commissioner Hinrich Lohse was told by his supervisors that whatever difficulties he had accommodating the SS building of death camps in his jurisdiction, “he should at all cost avoid raising the issue in such a way that it reached Hitler…” (Architect of Genocide, p. 226) Hans Frank, another Nazi official who opposed establishing death camps in his jurisdiction, was similarly warned.

Himmler and Goering were in charge of the Holocaust. It is their signatures that appear on the paperwork. It is they who gave orders to Eichman. Eichman, the CEO of the Holocaust, who supervised every detail, never spoke to Hitler. Never. Let’s look at Himmler and Goering, then, one at a time. It’s more than interesting:


Hermann Goering

Not only was Goering not anti-Semitic, he was in fact quite the opposite. Like Eichman at his trial, Goering at his trial said he was not anti-Semitic. But he has more than words to show for himself. He was expelled from high school for opposing the anti-Semitic preachings of the school administrators, and for defending a Jewish family friend. He was a senior in high school when it happened, not a child. He had many opportunities to back down before they expelled him from high school. He accepted expulsion. This shows real ideological commitment against anti-Semitism, at a mature age. So how did he end up in the Nazi party? Mayr says that he was ordered to join by the army, the same as Hitler and Rohm, to act as their agent. Whose agent was he, then, when Goering signed the orders in late 1941 calling on his subordinates to begin making the organizational and material preparations for “a total solution of the Jewish question”? The memo was pointed to by the Nuremberg prosecutors as resulting in drawing up of the plans for the ovens, the building of the death camps, and the massive transportation and murder of 6 million Jews. It is a little silly to suggest that Goering was still acting as an agent of the Germany military when he signed it, since as much as anyone, he WAS the military. But there is powerful evidence that Goering was serving neither Hitler, the army, Germany, nor himself in ordering the Holocaust.


Goering often made clear that his concerns regarding the persecution of Jews were strictly economic. In fact he was made furious by the actions of stupid racist street hoodlums who carried out random violence against Jews.

Let me try to explain with a modern example. The Republican party pretends to hate Mexican immigrants. And there are Republican street racists who commit racist crimes, including murder, against innocent hard working good hearted immigrants. And there are millions more Republicans who commit similar racist crimes when they go into a voting booth, and lash out stupidly against hardworking Mexican immigrants. The bosses of the Republican party know that agriculture and the restaurant and constructions trades would go to hell tomorrow if all illegal aliens were deported. But for the average Republican anti-immigrant voter, it’s an ideological question – racism. For the banker, it’s an economic question. Any racism in the banker’s heart is trumped by the economics.

Germany faced a similar situation. Goering supported the Aryanization of the German economy. And no doubt supported violence against Jews when it was good economics. But as we shall see, he did NOT support violence against Jews as an important goal in and of itself; and in fact he was infuriated by violence against Jews, if it was bad economics.


Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, was the chief organizer of stupid gutter racists. On November 9th, 1938, he organized the party thugs to terrorize the Jews of Germany, an event known as Kristallnacht. Synagogues were burned, and the windows of virtually every Jewish-owned store were broken. Goering was furious and called a meeting where he sharply criticized Goebbels. The transcript of this meeting was read into the record at Nuremberg.



“Gentlemen, today’s meeting is of a decisive nature. I have received a letter written by the Fuhrer’s orders by the Stabsleiter of the Fuhrer’s Deputy, Bormann, requesting that the Jewish question be now, once and for all, coordinated and solved one way or another.” …

“Gentlemen, I have had enough of these riots. They do not harm the Jews, but finally fall upon me, the highest authority for the German economy. If today a Jewish shop is destroyed, if goods are thrown into the street, the insurance company will pay the Jew for the damages so that he does not suffer any damage at all. Furthermore, consumer goods, goods belonging to the people, are destroyed. If, in the future, demonstrations occur-and on occasion they may be necessary – then I ask that they be so directed that we do not cut our own throats. For it is absurd to empty and set fire to a Jewish store, when a German insurance company has to cover the damage, and the goods which I sorely need are burned. I might as well take and burn the raw materials when they come in…. I am not going to tolerate a situation in which the German insurance companies are the ones to suffer. To prevent this, I will use my authority and issue a decree. In this, of course, I ask for the support of the competent government agencies, so that everything shall be settled properly and the insurance companies will not be the ones who suffer.

“But another problem immediately emerges: It may be that these insurance companies have re-insurance in foreign countries. If there are such re-insurances, I would not want to give them up, because they bring in foreign exchange. The matter must be looked into. For that reason, I have asked Mr. Hilgard from the insurance company to attend, since he is best qualified to tell us to what extent the insurance companies are covered by re-insurance against such damage. I would not want to give this up under any circumstances. ”


It is not only clear that economics, rather than racism was Goering’s main concern, but look at the detail! How could THIS person have overlooked $1 trillion dollars, the biggest most obvious piece of the pie, sitting like ducks, easy pickings in the bank accounts of the victims? Germany desperately needed this money for the war effort. It is not reasonable to conclude that Goering could have accidentally overlooked this. He was far too competent.

And he clearly wouldn’t have done it out of blind racism. For him, it had to make economic or military sense. Can we suggest ANY possible explanation? Again, was there any possible argument that could have been made to Goering, to persuade him to act against the interests of Germany by ignoring this trillion dollars, just leaving it in the hands of the bankers? Perhaps. But for now, let’s just keep asking questions.


The Wannsee Conference

The Wannsee Conference occurred on January 20, 1943. It brought together the key players in executing the Holocaust to formalize their major new initiatives for the annihilation of the Jews.

David Irving is a holocaust denier and a racist idiot. But even a complete idiot can be half-right some times, even if it’s only by mistake. Irving asks us to consider the amount of coal necessary to incinerate 6 million bodies; the trains necessary to transport that coal; the men necessary to mine, produce, load, and unload that coal. Imagine the the trains and soldiers necessary to round up and transport the PEOPLE who were to be murdered. Irving suggests that it is ridiculous to believe that the German leaders would divert such huge resources to killing Jews, at a time when there were extreme shortages of every kind, of labor, and materiel, and at a time when such shortages put the war effort, and thereby put the very lives of the German leaders in the balance. If they won the war, they could kill the Jews at their leisure, including the 5 million Jews of Russia… IF they won the war. But if they lost the war to the Russians, they would not only leave 5 million Jews surviving in Russia, but they would surely pay with their lives. Irving makes these points and says , “therefore the Holocaust never happened.” Well, Irving is a racist moron. But he does, nevertheless, in spite of being an idiot, raise an interesting point. Again, we have seen that Goering was extremely pragmatic and practical, and not the least hotheaded. He was in charge of industrial production. He would have been keenly aware of how detrimental it was to the war effort to to starve and mistreat skilled Jewish workers, much less kill them. 70% of the workers in some factories producing goods for the military were Jews. (Architect, p239)

Nevertheless, Goering signed perhaps the most important order calling for the development of detailed plans for the Holocaust, resulting in the Wannsee conference,

But let’s take a step back and develop some historical perspective, so that we can better appreciate the glaring contradictions involved in Wannsee.

Himmler began making plans for gas chambers and ovens in 1939. Raymond Geist, U.S. consul general in Berlin, reported to his superiors in April of ‘39 that “Germany intends to exterminate Jews” who didn’t emigrate. But the Nazis didn’t hire engineers to draw up the plans for the gas chambers and ovens until after Wannsee in January of ’42, nearly three years later. Hitler had been talking about a “final solution” for perhaps 10 years. But for 10 years, “final solution” meant deportation almost as often as it meant death, and it did mean deportation for 537,000 Jews (and there were only 600,000 Jews in Germany!). Until Wannsee, the slaughter of the Jews was an apparently casual and haphazard affair, occurring here and there, where one Nazi monster or another took the initiative. But there were also many objections from within the Nazi power structure. It wasn’t until six months after Wannsee that the death trains headed for Auschwitz began to run on time. The ovens and gas chambers were not completed until July of ’42.

The careless and casual attitude seemed to prevail even at the highest levels before Wannsee. Goering signed the order to begin the planning on July 31, 1941. But it took over 4 months for the meeting to be scheduled. We know that some of the men planning to attend thought the meeting was to be another discussion of deportations. For all we know, they were right, and the plans were changed at the last minute. The meeting, originally scheduled for December 9, but had to be postponed due to 1) Pearl Harbor and the Nazis now being forced to anticipate war with the largest most powerful economy and military on the planet, the United States, and 2) a fierce and successful Soviet counter offensive.


Wannsee, Blitzkrieg, and the 5th Column


Now, we’re still talking about the Wannsee conference, but there are two issues about German warfare that need to be understood. The German army was (widely?) outnumbered when it invaded both Poland and France. And it relied heavily upon Blitzkrieg,… lightning war, the quick surprise overwhelming of the opponents’ superior forces. This design deliberately avoided pitched battles. They also relied upon what Hitler called his 5th Column,… Nazi collaborators working on the other side, French and Polish generals and officials deliberately ignoring orders and sabotaging their own countries defenses. The Nazis relied on these two tactics, Blitzkreig and the 5th Column, to overcome the Polish and French superiority on the ground. On the Russian front, neither of these key features applied in January of 1942, at the time of Wannsee. The blitzkrieg had rolled 1000 miles into Russia, but then it stalled. Nazi supply lines now stretched for 1000 miles across hostile Russian territory, and the much criticized Russian purges had in fact eliminated the Nazi 5th Column inside Russian. The Nazi forces faced their first real pitched battles, and in January of 1942, they were losing. The Russians had begun to beat them back. In this situation, there was nothing more disastrous that could befall the Nazis than the entry of the United States into the war, and the opening of a second European front. And half of this had just happened: the US had entered into war against Germany. The day the US opened the second front would be the day German defeat would be absolutely certain.

It is in this context that the Holocaust planners at the Wannsee conference announced that they were going to divert enormous resources of manpower, transportation, and supplies, away from the fight against the ferocious Russian army, and divert it to the slaughter of harmless men, women and children. Even though in January of 1942, Germany already faced severe shortages of manpower and factory goods needed for the war, in January of ’42, the Wannsee planners announced that they would sabotage the war effort by slaughtering desperately needed Jewish workers, who were working in German factories, producing desperately needed supplies for the military. With the very real threat of defeat now facing them squarely in the face, these men decided to begin committing war crimes that would certainly result in their arrest and prosecution for those crimes, should they lose the war. And rather than deciding to throw their total resources into defeating the Russians, in order to win control of the largest population of Jews on the planet, they decided to subvert this effort by killing the smaller number of Jews under their current control. This cannot be seen as an effort to eliminate Jews from the face of the earth, but as an effort to kill a targeted minority of this population.

But to what purpose?

How can we explain the extraordinary actions of these party officials at Wannsee?

Most historians fail to acknowledge the existence of these contradictions, discrepancies, and questions, much less answer them. My hypothesis is that the men who met with Ludendorff at the 4 Seasons, created Hitler-the-puppet, they pulled the strings to get him into power without his having to win either an election or a revolution, they armed him and pointed him at Soviet Russia. For 20 years these men had had their eye on a Trillion-dollar plum, destined to fall their way upon the death of the 6-million non-Russian Jews of Europe. And in January of 1942, they determined that this Trillion-dollar plum was indeed ripe for the plucking At their insistence Hitler, Goering, and Himmler had been talking about a “final solution” for 10 years or more, but hadn’t ever developed a thorough, well organized, well funded, and meticulously executed plan. But with the US entry into the war, the bankers were able to bring irresistible pressure to bear upon their agents inside the German government to bring this plum into their grasp. They promised Himmler and Goering to delay the D-day invasion in return for the comparatively small diversion of resources to the Holocaust. Let’s say that again. A US invasion of France was going to require a huge diversion of resources from the Russian front in the east. It would signal the imminent fall of the Nazi regime, if the Nazis had not yet destroyed the Russians when it happened. Pearl Harbor was December 8 of ’41. D-day was August 6 of ’44, 32 months later. The men from the 4 Seasons gave the Nazis 32 months to defeat the Russians, on the condition that they made war on defenseless men, women and children in the meantime.

Ridiculous! Surely. But not as ridiculous as the following: All of the participants at Wannsee were key players in the murder of 6 million people. None of the participants at Wannsee was put to death for their crimes by the Allies. One was executed, explicitly for killing British POW’s, not for killing Jews. One received a short prison sentence. You will recall that Eichman was inexplicably rescued by the CIA. There is absolutely no plausible explanation for this, unless it was to repay him for a job well done. Operation Sunrise rescued thousands of Nazi war criminals, including the worst (Wilhelm Hottl) and recruited them to work for the CIA. I can’t prove that the bankers from the 4 Seasons promised these men at the Wannsee conference that they would rescue them. I can only prove that they were rescued.

But let’s return to Goering. A few moments ago, it was unthinkable that this man, levelheaded, pro-German but not anti-Semitic, and in charge of the German economy and industry, could miss a trillion dollar plum lying in front of him, or could authorize steps that were so obviously and disastrously harmful to the labor shortage harming the economy and war effort. A few moments ago it WAS unthinkable. But now it’s at least thinkable. Suppose, as now seems reasonable, that Goering was acting on orders from British, American, and European bankers. Shouldn’t he expect to be rescued? He should. Further, Goering was in charge of domestic electronics spying; so the CIA would have found him to be one of the most useful Nazis in their cold war against the Russians. He would, not doubt, have been more valuable to the CIA than any one of the Nazis that the CIA is known to have rescued and recruited. Goering was arrested and prosecuted, but he was NOT executed. The story of his “death” is utterly improbable. We are supposed to believe that throughout the nine months he spent in prison during the Nuremberg trial, he managed to keep in his possession a cyanide capsule. The official story is that all the Nazi leaders were in possession of such capsules, so it could be presumed that he would be searched by men looking for such a capsule. At the conclusion of the trial, after he had carefully testified, with the help of the prosecutor, to the myth that Hitler was in charge, he was ordered to hang. He then supposedly took this 9-month-old cyanide capsule. His body was cremated to eliminate the possibility of any messy exhumation order later on. Now the CIA WAS rescuing Nazi war criminals. They would clearly have WANTED to rescue Goering. The bankers would have wanted to see him rescued. This dubious story of a 9-month old cyanide capsule was certain to arouse suspicion among the conspiracy minded that he WAS rescued. So the Nuremberg officials should have been very circumspect. They could have had an autopsy done, using dental records to identify the body (and autopsy WAS done in the case of Himmler, as we will see). They didn’t. Instead, they did the most suspicious thing possible: they “cremated” the body. Or so they say. I don’t believe it. But you just wait!


Heinrich Himmler

Let us now take up Heinrich Himmler.

It is alleged in the mainstream “History” that Himmler carried out the Holocaust out of loyalty to Hitler. But Himmler was not loyal to Hitler. He was NOT Hitler’s devotee. It is clear that Hitler had no special attraction for Himmler. His most important early biographer is astonished at the lack of substance in any of Himmler’s comments on Hitler in his personal notes. These notes are copious, and enormously detailed in their discussions of subjects Himmler found of interest. But they contain only a few platitudes about Hitler, and nothing more. Toward the end of the war, Himmler tried continually, against Hitler’s will and behind his back, to negotiate a surrender to the British and Americans. It is very clear that he wasn’t in the least devoted to Hitler.

Himmler is called the architect of the holocaust, but this seems the most improbable lie of any we’ve looked at so far. (Virtually all of the following is from Smith, Henrich Himler, a Nazi in the Making, 1900-1926) As a youth, he was a stamp collector. He was never able to initiate a romantic relationship of any kind until he was 30. In college he studied and trained extensively to be a farmer, but was unable to build a career as one . All sources indicate that had no talent for propaganda or charisma whatsoever. He was unable to launch a career of any kind on his own initiative. He was, in fact, never the architect of anything in his life! He was a clerk, whose ideology and devotion went to whoever offered the best prospects for employment. Before he began working for the Nazis, he applied to work for the communists in Russia, his supposed arch enemies, as a farmer. He went to work for Ernst Rohm (! Rohm is one of the great bold masculine homosexual figures of all time!). Under Rohm’s influence , working as his clerk, Himmler became a student of anti-Semitism. However, his job with Rohm doubtless paid miserably, and he again applied for a job with his “enemies”, the Bolsheviks, as a farmer. If they had offered, he’d have taken the job. When Himmler’s boss, Rohm, left Germany for Bolivia, Gregor Strasser inherited Rohm’ clerk, Himmler. Under Strasser’s influence, Himmler became a “National Bolshevik,” attacking the capitalist class in his speeches. When Strasser was beaten down by the Nazi establishment on this point, such language also disappeared from Himmler’s speech. When Strasser moved up, Himmler moved up with him. Strasser had worked closely with Ludendorff since 1926 (p. 137). Ludendorff eventually introduced Himmler to the group of leading capitalists with whom this entire plot was hatched at the 4 Seasons Hotel. And Himmler replaced him as the more pliant and obedient servant of the banking elite. The SS was in charge of the Holocaust. And Himmler was in charge of the SS. In which government building in Berlin do you supposed the SS set up their headquarters? None. The SS leadership, which carried out the Holocaust, set up shop at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Munich. (Architect of Genocide, p. 52) The group of bankers at the 4 Seasons in Munich had been giving the orders since before there was a Nazi party. And the clerk primarily responsible for passing on their orders regarding the Holocaust, set up shop where they could most conveniently reach him!

It is my thesis that Himmler was taking orders from the German bankers and business men. But Himmler was not heroic, or an ideologue of any sort in any principled sense. His primary dedication was to survival. In 1942, the Allies had stated to the Nazis in no uncertain terms that they knew “Nazi Germany was carrying out a policy of mass extermination of Jews.” Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Himmler was getting orders from the international bankers at the Wannsee hotel. Should he not have expected a warm welcome from the American and British armies? He did indeed expect such a warm welcome. He told Albert Speer that he fully expected to be welcomed by Eisenhower and to be put in charge of Interpol which was a Nazi invention, and exists today, a fully authorized and funded Nazi police organization. The documentation survives today that he tried to contacted Eisenhower to arrange to become the new head of Interpol. How could he possibly have thought this was a reasonable proposal?! How did he come by the impression that he and Eisenhower were slaves to the same masters, and were brothers under their chains? Of course, I think the answer to the mystery is that Mayr was correct: the bankers were in charge. Himmler understood, even if Eisenhower did not.

Now, there is some evidence that suggests that Goering’s death was a fraud, and that he was rescued by the British. This is not the case with Himmler. With Himmler the evidence is very substantial. As the head of the SS, he, and his files, would have been the prize that Cold War-oriented CIA would be after. And he understood this very clearly. He told everyone around him, and Eisenhower who wasn’t around him, that he expected to be rescued. And his death in British custody was reeks of fraud.

Himmler had the entire resources of the SS and Gestapo at his disposal to create a false identity. Evidence suggests he had direct communication with Dulles, the author of Operation Sunrise. When thousands of Nazis escaped with the help of the CIA and US Army Intel., how is it conceivable that he was apprehended? The argument is made by the mainstream historians that he stood out because his papers were in order. OK. That’s one version. Given the warm welcome he was expecting, it seems much more likely that, by arrangement, he turned himself in to the British. In any case, he came into British custody. He immediately identified himself. The story then takes a rather typical turn. Although, by all accounts, openly told his Nazi friends how he had friends in high places on the British/American side, as soon as he was in the hands of his friends in British Intelligence, he almost immediately ate a cyanide capsule. As he was dying he cried out “I am Heinrich Himmler!” That’s the official story. I didn’t make it up. Why should he make this his dying words? Did he think that someone doubted his identity? Apparently. Why would he be concerned with such doubts? Why would he want to assure his captors, with his dying breath, that they need no longer waste their valuable time and energies looking for Heinrich Himmler? Doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s the story put out by the British. Rather than having his body cremated like Goering’s supposedly was, the storied turns fairy tale: supposedly he received a secret burial in a secret location. Why? What possible reason? Besides to keep his body from being later exhumed? Well, no matter. The evidence just keeps piling up. A thorough autopsy was done, detailed to the point of noting the amount of hair in his ears. It didn’t note, however, the dueling scar that the real Himmler had on his cheek. Nothing could be more standard than to note the presence of tattoos, scars, birth marks, and other identifying marks. But the autopsy doctors somehow missed one of Himmler’s most outstanding features. Though they noted his ear hair. If we take our best evidence at face value, then, it’s clear that it wasn’t him. This autopsy information was classified and only recently published. Naturally, other attempts were then made to counter the information that the British had faked Himmler’s death. However, these attempts, involving documents from the British National archives, were proved to be forgeries. Got that? Someone smuggled forged documents into the British National archives, in an effort to re-enforce the story that the person who died in British custody, was indeed Himmler….. 60 years afterwards!!!. That should about settle the question. Operatives of the upper echelons of British society are working hard to make us credit Himmler’s death. I don’t think you could possible ask for better evidence that Himmler’s death was faked and that he was in fact rescued.


“We didn’t know…”

The US government, and especially the intelligence services have come under a lot of criticism for failing to take any action whatever to stop the slaughter of Europe’s Jews. And many high ranking members of the intelligence services have bothered to offer explanations. Former CIA director William Casey’s is typical:


I’ll never understand how, with all we knew about Germany and its military machine, we knew so little about the concentration camps and the magnitude of the Holocaust. We knew in a general way that Jews were being persecuted, that they were being rounded up in occupied countries, and deported to Germany, that they were brought to camps, and that brutality and murder took place at camps. But few if any comprehended the appalling magnitude of it. It wasn’t sufficiently real to stand out from the general brutality and slaughter which is war. …Such reports as we did receive were shunted aside because of the official policy in Washington and London to concentrate exclusively on the defeat of the enemy.”


We now know Casey and all his fellows who claimed they didn’t know were lying. As we saw, in 1939, the US Consul in Berlin reported that the Nazi planned to kill all the Jews who didn’t leave. In December of 1942, the Allies issued a joint statement declaring that the Nazis were carrying out a genocide. This statement was based on reports from the most reliable sources inside Nazi Germany, which were received almost in real time. While the US intelligence officials on the scene attempted to downplay the importance or reliability of these reports, they were reprimanded for doing so by their superiors in the state department, and told to obtain complete information, and this information was then used rapidly, by state department standards, to issue a warning to the Nazis that their activities were known. Casey and his fellow liars are part of a clearly orchestrated campaign to cover up the truth. But what is that truth? What was really going on?


Allan Dulles is a figure of particular interest in this whole affair. Just before the Allied statement denouncing the Nazis’ “policy of mass extermination of Jews,” Dulles was dispatched to Bern, Switzerland as perhaps the highest ranking member of US intelligence in Europe. There are a number of stunning oddities about this event. First, Dulles was a Wall Street lawyer, deeply connected with Nazi and New York bankers, especially the Rockefellers. If he were being dispatched as the representative of the 4 Seasons bankers, being sent to oversee and supervise their trillion dollar plum, this would make complete sense. He was no doubt, in this sense, the most highly qualified man for the job. But if he were being dispatched to do intelligence work to help destroy the Nazi war effort, he was a curious choice for the job. He had no background or qualifications in intelligence work; nothing that qualified him except his connections to the men who were to receive the trillion dollar plum. No one, and I mean no one else in the so-called academic community has ever questioned why he was, so I won’t either. I just bring it up. But before leaving on his trip, he requested and received copies of the original reports, entitled “Nazi Extermination of Jews”, which were the basis of the Allied condemnation that was about to come out when Dulles requested the documents. (US Intel. and the Nazis, p. 444) “Germany no longer persecutes Jews,” Dulles’s source said. “It is systematically exterminating them.” This report that Dulles had in his hand was dated June 1942. Auschwitz had not been fully operational for a week. Dulles may have requested copies of many reports, but this is the only one in the record. This was apparently the focus of Dulles attention, exactly the opposite of what William Casey, James Schlessinger, and the other piles of excrement from the intelligence community would have us believe.

Well, perhaps Dulles had been dispatched to try to rescue Jews!? Let’s just say that if this were his purpose, not a shred of evidence survives to support that conclusion. Obviously the work he did was very secret, and we only know what little we know; but what we know is that he spent his resources communicating with the perpetrators of the Holocaust, ultimately arranging for the escape of thousands, including, apparently, Eichman, Josef Mengele, and Klaus Barbie; and probably Himmler and Goering.

And Dulles’s case is not the only one indicating the intimate involvement of the bankers in the details of the planning and execution of the Holocaust. Nelson Rockefeller was a self-appointed “Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs,” a private, non-governmental position invented by the Rockefellers. That means he was in charge of suppressing democracy and promoting Rockefeller friendly dictatorships in Latin America. In any case, when the Rockefellers spoke, the Latin American aristocracy listened, and Nelson was the spokesman for the Rockefellers. Gonzalo Montt was the Chilean consul in Prague; he was a Jew-hating fascist, and a close friend of the Nazi regime. The reports he made back home to Chile contained very reliable inside information. He reported the nature of the Wannsee conference, for example, shortly before it took place. His reports back home, detailing the Nazi plans for the Holocaust were intercepted by US Intelligence, and the most important of them were forwarded to Nelson Rockefeller, but not to another interested party, Henry Morganthau, the most prominent Jew in the Roosevelt administration, who might have reacted vigorously to the report. Morganthau did receive less inflammatory reports of Montt’s, but only Rockefeller received the most crucial one. Why? Was it because Montt had suggested to his superiors that Chile not permit Jews to escape death by emigrating to Chile? Was it so that Rockefeller could use his powerful financial interests to pressure the Latin American governments to accept Jewish refugees? Perhaps. But there is no record that Rockefeller did any such thing. In fact, observing the response of the Latin American aristocracy, it seems more likely that Rockefeller did the opposite, and encouraged prohibitions against allowing Jews to escape death at the hands of the Nazis, or should I say, the Rockefellers and the other bankers.

Auschwitz was, in addition to being a death camp, a slave labor camp. It had one factory, operated by IG Farben. Farben was interlocked to an enormous degree with the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. Farben was represented by Dulles’s law firm. And at Auschwitz, it manufactured synthetic rubber, from a formula that was secretly developed by Standard Oil, given to the Nazis, and denied to the United States, as was discussed at the beginning. Testimony at Nuremberg indicates that Standard Oil wrote checks every month for thousands of dollars to the SS at Auschwitz up until the final days of the war. They wrote checks to the single organization most directly responsible for the holocaust, at the most important of the death camps. It is no mere coincidence that the bankers that controlled Standard Oil were the major beneficiaries of the Holocaust.

Chapter Title: Armenian Genocide, practice run for the Holocaust

This is absolutely unbelievable, Isn’t it? Well, it seems so. Just as 9-11 is unbelievable, until you look at the Titanic and the Maine and the Spot Resolution. And see that mass murder is just another day to these killers. So there are important precedents supporting the idea that the 9-11 attacks were committed by elements of the US government. But the Holocaust was unprecedented, right? Right??

Well no. Many people are vaguely familiar with the Armenian Genocide. They’ve heard of it. Well, hear this. Turkey was involved in World War One, on the losing side. But they diverted crucial resources from their war effort to exterminate the Armenian population in Turkey which, while not especially loyal, certainly did not pose a threat that remotely justified the diversion of so many crucial resources to murder 1.5 million people. Sound familiar? You ain’t heard nuthin’ yet. The Sultan of Turkey called in the American ambassador. He told him that he understood that the New York Life insurance company, largely Rockefeller owned, had many “whole life” insurance policies with Armenian people. These are policies where the person seeking insurance deposits, essentially, his or her life savings with the company. The company invests the money and later pays back the money deposited, plus interest. And, said the Sultan, since he, the Sultan, had killed all of the policy holders, and all of their heirs, he wanted to collect the huge sums due to be paid to the dead. The US ambassador seems to have been a pretty decent type, and had made long and loud efforts to get the US government to oppose the slaughter of these innocent people by the Turks. To no avail. And he assured the Sultan he would do what he could to see that he was not paid.

But there are a number of issues that ought to be raised based on this account.

First of all, how did the Sultan know about the activities of New York Life in Turkey selling life insurance policies? There was a war on. It was not going well. You would think the Sultan would have other things on his plate than to investigate the activities of foreign life insurance companies among his least favorite community. What could possibly have brought this to his attention? Is it possible that agents of New York Life told him this? It’s possible.

Secondly, how could he have gotten the impression that he would be the beneficiary of his own crimes? Who could possibly have given him this ridiculous wrong information? Is it possible that agents of New York life gave him this misinformation, in order to create for themselves a windfall of several million dollars? You KNOW it’s possible.

Third, can we then conclude that we now have a plausible answer to what might motivate the Sultan to make a major diversion of troops and resources from his war effort? He was assured by someone that if he killed all the Armenians, he would reap enormous profits.

Fourth, who had a motive to have done this? Who could have been responsible for urging the Sultan to think that an enormous crime would provide him with enormous profit?? Well duh!! Who benefitted. No answer will quite serve as well as the answer that New York life paid agents inside the Turkish government to misinform the Sultan and urge him to genocide on that basis.

Fifth, is there any CHANCE that these New York bankers did not recognize in Hitler an opportunity to reap similar benefits, only many times larger, from the deaths of 6 million Jews? The answer is that there is not the slightest chance.


The Rothchilds

This is the least well-developed section. I have hesitated to begin this chapter. There is so much anti-Semitism around, and I hate to feed into it. But the Rothchilds are clearly major beneficiaries of the Holocaust, their representatives were certainly at the 4 Seasons, and individuals who were their hand picked representatives played key roles in assisting the Nazis in carrying out the slaughter.

Let me make clear at the start, then, that I don’t see the Rothchilds being Jewish as more significant than the Rockefellers and DuPonts being Episcopalians or French or whatever their religion and ethnicity is. I have no doubt that the Rothchilds interest in Zionism is mainly financial and political.

It is very clear that the Rothchilds are the founders of Zionism. Since 1900 they have been the leading exponents of Zionism. Before the Holocaust, all major Zionist organizations were Rothchild organized, funded, and appointed.

And the indispensible role of the Jewish committees in misleading the Jews, of Hungary in particular but in Europe generally, onto the trains has been attested to by Eichman, and testified to in open Israeli court my numerous Jewish eyewitnesses. And documented in the book Perfidy, by Ben Hect.

It is also absolutely clear that the Holocaust is the sine qua non of Israel. The Holocaust has been the justification for the founding of Israel. It is the argument by which progressive people the world over have been won to support the dispossession of the Palestinians in favor of the founding of Israel. Whenever the government of Israel commits war crimes in Lebanon or the West Bank, it inevitably waves the bloody shirt of the Holocaust to successfully motivate otherwise decent people to support their atrocities. This has been going on since 1945.


Why did the Jewish people go like sheep, pictures, hundreds of Jews, 4 soldiers? Because their leaders told them to. And why ?? did their leaders do that? Were these leaders under the control of the Zionists? And did they do this intentionally?. Eichman says they were, and they did.

Eichman said this about the Zionist representative to the 3rd Reich in Hungary, “I believe that Kastner would have sacrificed a thousand or a hundred thousand of his blood to achieve his political goal. He was not interested in old Jews or those who had become assimilated into Hungarian society. `You can have the others,’ he would say, `but let me have this group here.’ And because Kastner rendered us a great service by helping keep the deportation camps peaceful. I would let his groups escape.” Eichman says, the Zionists served the Nazi extermination of Jews, by keeping the doomed Jews peaceful as they were being led away, put on the trains, deported, to the death camps. And the Zionists did this in exchange for having the Jewish people that they wanted, deported to Israel.



Romeo Dallaire was the UN commander in Rwanda, in thick of things trying to foster peace negotiations before the genocide broke out, and trying to stop it and rescue its victims while it was raging. He says that in all of his encounters with the supposed “leaders” of the genocide, he felt the power of what he calls a “third force,” unseen and unaccountable, but holding the real power behind the “leaders.” The French appear to have been involved: they were the trainers of the soldiers who spearheaded the genocide; they blocked the UN investigation into the murder of the president which began the genocide; based on their own “investigation” they later reached the improbable conclusion that their enemies, the military arm of the victims, were behind the murder; and they rescued and protected the perpetrators in massive numbers, flying the top leaders into anonymity in France.

There are a number of striking parallels with the Holocaust that I’ll detail briefly.

Anthony Lake, Clinton’s national security adviser, has said that Rwanda just was “not on our radar.” He claims that he and the rest of the national security apparatus was simply unaware of what was going on. This is, however, a patent lie. The month before the genocide began, the undersecretary of state for Africa sent his chief assistant, Prudence Bushnell, to Rwanda. She made reports on a nearly daily basis. The president of Rwanda’s plane was shot down at 9 pm on April 6th. His presidential guard, in an operation obviously orchestrated in advance to coincide with the President’s murder, launched the genocide immediately (this is the most powerful evidence as to who was involved in the president’s murder). At 8 am the next morning, 11 hours after the President’s death, Joyce Leader, 2nd in command at the US embassy in Kigali, was awakened by screams from her back yard. She found the prime minister, Madame Agathe, trying to escape murder by climbing over the fence separating their two back yards. She was apprehended by soldiers of the presidential guard and murdered. Leader immediately contacted her superiors. She told them what she had witnessed and informed them that “the genocide has begun.” Prudence Bushnell was immediately informed. She took the necessary steps to notify Anthony Lake. It is highly unlikely that Lake had not been advised that the genocide had begun before it was 24 hours old. This parallels very precisely US Intel’s near real-time information on the Holocaust. But President Clinton says that he was not informed of the genocide for nearly 3 months, when it was nearly over! How is that possible? Is he lying? Let’s look a little further.

The Pentagon also plays stupid, claiming that Rwanda wasn’t on their radar. It was so much not on their radar that the head of the Pentagon’s department of African Affairs met with Henry Kissinger to discuss the US military’s plans for not becoming involved in any attempt to stop the genocide. There are a number of issues raised by this information. 1) Clearly the military people who say Rwanda wasn’t on their radar are lying. Kissinger put it on their radar if it wasn’t there before. 2) Why are they lying? and 3) Why is anyone meeting with Henry Kissinger, and 2007 version of Allan Dulles, connected to the Rockefellers and other international financial interests. Kissinger was never elected by anyone. He certainly was not advising President Clinton, though he represented numerous other powerful un-American interests. However, he did have one stunning connection to the Clinton administration. Anthony Lake was Kissinger’s protŽgŽ. Get it? It is conceivable that Clinton is lying, though I cannot think of a single other example of Clinton lying outright in this fashion.

Perhaps in 60 years when the French files have been declassified, we’ll know more about who Dallaire’s third force was, what their motivation was (was it just killing people, or was their some more direct profit involved?), and what the details of their manipulation of the these events was. Certainly Kissinger is a war criminal for what he did in Cambodia, VietNam, and Chile. Rwanda is just another thorn in his crown. And if Clinton is telling the truth, Anthony Lake is also a war criminal.



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